15 and pregnant

Segment -5

" Sir , Madam , today is a very important day of my school life , so bless me." Saying that I bend over to touch dad's feet and he scoff before saying 'ok' then I move to aunt , she just moved away and said it's very old fashioned .

Peoples point of view about things are different right ?

" Listen , don't be late to return home and make dinner for us . Or you know what will happen yeah? You should be lucky that I have admitted you in the same school as Navya ." Dad gives me a small threatening which reminds me about the past when I returned home late from school and he locked me in the bathroom for an entire night . But, it wasn't even my fault . Manik took me hanging in the restaurant for hours and I had my periods too .

" yes sir , I won't dare to forget anything." I smile at him and walk out grabbing the tray as they finish their breakfast. Then, I make the beds as no one even touch a blanket after getting up cause they think it will go against their reputation if they fold a blanket by themselves.

Like really? Is it important to pretend like they're paparazzi's everywhere inside the mansion ?

Well , no answer for that . As I think about that in my mind . Lol !

After that , I cook a quick lunch for them , cause I don't know if they'll be home during lunch time or not , in case they're . There should be food for them .

Then I wash everyone's dirty clothes in the washing machine, while the machine is doing it's work , I go to my home in outhouse and take shower in my bathroom and get ready for school cause the clock is gonna hit the 8th number . Yes , it's 8 am in the morning and my house chores are done .

I'm super fast when it's about work cause in my free times I love it read . I get this habit from my mom . She loved to ready in her leisure time . So, it's in my gene .

I walk upstairs again and grab the clothes out of the machine and fold them into proper shapes and press the electric iron on each clothes to iron them and then I walk to each ones room to put their clothes in their cupboard and go back to my room to get ready .

Did I say my aunt and dad left for their work when I was mopping the floor ? Maybe it slipped out of my mind .

Anyways , right now , I'm putting on some face powder on my face to hide the dark circles under my eyes with a light pink lipsticks and comb my hairs and they're perfectly set. My hairs are a bit wavy and brown in colour . I like them just the way they're . I take my some hairs behind and clip them . I'm wearing a long black gown till my anklets with long sleeves and round neck and take a black dupatta ( Dupatta is a long scarf that is essential to many Asian woman's suit ) . Then spread some jasmine fragrance perfume on my body . Not so expensive or branded one but it smells so natural and I love it .

After that, I grab my black bag which match with my dress perfectly and puts my identity card , phone , few Rupees ( Indian Dollar ) , my goggles, tissue papers , a hand sanitizer, a pocket perfume and a notebook , few Pens then checking the entire house for my own satisfaction, I walk out of the mansion .

You may think I spend my dad's money for my daily expenses and fashion style. Then let me clear you that you're clearly wrong .

I don't get paid for working here . I work at a restaurant as I told you before .

" Good morning uncle" I greet the security guard in the gate . He's in his late 50s and he's so acting about me and pamper me as his own .

" Good morning dear , off to school ?" He asks me and I nod . " God bless you dear , you'll do great" he smiles and bless me by putting his hand on my hairs . I smile and walk out .

Although , Navya and I study in the same school, so we could go together. But, it's only possible in my dreams right ?

Its not like I care much . Besides that , she left at 7 .30 to meet Manik at his house so there's no way we can go together. It's her routine to pick Manik from his house then they go to school together like Star couple .

Anyways, I'm running out of my no time so I need to be hurry otherwise I'll be late for my classes and I so don't want that to happen.

I was never later for my school . I was always on track and right on time that's why my teachers use to love me .

I walk down the road and wait for the bus to arrive as I know there's a bus at 8.15 am and it will take 15 minutes for me to reach at my campus if walk there so, I'm taking a bus today . I know I can ask for a car but I don't want to upset my them by using their cars . If I sit in the car then they'll sell it off and buy another one so I don't want me to trouble them so much and I'll take a bus by my own . Also taking a bus is less expensive than burning patrols of the BMW car right?

See , my luck or fate works sometimes and the bus is on time . How miracle is it when there's a track record that buses in Mumbai are always late .
I don't mean any offence , I've been told that so yeah !

Here I'm .. off to my first destination!

I hope my star crossed fate won't harm this time .

Hope is a very funny word though -

Hope means hanging onto positive expectations.. ah only time will say about it .

Right now , I'm so excited to submit my presentation for that I worked so hard.

To be continued!

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Published - 27 November 2020
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