The youngest headmaster (harry potter fanfiction)

Chapter 22

Harry potter pov

Grandpa and grandma. The moment I heard those words, my whole body froze and stared at Delta and the other in surprise. Did they say grandma and grandpa?. Was this old couple their grandparents?. Just thinking about it made my brain spin with questions, with no answers.

While I stood there going through all the questions that appeared in my head, I felt a small push on my back, making me jump in surprise like I just woke up from a long sleep.

" Come on, let’s go and meet our grandparents.” Delta smiled happily at me and grabbed my hand, dragging me to the old couple with his siblings walking behind us.

" But..But..” I looked around with a mix of fear, nervousness, and all kind of other feelings. What in the world was I going to say to these people?. I didn’t know what kind of people they were. They could be just like the Dursley, mean, think only about themselves.

“Ahh, there you are,” The old man smiled happily at our direction, holding out his arms like he was going to give us all a hug.

“Merlin’s beard, what amazing performance you did. ” The old man turned to the women beside him, who stared at me with her brown eyes, that was very similar to Delta’s and one of Terisa’s eyes. Just looking at her made me somehow calm, while she looked back at me with no trace of hatred towards me. In fact, she looked relieved to see me.

" What did you think, dear?.”

The old woman turned to the old man with a small node but looked very worried like the event before left a mark on her. The calmness I saw from her was gone and was replaced with fear.

" Yes, it was. Just a little too much excitement for me.”

The old man chuckled, pulling the women into a hug like he was telling her not to worry so much, everything was alright. Just doing that made the women smile, and looked at the old man happy.

" Don’t worry, dear. You know us Potters, we always find a way to survive.”

The women laughed while rolled her eyes.” Still confidence as ever.”

" And you still worried too much.” He gave her a quick kiss on the cheek.

I couldn’t help to smile at them, even if they were old, they still looked like a very loved couple from a very romantic movie.

“Grandma, grandpa,” Delta spoke with a calm voice to catch their attention before turning to me. ” Harry, meet Fleamont and Euphemia Potter. Your grandparents.”

Like magic, everyone was quiet. The only sound that was heard was the low sounds of birds singing and the wind blowing against the leaves in the tree. I just stood there, staring at the two people who were stared back at me with blank faces. No trace of the kind side I just saw from them, just blank looks that were aimed at me.

" Um...” I open my mouth to start a conversation that could end the awkward silence that was in the air. But I didn’t get to say a single word before the old man was in front of me, pulling me into a strong hug.

My eyes widen in surprise the next second I could feel a gentle hand on my head and saw the old women smiling at me happily with tears in her eyes, before hugging me too. I stood shocked while feeling the warm and safe feeling from their hugs. It made me relax like my body recognized their warmth from somewhere.

After a while, they backed away from me, and the old man studied me with a smile.

“Merlin’s beard, look at him, Euphemia. He looks exactly like James.”

" Except for his eyes.” The woman gently touched my face with her hands, looking at me with a gentle smile. ” You have Lily’s eyes.”

I stared at her for a long time before finally open my mouth.

" Um, nice to meet you?.” My voice was shaking when I finally spoke, and I was so disappointed at myself. The first thing I said to them was ′ nice to me to you,′ and made it sound like a question.

The old man chuckled before slapping my back gently.

" Don’t worry, boy. We are not going to bite you.” He wrapped his arm around my shoulder, pulling me closer to him with a big smile.

" What a performance you did, Harry. You flew like a champion.”

I stared at him while feeling a smile grow on my lips.

This old man. My grandpa.

Hearing him talking about my flying skills like a proud parent, just made me happy and proud of myself.

" Thank you, sir.”

" Call me grandpa, ” He smiled at me and wrapped his other arm around Delta and pulled him closer.” What do you two say about a flying competition?. Showing who is the best flyer in the Potter family.”

He turned to Terisa and Rose.” Your girls too.”

I could see how Delta rolled his eyes with a big smile on his lips and glanced at me.

" Is her serious?.” I whispered to Delta, wondering if grandpa was serious.

I mean, he looked like that sort of an old man who wouldn’t lift a finger for anything. Or have any interest in sports. He looked like a strict man in an old movie, who spends his time behind a desk or in a very old library, reading old books.

Delta chuckled with a nod. ” Believe it or not, but grandpa is a very active man. He wants to compete every chance he gets, sometimes we have to remind him that he is not a young boy anymore.”

