The youngest headmaster (harry potter fanfiction)

Chapter 18

Harry potter pov

I stared at him with wide eyes and didn’t know what to say. It was true that I didn’t know Delta and all the other that well.

But these few days I have known them, they have been like a big family like my classmate in Gryffindor, Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw, before they turned their backs on me.

But I can understand why Mad-eye was asking me this. The famous school with talented students just opened their arms to me while everybody else didn’t. But was it because I was Delta’s and his sister’s cousin?. Or was there another reason?.

I looked away while my head was filled with questions. Could they be the reason why am in this competition?. Did Delta just acted surprised when his and my name was called out?. I shook my head and stood up. ” I trust Ember and the other, they are not the kind of people that would try to use me.” I begin to walk to the door and heard mad eye chuckled behind me like he was amused.

" Remember, Potter. in this competition every wizard for themselves.”

I glared at him before closing the door behind me and walked away. But his words were still repeating inside my head like he was walking right beside me. I shook my head and tried to not think about what Mad eyes said and walked to the Dragon Statue. And when i finally was outside the dragon statue, I meet one student that made me shiver in fear. Xew, the guy who looked like a vampire, and the person Delta hate the most. I gulped loudly and forced a weak smile.

" Hi, did Roosa send you here?.”

Xew sigh and looked really annoyed. ” Yes, she did. She told me that she invited you to one of our lessons. ” He turned to the door and opened it.

" But why did she send you?.”

" Don’t know.” Said Xew and held the door opened for me and closed it after we both walked in. I could help to glance at him because this time he wasn’t dressed in his school uniform. this time he was dressed in tight training clothes that showed more of his red scares he had all over his body.

He glared at me before walking down the empty corridor. “Let’s go. I have better things to do than help you.”

" Than why did you agree to help me in?.”

“Let’s just say Roosa has some information that am very interesting in, and she told me if I help you in she would give me that information.”

My eyes widen. ” What sort of information?.”

" Like I tell you, ” Said Xew angrily without looking at me. ” Come on, if we hurry up I maybe get a match against Delta. ” A cracking sound came from him that echo through the hall and made all the hair on my neck stand out. ” And he will lose.”

" Why do you two hate each other so much?.” I couldn’t hold back the question anymore, ever since I saw them fighting each other. I always wonder why they hated each other so much. And maybe I could also know more about Delta that I didn’t know about.

Xew stops walking and looked at me with hard eyes. ” That’s between him and me.” He looked away with a distant look.

" But we haven’t always been like this.”

" Really?.”

He glanced at me before nodding. ” We were actually friends years ago.”

" Really?. What happened?.”

He sigh. “Let’s just say it didn’t work out.” He begins to scratch on the big red scars he had on his neck before walking again. But I just stood there watching him, while wondering if I should ask one of the questions I have about Delta that bothering me.

Xew stops after a while and looked at me with one of his eyebrow raised.

" Is everything alright?.”

I opened my mouth and was on my way to ask him, but I stopped myself and shook my head. ” yeah, everything is fine.” I walked up to him, and we both walked down the hall to a big double door, and I could hear a loud sound coming from it from it.

" Just so you know, Potter. Our dueling lesson is a little bit different than you are used to. ” Said Xew and opened the door to show a big training room filled with students everywhere. But the most surprising thing was that high up in the air was floating floors with students fight each other. And just looking at the students who were fighting made me stare in awe, they were really good and fast.

" Harry!.”

I looked away from the fight that was up on the floating floors and saw Rose running at me dressed in black training clothes with a golden dragon head on the side of the training pants.

She smiled at me and stopped in front of me. ” Am so glad that you could come.”

" Yeah, me too.” I smiled at her. ” How have you been?. I haven’t talked to you, Terisa and Delta since that day’”

She sighs heavily and rubbed her shoulder. ” Busy, me and the other have been hiding from the daily prophet since that day, and it’s really annoying. ”

" Yeah, I have seen you running around Hogwarts a few times. ” I looked around.

" Where’s Delta?.”

She pointed up at one of the floating floors that were coming back down. And there was Delta with crossed arms, and he didn’t look well. He looked so tired as he hasn’t slept for days, and he looked to be in a very bad mood. He jumped down from the floating floor and rubbed his face and sigh heavily.” Hi Delta.”
He looked up and gave me a weak smile. ” Hi, Harry. How are you?.”
" Am good. How are you?.”

“I think my face says it all,” said Delta and rubbed around the metal mask on his face. ” I haven’t slept so well these past few days, and I have a hard time to concentrate.”

" Oh, so does it mean that you are too sleepy to dueling me?.” asked Xew with a big smirk on his face.

Delta glared at him. ” I can beat you with my eyes closed, Xew. You are no match for me.”

" Tsk, ” Xew pulled out his wand and pointed it at Delta. ” we both know that I always win over you.”

