The youngest headmaster (harry potter fanfiction)

chapter 11

Young headmasters pov

Finding the dungeon would have taken a while to find if the ghost the headless Nick wasn’t so nice and help me find it. He was also a great company, telling me story about his life before he died and all the other ghosts. I was very interested and asked him questions that he was very surprised to get. He told me that the students here are nice, except for Slytherin. But not many ask questions like I did.

“ You are a very strange girl who asks all these questions but am happy that somebody is interested in us ghost.”

“ If I must tell the truth, Sir Nicholas. I think your ghosts and the painting have more knowledge than anybody. I wish everybody could respect ghost and paintings, they miss something great.”

Sir Nicholas stared at me for a second and had a big smile. “ Am so glad that somebody really thinks so, I must tell the others.” He flew through the wall but came back almost directly.

“ I almost forgot, if you want to find the potion lesson. Just go right down and then through the second door to the left.”

Turned to see where he pointed and nodded. “ Okay, thanks for showing me the way. Sir Nicholas.”

“ The pleasure was all mine, my lady. Hope I can talk to you more while you are here this year.”

“ I hope so too.”

He smiled at me and turned around. “ Your school are really something, hope your headmaster is this respectful too.” And he was through the wall.

I couldn’t help to laugh when he said that, if only he knew he was really talking to the headmaster he maybe would lose his head, almost.

Turned back my attention to the corridor in the dungeon, I couldn’t help to shiver. This place didn’t really get the warm welcome like my school. Here it was cold, dark and small noises from rat running around.

“ No wonder that professor Snape is cold, this place made him like that,” I said to myself and took a deep break, which I realize was a bad. The air was filled with blue smoke, and the smell was awful. Smelled like a very very old milk, which I also tasted on my tongue. I cover my mouth and nose and looked around where the smoke come from.

Harry Potter pov

It was like everyday potion lesson, Snape told us to read on pages 17. Right after that, we had to do the potion, with no help at all. The only Snape helped was the Slytherin students, and we others had to figure out how to do the potion. Me and Ron were in the same group as always and was half way through the ingredients. Hermione was with Neville, helping him do the potion right without exploding the whole classroom.

“ Ron I think we did something wrong. The book said it’s going to turn yellow from blue, but it’s brown.”

Ron ran his hand through his red hair and glanced over his shoulder to see if Snape was near.

“ We did everything it said in the book, what did we do wrong?.”

I took the book and read through it again. “ I don’t know, maybe something is missing.”

“ let’s try the next ingredients, the dragon scale.”

I thought for a second while Ron took out 3 scales of dragon and was ready to throw it in the bowling potion.

“ Ron, am not sure we need that much, maybe it will explode. We will lose points if we do.”

“ We will lose points anyway because he is soon at our table,” he was right, Snape was soon at our table, and our potion was still brown.

But luck was on our side, Draco cauldrons were bubbling violently and made a stinky blue smoke in the classroom.

“ Mr. Malfoy what did you do?.” Asked Snape while running to Draco cauldron.

“ I don’t know, it just acted weird.”

Snape waved his hands to get the smoke away from his face, but even how much he tried he couldn’t see anything.

Ron was laughing beside me and coughed at the same time. “ This is great.”

Hermione stared at him. “ What is funny about this?.”

“ That snape has a hard time with it.”

Hermione gave him a death glare but didn’t say anything. We all just watched Snape trying to stop it, but nothing he did worked. Soon it was hard for everybody to breath, Snape said nobody leaves and just had to stand the smell. After a while, a knock was heard on the door, and Snape screamed. “ Come in.” He was really mad and was not calm in his voice. the door opened and one student from Raxora walked in, a girl with light brown hair and green eyes like the Raxora headmaster.

Snape glanced at her while still trying to stop the smoke. “ What do you want?”

She looked at the cauldron where the smoke came from and crossed her arms.

“ Want help?.”

Snape looked like he was going to scream at her, but instead, he just took a step back.

“ let’s see what you Raxora students can do.” He crossed his arms and waited for her to begin. I could see he was tired, his forehead was glazed with sweat and his hair was also wet like he just took a shower.

The girl walked up to the cauldron and narrow her eyes, and took the bottle with snake saliva. Snape watched her when she shook the bottle and poured in the cauldron. everybody watched when the blue smoke stopped and the potion was bright yellow.

“ There you go,” was the only thing she said and gave Snape a big smile.

