The youngest headmaster (harry potter fanfiction)

Chapter 21

Terisa pov

Me and Rose took our seats at the audience before the first fighter was coming out to fight against his dragon. And it was a horrible scene for our eyes we were a school who respected any kind of creature big or small, dangerous or not.

But seeing this dragon with so many visible scars and eyes filled with hate and sadness. I couldn’t help to glare at up the minister who sat with the other headmasters with a satisfied smile on his lips.

I sigh heavily, and turned back to the fight and tried to act as it didn’t affect me. But my heart ached every time I saw the dragon got a hit. Cedric Diggory didn’t show any mercy or sympathy for the dragon during his task.

Neither did Victor Krum on his task he took out every spell he could think of that could hurt the dragon until he could finally get the golden egg.

Fleur Delacour wasn’t much of a fighter at all, and I wasn’t surprised. She came from a school that was all about being pretty and being lady, and during this task, she was more concerned over how she walked and how good she looked when she sent spells at the dragon.

" Am glad she doesn’t hurt the dragon so much, but does she know that this task is not about how good they look but how fast they get the golden egg?.” Whispered Rose while watching Fleur Delacour finally getting the golden egg, but not without making a big smile like she was a famous witch who was waiting for the reporters to get pictures of her.

" Her school is all about beauty and being a...” I stared at Fleur and saw her trying to flirt with the judge who came down to her and announced that Fleur got the egg. While ministry guards tried to take away the angry dragon, and put out the next one.

" Lady.”

Rose crossed her arms. ” A lady.”

" And now, our next champion from Raxora school, Delta potter. Who will take the golden egg from a Hebridean Black!.”

The whole audience begins to scream in excitement before Delta walked into the arena. He looked around with serious eyes before checking his mask to be sure it was on tight.

" Oh, he’s going against a Hebridean Black.” Rose crossed her arms and smiled a little. ” He doesn’t need his wand to succeed in this task.”

I nodded while the start signal ran out, and Delta started his task to get around the dragon.

" Terisa, Rose.” Said a familiar voice behind us, and I slowly glanced over my shoulder to see Hermione Granger and Ron Weasley standing behind us.

" Well, look, Rose, we have two Gryffindor here with us, at least they look like it,” I said annoyed and turned back my attention to Delta who elegantly jumped up in the air and avoided the dragons attack, while the whole crowd gasped in awe and clapping their hands.

“What is that suppose to mean?.” Asked Hermione angrily and grabbed my arm.

I only glanced at her. “It’s just like I said, you look like you are Gryffindor, but you don’t act like one.”

Her eyes glared at me for a long while before taking a deep breath to calm herself down.

" Look we need to talk to you two it’s really important.”

I glanced at Rose, who only shrugged her shoulder before standing up. ” Alright, but make it short I don’t want to miss Harry’s turn.”

I sigh and stood up and follow them down to a room that was right under the audience. Ron and Hermione were looking at each other like they were unsure what to say while glancing at me and Rose.

" So what did you two want to talk to us that was so important?.” I crossed my arms and waited for them to speak, while I heard the roar from the crowd above us.

Hermione was the first one to speak. ” How is Harry?.”

Both me and Rose looked at each other and glared at them.

" What do you think?.”

They both looked down at the floor like they were ashamed before Ron begins to speak.

" Look, we know we acted where mean to hi...”

“Mean?. I think you need to think it over what you just said right now you weren’t just mean to Harry, you were cruel to him. Do you know how much pain you have caused him ever since the goblet of fire?!.” Screamed Rose and looked very furious.

Both Ron and Hermione jumped in surprise and stared at Rose in fear until Ron decided to speak against her.

" He deserved it!. He lied to us and broke the rule to compete in this game to be famous!. He is a disgrace to the Gryffindor name!.”

The moment he said that Rose eyes begin to changes from her dark brown color to oranges, and angrily walked up to Ron who covered back in fear like he just saw his biggest nightmare.

" What did you just say?.” Asked Rose with a much darker voice that sent a shiver down my body, and I knew it did to Ron and Hermione too. ” Let me ask you, does anything you said sound like Harry you knew, hmm?.” She leaned her face closer to him and narrow her eyes, while Ron was shaking violently.

“Well?!.” Screamed Rose and made Ron and Hermione jumped in surprise.

Ron gulped loudly.” doesn’t, but..”

" But what?. Aren’t you two his best friends?. You two should know him better than anybody, but instead, you two just decided to go with the crowd and blame Harry for something he hasn’t done. If anybody is a disgrace to the Gryffindor name is you two and everybody else. Beside Nevill, he at least was there for Harry.”

