The youngest headmaster (harry potter fanfiction)

chapter 10

Hanna and Henry

Hanna and Henry were standing in the great hall and watched all the students from the schools walking in to get something to eat.

" Do you think we will see ‘this famous prank twins’?.” Asked Hanna and tried to brush away the dirt from her cloak.

" Of course we will, I just hope I will see some of their pranks.” Henry looked at the next group of Hogwarts students walking in. But none of them were twins or had red hair, like a Weasley.

" How big do you think the Weasley family is?. We had one Weasley in our school many years ago, and he had many grandchildren.”

Hanna looked at her brother and thought for a second. ” It’s a very big family, but they are not very rich. ”

" That family is blood traitor.”

They both turned too looked at a man with long blond hair. He was standing a few feet from them and by the look of his hand on his walking stick with the snake head, he wasn’t happy.

" And you are?.” Asked Henry with his arms crossed.

" Lucius Malfoy, am working for the ministry.” He smiled at them and held out his hand.

" Nice to meet you.”

Neither Henry or Hanna took his hand, they just stared at him with hard eyes.

" Malfoy,” begin Hanna. ” So you must be Draco Malfoys father?.”

The man smiled. ” Yes, my son is one of the best and talented students in Hogwarts. ”

" Really?.” Said Henry with a trace of annoyed in his voice. ” He doesn’t seem like he is more talented than the other in this school.”

Mr. Malfoy’s smile was gone and was replaced by a frown. ” I can ensure you two, that my son is a very talented wizard for his ages.”

Hanna and Henry weren’t interested in anything he said and didn’t care at all how special Mr. Malfoys son was.

" Sure he is,” Hanna walked up to him. ” But we don’t choose our students. And if you don’t have anything else to say, we will go and do something more important than listening to you.”

Henry couldn’t hold back a smile when he heard his sister say that, and almost laughed when he saw how mad Mr. Malfoy was. It almost reminded him of Jack when he was in a really bad mood, or when Henry and Hanna pranked him. Which was every day, and it never got old how funny it was to prank Jack. His sister, the headmaster was never fun to prank. Because she was always steps ahead and never walked into their traps. They still try, but even if they got her, she would never be mad at them. She would just laugh and tell them how good the prank was. But Jacks angry face was the gold of everything, every time they prank him.

" tell our headmaster that, the meeting today will be in two hours.”

Henry snapped back to reality and looked at Mr. Malfoy. ” Why did you move it 4 hours earlier?.”

Mr. Malfoy looked at him with a cold stare. ” The minister couldn’t wait till later, he wants to talk to your headmaster about a few things.”

" About the tournament?.”

He shook his head at Hanna’s question. ” No, he wants to talk to her about your school.”

Henry made a loud sigh. ” If it is about telling where the school is, or writing a contract that the ministry will have the power over our school. I can already tell you she will say no.”

" We see about that, you can’t hide forever from the ministry.”

" We not hiding,” Hanna smiled at him. ” We just waiting for you to figure out where we are.”

Without saying anything, Mr. Malfoy turned his back on them and walked up the stairs. Henry shook his head and looked at his sister. ” You know, I can’t wait to tell Tina Malfoy back home how her grand grand grand grandson is like. ”

" A grand pain, she will be heartbroken.” Hanna put a hand over her heart and acted like she was going to faint.”

" Come on sister, she is a painting. She knows her family got over their head many years ago.”

" Yeah, but she still has feelings.”

Henry didn’t talk back on that, It was mean of him saying that Tina Malfoy was just a painting. It was like he said he don’t have any respect for the elder, even after death.

Thinking of a way to apologize for what he said, a loud bang was heard in the great hall. And both of them turned around and saw a small yellow cloud at the teacher’s table. After a few second, the yellow cloud was fading away and one of the Hogwarts teacher Professor Snape was visible. But not in his usual black color clothes, his clothes was bright yellow with green dots like a clown suit, but his black hair was standing up like lightning hit him. At first, everybody just stood quiet and stared at professor Snape, but almost directly everybody laughs, even the teacher who tried to hold in the laughs.