“I am not deaf yet.” Said grandpa, with a laugh. ” I may be old, but that doesn’t mean that I can’t fly a broom and show you youngster how things are done.” He ruffed up mine and Delta’s hair with a loud laugh.

Grandma shook her head, but a smile was visible on her face.

" Dear, give them a break. They just done the first task of the tournament, they need to relax, and most importantly eat.”

" Alright, alright,” said Grandpa, holding up his hands in surrender.” Maybe another time.”

“Let’s have a competition when we get home,” Said Terisa happily, jumped up and down. “It’s more fun back home at the manor.”

" Manor?.” I said in low voice and looked at them in surprise.” You live in a manor?.”

Terisa stops jumping and turned to me.

" Yes, we all live at the Potter manor.” She glanced at our grandparents, who looked at each other with a very sad look.

" Did my parents live there too?.′

" Of course, the potter manor is James’s birthplace, and Lily even lived there for a while after they got married.” Grandma looked at me and open her mouth to say something more. But I cut her off when I felt anger grow inside of me.

They all lived together like a big potter family, except for me. Why didn’t i live with them?. I could have a loving family, cousins who would play with me, be there for me, instead of living with the Dursley, who mistreat me every day.

" Than why am I not living with you?.”

Grandpa looked down at the ground in deep thought before looking at me with a very serious face that made him look much older than a few seconds ago.

" Listen, Harry. We wanted you to live with us when your parents died. But your parents wrote in their will who was going to be your guardians. ”

" The Dursley,” I said with a dark voice, grandpa nodded.

" Yes, we were shocked when we heard about it after your parents died. And we were going to use our power to changes that, just the thought of you being under their care was unthinkable. But Dumbledore and Isor Raxora stopped us. They told us that we all were in big danger, and you were safer with the..” His face darkened. ” Dursley.”

" We didn’t want to believe them at first, but after hours of explaining and convincing, we finally decided to trust them. Still not happy over that decision.” Said grandma with her eyes stuck on the ground like she was ashamed of herself.

I stared at her for a long while till the information sunk, I remember Delta told me the day of the goblet of fire. That Dumbledore and Ember’s father was the one who told our grandparents and his dad to hide after my parents were murdered.

But I was too angry to remember that at first and was so near to say so many bad things to them. But I should be happy that they were here, they came here to cheer me and Delta. Even if they didn’t know me at all, they still included me in the family.

A smile growled on my face. ” Am happy I could finally meet you, at least I know I have a family who loves me. ” My grandparents looked up in surprise before pulling me into a big bear hug, filled with warmth and love. After a long while, they finally let go of me with big smiles on their lips.

" So, how long are you going to be here grandpa Fleamont and grandma Euphemia?.” I ask with a happy feeling inside of me.

" Call me Fiona, Harry.” Said Grandma happily.” We will be here for an hour or two” ” Oh,” I looked down disappointed I was hoping they would be here for a few days.

I had so many questions to ask them about my parents and many other things.

Grandpa chuckled while gently patting my back. ” Don’t worry Harry, we will be back, when you are going to do the final task. You have to thank the young headmaster for that. She was the one who gave us the chance to get here and finally meet you.”

I looked up at him in surprise and turned around to thank Ember, but she was nowhere to be seen.

Grandpa chuckled while gently hitting my back. ” Don’t worry Harry, we will be back, when you are going to do the final task. You have to thank the young headmaster for that. She was the one who gave us the chance to get here and finally meet you.”

I looked up at him in surprise and turned around to thank Ember, but she was nowhere to be seen.

" Where...?”

Delta put his hand on my shoulder. ” She had to go back to her work, Harry. She is a very busy person. But maybe we all can thank her next time, bringing our grandparents is better than the golden egg we had to get from the dragon.”

I laughed with a nod. ” Yes, it Is.”

Everybody laughed before grandpa clapped his hands together to get our attention.

" Now how about we go to the great hall and get some lunch, you two must be hungry after all that.” He looked up in deep thought, with his hand under his chin. ” I wonder if the food is still as good when you and I were students here in hogwarts, Fiona.”

Grandma chuckled. “Let’s go, and see dear, maybe it’s better than back in our time.”

I stared at them in surprise as they all began to walk up to the castle.

" Wait, you were students here in Hogwarts?.”

Grandma nodded.” Yes, we were. What a wonderful time it was, besides what happened during our second year.”

