The youngest headmaster (harry potter fanfiction)

chapter 12

Harry Potter pov

" Wow,” the sight inside the dragon was amazing. It was like walking into a big capital, with the high ceiling, statues on each side of the big hall and the mixed color of gold, black and green.

Delta was resting against one of the walls and smiled when he saw us.

" I was worried that you three weren’t going to come.”

“We wouldn’t miss it for the world.” Said Ron, while looking around.

Hermione stared down at the shiny black floor and bent down to touch it. “What is it made of?.”

And before any of us reacted, a girl with pink hair jumped down from the high ceiling and landed on her hands.” It’s made of smoke crystal.”

Me, Ron and Hermione stared at her like she was crazy, but Delta only shook his head with a small smile on his lips.

Ron’s eyes widen.” Bloody hell, smoke crystal. My dad told me smoke crystal is extremely rare.”

The girl nodded and put down her feet to stand up. ” That is correct, this dragon built by the third headmaster of Raxora. He really loved the smoke crystal so much that he wanted to build something really amazing with it.”

“Wow, that is amazing,” I said while staring up at the ceiling.

Delta put his hand in the girl’s hair and ruffle it up. ” This pink fire here is Roosa a fifth grader.”

Roosa giggles and slap his hand away from her hair.

" That’s me if you three have any hard time with some ‘special’ wizards. Don’t be afraid to call my name.”

“Roosa, I don’t think Jack will be happy that you scare students in the other schools.”

“I can’t help that am so good at scaring people.”

“Just save it for the reporter Rita Skeeter. Jack would be happy if you scare her to death.”

Roosa laughed and raised her hands in the air. ” Alright, I must go now. Heard Xew was making trouble again.” She smiled at us and ran into the corridor to the left.

Delta sighed and looked really annoyed. ” That guy is so much trouble.”

My curiosity took over. ” Who is Xew?.”

" Somebody you three should talk to. Xew is in the same year as I, but he is not a kind person. ”

Ron snorted. ” We know another person who is like that, Malfoy.

" Xew is worse than that guy. Malfoy is hiding behind those two bodyguards he has, but Xew. ” A small growl escaped from his mouth. ” He don’t hide behind anybody, and if anybody talks to him. He takes the chance to fight.”

He shook his head and smiled at us. ” let’s not think about it, let begin the tour of this place.”

" Shouldn’t your headmaster know that we are here?.” Asked Hermione and glanced at the door behind her.

“She is not back from the meeting yet. ” Said Delta and begin to walk. “But I think the headmaster don’t mind that I show you three around. Just don’t open the doors that have a white crystal on.”

" Why do you have something to hide?.” Ron crossed his arm, while Delta stared at him in surprise.


" Do you have a big creature who guards something very important?.”

“Ron!.” Hermione hit his head hard.

" I don’t know what you talking about, but those doors are the teacher’s rooms. This dragon is only for traveling if we had anything to guard it would be at the school.”

Ron shut his mouth, but Delta still stared at him with his eyes slightly narrow.

" Delta, who are this people?.” Hermione broke the s and pointed at one of the Bronze statues. Each statue was different, a few had their arms crossed over their chest and others had the arms out in the air. The one Hermione stood in front of was a man that looked very similar to the headmaster’s brother. Only that this man wasn’t so big and scary.

" Those are the Raxora’s headmasters.” He glanced at the statue Hermione stood in front. ” That is our headmaster’s father.”

My eyes widen.” Really?.”

Delta nodded. ” Yes, I think you can see some similarity to Jack, the Headmaster brother.”

I nodded and walked up to the statue.” I can see that, but he looks nicer than Jack.”

Delta’s body begins to shake when he laughed. ” Yeah, Isor Raxora was much nicer than his son. ”

“Was?.” I turned to Delta. ” You mean he is dead?.”

He stops laughing and stared at me with sadness in his eyes. ” Yes, he is dead. He and his wife died a few years ago.”

“What happened?.”

The question just jumped out from my mouth, and Delta stared at me with hard eyes. ” it’s not my place to say.”

He begins to walk away, and Ron walked over to me.

" Angry much.”

