The youngest headmaster (harry potter fanfiction)

chapter 9

Harry potter pov

“ Harry, is it true that you got invited to the Raxora place?.”

“ Harry, have I told you how much I wanted to be your friend?.”

“Harry, we want to go with you to Raxora’s place tonight?.”




Everybody was asking me to take them to the Raxora, from my classmate to the other school students I didn’t even know. It didn’t even stop when I was asleep, a sea of letters from everybody in Hogwarts was waiting for me beside my bed. And made it hard for me and the other in the boys dorm to even get to the door.

“ Harry, this is getting out of control.” Said Ron and kicked out the pile of letters from his bed. “ I can’t believe letters could be so heavy.”

“ What do you want me to do?. I told everybody yesterday night that I already two friends to take with me to the Raxora’s place.”

“ That the thing Harry, everybody wants to go there. It’s not like their real school building, but its the closest. Nobody got the chance to get invited by the Raxora headmaster, but now you did. everybody will give everything to make you take them with you. am just happy you choose me to go with you.”

With a sigh I looked through a few of the letter and saw it was not only the students of Hogwarts and the other two schools, it was also letters from the ministry, asking if I can invite them to the Raxora place. Ron was also looking through some of the big letters and found gift that I didn’t need.

“ Harry look at this pile.” Ron pointed at one of the big piles with the Malfoys family name on all of them. One or two was from Draco, but all the other was from his father saying that I must take his son with me instead of Ron and Hermione, if I knew was best for me.

Out of nowhere a whistle was heard and made me and Ron jump in surprise.

“ I see news spreading fast about you getting an inviting.” Said Delta and jumping into our dorm from the window. “ Merlin’s beard this is like a quarter of what our headmaster get every week.”

“ Delta how did you get up here to our dorm?.” I asked him while walking over to the window and looked down to see all the way down to the ground.

He only shrugged and picked up one of the letters. “ I climbed.”

“ You climbed?.” said me and Ron at the same time.

He nodded. “ Yes, we do that all the time in my school. If you look at the other roofs you can see my other classmate.”

Both me and Ron ran directly to the window and looked at the other roofs, and Delta was right. All the other students from Raxora was walking on the roof like it was the most normal thing to do. A few was even climbing really fast on the building like they were animals.

“ Wow,” said Ron and watched in amaze. “ I never seen anybody climbing so fast.” I turned his attention to Delta. “ Do you use magic to do that?.”

Delta shook his head. “ No, in our school we not only learn to use magic, we also training without magic. Like running, climbing, fighting, everything that can be useful.” he walked over to the window and pointed at one of the students. “ Watch him.”

We watched the guy Delta pointed at and saw him run at one of the towers and jump. It wasn’t like a normal jump, he was jumping higher than I ever seen anybody do and was almost up at the top of the towers roof. But had to grab the wall when he didn’t come all the way up.

Ron stared at the guy in shock and turned to Delta. “ Is that even possible?.”

“ Not really, “ said Delta and yawn. “ Only a few in my school can do that.”

“ Are you one of those few?.”

Delta looked at me when I asked and scratched his head.

“ I was, but not anymore. I broke my right leg a few years ago.”

“ But there is potion to fix that sort of things,” Ron pointed at me. “ Harry did have to drink bone growing potion because one of the teachers tried to use magic to fix Harry’s broken arm. But instead, he made all the bones in Harry’s arm disappear.”

Delta looked at me in surprise. “ Really?.”

I nodded while rubbing my arm. “ Yeah, and it was a painful experiment.”

“I can imagine that,” said Delta in understanding. “ But you are right, there is potion to fix injury, but for me, i never got the strength I had before in my leg. That’s why I can’t jump so high anymore.” He kicked one of the piles of letters with his right leg, and I could see that he couldn’t lift his leg so high when he kicked.

“ Am sorry for that.”

Delta gave me a small smile and was going to say something if Ron didn’t open his mouth.

