The youngest headmaster (harry potter fanfiction)

Chapter 19

Harry potter pov

I was on the ground on all four and breathed heavily, i knew fighting against Henry was going to be hard. But I never thought it was going to be this hard when Henry was going easy on me. If this was easy, then am really scared how hard it will be when Henry fights seriously.

" How do you feel, Harry?.” Asked Henry and helped me up on my feet.

" Like an amateur.” And that was trued, I felt like a freaking amateur. Because I wasn’t so fast sending spells as Henry did, he was so fast that it felt like he sent two different spells at the same time. Is that even possible?.”

" Oh come on, you did very well. Many don’t stand so long when i fight this easy, but you need to learn how to fight without magic, you can’t depend on your wand all the time.”

I nodded. ” Yeah, but am so use to only fight with my wand.”

" Am not surprise, many wizards in the ministry think that magic is the answer to everything. ” Henry looked away. ” They think fighting without magic is the stupidest thing there is.”

" You talking like you know the people in the ministry, have you worked there?.”

Henry nodded. ” Yes, I actually worked in the ministry right after my graduation. But I only worked there for a week.”

" Only a week?.”

" Yeah, they fired me.”

" Why?.”

“Hey, Henry.” Delta walked over to us with Rose who looked to be in a very bad mood. “Can we talk to Harry for a second?.”

Henry looked at them before nodding. ” Sure, you two can actually teach him a few things that can be useful in fighting.” He walked over to the other students who were fighting against each other.

Delta walked closer to me. ” Have you figure out what the first task is about?.”

I shook my head. ” No, I haven’t.”

They both looked at each other, and back at me. ” We want to show you something tonight.”
I stared at them. ” Show me what?.”

" What the first task is about.” Said Rose and crossed her arms. ” And you won’t like it.”

Delta put a hand on her shoulder and gave her a small smile before turning to me.

“Do you think you can sneak out from the castle and meet us outside the forbidden forest tonight?.”

I slowly nodded. ” Sure, I meet you outside the forbidden forest.”

Delta gave a small nod. ” Good.” And then he pulled out his wand. ” Now let me show you some tricks that can help you if you ever get into a fight.”

Hours later

After hours of fighting Delta, I walked back to the Gryffindor dorm, while my body was screaming in pain.

“So the cheater is back.” Was the first thing I heard when the door to the dorm opened and saw Ron and Hermione sitting in front of the fireplace glaring at me.

I ignored them and walked to the stairs to get some rest before meeting Delta and

Rose at the forbidden forest.

“Harry.” Said, Hermione, before she appeared in front of me with serious eyes.

“Why are you with the people from Raxora?.”

I struggled my shoulders and pushed her aside. “Why do you care?.”

“Harry, we are really worried about you.”

" I have a hard time believing that. ” I said while walking up the stairs. ” You haven’t talked to me since the goblet of fire. You and everybody in Hogwarts have treated me like am an outsider, a traitor.”

I stared down at her from the second floor and saw how she stared at the ground with sad eyes while Ron was still sitting on the couch in front of the fire without even looking at me. ” You of all people should know I didn’t put my name in the fire, you two have known me for years.”

“We thought we knew you!.” Screamed Ron and jumped up from the couch and glared at me with so much hate. ” But I guess we never did.”

I stared at him in shock. “You still think I put my name in the goblet of fire?.”

Ron turned his back at me. ” The only thing you potters are good at is lying.”

“Don’t drag my family into this!.”

" Just Shut up, Potter and do everybody a favor and get lost before you drag the Gryffindors name to shame!.”

The moment he said that my whole world broke down, all the happy moment I had with everybody over the years broke down like a stone hit a mirror and broke down to million pieces that could never piece back together again.

Tears were building up in my eyes, and I quickly walked into the boy’s dorm and closed the door with a Big Bang. And sat in my bed and stared at the window that showed the sun slowly going down behind the trees, and the sky turning from clear blue to fire color.

Hedwig flew over to me and landed beside me on the bed and tilled her head to the side. I smiled at her and gently caressed her head, and sigh heavily.

" What am I going to do, Hedwig?.”

Hedwig took out her wings and gently flapped them, and took out one of her legs.

" You want me to send a letter?.”

She flapped her wings harder and made a nodding movement with her head.

