The youngest headmaster (harry potter fanfiction)

chapter 13

Harry Potter pov

While we were walking through a very big hall with very big portraits looking down at us, Li floated beside me while I was asking a few question.

" Can you tell me how the real building of Raxora looks like?.”

She floated upside down. ” Well, think like a castle with no ending.”

I stared at her like a question mark, and she just smiled at me. ” If you ever come to Raxora, you will understand what I mean.” And she giggled and floated over to Terisa.

Who stopped in front of three doors and stared down her watch, while counting down with her fingers. And when she counted down to zero, she opened the door to the far left and held the door open for me.

" We only need to go through here and we will meet the other.”

I crossed my arms. ” How do you know that?.”

She turned to face me. ” Some day I will tell, but today is not the day.” She looked at the hall the door was leading too. ” Come one, before the door changes again.”

I did what she said and walked into the new hall that reminded me so much of an aquarium. Like going through a tunnel through a big aquarium and you could see the fish at the side and over you.

And just when I looked up, a giant shiny blue snake looked down at me with its big green eyes.

" What is that?.”

Terisa looked up and smile. ” That is a Seeaisk.”

I glanced at her. ” A what?.”

" Seeaisk is an ocean basilisk. But their eyes don’t kill and they only eat fish.” She held her hand up in the air like she was going to pat its head.

" What are you doing?.”

" Waiting for him to come to me.”

“Huh?.” I stared at her. ” But it’s inside this aquarium, its glass between you.” She glanced at me, and before I knew it. The snake poked its head down to us while its body was still in the water over us. ” We have no glass here,” she said while petting its big head.

" This hall is holding up the water with magic.” She stops petting the snake. ” Let me show you. ” She pointed to the left and told the snake to go there. And like that, it begins to push its head through the water on the left, and its body going through the hall em and Terisa was in.

" Amazing,” I said in a whisper and touched the water wall. The water was really cold but felt really nice. The snake comes back and pushed its head to the hall and stared at me. I stared back at it, and slowly I walked up to it and caressed its wet body gently. Li who I almost forgot was floating beside me, was smiling while watching me.

" scratch under its chin.”

I looked at her before I scratched under its chin. And it begins to close its eyes and enjoyed to be scratch there.

I smiled and scratched some more. ” Awe, he is kind of cute.” I looked at Li and Terisa.

" Does he have a name?.”

" Yes, ” Terisa scratched on its head. ” This one is called Yaxha, it means green water in Spanish.”

" Why green water?.”

Lin begin to go through the snake. ” Because when he was born, his scale was dark green before it turned to blue.”

Terisa looked at Li before facing me. ” But also, when he is swimming in the water and the light is up. His skin looks green under the water.”

" Wow,” I stop scratching and Yaxha stared at me.

" Moress,” it begins to say and looked at me with big eyes.

" Maybe another time,” I said to him and turned to Terisa and Li who stared at me with raised eyebrow.

" I didn’t know you could speak to snakes,” said Terisa while Li nodded.

" It’s a special talent I have.”

Li narrow her eyes at me. ” Something you got from Voldemort.”

My eyes widen in surprise. ” How did you know that?.”

She shrugged. ” I have my secrets.” Was the only thing she said before flew through the floor and didn’t come back.

Terisa just shook her head and begin to walk down the hall. ” We better go now before we miss Delta and the others.”

I nodded and turned to look at the snake. ” If I come here again, I will scratch under your chin some more.”

It lifted its head and nodded at me in understanding. Before pulling back its head in the water and swim away. I stared after it till I couldn’t see it anymore, and ran after Terisa.

" I like that snake.”

Terisa smiled at me. ” Am glad you like him, you should meet the others too. They really like to cuddle.”

" Others?. You mean you have more of them?.”

She nodded. ” Yes, we have 10 in here and 230 at school.”

" 230!.” I cover my mouth when I realize how loud I said it. ” That’s not normal.”

She giggled. ” Our school is not normal, but did you know there are three species of basilisk?.”

" No, I only though basilisk was just a snake who could kill people with its stare.”

“Well, that one is the first basilisk. But the other two is born the same only that they are different. We have the Seeaisk, they like to be in the water and eat fish. And they like to play with people. The third is the Redaiaske, they also call the sand basilisk. They live in the hottest place on earth and get energy from the sun. They only need to eat every 4 or 6 years, depend on what they eat.”

The hall begins to split into two ways and, terisa just walked into the right hall without stopping.

I looked at the water while listening to her.” What do they eat?.”

" They can eat everything, and when I mean everything I mean everything.”

I turned my attention to her. ” Even people?.”

She nodded. ” Yes, we have a few Redaiaske here. and they don’t eat people, but they are very private. They don’t like new people, so every new student needs to learn how to connect with the sand snake.”

" Really?. Isn’t it dangerous to teach new students how to take care of giant snakes?.”

She shrugged. ” Sometimes, but in Raxora everybody learns how to take care of creature. Like dragons, giant snakes, dangerous birds or creature you shouldn’t be close to.”

" Buts its forbidden to have a dragon.”

She glanced at me. ” Raxora, don’t follow the rules of the ministry.” She thought for a second. ” Want to see the dragons we have here?.”