" You mean the other way around. I always win over you.” Say Delta and walked closer to Xew and they glared at each other with so much hate.

" For the lord of..” Jack appeared right beside them and hit their head together.

" Ahh!!.”

" Ouch!!.”

Both Xew and Delta held their head in pain while jack looked at them with crossed arms.

" Listen last time when you two fought was a disaster, and I won’t have it again.”

" We know, we know. ” Said Delta and rubbed his forehead. ” The headmaster made us clean up that mess we made last time, and it took forever cleaning it up without magic.”

" She was way too nice to you two.” Jack shook his head. ” Listen my sister have to much to do, and she really doesn’t need one of your fights right now. She really doesn’t have time for it.”

" Must be tough being a headmaster,” I said and tried to not show that I was disappointed. I was really hoping that I could talk to her, but hearing her brother saying that she has so much to do and don’t have time for other things, made me feel down.

Jack looked at me. ” Did you want to talk to her?.”

" Well, yeah. But I guess she is too busy.”

" Yeah, she is. It will take a while till she has time for other things.” Jack crossed his arms and looked away in deep thought, before shaking his head. ” Alright, let’s begin the lesson.”

He walked into the middle of the room, and just a few seconds after Henry and

Hannah accompanies him in the middle of the room. I haven’t seen them for a while, and now that I see them they look more serious than the first day I met them.

Henry begins to speak. ” Alright, you all know the rules. No forbidden curses during this lesson, and if I see anybody using any curses during this lessons will be punished.”

Henry looked at me. ” Harry, have you dueled before?.”

" I nodded. ” Yes, I have.”

" Good, but we do a little bit different here. In normal dueling, it ends when one of you lose your wand, but here it won’t.” He looked around and pointed at Delta and Rose.

" Can you two show Harry how we do dueling here?.”

They both nodded and walked in the middle of the room, while everybody backed away to give them a big ground to dueling on.

Henry and Jack walked over to me and stood beside me before Henry clapped his hands together.

" Begin!.”

Both Delta and Rose pulled out their wands and begin to attack each other with spells while moving around. And it was amazing it was like watching professional fighting each other, which made me feel like an amateur. But after a while Delta used

Expelliarmus to make Rose wand fly out of her hands, and made her unable to get it.

Hannah leaned closer to me and whisper to my ear. ” Watch closely.”

I glanced at her and back at the fight, and I couldn’t see what Rose could do at this moment. Delta has the upper hand because he still had his wand, and hers was on the other side of the room. There was no way that Rose could win this fight, but why did Delta look so serious and had his wand still pointed at Rose?. Rose narrowed her eyes at Delta and bent down like she was ready to run a marathon.

And when she did that Deltas eyes harden, and I don’t know if I imagined it, but I thought I saw his eyes turning to orange for a second there.

" Incarcerous!.” Screamed Delta and thick rope appeared out of his wand and was flying at Rose. But she somehow avoided it like she had an inhuman reflex before running at Delta in a great speed. How did she do it?.

" Incendio!.” Delta sent fire at her, which she avoided gracefully like she was dancing. And was on her way to hit him with her fist, but then.

" Stop!.” Henry’s voice echo through the room and Rose and Delta stood frozen like time stopped. Just looking at them made me think of a paused action movie, rose fist was almost touching Deltas face. While Delta had his wand pointed at her.

" So, Harry.” Henry looked at me. ” You just saw Rose trying to fight Delta without her wand, what was your first thought?.”

" I first thought that there was no way Rose could do anything, because Delta still had his wand, and she didn’t,” I said honestly while Henry looked at me with serious eyes.

" And what do you think about this situation?.”

I looked at Rose and Delta who glanced at me while standing still like statues.

" I think Delta has the upper hand. If he was going to use any curse, she would be dead right now.”

Henry walked over to them. ” So you think.” He pointed at Deltas wand. ” That Delta will win because he still has his wand. ” He turned to me. ” And Rose will lose because she is wandless.”

" I think Delta has the upper hand. If he was going to use any curse, she would be dead right now.”

Henry walked over to them. ” So you think.” He pointed at Deltas wand. ” That Delta will win because he still has his wand. ” He turned to me. ” And Rose will lose because she is wandless.”

The girl walked up to Rose and Delta who was still standing still. ” Well, her fist would have hit him before he could even send a spell at her. And hit against the face, make anybody lose their concentration for a few seconds. Which give Rose more time to hit him again before he can do anything.”

Henry nodded while she talked. ” Very good, but you said she would win if she was against a wizard that only fights with magic. Would she win this fight?.”

The girl shook her head. ” No, because Delta is used to fight with his wand and without it. And we all know he has very good reflexes and can move to the side before Rose can hit him. And..” She bent down and pointed at their legs. ” Delta was on his way to kick her legs, which would have made her fall down to the floor. And that would give Delta a bigger upper hand.”