" What happened during your second year?.”

Both grandma and grandpa stop in their track and glanced at each other before turning to me.

" A girl died that year.” Said grandpa with a serious voice, and Delta and his sister stared at him in surprise.

" Really, how did she died?.” Delta asked with a glance at the direction of the forbidden forest.

Grandpa shrugged his shoulder. ” Don’t know, but there were some rumors that she died by a very dangerous creature. But that incident was later forgotten after the culprit was captured.” He looked away. ” Well, that’s what they said.”

Delta and his sister looked at each other, while I stood there frozen recognize the story when the chamber of secrets was open when Tom Dolder was a student here in Hogwarts. Just the thought of Tom Dolder or Voldemort made me shiver, which Delta notice.

" Are you okay, Harry?.”

" Yeah, just a little cold. ” I lied and started to walk again, and tried to come up with another topic.

" Did you two meet each other here in Hogwarts?.” I glanced at grandma and grandpa, who was right behind me.

Granma smiled like she remembered a happy memory.

" Yes, we did. But because Fleamont was sorted in Gryffindor while I was Ravenclaw, we didn’t know each other besides names, until our teacher in transfiguration put us in a group project on our 3rd year.”

" You didn’t know each other before that?.” I said in surprise, how did it take so long for them to meet each other when they were in the same school.

“We never had the same classes the years before, but..” Grandma walked up beside me. ” I also tried to ignore the Gryffindors because my other classmates in my house didn’t like the Gryffindors.”

I gasped in surprise. ” Wait?. what?. But I thought Gryffindor and Ravenclaw were really good friends for years.”

" Not always,” She said while walking into the great hall that was filled with people who were eating and talking loudly. Grandma sat down at the end of the Gryffindor table and motion at us to sit down.” During our years in Hogwarts Ravenclaw student was very dedicated to only study during all the free time they get, it was a priority for the Ravenclaw name.”

Grandpa nodded while filling his plate with food. “It’s true they study all the time. They start the moment they set their foot in Hogwarts, and they have already read through the books for the whole year in a month. I couldn’t do that.”

Granma smiled at him. ” It was pretty boring I didn’t even read through the books, I only sat there pretending read, just so I could fit in with the other Ravenclaws. Luckily I got pretty good grades even if I didn’t put so much attention. Gryffindor, however, played and had fun when they got the chance. I was pretty jealous of them, they could have fun whenever they want, and nobody in their house would judge them.

But that changes during our third year when the teacher decided to mix our classes with the other house. What a great time that was.”

" Harry!!.”

All the Gryffindors students who sat on the other side of the table ran over to me with big smiles on their lips when they saw me, while I sat there confused when they all stood around me and the other.

" That was amazing, Harry.”

" Was it scary, Harry?.”

Everybody talked at the same time while I felt somebody hit my back in a friendly way, and others screamed at the other table that I was going to win this competition as the youngest champion in history.

Grandma and Grandpa just sat there trying to eat their food in peace, which I could see were hard when my classmates who stood behind them, pushed them aside trying to get closer to me to ask questions.

They even asked Delta a lot of questions that he sometimes answered, while trying to take a bit of his food if my classmates didn’t stop him every time with questions. I just sat there looking at everybody while they asked me questions after questions and congratulated me cheerfully. Something they didn’t do before I made the first task, they ignored me, called me names, and had those horrible pins that said that I stink, but now they acted like I was the Gryffindor hero.

After a while, they finally left, leaving me and the other alone. To my surprise, grandma and grandpa sat happily in front of me, didn’t look annoyed at all that my classmates pushed them aside like they didn’t exist.

" Wasn’t that nice Harry,” Said grandma, brushing off the dirt she got from my classmate who was over her shoulder. ” That must make you happy that your classmates were glad over your success over the first task.” She smiled at grandpa.

" They are lively like you were back in the day.”

He chuckled. ” Yeah, wish I had that much energy now.” He laughed, and I couldn’t help to smile at him, but that quickly died down when I saw the two people that i didn’t want to see right now, standing behind him.

“What are you two doing here?.” I said annoyed, while stared at them angrily.

Hermione and Ron stood uncomfortably behind my grandparents, who turned at them confused.

" We want to talk.” Hermione’s voice was low when she spoke while her eyes were looking at the ground.

Grandma looked between me and them.

" Harry, who are these two people?.”

