The youngest headmaster (harry potter fanfiction)

Chapter 15


10 years ago

Jack pov

" Jack, concentrate.” I looked up from my book and stared up at an old lady with long white hair that framed her small face. She pushed up her big yellow glasses and looked really annoyed.

" Have you listen to anything I said?.”

I looked away and didn’t say anything.

" I can’t believe this, it’s not many years left till you will be the Raxoras new headmaster. And you won’t even listen to any of my lessons!.”

I throw the book at her, and she ducked and watched the book hit the wall.

" I don’t want to be the next headmaster!.”

She sigh loudly and rubbed her eyes. For 4 years now had this woman tried to teach me everything, to prepare me for my role as headmaster when my father steps down. But the problem was, I didn’t want to be the next headmaster. I wanted to be like everybody else, sit in a classroom, learn with friends. But because I was the first born child of Isora Raxora, I need special lessons with a private teacher. Its really lonely to sit in a big classroom, as the only student and no other students around me. And when other students help each other with their homework during breaks, I sit as the outsider with my own homework that nobody else in this school has.

“What is going on?.”

Both me and the teacher turned to the door to see my father, dressed in a dark green coat. He crossed his arm and waited for an answer.

" Headmaster Raxora, I try to teach your son, but he doesn’t even try.”

My father looked down at me, and I quickly looked away. I could hear him sigh, before telling the teacher to take the day off.

“Jack, what is bothering you?.” My father sat down in front of me and looked at me with worried eyes.

" It’s nothing.”

" It must be something, you haven’t been acting yourself this few week. And today is your little sister 4th birthday.”

“I know,” I said while looking away. I could feel my fathers eyes study me while I tried to think what to say.

" Is it about the headmaster’s role?.” Asked father and put a hand on my shoulder.

" Kind of.”

“Jack, you know you can tell me. You are in the same position I was when I was young.”

“That’s true,” I turned to him. ” But were you scared of the....” I trailed off. But my father knew what I was going to say.

“The Curse.”

It was not a question, but I nodded yes when he said that. Everybody knew about the story of the first headmaster of Raxora, who sold his shadow to the white dragon to protect his family and his school filled with very talented students. And got a dragon who protect type school, and the all the next Raxora headmaster got a very special talent. But that was not all, the first born child that become the headmaster not only got a talent, he or she will also get a curse. My grandfather had the talent to read minds, but his curse was if he ever touched a child under the ages of 6, the child will get a deadly sickness. That no magic can cure, that’s why my father was never allowed near his father till he turned 6 years old. But the thing was, no headmaster have the same curse. They all get different. And I can only become headmaster when my curse begins to awake, and am scared what sort of curse I get.

Father stood up and walked to the door. “Of course I was scared of the curse, I was scared that I was going to hurt somebody dear to me. But even if I know how to avoid hurting somebody, am still scared that I will hurt somebody by mistake. ” He turned to me. ” Its okay to be scared, it shows that we are humans.”




The sound of the school chock Ecco through the whole school, father fished up his pocket watch and smiley at me.

" We better hurry, your mother told us to be in the big hall for your sisters birthday. And you know how she is when we are late.”

I couldn’t help to laugh when he said that, and nodded. ” Yeah.”

I walked up to him and he took the chance to ruff up my hair. I stared up at him and he grins down at me.

" You only 11, Jack. You not going to be headmaster tomorrow.”

“I know,” I hit his hand that was still on my head. ” Let’s go before mother decides to send a search party for us.”

He laughed and lifted me up on his shoulder. ” Yeah, we better hurry. ” And he begins to run. I couldn’t help to smile while father was running down the corridor, he always made things better even how bad it was. He stops running after a while and stood in front of a big room filled with smiling people, with drinks in their hands. Father lifted me down to the floor, while a beautiful women with fire red hair walked down to us while wearing a long green dress.

" I was near to send a search party for you. ” She crossed her arms over chest and had a small smile on her lips.