He stared at the cauldron and back at the girl.

“ Very good, guess you students from Raxora do know something.”

She narrow her eyes at him when he said that, but she still smiled.

“ I learn from the best, maybe she can teach you to get better.”

Now Snape stared at her with hard eyes.” I know what am doing, girl. I have been potion teacher for years.”

“ But you didn’t know how to stop this blue smoke, maybe you need a few lesson to remember or learn a few things.”

Everybody in the classroom watched them, and like a tennis match, they turned there heads at Snape and watched for what he was going to say. His face was redder than every and if he could get angrier he maybe for real would explode.

“ You little…” He talked through his teeth and looked like he was holding back to scream at her.

The girl just stood there relaxed and wasn’t scared of Snape at all, it was like she saw it like a game to make Snape angry. If me or any other tried that, Snape would take away points and give us all detention. But this girl knew that Snape couldn’t give her any, he will maybe go to her headmaster or teacher and give a very big complaint.

“Oh,” the girl glanced at us students and back at Snape. “ You maybe want to cancel this lesson. This blue smoke is still in the air and it will destroy all the potions in here.”

Snape’s eyes widen and he ran over to the shelf with all his potions. And she was right, a few of the potion had just changes color, other become slime and a few was bubbling inside the bottle. Snape stared at the shelf and for once he looked like he was lost of words. The girl walked up to him and put a hand on his shoulder.

“ Don’t worry it only take 4 to 5 hours.” She glanced to one of the bottles of potion. “ Oh, and you maybe want to open a few of them. They will maybe explode and it will take longer to clean out the smoke and smell here.”

Snape slowly turned his head to the girl, and his mouth was opened like a fish. This was not his day.

The girl gave him a last big smile and walked to the door. “ Have a nice time cleaning.” Was the last things she said to him before she was out of the classroom.

Everybody was quiet when she left, almost everybody had their mouth open like snape. Even Hermione who glanced at me and Ron, with a ‘ What just happened’ look. After a while a few begin to move and left the classroom quietly, Snape looked like he was in a trance and forgot hope to move and speak.

Ron tapped on my shoulder. “ Let’s get out of here.” He whispers in my ear, and slowly get off his chair. He and I walked slowly to the door and tried to not make a sound from us. It wasn’t long till Hermione and a few others follow us, and we walked away from the classroom and didn’t stop till we were really far away. We all breathed out and glanced over our shoulder to be sure that Snape didn’t come after us.

“ Did all that just happened?.” Hermione looked at me and Ron.

Ron gave laughed a little. “ Bloody hell, I never seen Snape so speechless. That girl knows what she’s doing.”

“ And now you have a few hours free time.” We all three jumped and turned around to see the voice belonging to the Raxora girl we just talked about.

She giggled when she saw our faces and smiled. “ Sorry, I didn’t mean to scare you.”

“ No, no. It’s okay.” Said Hermione.

“ Great, do you three want to come along to see the lesson we have in Raxora?.”

We all stared at her and wonder if she was serious. “ Are you for real?.” Asked Ron.

“Yeah, don’t you have to ask you teacher our your headmaster if we can see?.” Hermione crossed her arms and waited for the girl to answer.

The girl looked around to see that we four was the only one around, and she turned back to us.

“ I allow it.”

Hermione shook her head. “ I think we must ask for permission. I mean your headmaster maybe don…”

Hermione stops talking when the girl ran her hand through her light brown hair and magically become fire red.

Ron pointed at her like the time in the great hall before she gave me the letter with the invitation. “You.You..are the headmaster.”

She stared at his pointed finger and smiled. “Yep.”

“ But don’t you have things to do, like the meeting with the ministry and the headmasters?.” Asked Hermione and looked around.

The young headmaster ran her hand through her hair again, and it was back to light brown. “ I don’t have anything to say to the ministry, and I needed some fun.”

“ You are really relaxed, aren’t you scared of the ministry or anything?.” She glanced at me when I said that and took a deep breath.

“ No, they have no power over me. Beside my brother will take care of it.”

“That scary scar guy.” We all three asked at the same time and made her look at us like we were weird.

She crossed her arms.“ Scary scar guy, you are lucky that he didn’t hear you, He is very sensitive about that scar.”

“ Oh we are so sorry,” said a nervous Hermione and looked down at the floor.

The headmaster shook her head, but a small smile was on her lips.

