The youngest headmaster (harry potter fanfiction)

Chapter 14

Jack pov

I watched Harry Potter ran out from the office, before walking in and crossed my arms at my sister. She was out on the balcony and stared up at the stars, and I could see she was in deep thoughts.

" What was that about?.”

She glanced at me when I asked the question, and she didn’t have that same confidence I use to see her.

" haven’t you learn that its rude to listening to others conversation.” She turned her back to me.

" It’s not rude if a big brother to listening to his sister conversation.”

She giggled and sigh. ” You have silly ‘big brother’ rules.”

A small smile grows on my lips while I walked over to her. ” That makes me the best big brother in the world.”

She rolled her eyes and smiled at me. ” Yes, you are.” She looked up at the stars again, and the smile was gone. ” Do you think our parents are looking down on us?.”

I glanced up at the stars and back to my sister, she didn’t know our parents as good as I and it bothers me. While I had many happy and fun memories with our parents, she didn’t have any, the only memory she had of them was the day they died. a memory that has been hunting her, her whole life. She can’t let it go.

" Of course they are.” I wrapped my arm around her shoulder and gave her a small hug, but she still looked down. ” They don’t blame you.”

" But I blame myself, Jack, every day I blame myself.” She turned her face to look at me. ” Remember when I told you why we had to be in this competition?.”

" Yes,” I answer her and waited for to talk.

" Turns out we have a bigger role to play, Harry Potter need our help more than ever.” She closed her eyes hard and opened them again. ” Be on your guard next week, when the goblet of fire selects its fighter it will not be pretty.”

" Can you give me a hint what will happen?.”

" No.”

One week later

It was finally time for the goblin on fire to choose its fighter, and everybody was there. All the teacher and students from all the four school were in the big hall and waited for the chosen to begin. I stood beside my sister and watched Delta and his sisters talking to Harry and his friends. During this week, my sister, Delta, and his sisters become really good friends with the golden trio. It almost looked like they known each other for years instead of one week. Am happy that my sister got some friends and all that, but I just wish she could put the headmaster duty before friends. This whole week, she has been sneaking away from her duty and changed her appearance to look like a normal student. And while I try to find her and bring her back to work, Hannah and Henry have been pranking me and the Hogwarts teacher with the Weasley twin. Those four prank monster are the worst. Every hour is a new prank and after every prank, i have to changes clothes that don’t last long. One of the Hogwarts teachers, professor Snape have the same problem. But when Snape tries to give punishment for the Weasley twin, Hanna and Henry give them alibi and say the Weasley have been with them all the time. They use the teacher card to help the weaslys, and get away with all the pranks. I just wish I could strangle them to death, but I know all too well I couldn’t do that.

My sister glanced up at me. ” I hope you not planning to murder Hannah and Henry.”

" A man can dream dear sister.”

" A man needs to stop dreaming about murder people.”

I looked down at her. ” Don’t you want to murder Hannah and Henry?.”

She smirked at me and shook her head. ” Why would I want to murder them?. They make every day so much fun.”

" When you mean fun, you mean pranking me.”

" Yep.”

I rolled my eyes and looked around to see people waiting for Dumbledore to begin.

" You are a mean sister.”

" But you love me.”

" Sadly yes.”

" Ouch, that hurts.”

I put a hand on her shoulder without looking at her. ” You live.”

" Quiet!.”

Everybody stop talking after Dumbledore loud voice echo through the room, and the only sound you could hear was the blue fire from the goblet.

" Now the moment you’ve all been waiting for, the champions selection.” Dumbledore walked closer to the goblet, while its fired turned from blue to red. And small paper flew out and Dumbledore caught it. Everybody’s eyes were on him.

" The Durmstrang champion is...”

I glanced at Igor Karkaroff and saw him smirk at Victor Krum.

" Victor Krum!.” Everybody cheered while Victor walked up to Dumbledore to take the paper and walk into a room behind Dumbledore.

I whisper down to my sister. ” Igor knew Victor Krum was going to be Durmstrang champion.”

" Yeah, ” she thought for a second while Dumbledore screamed out the Beauxbatons champion.

" Fleur Delacour!. ” All the Beauxbatons cheered, while a blond girl walked up to Dumbledore to take the paper with her name and walking into the room behind him.

The goblet fire turned to red again and another paper flew out.

" The Raxora champion...” Dumbledore caught the paper and looked very surprised when he read it. He glanced at my sister before screaming out who our champion was

" Delta Potter!

Everybody besides the students of raxora cheered and clapped their hands before I heard voices saying ′ wait what did he say’. I directly looked at Harry Potter and his friends, and I could see their surprise and turned to stare at Delta. Terisa and Rose looked at each other with mix of confusion and scared. And I could understand them, I know Delta didn’t want to compete and if he did he wouldn’t write his last name. Slowly Delta walked over to Dumbledore while ignoring all the stares. Everybody was still staring after him when he walking into the room where the other two champions were. When he closed the door, everybody turned their stares to my sister who didn’t seem to care. The minister didn’t look happy at all, and I know he will try to talk to my sister after this.