I ran my head through my hair and chuckled. ” Yeah, I haven’t written to Sirius since the goblet of fire. Maybe I can ask him why he didn’t tell me that I had cousins.” I quickly pulled out some paper, and quickly begin to write.

How my weeks have been, and questions that I hope that Sirius could answer. When I was done, I tied it around one of Hedwig’s leg and let her flew away with the letter. After that, I decided to take a short nap, before meeting Delta and Rose.

I rested for a few hours, and when i finally jumped out from my bed, everybody in the dorm was in deep sleep. Which I was really glad because I didn’t want to talk to any of them.

Not after what Ron said to me. I grabbed my invisible cloak and put it over me and walked out. It took a while for me to walk out of the castle. Because teachers, the people from the ministry and the daily prophet were almost around every corner. So I had to be extra careful to be sure that I didn’t bump into anybody.

When I finally come out and was almost near the forbidden forest, I saw Delta, Rose, Terisa, and Roosa talking with each other, wearing black cloaks.

" Do you think he will come?.” Asked Terisa and glanced at the castle. ” The ministry and the daily prophet are everywhere in Hogwarts.”

“Yeah, I even had a hard time sneaking around without them noticing me. ” Said Roosa sigh.

“Let’s hope he manages to sneak past them I can’t let our cousin do the first task without knowing what is going to happen.” Delta scratched around the mask and looked really annoyed.

Roosa narrow her eyes in my direction and pulled out her wand. ” Who’s there?.”

“It’s me,” I said and pulled off my cloak.

They all stared at me in surprise and Delta walked up to me and stared at the cloak. ” Is that the family cloak that your father lost many years ago?.”

“What?.” I stared at him in surprise. ” You know about this cloak.”

Delta nodded. ” Grandma and grandpa told us about the invisible cloak that has been in our family for generation after generation. And your father lost it during his year at Hogwarts.”

" My father didn’t lose it Dumbledore took it from him.”

" He did?.” Said Delta, Rosie, and Terisa at the same time in surprise.

I nodded ” yeah.”

Delta looked at his sisters. ” Granpa won’t be happy when he hears this.”

" Um...“Roosa raised one hand up in the air. ” Sorry to interrupt, but we better hurry before somebody see us out here.”

Delta nodded and pulled the hood over his head. ” Show the way, Roosa.”

Roosa nodded and pulled her hood over her head and begin to walk into the forest, while we other follow her.

Nobody did say anything for a long while before Roosa held up her hand we all stopped.

She glanced at me. “Harry put on your cloak, and stand close to us. ”

I gave a small nod and put on the cloak and moved closer to Delta and the other.

“Good,” Roosa begin to walk again and when we walked over a hill. A big fireball was flying up in the air while a loud scary scream was filling my ear.

“What is that?!.” I ask in surprise while the other was hiding behind a big tree that was lying on the ground.

Delta narrows his eyes at my direction like he was trying to see me even if I had the cloak on. ” That is what we are going to meet on our first task.” He said in a whisper and pointed at the direction the fireball came from. And there, trapped in big cages was full grown dragon breathing out fire desperate to get out, while wizards hit them with spells to calm them down.

“Dragon is going to be our first task?.” I asked in fear and pulled the cloak down from my head, and started Delta with wide eyes. ” How did you know that the first task was going to be dragon?.”

Delta and his sister glanced at Roosa with sad eyes, before Delta begin to speak.

" Roosa heard Ron tell the other in Gryffindor about the first task.”

“Ron knew?.”

Roosa nodded. ” Yeah, one of his brother who works with dragons told him. ” Her face hardened. ” And he and the other didn’t want to tell you, because they said that.. ” she gulped. ” You deserved it.”

Delta pov

Shock was written all over Harry’s face, with mix of sadness and anger, before he begins to hit the tree we were hiding behind.


“Harry.” Both Terisa and Rose grabbed hold of him and tried to make him stop kicking the tree. ” Stop it, or they will find us.”

Harry breathe heavily and fell down to the ground like a rag doll and looked like he lost all his will to live.

We other just sat there and didn’t know what to say while the sound of the dragons and people screaming was heard behind us. After a while me and the other decided to take Harry back to our place, and let him rest for a while thinking of all the information we gave him.

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