“ It’s okay, you are not the first one who called him that.” She pulled out an old black pocket watch and looked at the time. “ Still want to see a few of the lesson we have in Raxora?.” She glanced at us while walking. “ It’s maybe the only chance you get to see

Jack pov

‘ Why must she make my life so complicated?.’ I thought to myself angrily while standing in my sister’s room. I just came back after talking to one of the teachers about the lesson for today, and when I came back to get her, she was gone. Of all day she had to have some fun instead of doing her headmaster roll, and I won’t be in the meeting instead of her. With a growl, I ran out from her room and out from the dragon statue. I wasn’t ready for the cold weather when I came out, it made be shiver and wanted to go back in and get a warm cloak. But I was too mad to go back, so I just ran up to the castle and saw students jump aside and stared at me like I was some scary monster. Wish I had that effect on Henry and Hannah, it would make them to scared to prank on me. But they love to make me angry and they are not scared at all.

I first walked into the great hall, but it was almost empty with just a few students sitting and eating breakfast. Quickly I turned around and was ready to run all over the school and find my sister. But the minister was walking in with three wizards behind him.

“ Ah, Jack so nice to finally talk to you in person again.” He walked up to me and held out his hand to shake hands.

I just stared down at his hand and back at him. Was he serious that I was going to shake his hand like we were some old friends? He stared at me and took down his hand when he realizes I was not going to shake.

“ I take it that you remember last time we saw each other.”

“ You mean that time you tried to make my parents sign the contract to have control over our school by sending them to Azkaban, then yes.”

The minister glanced over his shoulder, just to see if the students or any teacher hear that.

“ That was a long time ago.”

I crossed my arm. “ But you still haven’t changed.”

The ministry was looking at me with anger and took a few step closer to me.

“Your school should be under the ministry control, the students could be something great. Instead of being in a school that is hiding from the world.” He whispers in my ear.

I growled at him. “ you still haven’t learned, the students need a place that is not controlled by the ministry.”

“ the ministry can my the student’s something more.”

“ By giving them detention, torture, and books that are not about using magic and or how to fight.” I walked past him and didn’t look back. “ You don’t know how a school works and you don’t know how to teach kids and you never will.” That was the last thing I said before I was out from the great hall and stood at the beginning of the stairs. My anger just got bigger after that talk, and it made me hit the wall so hard that I made a big hole to the other side.

“ Ops,” looking through the hole I could see Hogwarts yard and the windy sky.

“ Well it needed a window,” I said to myself and jumped from the first floor to the third.

“ Wherever you are sister I will find you.”

Young headmaster pov

The hair on the back of my neck was standing out and made me shiver. I guess my brother is looking for me, and he is not in a good mood. Harry and his friends decided to come along to one of the lessons, but they also took the chance to ask me about the school, and also very personal things.

“ Is it true that the school forbade muggler?.” Asked Harry’s female friend and stared at me with narrow eyes.

“ No, we have many students who are muggler like Roosa, the girl with pink hair.”

She wrote it down in a paper but looked at me like she didn’t believe me.

“But in the books its say that after the big war that was made by a muggler student, you never took in any more talented muggler.”

“That was a big lie, the war was true and that first headmaster sold his shadow to the white dragon. But Just because one muggler student become evil, doesn’t mean every muggler is the same.”

Harry’s red-haired friend walked in front of me. “ But why does it say that in the book?.”

“ because the author to that book was very much against muggler and he wanted to earn money. He made many books about my school, but not much was true.”

The boy nodded and walked beside me, Harry was quiet but I could see he was listening to the whole time. I poked on his shoulder which made him jump in surprise.

“ What’s on your mind?.”

He turned his attention to me. “ I just don’t know if I should ask because Delta didn’t want to talk about it.”

“ Do you mean the metal mask he has on?.” He nodded.

I looking around and bite my bottom lip. “ Delta has to tell you himself, but one thing I can say is.” Leaned closer to him I whispered. “ don’t touch it.”

Harry stared at me, and his face everything. He wonders if I was serious, and was second later in deep thoughts again. He was in so deep thought that he didn’t realize we were already outside and walking on the bridge, till a very strong wind almost made him and his friend fall over.

“What..” Harry looked around. “What was that?.”

“ Looks like one of the lessons just began.” They all stared at me and I gave them a smile back. “ This is going to be fun.”

