The youngest headmaster (harry potter fanfiction)

chapter 17

Harry Potter pov

I knew the first week after the chaos sending was going to be hell, but I never imagined it was going to be this bad. Every day I heard people calling me names and daily prophet everywhere with my face on the front pages. The worst part was that nobody in Gryffindor, not even Hermione and Ron wanted to be near me. It was like after the cosseting they decided that I was a traitor, and didn’t want to hear my side of this big mess. The only good thing was that the Raxora students, teachers and Neville was the only people who didn’t treat me like an outsider or a traitor. Everyday Roosa and a few other students of Raxora would accompany me during breakfast, lunch and all the breaks between the lessons. I sometimes saw Delta, Terisa, and Rose running through the corridors with witches and wizards from the ministry and the daily prophet after them. They sometimes had time to say hi, but that would only last a second before they had to run again and hide. And Ember, I haven’t seen her since that night. And the only explanation I got from Roosa was that Ember had to much work, and didn’t have time for anything else. I just hope I can talk to her before the first task which was just two days away.

I was now sitting at the end of the Gryffindor table in the great hall with an empty plate in front of me. At the other end of the Gryffindor table sat all the other talking to each other while eating their breakfast, acting like I didn’t exist at all. Not even Hermione or Ron did even glance at me.

" Good morning, Harry.” said a happy Roosa with a few Raxora students behind her, before she sat down beside me.

I gave her a small smile. ” Goodmorning Roosa.”

Her smile died down, and she glanced at the other Gryffindors at the other side of the table. ” Are they still not talking to you?.”

I sigh. ” Yeah, they don’t even want to be near me.”

" Oh, look here.” Said a familiar voice behind me, and I didn’t even need to turn around to see who it was. ” Saint Potter crying like a baby because his friends left him.”

" Go away, Malfoy.”

I could hear Malfoy and a few another laughing behind me, and I was so tempted to use my wand to send a spell at him to shout him up. But Roosa put a hand on my shoulder and shook her head like she knew what I was thinking.

" Why are you even with Saint Potter?. Don’t you know he is friends with mugglers?.”

Roosa glanced at him. “I don’t remember asking you who I should be friends with. ” She turned her back to him and filled her plate with food.

But Malfoy didn’t give up, he sat down the empty seat beside her and glared at her.

" Maybe you didn’t know, but my dad works for the ministry.”

" And?.” Said Roosa with a bored tone while putting butter on her bread without even glancing at Malfoy. ” Why would that interest me?.”

Malfoy’s face becomes red in anger, but he forced himself a smile on his face. ” Am from one of the biggest pureblood family in the world, which should interest your headmaster?.”

" Nope.” She took a big bite of her bread and turned to me. ” I almost forgot, Harry, do you want to join one of our lessons today?.”

" Um, sure. I have only Charm today, but I maybe should go to the library and figure out what the first task is about.”

" You will never figure it out Potter,” Said Malfoy and stood up. ” I know you will fail all the tasks. ” He begins to laugh and walked away with the other Slytherin after him.

Roosa classmate stared after him, and one guy shook his head and looked really annoyed.

" That guy is getting on my nerve.”

Roosa nodded. ” Yeah, his father is no walk in the park either.” She turned to me. ” When does your charm lesson end?.”

I glanced at the clock. ” My lesson will start in 15 minutes, and the lesson is two hours long.”

" That’s perfect, we are going to have a duel and fight lesson all day in one of our training hall in the stone dragon.”

“Really?. I like dueling lesson.” I said happily.

Roosa smiled. ” That’s great, and Delta will be there too so maybe you can take the chance to talk to him.”

" Harry!.”

I jumped in surprise and stared at Nevill who stood right behind me, he was breathing heavily like he has been running a marathon.

“Nevill was the matter?.”

He took a deep breath while glancing at the other Gryffindors at the other side of the table before looking back at me. ” Professor Mad-eye want you to got to his office.”

“Now?. ” I ask in surprise and Nevill nodded. ” But I have charm soon.”

" Mad-eye already sent a letter to Professor Flitwick, and you can borrow my notes later if you want.”

“Thanks, Nevill, “I turned to Roosa.” I don’t know what Mad-eye want, but I walk directly to your place after I have talked to him.′

" Okay, I will make sure that somebody will stand outside and help you in.” Said, Roosa, while filling her glass with orange juice.

I gave her a nod before walking out from the great hall and all the way too Mad-eyes office. And the closer I got to Mad-eyes office I got more and more nervous. Something about professor Mad-eye gave me a bad feeling, and I don’t know if it was because the weird eye he had.

I stop in front the door into mad eyes office, but before I could even knock. The door opened and Mad eyes sat behind his desk with his wand pointing at me.

“Good you are here.” He put down his wand on the desk while his eyes were still locked on me. ” Come in.”

I gulped loudly and slowly walked in and sat down in one of the empty chairs in front of him.

“Well, have you figure out what the next task is?.” His big eye begins to move around like it was searching for something.

I gulped loudly and looked down at the floor. ” No, sir.”

“Hmmm, you don’t have much time left. The first task is in two days, and if you don’t figure out what the first task is, you will be in big trouble.”

" I know, sir. But I don’t have any clue what the first task is about.”

Mad-eye shook his head and looked really disappointed. ” What does the description say?.”

I sigh and pulled out the small piece of paper where I wrote down the description for the first task. ” The first task is designed to test your daring; Courage in the face of the unknown is an important quality in a wizard.”

Mad-eye listens while drinking from his hipflask and shook his head.

" You already know that you will face something very dangerous, but the question is what.” He put back his hipflask in his pocket. ” As far as I know the other doesn’t know either.” He narrows his normal eye at me. ” Have Delta figure it out?.”

" I don’t know, sir. I haven’t talked to him so much, and he has been busy. But one of his classmates asked me to join one of their lessons, and she said he will be there.”

" That’s good, take the chance to talk to him. And gain their trust.”

" Trust?. Sir, are you telling me to use my cousin?.”

He smirked at me. ” You are in one of the biggest and dangerous games in the whole wizard world, Mr.Potter. Every wizard for themselves, and you have the big ticket to win if you use your friendship with the students from Raxora.” He leaned over his desk.

" Or even better, use your friendship with their headmaster. The famous girl who becomes the headmaster in early ages, she can be your golden ticket.”

I couldn’t believe what he was telling me. Using my friendship with the people from Raxora, to win. And use Delta and Ember!. Is he mad?.

" Sir, I can’t do that. I can’t use them to win. I didn’t want to be in this competition in the first place.”

His smirk was gone and he looked at me seriously. ” Than let me ask you a question. Are you sure that they are not using you?.”

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