The youngest headmaster (harry potter fanfiction)

Chapter 20

Delta pov

I could feel my heart aches while watching Harry walking with us back to our place. He hadn’t said a word since we told him what his friends said, but his face said it all, he was really mad. So mad that Terisa, Rose and Roosa was scared to even walk beside him. I was the only one walking beside him the whole way and tried to not show that Harry’s anger was affecting me. When we finally came to the dragon statue, we all walked in and took Harry to one of the empty guest room that existed in the dragon. So he could have some time alone which I think he needed.

" I feel awful,” said Terisa the moment I closed the door to the guest room and saw her running her hands through her hair while looking very troubled. And I could understand her, I didn’t like to see Harry so angry and at the same time so sad. But we had to tell him.

I sigh heavily. ” Yeah, me too but it’s for the best, he had to know what his friends knew about the first task.”

" I know.” Said Terisa and glanced at the door where Harry was resting.” I just hope everything will work out.”

Rose and Roosa nodded in agreement.

" Yeah, but I think it will take a while.” Said Rose and yawn.

“Let’s get some rest.”

Terisa nodded.” Yeah, let’s get some sleep.” She turned to me and gave me a hug.

" Goodnight brother.”

“Goodnight sis.” I held out one of my arms so Rose could join our hug.

Rose smiled and joined us. ” I love group hugs.”

I could help to chuckled and tightened my hugs before letting them go.

" Alright, good night you two and don’t let the beast out.”

They glanced at me. ” That’s our line to you.” They said at the same time before leaving with a small smile on their lips.

I glanced at Roosa who looked to be in deep thoughts.

“Aren’t you going to bed too?.”

She looked up at me in surprise. ” Um... Yeah.“She took a few steps but stop and before I knew it, she turned to me and gave me a quick kiss on the cheek and ran after my sisters.

I just stood there like a dumb idiot and stared after her in shock, while touching my cheek that she kissed with my fingertips, and wonder if that really did happen.

" Wow, when I thought you couldn’t look dumber you could.” Said a very familiar voice that made my face hardened before looking up to see Xew sitting on the joist ceiling over me.

" Don’t you have anything better to do, Xew?.” I asked with a very angry voice and crossed my arms.

He glared at me before jumping down and landed on his feet like an acrobat in front of me.

" Am not here to fight this time, so try to hold back ‘it’.”

I took a few deep breaths to calm myself down, before turning back to Xew.

" What do you want?.”

He shrugged his shoulder before glancing at the door to the guest room.

" How is your little cousin?.”

" Are you here for a reason or trying to make me angry?.”

" Alright, alright.” Xew pulled something out from his pocket and throw something at me that I caught with one hand while my eyes were still on Xew. ” I heard you needed a new one.” Said Xew before turning around and begin to walk away.

I glared at him and looked down my hand to see a new metal mask that looked exactly like the one I had on, but much new.

" Why?.” Was the only thing I said and glared at him again. He had no reason to help me get a new one, and everybody knows that we hate each other. So why did he go through the trouble to get a new one for me?.

He glanced at me over his shoulder and sigh.

" Because I don’t want history to repeat itself, and I don’t think you want it either.”

My whole body froze when I heard him say that, and the memory that I tried to forget was playing in my head like a curse. A memory of the worst time in my life, and my nightmare that would never ever stop to hunt me.


I gasped in surprise when i felt my heart beat faster, and a familiar pain that ran through my body.

“N..No..Not now,” I said through my teeth and fall down my knees, while the pain was growing stronger and stronger.

" Delta put on the new one now!. Before ‘it’ completely takes over!.”

I gasped in pain while quickly pulling off the old mask and put on the new one on my face and the moment I put on the new one the pain slowly faded away.

“Feeling better?.”

I glared at Xew while slowly standing up. ” Yeah, am good.”

“Good,” was the only thing he said before walking away and disappeared in the shadow.