Harry Potter pov

The young headmaster didn’t seem to be affected by that strong wind, and she just smiled and said one of the lessons just began. What sort of lesson do they do in Raxora?. After that strong wind we just follow her to the end of the bridge, and just down the hill was a few students from Raxora and two teachers that were dressed in black with a golden dragon on, but their faces were cover up. Only the movement of their eyes was visible and made them look like bad people in a movie.

“Harry, Ron, Hermione. What are you three doing here?.” Rose and Terisa walked up to us and was cover with blue paint on their hair and a few places on their clothes.

Hermione looked at them from top to bottom. “ We came to see one of your lessons. what happened to you two?.”

They sighed. “ We failed on the first try on this lesson.” Said Rose and tried to brush off the paint on her shoulder.

Terisa giggles. “ But you must admit it was fun.”

Rose nodded a little. “Yes, it was.” She turned her attention to the young headmaster.

“ I see you are running from your brother again.”

The headmaster held up her hands like she was surrender, and giggled.

“ You know me, but so far he hasn’t found me yet.”

Terisa put her arm on the headmaster’s shoulder. “ well he will find you sooner or later.”

“ of course he will, but till then I have fun.”

Terisa pov

“ So,” I looked at Harry and his friends while moving my arm away from the headmaster’s shoulder. “ Do you three want to try?.”

They all three looked at me confused.

“Try what?.” Asked Ron

I pointed at my other classmate and the two teachers down the hill. “ This lesson of course.”

Hermione shook her head while covering her face with her hands. “ I don’t think we are allowed to do that.”

The headmaster laughed. “ Of course you can.”

“ But we don’t know what sort of lesson it is.”

Rose wrapped her arms around my neck and looked at Hermione and the others while resting her chin on my shoulder. “ This lesson is about controlling your broom in a very strong weather.” A drop of the blue paint ran down her face and stopped at the corner of her lips. “ And You try to avoid the floating balls.”

Hermione opened her mouth to say something, but Harry and Ron already ran down the hill and wanted to try. The headmaster couldn’t help to laugh.

“ Guys always love broom,” and she ran after them. Me and Rose glanced at Hermione who looked between the castle and her running friends and looked like she didn’t know what to do.

Rose walked over to her. “ Don’t you like riding on broom?.”

She shook her head and took a step back to the bridge. “ Am not good at riding a broom in nice weather either.”

“ Well, “ I grabbed her arm and smiled. “ Let’s ride together.” She stared at me like I just told her I was going to kill her and looked more scared than ever.

“ i..i..” She didn’t know what to say. But I just dragged her along with me down to the other. The teacher narrows their eyes when we came down but didn’t say anything. Harry was holding a broom and stared up at the sky.

“ How does it work?.”

The teacher who was a little taller than the other walked up to him, with a little box.

“ You have to pass all the obstacle that will make you fly higher and higher up. “ His voice was very dark when he talked through the fabric over his mouth.He clapped and round obstacle was visible all the way up. “ The wind will get stronger the higher you get, so I want you to fly as high as you can and not get affected by the wind.”

He opened the box and out came the floating balls. The float up to get to their position, Harry and Ron watched in amaze.

“ are you ready?.” Asked a women voice

Harry blinked like he just woke up and saw the other teacher, holding a watch in its hand. Just looking at the person’s eyes, he could see it was a woman. She stared at him and waited for him to begin, the headmaster was standing right beside the women with a smile on her lips.

“Am ready.” I sat ready on the broom and waited for the signal.

“ One.”



Harry was off and flew really fast through the first obstacle. Didn’t seem to have any problem with the wind. The teacher with the watch glanced at the same while watching him flew higher.

“ Not bad, he flew faster than a few of the students.”

The other teacher walked over to her while watching Harry. “ Let’s see how he can control it when he gets higher.”

Ron glanced at him. “ You don’t sound like you are impressed.”

The male teacher glared at him. “ If he can control his broom, in that speed when he gets higher. I will get very impressed.”

“ Why?.” Asked Hermione and looked at me and Rose.

Rose scratched on the side of her neck. “ It’s hard to control the broom at that speed in a very strong wind. If he slows down in the big wind he will be okay. But at that speed, there is a possibility that he will fall off when he get higher.”

Hermione looked mad. “ Why didn’t you tell him?.”

“ Because he has to figure out himself,” answer the female teacher and looked at the time and back up to the sky. “ But even if he falls he won’t get hurt.”