Professor Snape stared down and saw what happened to his clothes, and stared down at the sea of students, while his face turned red.

" Weasley!!!!.”

Nearest to the door was two Hogwarts students sneaking out with their hood covering their faces, and whisper to each other. ” It will take weeks before he can turn his clothes back to normal.”

" Yeah, let hide before he find us.”

" Wait.” Henry and Hanna grabbed at the end of their cloak and dragged them back.

The two students looked at them, and Henry and Hanna saw the red hair and the resemblance from the younger Weasley that was friend with Harry potter.

" Are you two the Weasley twins George and Fred?.”

The twins looked at each other and nodded. ” Yes we are, ” they said at the same time.

Henry smiled. ” Good, come with us.”

The twins looked surprised. ” Are you not going to take us to Snape?.”

“For what?,” Asked Hanna.

" You two are the Raxora teacher...”

" Who love to prank,” ended Henry for them. ” I like what you did to his clothes, he needed some bright color.”

" Really? ” said one of the twins.

Hanna nodded. ” Yes, but I think you should have put this on him too. ” She handed them a small red ball. ” It makes his hair pink.”

" why didn’t we think of that Fred?.”

The other shrugged. ” Because we never made anything like that, George.”

" How about we talk somewhere else, and maybe pranks some more?.” Henry watched them thinking and waited. Hannah was waiting to while looking over her shoulder to be sure that Professor Snape was not near.

" Let do it.”

Young headmaster pov

After my brother walked out from my room, I decided to go to the Hogwarts school without him. Changing into a school uniform I borrow from one of my students, I also put on the white cloak. And was ready to walk out in the cold morning weather. Goldy was under my hair to keep him warm from the weather. The weather didn’t bother me because my cloak was keeping me warm. But the only problem is that everybody will see who I am, because of my cloak. But I didn’t care, I was more interested how the day was going to be. And right when I was near the great hall, I heard laughs of many people and somebody screaming angrily ′ Weasley’. Slowly I walked closer to the door and saw one of the Hogwarts teachers I remember from yesterday. But he wasn’t in his black clothes, instead, he was in a yellow with green dots. His face showed that he was really mad and was looking around for the people who did that to him. Reminded me of my brother when Hannah and Henry pranking him, which was almost every day.

The teacher who somebody pranked walked down to the door where I was, while the students were still laughing.

" Wait till I get my hands on those two.”

" Good morning.”

He turned around and stared at me like he saw a ghost. Without saying anything I looked at him up and down and raised an eyebrow. “Nice color.”

He looked down at the yellow clothes he had on and ran his hand through his hair. But looked too nervous to even say a word.

" is something wrong?.”

He looked behind him while his mouth opened and closed like a fish. After a while, he begins to speak.

" I have messages from the ministry.”

" Ok? ” I said more like a question.

He straightened up and tried to look serious with those silly clothes.

" The minister was to meet you in two hours.”

" Why?. Didn’t we already have time to talk about the tournament?.”

" Yes, but he only wants to talk to you in two hours. He wants to talk about your school.”

My face hardens a little.” Well, i already have the answer, no.” I turned to walk into the great hall, but the teacher stopped me.

" You don’t know what he wants to talk to you about.”

I looked at him over my shoulder. ” It always the same, he wants me to write a contract so he can have control over my school.”

" The ministry keeps Hogwarts safe, they can keep your school safe too.”

I shook my head. ” The ministry will lead danger to my school and my students.” Goldy peeked out from my hair and stared at the teacher with glowing eyes. ” Tell the minister that I won’t come, professor?.”

" Professor Snape, potion teacher.”

" Potion teacher, I heard that you are only nice to the Slytherin students.”

He looked at me in surprise and I was ready to walk away, but like before somebody stopped me.

" Excuse me,” a woman who was dressed like she was somebody assistant, walked up to me. ” The minister wanted me to ask you why you were at Dumbledore office yesterday night.”