I shook my head. ” Maybe another time.”

" Harry!.” I jumped up in surprise and saw Delta, Ron, and Hermione down the hall.

Hermione ran over to me. ” We looked everywhere for you.”

“Nah, not everywhere. We were only in the garden, one of the classrooms and the clockroom.” Said Delta like it was the normal thing in the world.

Ron stared at Delta like he was crazy, before looking back at me. ” The clock room was amazing, there were giant gears flying around and you could use the gears as stairs.”

“OUCH!!.” We all turned our attention to Terisa who hit Delta hard on the head and looked mad. “What did I do?.” Asked Delta while rubbing his head.

" You forgot to tell them about the doors if Harry didn’t find me who know where you would be.”

Delta looked down the floor like a child who was scolded by it mother. ” Sorry.”

Terisa sighs and opened her mouth to say something again, but somebody stopped her.

" Don’t bother, Tera. Your brother is an idiot.”

We all turned around and saw a guy standing there with crossed arms. Delta stared at him with hate in his eyes and growled.

" What do you want Xew?.” Delta sounded like an another person when he talked to this Xew guy. He sounded like a very dark guy nobody want to go near.

Xew walked over to us and I could see how he looks like. He was the same height as Delta, with Short white hair and Ice blue eyes. He reminded me of a vampire in a fantasy movie with a very dark aura around him. When came clothes I could see deep red scars all over his neck, and I could guess there were more deep red scars under his clothes.

Xew stop walking and glanced at me without turning his head at me, His stare made me feel like the ground was swallowing me, a feeling I never had before.

After a few minute, he turned his attention to Delta, and the atmosphere between them felt like a very dangerous thunderstorm.

Me, Ron and Hermione took a few step back, but Terisa just stood calmly beside them. And didn’t seem to care about the dark atmosphere between them.

" Have you lose your hearing, I asked ‘what do you want?’.” Deltas voice sounded harder at the last sentence.

Xew smirked. ” Nothing, just walking around.”

" Are you trying to make me mad?.”

Xew laugh. ” Don’t need to try.” He turned to look at Terisa, and a kind smile was on his lips. ” Seeing you later?.”

Terisa smiled back at him. ” Maybe.”

A loud growl came from Delta. ” Stop it right now,” he pulled Terisa back away from Xew. ” You stay away from him.” He turned to Xew. ” And you stay away from my sister.”

Xew leaned his face closer to Delta. ” Why would I do that?.”

Before me, Ron and Hermione knew what happened. Delta jump at him and they begin to fight. It was like watching a normal fight with mugglers fighting with their fist, but this two was so much faster.

Terisa walked over to us and looked tired. ” This happened every time they get near each other.” She ducked before they both flew over her.

" Why do they hate each other?.” Asked Hermione and try to see where Delta and Xew where so she could be ready to duck.

" They just don’t like each other,” said terisa stood up when Delta and Xew flew into the water. ” At least they got a bath.”

Ron shook his head. ” Am glad am not in that water.”

" You talk too soon.”

We all three looked at Terisa when she said that and wonder what she meant, but we soon got the answer.

While Delta and Xew were in teh water they took out their wands and attacked each other, and when their spell meets each other.

" BOOOM!.”

And we all were in the water.

Young headmaster pov

After we got Goldy from Hagrid, me and Jack walked back to the dragon. I could feel Goldy was a little heavier than earlier, but he looked really happy when he was with Hagrid.

" What do you think Delta is doing with Harry Potter and his friends?.” Asked Jack while walking up to the door to the dragon.

" Showing them around, I don’t think they had time to wait for us.”

Jack nodded and put his hand on the handle. ” Am glad I finally can go to my bed and relax for today.”

I glanced up at the dragons head and saw something was wrong. ” Jack Wait!.”

Too late, the door broke open and a big wave of water came out from the door and from the dragon’s mouth. I held Goldy hard in my arms and waited for the water to go away, while I was floating in it. After a while I was on the wet grass and stared around to see many of my students, teacher and others things laying on the grass, wet from head to toes. Just a few step from me was Harry and his friends staring around shocked and wonder what just happened.

" Bloody hell, that was new. ” Said Ron and stood up.

Terisa walked over to them while trying to get out all the water from her hair. ” I told you.” She saw me and gave me a nervous smile. ” Hi, headmaster. ”

I stood up and narrow my eyes at her. ” Again?.”

She looked down. ” Yes.”

I took a deep breath and looked at the mess around me. ” What am I going to do with them?.”

" You leave them to me.”

I turned around to see Jack holding Delta and Xew by their neck with his hands, and he looked super mad. ” This two are dead.”

A while later

After the water incident, I somehow got Jack to calm down a little. And made him look after the library and the magical creatures, to be sure they were safe from the water. While I took Delta, Terisa, Xew, Harry and his friends to go to my office, after changing to other clothes. Harry and Ron borrow some clothes from Delta that was a little too big for them. And Hermione borrows some clothes from terisa, which fitted her perfectly. After the clothes changes, they all came to my office and I was not in a good mood. Delta looked down while Xew just crossed his arms and looked away.