Hermione still looked mad and worried, but keep her mouth shut and stared up at the sky. It wasn’t long till Harry flew down, covered with blue paint all over him.

“Bloody hell, Harry how was it?.”

Harry had a big smile on his lips and turned to Ron. “ It was so fun, but it was hard to not touch the floating balls when the wind got harder.”

The female teacher walked over to him.” Well, you had a really good time at the beginning.”

The young headmaster walked over to Harry and had a big smile on her lips.

“ Did you hear that Sally even think you flew great. “ She glanced at the Male teacher. “ Malcom think so too, even if he’s not showing it.”

Malcom glared at the headmaster but didn’t say anything.

Ron took a few step closer to me and rose.

“ How do you see the difference between the teacher?. And why are they cover up and not Henry and Hannah?.”

“ You learn after a while to see the different.” Answer Rose and grabbed a broom. “ Henry and Hannah just don’t like to dresses like that.” She throws the broom to me and pushed Hermione. “ It’s your turn.”

Hermione panicked and tried to walk away, but Rose stopped her.

“ I..I..I can’t fly a broom.”

“ That’s okay, Terisa is a great flyer.”

Hermione face become red in anger. “That’s not the problem!!.” She screamed at Rose, but she was already sitting on the broom that now was in the air. I couldn’t help to giggle, but regret it when Hermione hugged me hard from behind and made it hard for me to breath.

“ Hermione not so hard.”

“ No, am scared to fall.” She hugged harder.

Sally looked up at us.


“Hermione don’t hug so hard.”


“ I will fall.”

“ No, you won’t. Calm down.”



We flew up and she hugged much harder than before and made me lose my breath. The first obstacle was easy, but when we come higher up, I really needed to breathe, But how much I tried to tell Hermione to loss up, she didn’t want to. She just held the grip around my stomach in a stone grip. I just hope she can’t hug harder.

Harry Potter pov

I couldn’t help to glance at the headmaster beside me while Terisa and Hermione were up in the air. She looks like a normal person when she had her hair light brown, but I wish she was changing it back to the beautiful fire red hair. I hope nobody has seen that I have glanced at her the whole way to this lesson, even up in the air when I tried to concentrate on the obstacle I looked down to get a chance to see her. But she was also very mysterious, why doesn’t anybody call her by her name and what is her name. Would she tell me if I ask?. Maybe not, Delta and his sisters didn’t answer that question when Hermione asked.

She turned to face me. “ Is your friend scared of heights?.”

I looked at her in surprise and stared up to see Terisa having a hard time to control her broom, while her face was blue. Hermione hugging her from behind and her her eyes shut. “ She doesn’t like to fly on a broom.”

The headmaster nodded in understanding and turned her attention back up to the sky. After a while, Terisa flew down and Hermione looked like a ghost like all her life was suck out of her. Terisa was doing a weird sound and tried to break off Hermione arms around her.

“ Hermione….we are down, please let go. I need to breathe.”

“ We were near to fall down,” said Hermione in a whisper.

Terisa looked like she was going to have a panic attack. “ Hermione let go, NOW!.”

Hermione jumped away and stared at Terisa who was on the ground and tried to breathe in all the air she could get. “ Weren’t you good at controlling your broom?. You almost made us fall down.”

Terisa stared up at her and looked mad. “ I couldn’t breath when you hugged me so hard, I told you many time to not hug so hard, I couldn’t breathe. Do you even know how hard it is to not breathe while flying?.”

“ Calm down Terisa, don’t want the beast to come out.” Said, Rose, while rubbing Terisa back to calm her down. I don’t know if she was joking about the beast coming out or it was a way to say that Terisa can get nasty when she get mad.

Terisa face was soon back to her normal color and pushed herself up from the ground. “ I feel better now.”

“SISTER!!!.” Everybody turned up to the hill to see the headmasters scary brother. He looked like he was going to murder us with just his stare.

The headmaster was just calm and ignored him. “Harry are you and your friends coming tonight?.”

“Of course we do,” scream Ron from behind me. “ Right Harry?.”

I nodded. “ Yes, but you didn’t have to scream right into my ears.”


“Sister,” the brother was already behind the headmaster and stared down at her.

She glanced up at him didn’t seem to be scared of him. “Hi brother, it took a while for you to find me.”

He growled angrily. “ We don’t have time for this, we have to go to the meeting. And where is your cloak?.” He crossed his arms.