“ Is that metal mask you have over your left eye after some accident?.”

He covers the metal mask with his hand and turned his back to me and Ron. “ No, it’s not.”

Ron didn’t seem to care that Delta didn’t want to talk about it, and still asking about it.

“ What is that mask for?.”

With his back still at us, he mumbling something about ‘ i don’t want to talk about’ and walked to the window.

“ Delta are you okay?.”

He nodded at me. “ Yes, I just need to talk to my sisters,” he said and jumped on the windowsill. “ See you two later,” and he jumped.

“ Whats with him?.” asked Ron while putting on his clothes and someone knocked on the door.

“ Harry, Ron. You two better hurry if you two want any breakfast before the lesson begins.”

Delta pov

Finding Rose and Terisa was easy because they weren’t so far away from the Gryffindor tower at the first place. They were sitting on the roof beside and read the daily prophet.

Therisa was the first one to notice me. “Already back?. I though you were going to be there for a while.”

I shook my head when I landed on the roof and sat down. “ Not today, Harry and his friends need to go to their lesson,” I told her while scratched around the metal mask.

Terisa narrow her eyes at me. “ That not the reason why you left. They asked about the mask didn’t they?.”

“His friend Ron asked about it,” I told her and looked down. “ I was going to ask you two if we could do ‘ this’ sooner.”

Rose seem to have woke up from her reading and looked at me. “ Am not really sure if we can. This journalist Rita Skeeter just wrote a whole page about our school, and headmaster.” She turned back a few pages and showed a picture from yesterdays feast.

“ Jack are not going to be happy when he read this. Its says that we answer a few question about our headmaster for Rita.”

“We WHAT!!!.” I pulled the paper from her and saw that mine, Terisas, and Rose name was in the paper. And everything that was written was a big lie.

“ I don’t remember we did talk to any journalist.”

“ We didn’t, “ said Terisa and Rose at the same time.

Rose took her paper back. “ Rita has a reputation for finding information and changes it so it can be a big story. For the world to read.”

Terisa yawned. “ But I don’t understand how she got our names. jack will sure blame us for this.”

I shook my head. “ I don’t think so, as long the daily prophet don’t know were our school is or our last names, we are safe.”

Rose face showed that she didn’t belive that. “ I hope you are right, I don’t want to be killed by Jack again. I already lost my head twice.” She scratched on her neck were the old scars were. “ So you better wait for a while till we really can do ‘that’.”

Young headmaster pov

Of all morning I never thought I would wake by Jacks angry voice, the second day at Hogwarts.

“ How can this woman write about my sister like that?.” he stormed into my room and throw the daily prophet while walking back and forth. “ I told you, I told you we should never have come here.”

I lifted up the daily prophet and read the pages that made him angry. Goldy was laying on the pillow and watched Jack going with his eyes.

“ You got angry over this?.” I looked at him with an ‘ are you serious’ look.

“ Yes, why arent you?.”

“ Because this is by Rita Skeeter and everybody knows she twists the truth.”

“ But many belive her lies.”

“ But that doesn’t mean you have to, people can belive what they want. Many belive those books about our gran, grandfather. That he killed the last Slytherin descendant when he was only 25 years old.”

Jack stop walking and rubbed his face. “ Yeah, that was a big lie too.”

“ Let people belive what they want, we know the truth.”

He took a deep breath and walked to the door.

“ Oh, Jack.”

He stopped at the door and looked at me. “ Yes?.”

“ Don’t kill Delta, Rose, and Terisa. They didn’t talk to Rita Skeeter yesterday.”

He opened his mouth while trying to hold back his anger. “ How do…”

“ Because, “ I showed him the pages. “ She describes them as triplets with the same identical birthmarks on their shoulder, and their last name is.” I looked at Jack. “ Tombi.”

Jack smirked. “ I see what you mean, not triplets.”

“ No identical birthmarks.”

Jack opened the door. “ And their last name is not Tombi.”

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