Father laughed and hugged her. ” Did I ever tell you how perfect you are?.”

She rolled her eyes and kissed his cheek. ” Yes, every day.”

“Well, you are perfect every day.”

She looked down at me. ” How is my cute little Jackie doing?.”

“Mother, stop calling me cute!.”

She giggled and rubbed my cheeks. ” I can’t help it, you just so cute.” She kissed my forehead and smiled.

Father looked around the room. ” And where is our beautiful daughter?.”

Mom looked around too while thinking. ” I don’t know, but I heard your great-great grandma is coming soon.”

Fathers smile died down and he looked at mom with ‘Are you serious look’. “She’s here?.”

She sighs and put a hand on his cheek. ” Yes, I invited her.”


“Isor, Shes your great-great grandma. She has to meet her grand-grand-grand children someday. ” She gave him a pointed look.

" And you never invite her, she didn’t even know about Jack.”

" And I wanted to keep it that way, she is not the nicest person in the world.”

“Oh, come on. What can she do that is so bad?.”


A bang was heard at the end of the big room and made everybody turn their attention to where the sound came from. And an old lady with big gray hair and wearing an elegant red dress stood there, and she looked really mad. ” Isor!.”

Father flinched and turned his back to her, and smiled at mom.

" It’s a long story.”

“Isor Raxora!.” The women appeared behind my father and pulled his head down by his ear.

My father looked very pale when he looked at the women with a nervous smile. ” Hi, great-great-grandma Marlie.”

She narrows her eyes at him while pulling harder on his ear.

" How did I get a grand-grandson like you?. I thought I taught you some manner, but then I get an invitation to my second gran-grand-grandchild’s 4tyh birthday. ” Her eyes darkened, and she pulled so hard on his ear that it looked like the ear was going to go off. ” Grand-grand-grand children I didn’t know I had.”

Father gulped. ” Sorry.” It was more like a whisper.

She moved her face closer to him. ” If you do this one more time, I make sure you lose this ear next time.′

" Yes, great-great-grandma Marlie.”

Marlie let go of his ear and smiled at my mother. ” Thank you for inviting me, dear.”

Mother gave her a smile, but I could see she was nervous in front of Marlie. ” Am so glad you could come.” Mother grabbed me and made me stand in front of her. ” This is Jack, our 11-year-old son.”

Marlie glared down at me and made me want to run and hide.

“Oh,” she bent down and grabbed my chin and turned my face to each side. ” You almost look like a copy of Isor.” She let go of me. ” Don’t know if it’s a good thing, I only hope he becomes a better headmaster than you Isor.”

My father looked down and didn’t say anything back to Marlie. Mother looked like she was lost for words while watching Marlie.

" So where is the gran-grand-grand daughter I never heard about?.”

“Um..” Mother and father looked at each other.


Everybody turned to the voice, and there was my little sister hugging a black teddy bear in her arms while running to mother. She had a big smile on her lips and looked really happy.

“Hi. Sweetie.” Mother Bent down and lifted my little sister in her arms. ” Are you having fun?.”

My sister nodded and hugged the bear.” Yes, Yes!.” Her big emerald eyes landed on Marlie, who stood there with a surprised look. And I can understand her, my sister looked like a beautiful porcelain doll, with snow white skin, big emerald eyes, and fire red hair. But when she had the little white dress with a red bow on, it made her so much cuter.

" Oh, my,” said Marlie and took one step closer to my sister.

" She so cute,” she gave my sister a kind smile while fishing up a small present from her pocket. ” I heard it’s your birthday.”

My sister giggled and nodded. ” Yeah, am turning 4 today.”

“Awe!,” Marlie looked at my mother. ” Can I hold her?.”

“Um..Sure.” She handed my sister to Marlie, and for some reason, Marlie looked like she was 20 years younger and much happier when she holds my sister in her arms.

“Awe, she’s adorable!.” She looked at my sister teddy bear.” Does the bear have a name?.”