Hermione turned to her. ” We are Harry’s friends.”

My hand tightened on the fork and the knife in my hands while my whole body was shaking angrily. Friends?. Friends?!. How could they say they were my friends after everything they said to me?. If they think I have lost my memory over what they have done to me before I did my first task, they think wrong.

I slowly open my mouth, to tell them to go away, I didn’t want to see them, especially when i had such a good time with my grandparents. But before I could even say anything, my grandma clapped her hands together, looking happy.

" Harry’s friends, wonderful to meet you.” She stood up and gave them a warm hug. Ron and Hermione stared at her in surprise. ” Am Harry’s grandma, Euphemia potter, and this is my husband Fleamont Potter.” She motions them to sit down with us, while they stared at her in shock, and I could see on Hermione’s face that she had so many questions she wanted to ask my grandma while she sat down.

" Come and sit with us. I didn’t think we would get the chance to meet Harry’s friends while we came here. ” Grandma turned to Hermione with a warm smile. ” How long have you two been friends with Harry?.”

Hermione glanced at Ron, who stared on the table in deep thought before turning to me.

" Since the first year here in Hogwarts.”

I glared at her, poking my food with the fork, while grandma asked other questions to Hermione and Ron. But Hermione was the only one who answered any of grandma’s questions.

Delta and his sisters sat quiet and glanced at me and my so-called friends, looking confused over what to do over this situation.

After a while, grandma turned to me with a confused look.

" Harry, are you alright?.′

I frowned and looked away. ” No, these two are not my friends.”

Everybody was quiet, only the sounds of the other people that were in the great hall eating peacefully.

“We sorry, Harry. ” Said Hermione after a while. ” We were wrong to blame you for something like that. We should have known that you wouldn’t do something like that.”

" You sorry?.” I said angrily, glaring at them, who stared at the table like they were ashamed. ” Since the goblet of fire, you two have left me all alone, treated me like I just killed somebody.” I took a few deep breaths.

" Give me one good reason why I should forgive you after everything you have done to me.” I crossed my arms, glared at them, waiting for a very good reason why I should forgive them.

Hermione opens her mouth like a goldfish, looking around like she was a lost child who lost a toy, or something, before covering her face with her hands.

" We don’t have one.” Said Ron, without turning his eyes away from the table. ” The only thing we can say is, we regret every single thing we said and done to you. ”

He turned to Terisa and Rose. ” You two were right. We didn’t act like Gryffindors.

We weren’t there for our friend. Treated him cruelly and left him to a fate we could have helped him prepare for. If anybody is a disgrace to the Gryffindor name, is me and Hermione.”

" Yes, you...” I begin to scream at them and couldn’t hold back my anger for them. But before I could even say more, Grandpa stopped me by holding his hand out at me, looked very serious.

" Before you say anything, Harry. Listen to me for a moment.” He gave a quick glance to Hermione, and Ron, before turning back to me. ” I can see something has happened between you and your friends.”

" They are not my friends anymore, grandpa. If they were they, wouldn’t have left me in the dark about what the first task was about, and made my days hell.”

I breathed heavily while glaring at Hermione and Ron. ” Where were you when I needed you?. Huh?. You two didn’t help me. Instead, you treated me like an outsider.”

" Harry.” Said grandpa with a hard voice to silence me. I stare at him, while the anger inside of me grew stronger, and before I even realize what I was doing, I jumped up from my seat and ran out from the great hall.

" Harry!.”

I didn’t stop or turn around while I ran up the stairs to get to the Gryffindor dorm I just wanted to get away, lay in my bed and be alone. Not only did I show a bad side of me in front of my grandparents, but grandpa tried to silence me while I took out my anger.

Didn’t he understands how much pain Hermione and Ron have given me?.

" Harry, wait!.” Said a voice that was breathing heavily like the person had run a marathon. When I turned around, I saw grandpa behind me, looking exhausted.

He bent down while breathing heavily.

" You..know..its not... easy.. to run, when you are an old man.” He straightened up and looked up at the ceiling while taking a few deep breaths before looking at me.

" I want to be alone, grandpa,” I said angrily, turned my back at him.

" I know you are angry, Harry.”

" Oh. How can you tell.” I said without turning to him.

" Because you have the same face when your uncle was mad at your father and his friends.”

I stop in my tracks and turned to him.

" My uncle, you mean Delta’s father?.”