I growled loudly before giving a quick glance to Harry’s room before walking to the boy’s dorm.

Harry Potter pov

Sitting on the big bed in the guest room I stared down at my hands while feeling angry, sad and confused. Everybody I thought was my friends has turned their back at me and decided to leave me in the dark about the first task. Even Ron and Hermione who was my best friends, how could they do this to me?. Did they want me to die in this competition?. Question after question appeared in my head and. I had no answer to any of them. After a while I sigh heavily and rubbed my face while glanced at the clock, to see it was already morning and I had been up all night.

I was so deep in my thoughts that I didn’t realize that I was up all night. But I didn’t really care. Even if I did sleep or not, I would still feel the same as I did right now.

" Hello.” Said a voice beside me and made me jump in surprise and fall down to the ground.

I looked up and saw Li looking down at me while floating in the air.

" Li, you scared me.” I pulled myself up from the ground and sat down on the bed.

“Sorry, I didn’t know that you were here.” She crossed her arms. “Why are you up so early?. Its 4 in the morning.”

“I haven’t slept at all,” I said truthfully and saw her eyes widen in surprise. ” I had a bad day, and I don’t feel like sleeping.”

" Is it about the first task?.” Asked Li while turning herself around, so she was floating upside down. ” Still haven’t figured out what it is about?.”

“I know what the first task is about, its just..” I sigh and rested my face against my hands. ” Its just the news about my so-called friends that disturbs me.”

“Oh,” Li turning around and stood in front of me. ” And that the reason why you look so angry and sad?.”

I nodded and looked up at her. ” Li, would you forgive a friend you have known for years, been on difficult situation together and then they just leave you and treat you as a traitor?. Even when they hide very important information from you?.”

Li looked away in deep thought.

" Truthfully that’s very hard to say friendship is different to everybody. But if my friends were like that to me, I wouldn’t forgive them the first time. They have to work for my forgiveness.”

I nodded and knew what she meant, after how everybody has been acting at me I wouldn’t forgive them the first time either.

" But That’s something that only you can decide, you have known your friends better than anybody. And they should know you better than anybody too.”

“Yeah, ” I stood up and walked to the door.

" Where are you going?.”

I turned to Li, while my hand was resting on the handle. ” I need to take a walk to clear my head.”

“Want me to come with you?. You don’t know your way around here.”

I opened my mouth but stopped when I realize that she was right. I didn’t know my way around this place. And last time I appeared in a big dining room with a very weird knight ghost.

" Yeah, can you show me to the big door out from this place?.”

She nodded and flew past me and through the door. I couldn’t help to chuckle a little and opened the door and follow her through the big place and saw many of the moving portraits were still sleeping and some of the ghost.

" Li, can you tell Delta and the other that am very thankful of their help and that I needed to hear the truth what my friends said.”

Li gave me a small smile and nodded. ” Sure thing.”

I said goodbye to her before opening the door and walked out to the cold and foggy morning weather. I took a deep breath and ran up to the Hogwarts castle. The castle was quiet and didn’t show any sign of anybody else was up and walking, but when I walked up the stairs. I ran into Cedric who was looking through a thick book while walking.

“Oh, hi Harry. Why are you up so early?.” Asked Cedric in surprise while looking at me in disgust.

" I just came from the Raxora place, why are you up so early?.”

He closed the book with a Big Bang and woke up a few of the portraits beside us.

" I try to figure out what the first task is about.”

" You haven’t figure out the first task?.”

He shook his head and walked past me. ” No, and it’s unlikely that you had figured it out. But you will lose anyway.”

My hands tightened together into hard fists while I felt my anger growing inside me, and I had this bad thought that he didn’t deserve my help what the first task is about. He deserved to die, but then the memory when i first meet him appeared inside my head. And I remember how nice and friendly he was. He maybe is a mean guy now, but I know that he was a nice person deep down.

I turned around and ran after him. ” Cedric wait.”