I nodded, before pulling back Rose to make some distance between her and those two. ” Like I said before you look like Gryffindor, but you don’t act like one.”

" The sorting hat put us in Gryffindor...”

" I don’t think the hat would have put you in Gryffindor if it knew that you decided to not tell your friend about the task he was going to face. You two knew he was going to face a dragon on his first task, but you decided to only tell everybody else and not him. Does it sound like a Gryffindor would do that?.”

They both were quiet and looked more ashamed than before, and I begin to speak again.

" If anything you are more a Slytherin than anything else.” I turned around. ” Come, Rose, we better get back.”

She closed her eyes for a second before looking at me with her normal brown eyes and nodded.

" Wait, you didn’t answer my question.” Said Hermione and stood in front of us to block our way.” How is Harry?.”

I sigh. ” He’s alright, even after how you treated him.” I walked past her, and when I was halfway up the stairs, I stopped and glanced at them. ” And don’t worry we at least told him what the first task was about, something you should have done.”

Hermione pov

Both me and Ron stared after Terisa and Rose while thinking about what they just said to us. Everything they said was true we didn’t act like Gryffindor or acting like Harry’s friends. We had known him for years, been through things that would scare anybody to death. But instead of being there for him after the goblet of fire made him one of the champion, we just follow the crowd and treated Harry like an outsider.

I glanced at Ron who stared at the floor with sad eyes.

" They are right you know,” I said at the same time the crowd over us cheering. Ron glanced at me but didn’t say anything for a long while and rubbed his eyes.

" Bloody hell, what idiots we are.”

" You can say that again.” I ran my hand through my hair and thought for a second. Before hearing the Judges announce it was Harry’s turn. ” Oh my god, Ron its Harrys turn already.”

I grabbed his arm and ran back to our seat where all the other Gryffindors were.

" Hey, where were you two?.” Asked Fred who sat right behind us with George.

Georges nodded.” Yeah, you missed a really amazing performance from Delta Potter. Bloody hell I have never seen anybody fight a dragon without using his wand. He really is a Raxora student.”

" Oh man, I can’t believe i missed that.” Said Ron and looked really disappointed.

" Ron, we had something way more important than watching him,” I said angrily, but I was also a little disappointed that I missed that too.

I have never seen anybody fight a dragon without a wand, and this could have been a one-time chance for me to see it. But we had to talk to Deltas sisters before Harry’s turn, and what they said to us was something we really needed to hear.

" Oh,” said the twins while leaning down to us and looked very interested. ” What was more important?.”

" We had to talk to Terisa and Rose before Harry’s turn,” I answer before turning my attention to the arena to see Harry walking in. Fear was written all over his face while he looked up at the audience.

“Oh, so you tried to ask them if Harry was okay?.” Asked the twins at the same time, before I saw on the corner of my eyes how they handed a red envelope to Ron.

" Mom, sent this to you, Ronald. ”

" A howler!.” Screamed Ron in surprise and luckily everybody around us was busy screaming, that they didn’t hear what Ron said. ” Come on, what have I done this time?.”

" Come on Ronald you know what you have done.” Said the twins but their smirk died down when they pulled out their own red envelope from their pocket. ” And sadly we got one too.”

" Did you all got Howler from you mom?.” I asked and glanced at Ginny who was a few roads below us.

" Yeah, Ginny got one too.” I heard the twin said behind me before I felt something against my cheek and turned to see a red envelope with my name written with big letters on it. ” And she sent one to you too, Hermione.”

I froze and stared at the envelope with big eyes, scared of what miss Weasley had written to me. I could just imagine her loud voice screaming like the howler she sent to Ron on our second year when he took the car.

I grabbed the envelope and stared at it for a long while before hearing the start signal ringing out. Now Harry’s task has started, and I really hope he survives this. Good luck Harry.

Ember pov

" Your student did excellently to get around the dragon. And he didn’t even use his wand, that was very daring.”

I glared at the minister who talked on and on how impressed he was by Deltas performance against the dragon while I gently scratched Goldy head, who was resting on my shoulder.

" I guess that means that you let your students work with dangerous creatures.” He glanced at me with narrow eyes. ” Does their parents know that they work with dangerous creature?.”

" Minister, the last Champion is out. If you want to talk about my school’s method to teach my students to survive you have to take a better time to discuss it. Right now I want to see how Harry Potter will succeed in this task. If I remember correctly he has the Hungarian Horntail, one of the most dangerous dragons alive, well that’s what people say.” I said with a calm voice and turned my attention to Harry who by the nick of time avoided the fire attack from the dragon. But it didn’t take long till the dragon begin to go after him, and Harry had to run away from his hiding place. But then he held out his wand in the air and screamed Accio broom.