He nodded and sat down on the stair and motion me to sit beside him. I stood there for a while until I finally decided to sit down beside him.

" Why was my uncle mad at my father?.”

He looked down at the steps in deep thought for a while till he opens his mouth.

" Your father and his friends did something to your uncle that hurt him badly. Because of that, your uncle never forgave them for many years. Something your uncle regret dearly.” His eyes turned to me.

" Harry, I know that you feel like nobody knows the pain you are going through, your uncle thought the same thing back when he was young. And he choices hatred instead of forgiveness, and that made him not talk to your father for many years. Life is not sunshine, it will always be a rough broom ride with new obstacles on the way, and some obstacles are harder than others.”

" I don’t know,” I said with my head down, I couldn’t see myself forgiving Hermione and Ron, not after everything they have done to me. But I couldn’t help to wonder what happened to my Deltas father that made him hate my father. ” What did my father do that made his brother hate him?.”

Grandpa was quiet for a few seconds till he finally answers.

" James and his friends made a prank on your uncle that almost killed him. Thank lord, he survived, but he got a very big... ‘scar’ after it.” He rubbed his face.” Your uncle was furious after the ‘prank’ and decided to never see or speak with your father and his friends again. Until a year before you were born.”

My eyes widen in surprise,” Really?. What made him want to see them again?.”

A small smile appeared on his face and turned to me.

" Because he missed them. He told me and your grandma how life was lonely without your father and his friends that made everyday fun. But he was blinded by anger for many years, and that destroyed his relationship with your father. Sure he was still mad what they did to him, but he didn’t want to lose them. So he decided to forgive them and try to catch up on what has happened over the years.” He gently put his hand on my shoulder. ” I could see that you and those two had some connection, you have done something that made you close, won’t you miss them if you decide to never speak to them again?. I know you feel down after what they have done, but life is about making mistakes and learns from it. And sometimes it will make the bond between friends get stronger than ever.”

Delta pov

I stared at the door out from the great hall, waiting for the old man and Harry to come back. If there was one wizard in the whole world, who could talk to somebody who was feeling down, it would be the old man.

That the sort of man he was, he knew how to talk sense to somebody, especially me and my father. But I wonder if Harry would even listen to what the old man wants to say.

" Don’t worry, Delta. ” Said grandma with a calm smile like she knew what I was thinking while holding teacup filled with hot tea. ” Your grandpa knows what to do. He always does.”

I gave her a small nod.

" Yeah, I know.” I turned my eyes to Hermione and Ron, who still sat beside grandma with their heads down. ” I hope you realize now how badly you have hurt Harry.”

They both looked up at me with red cracking eyes, a sign they were near to cry. Ron covered his face while shaking his head.

" We are such idiots.”

" Couldn’t agree more,” said me and my sisters at the same time. Hermione and Ron stared at us in surprise but didn’t say anything. Nobody said a word after that.

Sometimes I glanced at Ron and Hermione, wondering if Harry was going to forgive them or not. They have hurt him badly. I could still remember how mad he was when we told him about the dragon that Ron and everybody else knew. That was not a good memory, but I hope the old man has some good advice for Harry.

After a while, what felt like hours, the old man and Harry came back. But Harry looked different than a while ago he looked, much calmer almost happy like all his anger was washed away.

A smile appeared on my face while they sat down on their seat again, and harry directly turned to Hermione and Ron, who stared at him.

“I am still mad at you, and that is not going to changes for a very long time.”

They both looked down disappointed, and sad.

" But I forgive you.”

They looked at him, confused.

" You do?. ” Asked Hermione with a smile.

Harry nodded, smiling at them.

" Yes, even if I hate you for what you two have done to me, I don’t want to lose you two. You two are my best friends in the whole world, and we have gone through many things together that made us closer than anybody else. I don’t want this stupid tournament destroying our friendship.”

Ron breathed out in relief with a big smile.

" Thank you for forgiving us,” he was quiet for a long while and looked like he wanted to say something but didn’t know how. ” Um, Harry. Can I ask you a favor?.”

" Um sure, what sort of favor?.”

Ron pulled out a bright red envelope and held it out to Harry with a nervous smile.

" Can you write to my mother that you have forgiven us?. I am scared that she is so mad at me that she won’t send the suit in time for Christmas Eve.”

Harry looked confused the moment Ron said that. Don’t tell me he doesn’t know what happens on Christmas eve.