He glanced at me with a raised eyebrow. ” What?.”

I stop in front of him. “The first task is about fighting dragons?.”

His eyes widen. ” Dragons?. How do you know that?.”

I looked around to be sure that nobody else was around.

“I saw them hiding the dragons in the forbidden forest.”

Fear was written all over Cedric’s face while he ran his hand through his hair before he stared at me with question eyes.

" Why are you telling me this?.”

" Because I don’t want you to get hurt, my friends maybe has left me in the dark. But I don’t want anybody to get hurt during this competition.

Cedric looked taken back before he held out a hand out to me.

" Thanks, I owe you one.”

I took his hand and shook it.

" Just try to stay alive.”

“The same goes to you, Harry.”

“Potter!. Diggory!.”

Both me and Cedric moved away from each other and saw Mad-eye walking at us at a very fast speed.

" I have been looking all over for you.” His moving eye turned to me and gave me a weird feeling.

" Mr. Potter in my office, now.”

“Now?.” I asked in surprise.

“Yes, now.” he turned to Cedric. ” And you Mr. Diggory, Professor McGonagall wanted to talk to you after breakfast before your first lesson. She wants to check that you are prepared for the first task.” he tilted his head to the side while his moving eyes moved around.” Do you think you are prepared for the first task, Mr. Diggory?.”
Cedric glanced at me before looking back at Mad- eye. ” I am now, professor.” Was the only thing he said to mad eye before walking away. Mad-eye stared after him with a very hard look, and grabbed hold of my clothes and dragged me all the way to his office. And almost throw me in one of the chairs in his office.

" Professor what was that for?.” I asked while checking that my clothes were still whole. ” You didn’t have to drag me like that.”
" Mr. Potter have you forgot the situation you are in?.” Asked Mad-eye and sat down heavily in his chair, and pulled off his prosthetic leg. ” Mr. Diggory is one of your opponents, and you helped him figure out what the first task is about. Do you want to lose?.”

" Professor, I don’t really care. I don’t want to be in this competition, and I don’t want Cedric to die in the first task. and beside my cousins was the one who helped me figure out what the first task is about.” I sigh heavily and looked away. ” Which my friends didn’t do.”

Mad-eye was quiet for a long while, before putting his prosthetic leg on the table.

" Well is no turning back now, but next time try to keep the information to yourself. Or you won’t win.”

" Didn’t you listen?. I don’t want to win, and Delta doesn’t seem so interested to win either.”

Mad-eye sighs heavily and mumbles to himself angrily before the trunk behind me gave a very weird noise while shaking violently.

Mad-eye glanced at the trunk and at me before chuckled.

“Wouldn’t even bother telling you what’s in there. You wouldn’t believe it if I did. Now... what are you going to do about the dragons?.”

“Oh... um...” I haven’t thought so much about it just the information was big enough for me. But I haven’t thought so much what to do when I meet the dragon on the first task. I can’t just walk in and hope that it won’t attack me.

" Well..You know I just thought I’d...”

Mad-eye shook his head like he understood that I didn’t have any idea at all.

“Listen to me, Potter. Your pal Diggory, by your age he could take a whistle into a watch and have it sing you the time. Miss Delacour, she’s as much a fairy princess as I am. As for Krum, his head may be filled with sawdust but Karkaroff’s is NOT.

They’ll have a strategy, and you can bet that it’ll play to Krum’s strengths. As for Delta just knowing that he is a student from the famous raxora school I wouldn’t be surprised to see that he could just waltz through this task like nothing. Hmm?. What about you Potter?. What are your strengths?.”

Thats a very good question. what is my strengths?. Am not as good as the other, all of them are talented. Something that am not. The only thing am good at is getting

That’s a very good question. what’s my strength?. Am not as good as the other, all of them are talented.

Something that am not. The only thing am good at is getting myself in dangerous situations and fly on my broom.