“ Hidden.” She ran her hand through her hair again, and the beautiful fire red hair was back. “ I can still go to the meeting without it.”

Her brother stared up at the sky like he was asking god or something for help, and looked back at his sister. “ Okay, let’s just go to the meeting and get it over.”

Headmaster narrow her eyes at him. “ Did something happened?.”

“More that you tried to hide from me and acting like a kid?.”

She shook her head. “ No, the aura around you is different. Did you run into the Minister?.”

He looked away.

“ I guessed right.” She turned to me and my friend. “ I must go now, but I hope I will see you three tonight.”

“ Okay, let’s go.” He lifted the headmaster up and made her sit on his right shoulder.”

“ I can walk.”

“ You walk too slow, and I know you will make it take longer to get to the meeting.”

“ It looks silly.”

“ Don’t care, just sit there.”

They talked like that all the way up to the hill, till we other couldn’t hear them anymore.

Rose and Terisa giggled at the same time, and I just remember something.

“ Where is Delta?.”

“ He is at another lesson.” Said Rose and Terisa at the same time. “ Because he is older we don’t have the same lesson.”

“What sort of lesson?.” Asked Hermione and took a few step back to keep the distance from Terisa.

“ We have a lesson where you have to workout, and learn to fight with and without magic.”

Headmaster pov

I rested my arm on Jacks’ head and sigh. “ What happens when you meet the minister?.”

He glanced up at me while walking. “ What do you think?. He asked about the ministry taking over our school.”

“ Always the same, he never learns.”

I could feel Jack body shaking a little, he was trying to not giggle. “ You are so right.”

“ So why did you take Harry and his friends to the flying lesson?. You could have taken them to any lesson, but you chose that one.”

“ I had two reasons.” I looked behind me. “ One, Terisa and Rose have become very close with them. Two, I wanted to see how good his flying with the broom was.”

“ And why his flying?.”

“You see.”

After that Jack, didnt ask anymore, but the meeting was bad. All we four headmasters was there, and the ministry. Just to go through the rules and what will happen in the Tournament. The bad thing is everybody couldn’t agree on anything, Beauxbatons, and Durmstrang headmasters couldn’t agree at all. It was like looking at a couple fighting. The minister asked many times and tried to blackmail me to write the contract that the ministry has control over my school.

But it didn’t make me write it, for many reasons. His blackmailing wasn’t even treating, and I will never do it. It was like that for many many hours, it was till it was dark outside that we finally agreed.

“ Finally it’s over.” Jack stood up and stretched his back. “ I feel like a stone man.”

“ Let’s just get back to the dragon, am really hungry.” I rubbed my stomach.

Jack stared at me. “ Speaking of dragons, where is our golden dragon?.”

“ I left him with Hagrid, Hogwarts gamekeeper and care of Magical Creatures teacher.”

Jack rubbed his face and looked really tired. “ Let’s just get him and go back to the dragon statue.”

Harry potter pov

We never got the chance to go to Deltas lesson, but we were very interested. We had to go back to our lessons we had left for the day. During lunch, i realize that all the headmasters were not there, not even Dumbledore. When the day was finally over and night was coming, me, Ron and Hermione decide to walk to the Raxora’s Dragon statue.

Ron didn’t hide that he was excited. “ What do you two think it looks inside the. dragon?.”

“ I don’t know, let’s see when we get there.” Said Hermione and while holding her books.

She wanted to have books with her for two reasons, to write down what it looks inside and information about the place. Just to ask if its true or not. We finally came to the entrants and stared at the door without handles.

“ How do we get in?.” Ron touched the door and tried to find something that will open the door. But nothing happened.

I directly fished up the letter i got from the headmaster. “ The headmaster told me to take the letter with me to get in.”


We all jumped back and stared up to see the dragons head moving, and slowly came down to us. Smoke was coming out from its nose and the eyes were glowing red.

Ron and Hermione were hiding behind me and stared at it. “ Bloody hell.”

It narrows its eyes at us. “ Hold out the letter.” Its voice was dark and sounded like it was growled at the same time.

I slowly held out the letter and it begins to glow. The dragon’s eyes changed from red to yellow and looked calmer. “ You are allowed to go in.” The head over up while the door begins to open.

“Thank you,” I said to the dragon and walked to the door.

Ron stared up at the dragon at the same time he walked. “What a nice gatekeeper.”

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