" Sure, I can do that, but why do you need a suit on Christmas Eve?.”

Everybody stared at him in shock.

" Um, ” Hermione leaned closer to him. ” Harry, have you forget about the Yule ball on Christmas Eve?.”

Harry stared at her for a long while before hitting his head hard on the table.

" Dammit, I forgot about it.”

Terisa patted his shoulder.

" Don’t worry, Harry. You have still time to prepare for the ball.”

Harry turned his face in her direction while his head was still on the table.

" Have you all find a partner yet?.”

" I have.” Said Terisa with a proud smile.”

" Me too. ” said Rose.

Harry’s eyes turned to me, and I gave him a small smile while shrugged my shoulder.

" Me three.”

Harry sigh and lifted his head from the table.

" I guess I am the only one without one.”

" We don’t have a partner either Harry, ” said Ron and pointed at himself and Hermione, Hermione opened her mouth to say something, but Ron just talked about how they all three could help each other with finding a partner, before the ball, and didn’t give her a chance to say anything.

" Oh my, ” said grandma that caught everybody’s attention. She was looking down in an old pocket watch that has been in the family for generations.

Grandpa looked down at the pocket watch in grandma’s hand and sigh.

" That time already.” He sighs heavily and looked at me, my sisters and Harry. ” Sadly, we have to go now.”

" Already?.” Asked Harry in shock and stood up. ” Can’t you stay longer?.”

Grandpa shook his head while standing up.

" Wish we could stay longer, Harry. But we have to go before the Ministry gets here, the last thing we want is making more trouble for you. ”

He stops for a second like he remembers something and quickly pulled out two envelops from his pocket and handed it to Harry. ” Can you send this to Sirius and Remus for us?. We haven’t seen those two boys for years.”

He looked around and leaned closer and talked in a lower voice. ” We want Sirius to know that we don’t hate him. We always knew he didn’t betray your parents.” He smiled at Harry, before standing up straight, and was ready to go. “Let’s hurry, dear.”

Grandma stood up and walked around the table to give Harry a hug.

" Be careful Harry.” She turned to me and my sister.” Take care of your cousin alright.”

" We will.” We said happily and hugged her too before she and grandpa left.

A few days later

Harry Potter pov

Days have gone by since I met my grandparents, to be honest, I missed them a lot. Sure I only knew them for less than a day, but they were nice people, especially grandpa, who helped me get over my anger and forgive Ron and Hermione.

But they had to leave so quickly that I forgot to ask for their address so I could write to them. Thankfully Delta told me that I could borrow his owl to send my letters to them, but he also warned me that it could take days for their reply to get back to me. I had to be patient and not be disappointed if I didn’t see a letter from them for a few days. But I did get a letter from Sirius and Remus, thanking me for sending the letters from my grandparents.But for the moment my mind was also busy with school work, figuring out the next hint, but I didn’t know how to do it when I have a golden egg that only gives a horrible scream, and find a partner to the ball on Christmas eve. So much I had to do, and I didn’t know where to start. Ron even gave me some advice about who I could ask for the ball, but to be true even if many don’t hate me anymore, it doesn’t mean that everybody loves me.

" Come on, Harry. You can at least try asking one of the girls from the Beauxbatons to be your partner for the ball.”

I glared at Ron and was tired of him telling me to ask one of the girls from the Beauxbatons before he dared to ask Fleur. Especially when we are in the middle of a lesson in the great hall, and Snape was watching us.

" For the last time Ron, No. I don’t want to ask any of them. Besides, i think they already have a partner for the ball.” I whisper back to him, carefully looked around to be sure that Snape wasn’t near us.

Ron sighs heavily. ” Come on, Harry. There must be somebody you want to ask.”

I thought for a second, and the only person I could think of was Ember with her fire-red hair and emerald eyes.

But I quickly shook that idea away. There was no way I have the chance to ask her, she was the headmaster of a very famous school, and I could just imagine her already having a partner.

" I don’t think it’s possible to ask her,” I said sadly and tried to focus on my paper that I already was done with, the only reason why I was still working on it was that my writing was really short and didn’t fill the whole paper. For the moment, I wanted to make it longer like Hermione, who writes a perfect description of everything.

Ron was quiet for a few seconds, before clapping his hand together near my ears, making me jump up in surprise.

" I have an idea, you can go with my sister, and I can go with Hermione. Then we won’t be alone during the ball.”