My sister nodded. ” Yes, his name is Mr. Candybear.”

Marlie giggled and nodded at the bear. ” Nice It meets you Mr. Candybear.”

My sister smiled and wrapped her arms around Marlie’s neck.

“You are a nice lady.”

Father crossed his arms and bent down to me.

" Wish she was that nice to me when I was young.” He whispers to me while having a small smile on his lips when he watched my sister laughing.

“At least she like your sister.”

I nodded. “Yeah.”

“Jack,” My sister smiled at me and waved at me to come to her. I walked over to her, and I could feel Marlie’s cold glare at me.

" Yes, sis.”

She gave me a big smile. ” Wanna play with me?.”

I opened my mouth to say yes, but Marlie stopped me.

“No sweetie, he doesn’t have time to play with you.”

What?!. Why is she saying that?. I have plenty of time to play with my sister?.

My sister smile died down and looked at Marlie with big eyes.

" Why?.”

Marlie smirked at me. ” He will become the next headmaster, and he needs to stop acting like a child.”

Father looked mad. ” Marlie....”

“Its true Isor, your son is the next headmaster, and you didn’t turn out so good because you been acting like a child too long.”

People around us stop talking and watch Marlie with surprise in their eyes. Even the teacher who has worked here for years stared at Marlie like she is crazy.

Mother hugged my father arm and gave him apologizing look. My sister stared at Marlie with hard eyes, even if she is 4 years old. She still understood what was happening. Marlie Hugged my sister tighter like she saw my sister as her little doll.

" But I still think your son, will be a really bad headmaster.”

It was like she throws a big stone against a mirror, everything shattered inside me. I tried to think positive about being the headmaster in the future, and when I have doubts my family and others are there for me. And many are people I don’t even know. But hearing this from Marlie made everything inside me break down, and a wave of sadness washed over me.

I never wanted to be headmaster!. I wish I wasn’t the one to become headmaster!. I wish I was normal as my sister!.

I scream inside my head, and for some reason, I had a weird feeling inside my chest. It was like a painful fire burning under my skin, and after a few seconds, it died down.

Marlie looked at my sister with a smile, while my sister looked mad. She asked my sister what she wanted to play, but when she said my sister name. She drops my sister and grabbed her chest like she was in real pain.

“Marlie?.” My father walked over to her and saw blood coming out from her mouth. ” What is going on?.”

Mother called my sister, and before anybody could register what happens, mother begins to grab her chest and coughed out blood.

Father directly ran over to mother and held her in his arms.

“Honey, what is going on?.

He turned to my sister who laid on the floor and looked really scared. He called her name and tried to tell her everything will be okay. But then he begins to grab his chest and coughed up blood too. Teacher and everybody ran over to help, but they didn’t even know what was happening to my parents and Marlie. I ran over to my sister who begins to cry.

" Shh, they will be okay. Sis.”

She hugged me hard and didn’t give me any signs of letting go.

“J...J..Jack.” Father coughed and tried to crawl over to me. Mother and Marlie was lying on the floor lifeless in the big pool of blood.

“Father what is going on?!.”

He coughed and looked at my sister. ” I...It...its ...the...Curse.”

Everybody stared at my sister when he said that and gasped in surprise.

“Buts how can she be?.”

“She’s only four!.”

“She’s not the firstborn!.”

Father grabbed my shirt and pulled me closer to him. ” Her....Her name.....don’t say her name!.” And he fell down on the floor with wide open eyes.

“Father!.” I shook his body and was hoping to see him jump up and say everything was a joke. But he didn’t, he, Mother and Marlie were lying dead on the bloody floor. While everybody in the room was yelling and asking questions. My sister was still crying and pressed her face against my side. I thought back what father said, and quickly realize what he meant.

End of flashback

Harry stared at me with wide eyes and swallow.

" So that means if anybody says her name, they die?.”

I looked away. ” If you say her name your heart will break into million pieces, and die a slow death.

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