I just stood there and listen with big interest. I never had a lesson talked about fighting with both magic and without, and it very interesting. Just listening made my interest grow, and study more on Delta and Rose’s position. I also thought back how Rose avoided Deltas spell, which I still can’t understand how she did it. It didn’t look like something a normal person could do, but she did it like she had some sort of super reflex.

" Um, Henry.” Mumbled Rose through her teeth and glanced at Henry. ” Can we move now?. My arms are falling asleep.”

" Mine too, ” Mumbled Delta and while his left eyebrow begins to move. ” And the side of my face begins to itch.”

" Sure, thanks for standing still and show everybody.”

They both lose their standing position and breathed out in relief.

" Oh lord, my arms feel weird. ” Said Rose and begin to shake both of her arms.

Delta was stretching his legs while rolling his shoulders. ” I hate standing still like that.”

" Get some rest you two, and sorry to make you stand still so long.” Said Henry and gently hit their shoulder before turning to me. ” You see Harry we are dueling with wands and without, and that will help you in real life too.”

I nodded. ” Yeah, but I don’t think I have a good reflex like Rose.”

" That’s because she has years of training, and you don’t.” Henry looked at everybody else. ” alright, get a partner and start your training. Harry, you will be fighting me.”

" Oh ok,” I said nervously and walked up to him.

" Don’t worry I will go easy on you. Like I do with all my students, but do your best. And remember if you or I lose our wands the match it’s not over.”

Delta pov

I quickly walked out from the dueling room and covered my mask with my hand and breathed heavily. Rose followed me and looked at me with serious eyes.

" That was really dangerous, Delta. I thought you had that thing under control.”

“I thought so too,” I said while checking if my mask was sitting properly. ” It was a big surprise for me too.”

Rose glanced at the door while running her hand through her hair. ” That thing has come out more than normal I wouldn’t be surprised if Harry saw your eyes turning to orange during our fight.”

I sigh and rubbed my face while feeling stressed. ” We need to go to the woods, maybe if I let it free for an hour maybe it will calm down.”

" That’s not a good idea.” Said a voice down the hall, and I turned to the voice to see Terisa and Roosa walking at us with very serious looks.

" Oh, I don’t like that look.” Rose leaned against the wall. ” What’s the bad news?.”

Terisa turned to Roosa. ” Tell them.”

Roosa gulped. ” You won’t like it one bit. After I talked to Harry in the great hall, I decided to eavesdrop on the Gryffindor students. And it turns out that Ron and all the other Gryffindor know what the first task is about.”
" They do?.” I said in surprise. ” Are they going to tell Harry?.”

She shook her head. ” I heard them talking about it, but none of them think Harry deserve their help.”

" But how did they figure it out?.” Asked Rose while anger was written all over her face.

Roosa took a deep breath. ” Ron heard it from his older brother who studies dragons in Romania.”

" That means the first task is about dragons. ” I shrugged my shoulder. ” That’s easy.”

Roosa moved closer to me. ” Maybe for you, but these dragons are trained to kill since the moment they opened their eyes. They are not like the dragons we have here, and Harry doesn’t know how to handle a dangerous dragon.”

" And they are keeping the dragons in the forbidden forest.” Terisa turned to me.

" So you can’t let ‘it’ out when so many people are there.”

I made a small growl and sigh. ” Alright I try to hold ‘it’ back, but we need to tell Harry about this. I won’t let my cousin fight a dragon without knowing how dangerous it is.”

" How about we let him see the dragons?. Because it’s hard to imagine how dangerous a creature is by telling, so maybe its better to let him see one. A grown-up dragon.” Said, Rose, while glancing at the door.

" That’s one idea, but we cant show him our dragons. Our dragons like people and they wouldn’t hurt a fly. Many of the cats we have here like to cuddle with them.” Roosa leaned against the wall. ” And one of the few aggressive dragons we have is not that scary like those from Romania.”

" Than let’s take him there,” I said with a very angry voice and quickly covered my mouth. ” Sorry.”

Terisa pointed at her eyes. ” Um, your eyes are orange.”

" Oh, not again.” I pressed on the metal mask. ” I need to talk to the headmaster later.”

" That’s going to be hard she hasn’t left her office for days. You should talk to Jack if you want help fast.” Terisa thought for a second. ” And about Harry, maybe we can show him the dragons tonight. We can hide in the dark, and get a look at the dragons without anybody knowing.”

" I like that idea, ” I said and looked at Roosa. ” Did Ron say where in the forest they keep the dragons?.”

She shook her head. ” No, but hiding dragons is not easy. I can try to get more information before dark.”

Rose nodded in agreement. ” Do that, me and Delta should go back and see how it goes for Harry.”

" Alright, see you later.” Roosa walked away with Terisa walking after her. While Me and Rose walked back to our lesson.

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