" I already have a partner, Ron.” Said Hermione angrily beside me, glared at Ron. ” And Neville has already asked Ginny, so that idea won’t work either.”

" What?. Who are you going with to the Yule ball?.”

Hermione just glared at him and turned back to her writing.

" You know what I am leaving. I need to be alone for a while.”

I stood up, before they could say anything, and turned in my paper to Snape who glared at me like he always did.

But I didn’t care I wanted to get out of there and be alone for a little while to clear my head. It was not easy to find a place to clear my head, people were everywhere and talked loudly, some laughed at me with their pin that said ′ potter stinks’.

In the end, I ended up at the lake near the forbidden forest where there was nobody, the only quiet place for the moment.

I stared at the calm water that was like a big black mirror with just a few leaves floating around on the surface, in the late autumn weather and sigh heavily.

I didn’t know what to do for the moment, I haven’t figure out the next hint from the screaming golden egg, and I didn’t have a partner for the ball. Maybe I should just go alone and be humiliated in front of everybody and skip the dance with the other champions. I thought of that idea for a long time, and it was really appealing.

I didn’t want to dance in front of everybody, and I think I could handle another humiliation. I thought of that idea some more, just to be prepared to do it.

" HEE!!.”

I jumped up in surprise when a loud screaming sound appeared out of nowhere and turned to the forest behind me.

" What in the..”

" HEE!!.” The sound came again. It sounded like a creature was hurt or something. I looked around I wonder if I should go in and see what it is, I know I shouldn’t go in the forbidden forest alone. But I have to know first if there was a creature that needed help before I look for Hagrid.

" HEE!!.”

When I heard the scream a third time, I decided to check it out, hopefully it wasn’t so deep in the forest that I would get lost. I walked into the forest, looking around, trying to find the creature that made that sound. I was glad it was during the day, during the nighttime the forest is much scarier like walking into a nightmare.

During the day, it didn’t look scary at all it looked more like a normal forest with no magical creature at all. But I knew better.

I looked around to find the creature I even stopped to listen to hear it scream again. But I didn’t hear anything for a long while so long that I decided to go back, But then.

" Harry, look out!!.”

I didn’t have time to turn before I felt a hard impact on my back, and everything turned black.


I could feel my body shake slightly while I heard a voice near me, but it sounded more like mumbling.

" Harree.”

The voice got louder, but I still didn’t know what they were saying.

“Harry, wake up!!.”

I slowly open my eyes, but the only thing I could see was a bright light blinding me before I saw Ember leaning over me with a worried look. While her red hair was glowing brightly with the help of the sun looking like an angel.

" Harry, are you alright?.” She looked at me with worried eyes while gently helping me up in a sitting position. “I am sorry for that.”

“Ouch!.” I rubbed my back where I felt a really bad pain like somebody hit my back with a hammer. ” What happened?.

" A unicorn ran over you.”

" What?.” I stared at her and hoped that she was joking, a unicorn ran over me, it sounded like a really bad joke, if I didn’t saw the pure white unicorn standing beside Ember, staring at me.

Ember turned to the unicorn, gently patted it on the head.

" One of the Centaurs in the forbidden forest asked me to check on this unicorn apparently its eyes have got worse these past few days, and it can’t see where it’s going.” She held her hand out to me, helped me up on my feet

" The Centaurs asked you?. ” I ask in surprise. ” But the Centaurs don’t like people beside Hagrid.”

" Not quite true, the Centaurs don’t like people connected to the ministry. Can’t blame them either, they have lost so much of their land because of the ministry for many years. But because me and everybody in my school are not connected with the ministry, they sometimes ask us for help.”

She turned to the unicorn and looked at its right eye closely, something the unicorn didn’t like so much and turned its head away from her. Ember only smiled.

" Don’t worry. You only have a little infection.” Her voice was calm, while she pulled out a small bottle, poured liquid over its eyes.

The unicorn directly closed its eyes the moment the liquid from the bottle touched its eyes. But it was not long till it opened its eyes, that looked much healthier than before and looked around.

" Wow, what sort of potion was that?.”

" Just a small antidot for eye infection.” She answers without looking at me. ” Now girl, you better go back to the other. The centaurs are going to move you to a safer place.” The unicorn looked at her for a long time, before running away deep into the forest.

