The youngest headmaster (harry potter fanfiction)

Chapter 24

The night of the Yule ball becomes one of Harry’s most precious memory that he wished the next day when he woke up that he could go through it once more. Just thinking back made him smile, the kiss that still felt warm on his lips, the funny moment that happened after Ron found them furious for being left alone. It was a night to remember, but there was something that was bothering Harry, that made his smile die down. On his way back to Gryffindor Tower after saying goodnight to Ember and his cousins, he saw something that was unusual and suspicious at the same time while he walked through the courtyard.
It wasn’t his intention to eavesdrop, but while trying not to make an awkward moment with the students who were kissing and maybe something more, he took a long way around instead of going right through the courtyard. That when he saw them, Snape and Igor.
“It’s happening again, like before,” Igor’s voice was hard when he spoke, following Snape, who was more focused on inspecting the carriages in the courtyard. ” Soon, neither you nor anybody else will be able to deny it.”
" I told you already, Igor, I see nor reason to discuss it.” Snape snared back, closing the door to one of the empty carriages before his eyes landed on Harry’s direction. Harry remembers he instinctively took a step back, thinking Snape saw him, but to his relief, Snape aimed to the carriages near him.
That was rocking back and forth by the movement of two Hogwarts students making out.
After Snape took away a few points from the students who walked away ashamed for being found, Igor began to speak once more, with a much harder voice.
" Its a sign, Severus. You know it is.”
" I don’t know what you are talking about,” Snape said, walking past Igor to check the next carriages.
But Igor didn’t give up.
" Really?.” He said with a mocking tone, following Snape. ” Than perhaps you wouldn’t mind rolling up your sleeve.” He made a small laugh when he reached for one of Snape’s arm.
To get a better view, Harry moved closer, just in time to see Snape slapping Igor’s hand away from him and backed right into the carriages he was on his way to check. Even if Harry didn’t know what their conversation was about, he could make a judgment that Snape was terrified over whatever he was hiding under his sleeve. Even if Snape was face was cold and unfaced, his body Reacting that way made all the proof.
Igor’s face hardened, while his voice becomes so deep, a chill ran down Harry’s back.
" You can’t fool me, Severus. You are scared, admit it!.”
" I have nothing to be scared of, Igor,” Snape said, with his back straight, taking a step closer to Igor. ” Can you say the same?.” He asked with a low voice, but Harry could still hear the warning in Snape’s voice from his hiding place.
Igor’s face turned white, and quickly walked away, almost running while Snape turned back to inspect the carriages. Harry saw it as an opportunity to get away from his hiding, but before he could even move an inch, he saw another figure at the other side of the courtyard, behind a pillar.
At first, Harry thought it was another pair of students making out, but to his surprise, it was professor Mad-eye, watching both Snape and Igor with a hard look, while looking amused over what he had heard, before walking away.
After that, Harry couldn’t help to wonder what the conversation was about between Igor and Snape. It wasn’t a conversation between old friends. It sounded more like they had a conversation about something dangerous. The more he thought about, the deeper he wanted to dig into it. He even told Hermione and Ron when he came back to the tower, and the next day to his cousins when they joined them at breakfast. He was glad they all believed him, and even came up with a few ideas. But when time when by, and it was only a month left till the second task. Hermione told Harry to drop everything about the conversation between Snape and Igor and put his attention to the golden egg that was the only thing that could help him figure out what he was up against in the second task.
It was no idea for him to argue against her because he knew she was right.
On an early Saturday morning, a week away from the second task. Harry and his friends woke up early before anybody else in the Gryffindor tower had woken up, much to Ron’s displeaser about waking up early on a day they don’t have to. Harry wasn’t so pleased either to use a Saturday to look in books and try useless ideas to figure out the next task. Especially when Hermione was bugging him every second of the day, saying he hasn’t tried hard enough. Just hearing that made him less motivated to do anything at all.
The only thing that made him feel a little happy was when they walked down to the almost empty great hall to eat breakfast. Sitting alone with just a plate of food, and a goblet of juice, sat Delta with a frown on his face, glaring at the plate, looking irritated over something. The second Delta saw Harry and the other, the frown was quickly replaced with a laid back smile.
" Morning, early riser.” Delta joked, holding up his goblet at them like he was making a cheer for them. ” Was worried that I was going to have breakfast alone this time.”
" Very funny,” Murmured Ron, filling his plate. ” I don’t get why you are here early.”
" I have better things to do than sleeping my hours away.” Delta narrows his eyes at them. ” But you look like you need a few hours more of sleep, whatever you are working on, it’s breaking you three down. Wants some help?.” He asked before taking a sip from his juice.
" No!.” Said Harry firmly without realizing how loud he said it until he saw Delta jump in surprise, spilling juice on his cloak. ” I mean, thanks, but we are fine on our own.”
He smiled nervously, while Delta stared at him suspiciously before he turned his attention to his cloak.
" Alright, if you say so. But I hope you have time today to join an activity called’ Wizard’s puzzle and treasure hunt.”
" Wizard’s puzzle and treasure hunt?.” Said Harry, Ron, and Hermione at the same time. Harry turned to Ron in confusion. Ron was the one who knew every kind of wizard game that ever existed. Just the thought that Ron didn’t know a game or activity in the wizarding world was unthinkable.
" What exactly is ’Wizard’s puzzle and treasure hunt?.” Ron asked, sounded interested over the new thing.
Delta smiled. ” Well, first before it begins, you will decide if you want to do the event alone or in a group. I advise you to be in a group because its the first time for you. After you have decided to be a group or alone, you will go through a door that will take you to a place that you need to get out before an hour has passed. But to get out, you will face hard puzzles, and if you lucky, you will find rewards waiting for you.”
Curiosity began to grow for Harry, just something about hearing the activity woke his interest. He wanted to try it, but the question was did Ron and Hermione feel the same.
He glanced at Ron, who was looking at him, smiling. It was he needed to know that Ron was on board to try the activity, but before he could turn to Hermione, she spoke with a clear voice.
" Sadly, we don’t have time to try it, maybe another time.”
" What!?.”

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