“Um... I dunno.. I can fly. I mean I’m a fair flyer.” I said without thinking.

Mad-eye smiled.” Better than fair the way I heard it.”

“But I’m not allowed a broom.”

Mad-eye pointed at me with his face light up like he just comes up with a very genius idea.

“You’re allowed a wand.”

Next day in the waiting tent for the first task

I sat in the waiting tent while hearing the sound from cheering crowd outside, and felt my stomach tightened every minute that past. Today was the day for the first task, and I didn’t feel ready at all. If there was something i wanted to do was jump out from the competition and be with the other and watch instead, but I couldn’t. I was stuck in being in this competition, and I had no way out of it.

" How are you feeling Harry?.” Asked Delta who stat besides me, dressed in his black competition clothes with the raxora shield on his side and looked at me with concerned eyes.

" Nervous?.”

" Very,” I answered directly while looking around and tried to distract myself as much as possible. While feeling delta pats my back hard.

" Just take a few deep breaths and just do your best.”

I took a few deep breaths and slowly calmed down, but I was still nervous deep down. And the sound of the crowd that was louder than before didn’t help me to calm down at all.

" Am going to make a fool of myself,” I said more to myself and pressed my face against my hands.

" No, you are not Harry. just think positive,” said Delta before Rose and Terisa walked in. ” Hi you two, I was wondering where you two where.”

Rose gave a small smile, before sitting down in an empty chair.

" Dad wished you two the best of luck.”

I looked up at her in surprise. ” Your dad wished me luck?.”

" Of course he did, he is your uncle. why wouldn’t he wish you luck too?.” Asked Delta and wrapped his arm around my shoulder.

I glanced at the opening to the tent before turning back to them.

" Is he here?.”

They looked at each other before Terisa shook her head. ” No, Dad doesn’t like crowded places.”

" Wait.” I turned to Delta. ” Aren’t you mad that he is not here?. This is the biggest game in history, and you are one..” Delta put his hand over my mouth and looked around the tent with narrow eyes, before whispering into my ear.

" Harry, the ministry and the daily prophet have ears everywhere. ”

I moved his hand away. ” But they are not allowed in here, only family and friends are.”

" Do you really think they would follow those rules, Harry?. ” Asked Delta before standing up and punch one of the walls, and a loud ‘ouch’ was heard from a person that stood on the other side. ” See what I mean.”

I nodded while still staring at the tent wall he hit.

" That’s why our dad can’t be here he doesn’t like the ministry or the daily prophet.” Whispered Rose and glanced over her shoulder when Cedric’s father walked past us, and when he was gone, she turned back to me with a smile on her face.

" But he is still cheering for you and Delta even if he isn’t here.”

Just hearing that made me actually feel a little better, just knowing that somebody was cheering for me was good enough for me.

" Headmaster!. Headmaster what can you tell us about your champion Delta Potter and his family?.”

Me and the other looked up when we heard loud voices from people asking question mixed with bright camera light outside the tent, before Ember walked in, dressed in a black long-armed shirt, light gray pants while wearing her white cloak.

She smiled at us, but her smile died down when one journalist just ran in and pressed himself very close to her.

" Are you surprised that he was even selected?!.”

Ember took a deep breath and talked with a very calm voice. ” This tent is only for champions and their friends and family. Can you please leave!.”

But the journalist didn’t give up, he asked question after question before one of the ministry guards came in and pulled him out from the tent.

" Am apologies young headmaster, I make sure that nobody else gets inside.” Said one of the guards before closing the tent door.”

Ember shook her head and walked over to me and the other and sat down heavily in on of the chairs.

" Good to see you outside your office, Ember.” Said Delta while he looked unsure when he said the name. ” Am still not use to call you that.”

Ember chuckled while she took a few deep breaths.