" Alright,” Dumbledore clapped his hands and looked at the goblet again. ” Our last champion.” The fire was red again and the last name flew out. ” And the Hogwarts Champion is... Cedric Diggory!.”

All the Hogwarts students cheered, even Harry who still looked confused.

" Excellent! We now have our four champions. But in the end, only one will go down in history. only one will hoist this chalice of champions, this vessel of victory the tri-wizard cup!.”

Everybody cheered, but the goblets fire turned red again and another name flew out. Dumbledore caught it and read it, and I never thought this was going to happen.

" Harry Potter. Harry potter!.”

I stared down at my sister. ” We are going to have a bad week.”

" I wish I could say no on that.” Said my sister with a sigh.

A while later

After the goblet of fire chose its champion, the headmasters and the minister walked into the room the champions and Harry was and looked really mad.

Dumbledore asked Harry what he did, and Harry tried to tell him he didn’t do anything. I could only stand behind and listen, while Harry was yelled and accused of breaking the rules. But after a few hours, Dumbldore and the other decided that Harry will be in the competition, even how many times Harry said he didn’t want to. Right after that, my sister was next on the line.

The minister walked up to her. ” Explain!.”

She stared up at him. ” You have to be more specific.”

I sigh and looked at the door to see Harry sneak out, and he didn’t look okay. I glanced at the other to see the minister asking questions about Delta and blaming my sister of different things. I decided to walk after Harry and talk to him. But directly when I walked out from the room and closed the door I heard Harry yelling at somebody.

" You lied to me!.”

I quickly ran down the corridor, and later saw Harry talking to Terisa and Rose. But I could see it was not a happy conversation. Harry looked really mad, while Terisa and Rose looked really hurt.

" Harry, please. let us explain.” Rose took one step closer to Harry

" No,” said Harry with a very hard voice. ” You, Delta and the headmaster. I should have known that I couldn’t trust you.” He turned his back at them and walked away.

Terisa covers her face with her hands and looked really sad. ” This is bad.”

Rose didn’t say anything, instead, she looked up and saw me standing there. We stood there staring at each other for a few seconds before Rose turned her back at me and hugged her sister. I quickly walked past them and didn’t take a long time for me to find Harry, who was near the Gryffindor dorm opening.

" Harry Potter.”

He turned around when he heard his name, and when he saw it was me, he looked away. ” What do you want?.”

" Talk.”

" I don’t want to talk.”

" Well too bad. ” I took a hard grip on the back of his neck and forced him to walk down the stairs.

" Hey...Ouch.. Let go!.”

" No.”

" It hurts!.”

He complained all the way to the forbidden forest, and after walking a little bit in the forest I let go of my grip on him and let him fall down to the ground.

Harry quickly stood up and rubbed his neck. ” Was that really necessary?.”

" Just be glad I didn’t strangle you. I just want you to listen to me, Delta, Terisa, Rose and my sister they are your friends.”

" Really?. Then tell me why didn’t they tell me that they were my family, brother, and sisters?.”

I raised an eyebrow. ” Harry they are your cousins.”

" They are?.”

I nodded. ” Yes, just because they have the same last name as you doesn’t mean you are brother and sister. ” I sat down on a big tree root. ” And besides Delta told you that we don’t tell our last names, the minister has tried for years to get information about our school. And if he knew all the students last name, we would be in a lot of trouble.”

" Yes, he did say that.”

I sighed. ” Look, Harry, you and Delta are in the same boat.”

He stared at me. ” We are?. He is the right ages for this competition.”

" But he is not well for this, and besides he would never write his last name if he wanted to compete.”

harry thought for a second. ” He didn’t say the first day he was here that he didn’t want to compete.” He looked at me. ” When you said he is not well, do you mean that he is sick?.”

I scratched the back of my head. ” Sort of.”

" But I never saw him feeling sick or anything.”

" It’s very complicated.”

He stared at me for a few minutes before sitting down on a big tree root in front of me.

" Why are you telling me this?.”

" I don’t want you to hate Delta and his sisters, even if Delta get on my nerve he is a great guy. For him, you are his brother, a brother he never had.” I glanced over my shoulder to be sure nobody was listening, before looking back at Harry. ” And please don’t hate my sister either, she keeps many secrets, secrets she doesn’t even tell me. But she really likes you and your friends.”

Harry looked away and I could see he was in deep thoughts. After a while, he looked back at me with a very serious face.

" Can you answer some questions for me?.”

I shook my head and held up one finger. ” I will only answer one question, depend on what sort of question it is.”

He looked really disappointed. ” Alright, will you tell me why nobody says your sister’s real name?.”

I hesitated for a second before taking a deep breath. ” Alright, but it’s not an easy story for me to tell.”

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