Ember sigh in relief before putting back the antidot in her small pocket. She was wearing a long black coat that reached down to her knees while wearing a pair of jeans and winter boots. “I am sorry about that, Harry. The poor thing had a hard time to navigate its way around.”

“It’s alright,” I said with a smile to her, while rolling my shoulders. ” I didn’t know you do vet work on the magical creature.”

She tilted her head, confused. ” Vet?.”

" Vet,” I said again. ” You know people who take care of animals who are hurt or sick.”

" Oh, is that a muggler title for a magical creature healer?.” She asked and sounded interested.

" Yeah, “I said and remember that Delta told me one time that Ember has never been outside the Raxora school in her whole life, until the tournament. But I never thought about it, until now.

" So,” I looked around, wondering if she was here with anybody else. ” Are you here alone?.”

She nodded. ” Yeah, my brother had some business back at Raxora school, and will be gone for a few days.”

" He left you alone?.” I couldn’t help to sound surprised, sure I didn’t know her brother Jack completely, but I knew well enough how protective he was of her.

She chuckled. ” Yeah, it took some time to convince him to go. But you know how he is, overprotective big brother.”

I nodded with a smile. ” Yeah, I don’t think he would be happy if he knew you were out here alone without anybody with you.”

" I didn’t have much choice. Some of the professors did go with my brother. And the few that are left here are busy with their lessons, sure I am busy too, but this was important.

The Centaurs don’t like the ministry walking around in the forest, so they wanted to move the few unicorns that are left to keep them safe. But they needed me to check on the oldest to be sure they were healthy.”

" Wow, the Centaurs must trust you.”

" My family has always been friends with the Centaurs, they know we respect them and the animal in this forest. But let’s talk something else. What are you doing here anyway?.”

Well,” I scratched on the back of my head. ” I needed a quiet place to think everybody is talking about the Yule ball that is soon.”

I didn’t want to tell her that I didn’t have a partner yet, it would be really embarrassing to tell her. ” I just don’t know if am ready, I never been to a ball or dance a waltz before.” I could feel my face get a little warmer the moment I say that without thinking and looked away.

" Do you want me to teach you?.”

I turned to her in surprise, and wonder if I heard right. ” What?.”

She walked over to me. ” Do you want me to teach you?. Waltz is very easy when you get the rhythm.”

My mouth open like a goldfish, while my mind was blank I mean at first I wanted to say yes, but another side of me wanted to say no because I didn’t want her to know how bad I was.

" No, you don’t have to. I mean...” I thought for a second. “I don’t want to take more of your time you have a lot to do.”

" You don’t have to worry about that my work can wait for a moment.” She walked over to me, grabbing my hand, and put it on her hip while holding the other. Now my face was burning up more than ever. It wouldn’t surprise me if my face was fire red right now. I gulped while feeling my body shaking when her body came closer to mine.

" Now, normally the male is supposed to lead, but because you don’t know. I will lead for now just to show you. Alright?.”

I slightly nodded.

" Alright.” She smiled at me and slowly showed me the steps. I looked down at our feet and tried to not step on her feet.

“Harry, look at me.”

" But..”

" You just stress yourself if you look down like that if you are going to dance the waltz with your partner, it’s better to look at your partner instead of looking at the floor.” She gently lifted my face and looked into my eyes.

" Now, look at me.” I did what she said and just looked at her. Just looking at her made my heart beat a million times more than normal, and I couldn’t look away from her magical emerald eyes, I was so hypnotized by her eyes that I forgot that I danced with her. I just moved along without even thinking.

" Bravo, Harry. ” Ember moved away from me and clapped her hands together.

I stared at her in confused while my arms were still in the same position when i danced with her.

" Huh?.”

" You danced perfectly. ” Said Ember and smiled at me.

" Oh, um. Thanks.” I nervously smiled back at her. ” Thanks for teaching me. I hope your partner to the ball doesn’t get mad at you for teaching me.”

" I don’t have a partner to the ball.” Said Ember. like it was obvious.

My eyes widen. ” What?.” She doesn’t have a partner. How can she not have a partner?. “You are joking with me. You must have millions of people who would want to be your partner. ”

She shrugged her shoulder with a frown. ” Just because I have people who want to be my partner, doesn’t mean I want to go with them. I don’t like to go with people I don’t know, and most of them just want to use me to get to my school. ” She looked down sadly.

I was quiet for a while and finally decided to ask the question that I never thought I could ask her.

" Than how about you and I go together?.”

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