I just stared at her while shaking my head. Did she really think that I was going to tell her that?. What I told Dumbledore last night, was something I would never tell the minister. Not when he’s acting like an idiot, and never use his brain. What I told Dumbledore was not his business.

Smoke was coming from Goldy’s mouth and he looked ready to spit fire on her.

“Nothing that I will tell you.” I turned around for the third time, but this time, I ignored her and didn’t listen to what every she was trying to talk to me about. I just walked into the great hall, while all the students and few of the teacher was eating their breakfast. The students looked up and watched me walking up to the teacher table, and even after. It felt like I was a trapped animal that everybody was looking at and didn’t care if I felt uncomfortable. Resting in the chair I was sitting on last night, I relaxed a little and looked around. Dumbledore and the two other headmaster was not there, maybe they did eat earlier. The only who was at the teacher table was few of the Hogwarts teachers I saw from yesterday. All my teachers were busy with their classes in the forbidden forest, which I never asked the ministry if my school could use the forest for their classes. I know I will get the minister of my neck soon, but he can’t order me around, so I don’t care. Wish I could only ask Dumbledore, but because of the tournament all three of us, headmasters must go through him what we could do on this school ground. Why Dumbledore didn’t do that, was because he had so much to do for this year. I could just see how happy the minister was to have a little power over Hogwarts and order us, other headmasters, around. But I wasn’t a young headmaster who follows orders, and my school doesn’t follow rules from the ministry. But because am on the Hogwarts ground, I have to follow something, but not everything. Goldy walked out from my hair and down my arm to sniff at the food on the table. Few of the things did he just growl at, but till he came to the pile of chicken legs he just eats. He even swallows the bone into his little body and got so much attention from everybody. Mostly was people who stared at him with weird eyes, but one stared at Goldy with so much interest and love. And if I remember correctly, he was the gamekeeper and care of Magical Creatures teacher, Hagrid. After a while, he realizes that I saw him staring at Goldy and turned his face away.

" Do you like dragons?.” He glanced at me when I asked him, but didn’t answer. ” Am not going to curse you for liking my dragon.” I held out Goldy to him. ” You can pat him.”

A smile was on his lips, and he pats Goldy with his big hands. Almost like he was caressing a mouse.

" Wha a cute dragon.”

I smiled at him. ” Do you like dragon?.”

He nodded. ” Yes, I love ’em.” His smiled died. ” Wish I could have my Norbert.”

" Who is Norbert?.”

" Was my dragon.” He stops caressing Goldy’s head and stared down the floor. ” Have to give ’im away, before the minister find out.”

" Am sorry.”

" Am just glad he is happy.” A few tears were going down his face when he said that.

Looking at him sadly, I thought for a second before holding Goldy closer to him.

" Do you think you can look after my dragon today?.”

he stared at me like I was crazy. And I guess it was because of all the rumors about the Raxora dragon, that is mean and strong and nobody was allowed to touch it besides the headmaster.

" He is really nice, just don’t pull on his tail. He can get a little angry.”

He slowly took Goldy in his arm and looked like he was both scared and happy at the same time. Goldy just looked at him while eating another chicken leg.

“Oh,” I took out a paper from my cloak and wrote something. ” If somebody from my school wonders why you have my dragon just show when this letter.” I handed him the letter while Goldy was walking up on his arm, and hide under his big beard. Hagrid laughs and tried to find Goldy in his beard. I took the chance to walk away, I wasn’t really hungry at all. I just wanted to see how the morning was here. But now I want to see something interesting. I ran up the stairs and walked down an empty corridor. Making sure that nobody was here I took off my cloak and hidden it behind one of the many armors, and ran my hands through my hair and the next second my hair was light brown.

" This should do it,” I said to myself and thought for a second. ” Harry potters first lesson was potion. ” Picture of professor Snape came up in my head, and I smiled. ” Let’s see how good teacher he is.”

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