" I told you two many times before, don’t fight near the water Or don’t fight at all. But what happened?.” I looked at them and waited for them to answer, but nobody said anything.

" You two will clean this up, without magic.”

" What!.” said Delta and Xew at the same time and glanced at each other with anger.

After a minute of glaring, Delta turned to face me. ” Headmaster, it will take months to clean all this without magic. And we both have our important test to read to.”

" Well, you two should have to think about it before almost destroying the inside of this dragon. Lucky for you the water didn’t come to the library, the magical creature or anybody’s bedroom.” I held my hand out to them. ” Give me your wands.”

They didn’t move.

" NOW!!!.”

Everybody in the room jumped back and stared at me with surprise. It was not often I raised the voice, but this time I was really mad what they did to this place. after a while, they finally gave me the wands and took a few steps back.

" Thank you, you two can go now. Terisa and all you other can stay.”

Both Delta and Xew begin to walk to the door, but not without glaring at each other and hit each other with their shoulder.

Harry Potter pov

After Delta and Xew walked out, Terisa closed the door after them and faced the headmaster.

" Am I in trouble two?.”

the headmaster closed her eyes for a second before shaking her head.

" No, you are not in trouble.” She stood up and face me and my friends. ” Am really sorry for what happened.”

" It’s okay, this place is still really amazing. too bad that we can’t see more.” I smiled at her when I said that. I didn’t want to see her that worried, I wanted to see her smile like I saw her during the day.

She thought for a second. ” Do you three want to sleep in the spare beds?. I can’t allow you go back and get in trouble for being out so late, and you will also get the chance to see more of this place.”

Both Ron and Hermione begin to jump up and down. ” Can we?. Can we?.”

The headmaster laughed and turned to Terisa. ” You and Delta will look after them until tomorrow.”

terisa nodded with a big smile on her lips. ” Yes, headmaster. ” she turned to me and friends. ” Let me show you our dormitories.”

we three follow her, leaving the headmaster alone in her office. While walking I couldn’t help to look over my shoulder and thinking about the headmaster. Should I take the chance to talk to her, when nobody is near?. This maybe was the only chance.

After walking down the corridor, I stop in my track. ” I think I forgot my wand in the headmaster’s office.”

The other stop walking and looked at me, It was a lie about I forgot my wand. I had it in my pants. But I knew they couldn’t see it under the clothes.

" Okay, just go back the same way you came. The headmaster’s door doesn’t move so often as the others. We will wait here for you.” Said Terisa and smiled at me. But something told me that she knew I was lying.

I nodded. ” Thanks, I be soon back. ” I ran down the corridor and saw the big black door with the white crystal, I walked through a few minutes ago. I took a deep breath before opened the door and walked in.

" Sorry, I had to get my w...” Nobody was in the office, did she walk out after we walked out?. I walked in and looked around, her office was so much different than Dumbledore’s office. Dumbledore’s offices were filled with things like paintings, books, and others stuff. But this office was different, her shelf that was on the every corner of her room was empty. Maybe she didn’t care to move in anything here, but the roof was filled with floating candles and pieces of glass. Besides that, her office felt very empty.

" Are you looking for something?.”

I turned my attentions where the voice came from and saw the headmaster leaning against an open glass door out to a balcony. How did I miss that?.

" Um..” I looked around and didn’t know what to say. ” I..I ...I forgot my wand here.”

She came me the look that she didn’t believe me and walked out on the balcony.

" You are not good at lying.” She put her hands on the Stone railing and stared up at the stars.

" is it that obvious?.”

She glanced at me. ” You know that I become the headmaster when I was for years old, Right?.”

" Yes.” I walked over to her.

" When I become the headmaster, the first thing I had to learn was to read people. My brother told me that all people are not kind, they will trick me to get power.”

She looked down sadly. ” Sadly he was right.” She looked up at me. ” But I know you lied because you wanted to talk.”

I could feel my cheek become warmer while nodding. ” Yes.”

She pushed herself up on the railing and sat on it. ” What do you want to talk about?.”

" You.”

She leaned her head to the left, but didn’t look surprised by my answer.”

" I want to know something about you, you are like a person made of secrets.”

She giggled and leaned her face close to mine, and I knew my face was red like a tomato. ” We all have secrets.”

" Um....u...Y..Yeah..But..But beautiful as you..” Oh crap, why did I say that? ” I mean... your is..really beautiful.” I need to stop talking, I thought to myself and took a few step back and pretended to look at the stars.

" Thank you.”

I looked at her. ” What?.”

" What you said about my hair,” she smiled while brushed her fingers through her fire red hair.

I felt relaxed when she said that and opened my mouth without thinking. ” Well, your hair reminds me of a beautiful fire, I never seen anybody with that beautiful red color.”

I wanted to hit myself hard and keep my mouth shut, but just looking at her sitting there with the night sky as a background. it made me want to talk out everything I had in my head.

" I..maybe..should go.” I backed away. ” maybe we can talk tomorrow.”

She watched me. ” Yeah, maybe.”

I glanced at her one last time before running out from the office, and the same words were playing in my head. Why did I say that?

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