Hermione hit his head. ” Stop it, Ron, we were invited here. And you already made us sound like a bunch of kids who put their noses where it doesn’t belong.”

Ron rubbed his head and mumble a sorry before we all walked after Delta. But I couldn’t stop looking back at the statue and wonder how the young headmaster’s father died. Delta stopped in front of a black tree door and looked back at us.

“I think you would be interested to see our garden, just don’t touch the black tree.”

“Why?.” Asked Ron.

Delta scratched around the metal mask on his eye.

" Because it will make you see your biggest nightmares. ” He opened the door and walked through, Ron and Hermione walked after him. But I looked back one last time at the statue and wanted to know this school’s secret. I could hear the door close when I looked back and I sigh. They couldn’t hold the door open for me. I walked to the door and opened it, but instead of seeing a big magical garden I saw a big room with two long tables. It reminded me of the great hall in Hogwarts, but the difference here was that there were balconies going up to the very high ceiling.

“Delta!.” I didn’t get an answer, instead, i only heard my own voice echo through the room. ” Hello!.”

I walked up on one of the stairs and looked down from one of the balconies with a small table standing behind me. But I couldn’t see Delta, Hermione or Ron anywhere. Where am I?.

I took a step back and was on my way to rest against the table. Till I felt the familiar ice cold feeling, I knew too well. I quickly jumped away from the table and turned around. Right there on the table was a ghost with fully knight armor, and sword in his hand and the shield with the raxora dragon in the other. I couldn’t see his face but I could feel his stare was on me, and it made me shiver inside.

" Sorry sir, I didn’t see you.”

He didn’t move or give a sound.


" What’s your name, sir?.”

He still didn’t answer.

" Do you think you can help me?. I was with Delta and my friends, but I somehow came to this place. Do you know where I could find them?.”

His helmet begins to move to the side and he floated down the stairs. I ran down after him and was determined to not lose sight of him. He stopped for a second at the door. I just came through and looked at me. I gave him a nervous smile before he walked through the door. Before he almost was through the door, I opened it and didn’t know if my eyes were seeing things. Instead of the big hall, i was a second ago, I was now staring at a big library. It was so big that I think Hermione would never leave it if she saw it. I took a few step and saw the ghost knight pointing his sword at the left at the 5th road of shelves. Directly when I took a few step from the door, it closed with a Big Bang and dust was flying out from it.

I sigh and walked over to the knight. ” Why aren’t you saying anything?.”

" He doesn’t talk.” Terisa walked out from the road the knight was pointing at while holding a very thick book in her hand. ” He is the silence knight, he hasn’t talk every seen he died.”

“Terisa!.” I ran over to her and smiled at her. ” Please tell me you can help me.”

" With what?.” She throws up the book in the air and it flew away till it landed in one of the shelves.

I stared at the book and back at Terisa. ” Well, I was with Delta, Hermione, and Ron. But I seem to be lost, I just don’t know how.”

She thought for a second.” Did Delta tell you about the doors?.”

" he told us to not open the door with white crystal.”

She shook her head. ” No, did he tell you about all the doors?.”

I stared at her like a question mark.

" Harry, this doors here change places. Like the stairs in Hogwarts, they like to move. But our doors like to changes places very much, you won’t get back to the same place if you try to go back through the same door.”

" But how will I find Delta, Ron, and Hermione.”

She thought for a second and cover her green eye while her brown eye was moving. I watched her and wonder what she was doing. After a few minutes, she moved her hand away from her eye and smiled at me. ” They just walked out from the greenhouse, they just realize that you are not with them.”

" Wait, how did you see them?.” I walked up closer to her and stared right into her eyes.

She rolled her eyes and pushed me away from her face. ” Let’s try to find them.” She walked through the ghost and walked to the door I just came through. I glanced at the ghost who was still pointing his sword where Terisa a few moments ago.

I pointed at the ghost while walking over to Terisa. ” Is he Okay?.”

She nodded. ” Yes, he gets like that a few times.”

And right then I heard a voice that sounded like it was a person behind me.” It’s really annoying.” I turned around but nobody was there. ” Down here.” I looked down and there was a ghost girl staring up at me with a grin on her lips. ” Hello.”

“Hi.” She flew up from the floor and then I could see she had the Raxora uniform on, with a hood covering her head.

