The youngest headmaster (harry potter fanfiction)

chapter 16

Jack pov

Harry was quiet for a few minute before he ran back to the school, I didn’t yell after him or even try to stop him. I just watched him and when he was out of view, I glanced over my shoulder to see Roosa standing in the darkness.

“Did you get her?.”

She smirked at me and glanced at the tree beside her. I walked up to the tree to see an unconscious Rita Skeeter on the ground.

“Turns out she’s an animagus, she gets her information by turning into a beetle.” Said Roosa and crossed her arms.

I bent down and took Rita’s paper and looked through them. All her paper was filled with her writing of information of my sister, the students, and Harry.

“Looks like she was ready to publish her next articles of lies.”

Roosa glanced at the castle, and crossed her arms.” Was it wise to tell him?.”

“I don’t know,” I ripped out the written paper in Rita write block, and put them in my pocket. ” I must go back.”

She nodded. ” I know,” She looked around before whisper to me. ” Henry and Hannah took some paper from the ministry, they are at the headmaster table.”

“Okay, I tell her.”

I begin to walk away, but I could still feel Roosa eyes on me.

Headmaster pov

Me and delta walked out from the trophy room, while the minister was yelling after me.

“Am not done with you!!.”

I glanced over my shoulder and smirked at him. ” But am done with you.” I saw his face got redder before I closed the door. I quickly grabbed Deltas arm and pulled him down the empty corridor, after a while, we saw Terisa and Rose sitting on a bench and they didn’t look alright.

“Terisa!. Rose!.” They looked up when they heard me calling for them, while I walked up to them. ” Are you two okay?.”

Terisa rubbed her red eyes. ” Not really, we tried to talk to Harry. But he didn’t want to listen to us.”

Delta wrapped his arms around her. ” He’s just mad over the situation, give him some time.”

Rose looked at him before turning to me. “Jack ran after him.”

“I know.” I glanced over my shoulder. ” How much did he tell you, Harry?.”

Delta and his sister stared up in surprise and saw Harry walking down to us.

“You knew he was going to tell me why nobody called you by your real name?.”

I nodded and turned to him. “Yeah, my only tell a few people outside the raxora school. ” I looked down. ” But you can say I was the reason my parents died.”

" But are you sure they died because they said your name?.”

I narrow my eyes at him. ” The curse is not easy to figure out how it works. It took a few years for my dad to figure out how his curse worked. But I cant test my curse to figure out mine. Nobody wants to die like that, and I don’t want people to die.”

" So what happened if I call you by another name?.”

“Don’t, Harry.” Delta stood in front of me and stared at Harry. ” That curse is not to play with. Many thinks that if you call her by another name, it will become her name. And you will die by it.”

“But won’t calling her headmaster become her name?.”

Delta shook his head. ” Headmaster is a title, not a name.”

Terisa and rose begin to tell Harry to drop the idea of calling me something else, but he just stared at me while they talked to him and then he opened his mouth.


Everybody was quiet and stared at him like he just growe a second head.

Delta glanced at me and then back to Harry. ” What..”

“Ember,” Harry walked to me.” How about a call you, Ember?. I didn’t die by saying it.”

Harry pov

What in the world am I doing?. They told me that there is a chance that I die if I call her by another name, but I didn’t listen. I just ignored it, like I wasn’t scared of dying. And the first name that came out from my mouth was ‘Ember’, lord I wish I didn’t say that. But only looking at her, made me think of an angel with fire hair. She stared at me with wide eyes, and I just made me say Ember again.

She looked away and was in deep thought, but then she smiled at me.

“I like it, but..” She hit my head gently. “Don’t do anything stupid like that again.”

I nodded. ” I will try, Ember.”

“Am not use to being called something else than ′ Headmaster’.”

Delta shook his head and made me turn my attention to him.

“So we are cousins?.”

“Yes, we are.”

He smiled at his sisters and turned back to me. ” You need to meet our father at the Potter manor someday, and grandma Fiona.”


“I have a grandma?.”

Delta and his sister nodded. ” Yes, and a grandfather too. After your parents died, headmaster Dumbledore and E..Embers father told my father and our grandparents to hide at the Potter Manor. Nobody knows where it is, besides the Potter family and close friends.”

“Why haven’t I heard about it?.”

Rose scratched her head. ” You have to ask Dumbledore about it.”

I looked down the corridor and shook my head. ” He won’t have time to talk to me now, everybody thinks I put my name in the goblet. I won’t be surprised that everybody hates me tomorrow, and Rita writes an article about it.”

Delta nodded. ” Yeah, and me and my sister will have problems tomorrow too.” He looked at Rose and Terisa.

" Be ready to hide tomorrow.”

Ember shook her head. ” I think we five will have a long day tomorrow. ” She turned to me. ” If you want to avoid trouble, you can stay at our place. If you want.”

I gave her a small smile. ” Thanks.”

We all walked to the dragon, and Delta and his sister told jokes that made me laugh and forget how bad tomorrow was going to be. But Ember had to leave because she had paperwork she needs to go through.

Ember pov

Directly when I opened my door to my office, I saw all the raxora teachers there with very serious faces. My brother stared at me and held out a small paper in his hand. ” Roosa took care of Rita.” I took the small paper from his hand and read it while sitting behind my desk.

“How did she get this information?.”

“Turns out she is an animagus, she turns into a beetle and listens to everybody’s conversation.” Jack looked at the teachers who glanced at each other.

“Henry and Hannah also got some information they found at the ministry.”

He pointed at the pile of paper on my desk, and one of teacher walked over to me with a serious look.

" It has started, hasn’t it.”

I nodded. ” Yes, it has started.”

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