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Segment -6

I reach to my destination and walk in through the huge gate . It is really a school and college that shows in movies . It has three huge brick red buildings with a garden in the front . It is a very ancient and famous school in Mumbai , It is not only school, college or university but it has medical institutions for the intern students with necessary up to date Medical equipments too. This college was built when it wasn't Mumbai but Bombay . I did some research on goggle when dad got me admission here cause I didn't want to get lost and roam like a street dog in the new place and make my reputation go down for nothing .

I look at my surroundings and make my way toward the building and walk in the direction and looks at the direction board which has written ' reception desk' and I stand in front of it .

" Good morning Ma'am " I smile at the woman who's sitting behind the desk smiles at me and nods , doing something at the computer which is situated on her desk . she is really a kind lady and loves me a lot .

" How's your day ?" She asks me through her fat powered glasses . Maybe the glasses are only proved that she's aged otherwise she looks like she's around my mom's age .

" My day just started so I can't say yet , you know? " I reply back and smiles .

She then does something on her computer and print out a paper . " I have to go to the principle"she informs me and i get the hint . I walk away after saying i'll meet her after school ends and go to my class room no . 121 before the ring bells.

Thank god , I made it on time . I pray to god for the beginning of my new life and go , sit on the back bench as I don't like getting attention from people. And the class starts .


It is the lunch time and I walk out my forth class and starts looking for the cafeteria area .

Mainly, looking for Manik cause he has both of ours assignments . If we don't submit it today then we will get less marks for 1st term examination . which I can't let happen .

" Hm , excuse me ?" A girl who was passing by me stops me .

" Yeah, sure . Say ?" She smiles at me with a tablet in her hand and her smiles reach to her eyes . I think she's a nice girl .

" Hello , can you tell where's the cafeteria please ?" she requests and I nod . " Come I'll show you the way" I reply as she holds my hand in a friendly manner , without caring what i might think about her .

" Thank you so much that you're showing me the way, I am a new student here" . Wow such a chatter box she is !

" It's okay , I'm heading to cafe as well " I fill her in so that she doesn't feel guilty.

"Oh by the way , I'm Bani, Bani Mehra and you?" She smiles like she knows me since forever and I return the gesture too and smiles back .

" I'm Nandini Kapoor ." She nods and starts talking about her first day at school . We enter the cafe and show her the food counter when my eyes are searching for one particular face in the crowd of hundred students .

Not finding his hands... I mean not finding his face I sit on my regular bench to pass the break time . I don't usually eat during this time cause it takes money to buy food .

Then, the bell rings after 20 minutes so i get up to leave when Bani joins me again.

Soon a guy run from behind and turns away so he's facing us and walking backwards .

" Hey , be careful don't hit yourself with the pillar" Bani says with a chuckle and the guy smirks .

" Ah , I have two eyes behind too, so don't worry" he winks at her and she blushes . And I feel out of place but I can't move away as she's holding my hand .

" Who's the pretty lady with a witch ?" The guy ask us and Bani smacks him . I chuckle and about to reply him but she beats me in.

" she is Nandini and my new best friend here and she reads in ..." she stops and looks at me with a shy smile as if she recalls something " well, I forgot to ask in which year are you" I smile at her with a reply .

" we are too , What are your major ?" The guy speaks up as we reach to our classroom and we all sit down .

I'm alone in my desk while Bani and the guy sits on another line with his arm around her shoulder .

" My major is Biology, your ?" I ask back .

" Same pinch . I hope we can spend time together, so friends?" He reach his hand forward for me to shake and I look at Bani for conformation and she blinks with a smile and I shake hands with the guy .

Wow , I make two friends. This year will go very well . Well , I hope so .

" let's go and submit the assignment yeah?" The guy gets up .

" nah , let the teacher come first if we submit now then ours will be the last one to check right?" Bani asks me and I think before replying . Manik is not here !!!!

" Whatever you wish my lady but im going to submit now" he gets up and go near the teacher's desk.

" Mhm Bani?" She looks at me from her bag cause she was finding something there .

" Yes , Nandini ?" She looks at me .

" MHm you're a new student then who told you about the submission?" I ask with curiosity .

" Oh .. actually the teacher is his father so he told us about it" She replies timidly and tells me to keep it as a secret .

" What's his name ?" so much curiosity Nandu.

" oh he is veer , Veer Singh. we are sorry , we forgot to introduce him" she chuckle and I nod with a smile and he returns back with a victory smile.

Soon the teacher appears and starts asking for everyone's submission and they're submitting too . Even Bani and Veer submitted their assignments too . They're new students here but they submitted too . But me ?

I hate you Manik Malhotra!!!!


Right now , I am home . I had a terrible day at school . Teacher gave me detention so i got late for work too. I really had hard time managing my schedule . It happened for him only !

Finally , I'm done with homework and dinner so I'm going to sleep , tomorrow i am going to ask Manik why he did that when he knew how important this assignment was for me . It was equal important for him too. He can't be this reckless , can he?

Also, I'm so impatient to meet my two new friends again .

So good night and let me sleep now !

Bye ..!

To be continued........


Heyyyy, Jumma Mubarak to all my muslim friends . !!

I wrote this chapter in 15 minutes so ignore my mistakes !!

I'm obsessed with Vani so ... 🤣🤣🤣

Don't forget to comment and vote !

Love you all Manan fam!!!!! ❤️💙

12 february 2021.
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