" Hi, Li. I thought you stayed at the school.”

The ghost Li laughs and crossed her legs like she was sitting in an invisible chair in the air. ” Did you really think I was going to stay there without nobody to talk to?.”

" A few teacher and first-year students are there.”

Li frown. ” They are no fun to talk to.” She crossed her arms and looked at me.

" And you are?.”

" Oh, sorry. Am Harry, Harry Potter?.”

" Oh, another P....” her voice died down when she turned her eyes to Terisa. ” I mean, very nice to meet you. I wish I could shake head, but am dead.” She giggled nervously.

" She died when she decided to do make her whole body into smoke, without knowing how to do it.”

Li shrugged. ” I like my life as a ghost.” Just when she said that a ghost sword was coming from her back and out from her chest.

" That’s the spirit girl.” A man dressed as a pirate laughs and pulled out his sword. ” Ghost life is the best.” He looked down at me and pointed his sword at me and if it was real it would have touched my nose. ” And who is this lost boy?.”

“Am Harry Potter.”

The man laughed and put back his sword in its cover. ” Well, well. The famous boy who killed the darkest wizard of this time.” He shook his head. ” In my time black beard was the darkest wizard of all time.”

“Wait, Captain Black Beard was a wizard?.”

He smirked at me and flew trough the wall.

Terisa sigh. ” He and Blackbeard were very good friends, they actually were students here.”

" Wow, I didn’t know Blackbeard was a wizard.”

“Well his name was Blacsire von beerdereo, but after he graduated. He and Reeder, the ghost you just meet. They didn’t want to follow their families footstep, so they decided to hide in the muggler world. ” Li turned around and was floating upside down. ” They hear about the pirate life and wanted to try it. And they loved it.”

Terisa whispers into my ear. ” They used magic to get followers, and after a few years, Blackbeard wanted to take over a city without magic to show that he was a pirate in heart. But it didn’t go well when he was near to die. He used magic to kill the whole villages on one try.”

My eyes widen. ” Is that even possible?.”

“Everything is possible in this world Harry.” She glanced at me. ” But he never meant to kill all those people, but the rumors spread like a virus all over the muggler world and wizard world. After a few years after that incident, Blackbeard killed himself. Reeder was left alone and he got crazy.”

Li nodded. ” We don’t know exactly how he becomes so crazy, but we think that after years of hearing the falls rumors about his best friend Blackbeard. He begins to believe them, but we don’t know the whole story.”

“But why haven’t I heard about this story?. I mean, wouldn’t he be in any history book?.” I watched Terisa and Li glancing at each other before Terisa walked over to a shelf filled with really big books and took one out.

“Back then Harry, everybody trusted the ministry and believed every word they said.” She flipped a few pages and handed me the book. The pages were filled with old the prophets that looked really old. The pages were yellow with brown marks on the sides.

I begin to read. ” The rumors about a wizard killing whole villages with more than 500 mugglers, are rumors that are not true. The minister gives out the true information about what really happened. That village was one of the few cases they know was killed by the plague.” I looked up from the paper and stared at Terisa, who nodded at me.

" Yes, they cover the truth.” She took the book out from my hand and put it back.

" Rumors like that would shake the whole wizard world, and the minister was afraid that he was going to lose his job.”

Li appear behind me. ” And if anybody wrote that down in the history book, it would become an inspiration to kids from a really dark family.”

I glanced at her over my shoulder. ” But how can this place have this information?.”

" Because a few days before Blackbeard killed himself he came back to Raxora to talk to the headmaster and asked to leave the truth what really happened to the villages. ”

Terisa nodded. ” He left his diaries and bottles filled with his memory.” She shook her head and gave me a smile. ” But forget about that Harry, we must begin to find Delta and the others.”

“Okay,” I looked over my shoulder. ” But that knight ghost is still frozen.”

The ghost hasn’t even moved from the spot, he was still floating at the same place with his sword pointing.

Li shook her head. ” Don’t worry about it, he just feels asleep.”

" Ghost can sleep?.”

" Yes, ghost can sleep. Just because we are dead doesn’t mean we can’t sleep. It really nice to relax and dream sometimes.”

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