" Yeah am not use to it either. But its really great to be outside again, I have been locked in my office for days.” The dragon head popped out from her hair and made a small hissing sound while looking around. Ember smiled and pulled out what looked like a blue candy and held it in front of the dragon. Which the dragon quickly took and swallow it whole, and a small fireball escaped from its mouth. The dragon looked at Ember with big eyes, but she just shook her head and scratched under its chin.

" No more for you today.”

Her dragon looked down at the floor with sad eyes, before Dumbledore and Barty walked in the tent.

“Good day champions. Gather round, please. Now you’ve waited, you’ve wondered and at last, the moment has arrived. The moment only five of you can fully appreciate.”

Terisa and Rose wished me and Delta luck before walking out from the tent. Me, Delta and the other champion gather around in a circle around Barty who held a little bag in his hand. While Ember was still sitting in the chair and watched us with her emerald eyes.

" Alright,” Barty opened the bag and walked over to Fleur. ” Miss Delacour.” he held the bag out to her, and she slowly put her hand in the bag and pulled out a small green dragon that wasn’t bigger than her hand.

" The Welsh green.” Said Barty and walked over to Victor.” Mr. Krum.”

Victor put his hand in the bag and picked up a small red dragon

“The Chinese fireball. Oooooh. ”

Barty moved to Cedric, who picked up a small blue-grey dragon, that breathed out a small blue flame from its nostrils

" The Swedish short-snout.”

Delta leaned closer to me. ” That the only dragon that can breathe out blue flames.”

“Really?. ” I ask in surprise before Barty cleared his throat and glared at him with hard eyes. And held out the bag at Delta

" Mr. Potter.”

Delta put his hand in the bag and pulled out a small black dragon with purple eyes.

Deltas eyes lighten up. ” A Hebridean Black.” He said with a smile and caressed the dragons back with his finger.

Barty stared at Delta with interest before walking over to me.

" Mr. Potter.”

I sigh heavily and put my hand in the bag, and when i felt something in my hand, I pulled it up quickly to see a small black dragon with bronze color horns.

Deltas eyes widen and stared at me worriedly, while Barty spoke.

“The Hungarian Horntail. These represent very real dragons, each of which has been given a golden egg to protect. Your objective is simple, collect the egg. This you must do, for each egg contains a clue without which you cannot hope to proceed to the next task. Any questions?.”

Nobody spoke.

" Very well. Good luck champions. ” Said Dumbledore and walked over to Cedric.

“Mr. Diggory, the sound of the cannon...“The moment Dumbledore said that a loud sound of a cannon fired came immediately, and Cedric walked out from the tent.

Delta walked over to me while the other walked to their corner of the tent and waited for their turn. ” The Hungarian Horntail, that’s a hard one.”

" Really?.”

He nodded while Ember walked over to us. ” Good luck both of you, when this is over I have somebody who wants to see you.”

Both me and Delta looked at each other and back at Ember.

" Really?. Who?.” I asked while I felt my heart beat faster, not because I was nervous about the task this time. Because I was so close to Ember, who smiled at me with a very kind smile.

She blinked one eye at me before walking out.” You see.”

I just stood there staring after her, while Delta chuckled. I turned to him.

" What?.”

He pointed at me. ” Your face is red.”

I touched my face and feel that my face was much warmer than before.

Ember pov

Jack was waiting for me outside the tent and watched the first champion doing his task with narrow eyes.

" I can’t believe that the ministry treats the dragons like that.” Said Jack before turning to me, and I knew what he meant. Even if we were far away from the dragon, we could still see the scars and brushed it had all over its body, and the sound from the dragon was with a mix of rages and pain.

" Yeah, it’s really sad.” I walked past him while watching the Cedric guy fight the Swedish short-snout.” I can’t understand people sees this as entertaining.”

" Poor thing.” Said jack and walked after me. “So what now?.”

" Well for me I have to be with the other headmaster, but I want you to check on the other and tell them to be ready.”

" Yes, little sister.” Was the only thing he said before we walked in separate ways.

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