I smiled a little when I heard him say that before his broom flew right to him before the dragon got to him.

" Oh, nice move,” I said to myself and saw him fly high up in the air on his broom.

But then I looked down I saw the dragon break the chain that held it in place with just one strong pull and flew after him.

" This is against the rule!.” Screamed the Minister and stood up and stared after Harry and the dragon.” The champions are not allowed to have a broom!.”

" Actually the rule only says they are not allowed to have a broom when they get ready, but the rule doesn’t say that he can’t use magic to make a broom appear during the task,” I said and stood up too and watched Harry and the dragon flew at the Hogwarts castle.

Where I stood, it looked like a hard fight the dragon was right behind Harry while he flew around to lose the dragon behind him. But this dragon was smart and hit Harry with its tail, and made Harry flew off his broom and land on the roof. Many of the audience screamed in fear, and Dumbledore and the other gasped. Harry luckily got his broom before it fell off the roof and flew down somewhere in Hogwarts with the dragon after him. And the next second, when Harry flew through one of the openings of the big bridge that was over the deep end, the dragon breathed fire at him before hitting the bridge and they both fell down the deep end.

Everybody was quiet and stared at the direction of Harry, and the dragon flew, and nobody dared to make any sound while waiting for something to happen.

Goldy rubbed his head under my chin, while I closed my eyes and had a small smile on my lips before I heard the loud crowd begin to scream and cheered.

" Harry Potter did it he got the golden egg!.”

Screamed the judge through the speaker, and I opened my eyes in time to see Harry grab the egg and had a big smile on his lips.

" Good work, Harry.” I turned my eyes to the direction of the Hogwarts castle and narrow my eyes. ” He is all yours, Jack.”

Jack pov

" What a fall,” I said to myself while staring up at the bridge that was destroyed by the dragon who flew right into it while chasing after Harry.

" But even after that you still survived,” I said and looked down Hungarian dragon who was breathing heavily by my feet, it stared up at me with tired eyes. I bent down and gently caressed its head before Henry and Hannah appeared right beside me with few other teachers.

" Is everything ready?.” I asked without even looking at them.

" Yes, but we better hurry. The ministry is on their way here to check if the dragon really dead or not.”

I growled angrily and looked deeply into the dragon’s eyes who glared at me with so much hatred, a sign of what the ministry had done to it.

" Don’t worry we will take you somewhere where you never will get hurt again, that’s a promise.”

Harry Potter pov

I did it, I really did it!. I got the golden egg. I thought to myself before I landed on the ground with a big smile on my lips.

" You did it, Harry!.” Delta ran over to me and pulled me into a tight hug. ” Great work, Harry.”

" Thanks, Delta.” I hugged him back while I felt my smile got bigger. ” Am still surprise i really did it, and that I survived.”

Delta let go of me and putting his arm on my shoulder. ” Well you should feel proud Harry, not only did you get the golden egg, you even survived a dragon who got lost. I hope they give you extra points for that.”

" You give me to much credit Delta you must have done much better than me.”

Delta laughed before the judge announced that the first task was over and all the champions have a few days to figure out what the next task is about.

After that Terisa, Rose and Ember appeared and congratulate us on our performance.

" Lord, Harry. I thought I was going to die in worry when i saw you.” Said Rose and put her hand over her heart. ” I actually thought both you and the dragon fell down to your doom. But am glad you are okay, sad what happened to the dragon though.”

" Well, it was either him or me,” I said and turned to Ember who watched us with a gentle smile that made my heart beat faster again. ” Um, Ember you said there was somebody who wanted to see us.”

“Yes, I did. They are waiting for us near the forbidden forest, and I think they are really proud of you two after your amazing performance.” She smiled at me before turning around and begin to walk away. Me and the other follow after her, and I tried to figure out who would want to see me and the other. I didn’t have anybody who was close to a family beside Ron’s family.

But his parents didn’t know Delta and his sisters, so who could it be. I thought about the whole way, but I was more surprised when I saw the people who were waiting for us.

An old man and women stood at the edges of the forest. The old man had short gray hair, wearing a brown costume with a red tie around his neck and shiny black shoes.

The old women beside him had long white-gray hair that was hanging around her small face while wearing a long red-brown coat that was going down all the way to her knees and wore a pair of black shoes.

I just stared at them and wonder who they were before I heard Delta, Terisa, and Rose scream happily.

" Grandma!. Grandpa!.”

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