The youngest headmaster (harry potter fanfiction)

Chapter 25

" You can’t be serious.” Snapped Ron, glaring at Hermione with hard eyes, like a child who was mad at his parents for not getting what he wants. ” You telling me that we are turning down an opportunity like this for another day with that...”

" Ron!!.” Shouted Harry with a little too loud voice that echoes through the almost empty great hall, catching the attention of the others early riser for the day.

But Harry didn’t care. He glared at Ron, hoping Ron would understand what he was trying to tell him while feeling Delta’s eyes staring at him.Ron, who still looked a bit mad over Hermione turning down the offer, glared back at Harry, confused for a second before realization was visible in his eyes, and directly looked at Delta.

" Um... Well. I still think it’s stupid that we turn down the offer. It sounds interesting.” Said Ron, his ear turning red while he took a big bite of the food in front of him. Trying to act that what he said before never happened.Harry could only cover his face with his hand, feeling defeated that Ron almost mentions that they hadn’t figured out how to open the golden egg and had no clue about the next challenge.

Part of him wished that he could turn back time, time-turner like Hermione had during their third year. But sadly, he didn’t have anything that could turn back time, and Delta, who sat in front of him, would somehow figure out what they were trying to hide.

" I think it would be an experience for you if you joined today.” Said Delta, to Harry’s surprise. ” Sometimes, when I’m stuck on something, doing something else for an hour always helps. Like dad always told me, never dig too deep into one thing without open up to new things around you. Because if you do, you miss out on things that may help.”

" I like the sound of that.” Said Ron, grinning at Hermione. ” But too bad that Hermione is not that kind of person.”

" Am open to trying new things!!.” Snapped Hermione at Ron, glaring at him angrily. ” I’m at least take this whole thing seriously.”

" And I’m not?.“” Exactly. You haven’t even try to help find anything. I’m the only one that’s even trying to come up with something.”

" That’s because you love to read. It’s still surprising that Madam Pince hasn’t customized a room for you, so could you live there.”

" Will you two stop it!.” Said Harry with a sharp voice. Both Ron and Hermione turned quiet, their eyes glaring at each other with burning furry visible in their eyes before they broke eye contact. Ron directly stuffed his mouth with food that’s his cheeks looked like a chipmunk with nuts in its mouth, while Hermione tried to look calm, but Harry could see that Ron’s words had affected her hard.

" We in,” Harry said with a clear voice, his eyes looking at Delta without a glance at Ron and Hermione beside him. ” Is there anything we need to know beforehand?.”

" They will give you all the information before the game starts.” Delta put his hand under his chin, looking to be in deep thought for a second. ” Well, I think you will see when the game starts.”

" It won’t hurt us in any way?.” Hermione asked, still looking a bit irritated over Ron’s words.

" It depends on you.”

After filling their stomachs with some breakfast, Harry and the others walked after Delta to the stone dragon. Like last time its giant, grey, stone body was resting peacefully at the edges of the forbidden forest, rotted on the spot like it had always been there.

But Harry noticed a few differences since the last time he was close to it. Because of the unlucky weather that had happened the past few weeks, almost half its body was covered in mud and dry leaves, making it look like nobody had taking care of it for a long time. Another difference was the dragon’s head. Usually, it was always staring in the direction of the Hogwarts castle, but today it was looking at the black lake.

" Why is it looking at the lake?.” Harry couldn’t help to ask and looked in the direction the dragon was looking at, wondering if it saw something that he didn’t. Delta lifted his head to look at the dragon and scratched his head.

" Because it’s soon time for it to get clean.”

" You are going to clean it soon?.” Asked Hermione, taking a step to the side to look at its side. ” Looks like it needs it.”

" We are not going to clean it.” Delta nodded his head at the dragon. ” The dragon will jump in the lake later today to clean itself. That’s why it’s staring at the lake. It wants to jump in.”

Harry couldn’t help thinking back to the first time he was inside the dragon, back when Delta and Xew flooded the whole place. He could still remember when the water his face, and he went along with the flow without any bits of knowledge of where he was or where he was going to end.

" Are you sure that’s a good idea?.” Harry asked sounding, uncertain. Delta turned to him with a wide grin on his face.

" Ahh, you think about the time Xew and I flooded the place. Don’t worry. It won’t turn out like that, trust me.”

Harry worriedly looked at Ron and Hermione, who had the same worrying expression like he did, but didn’t say anything. They just had to take Delta’s word for it that it won’t end like that time. After all, he was a student of Raxora.Walking into the larges entrance was like the last time Harry went there, dark, clean, impressive that could take anybody’s breath away. Even the polished floor under his feet made him feel like a small spot on the surface.

" Still think this place is unbelievable.” Said Harry more to himself, looking up at the tall ceiling with a wide grin on his face. He could still remember the first time he came here and the weird first meeting with Roosa, how she appeared out of nowhere and landed on her hands instead of her feet, like an acrobat.

After a while of staring, he turned his eye away from the ceiling. And notice a larges group of students, some still dressed in nightclothes, others dressed either in their uniform or the training outfit Harry saw them wear during their training session. But they were all chatting and laughing with excitement written all over their faces.They knew exactly, what was going to happen, something he and his friends didn’t.

" Morning, Delta.” A boy with dirty blond hair, dressed in the Raxora uniform, who stood a little outside the larges group of students, waved his hand at Delta with a wide grin on his face. ” Decided to join today?.”

" You know me, never miss a chance to play.” Answered Delta smiling back. ” Are you going alone today?.”

The boy shook his head.” No, I’m going with my group from the Herbology class this time, our last part of our group essay about ‘dangerous European magical plants’ needs to be turned in next week. ” The boy scratched his head with a week smile. ” Only the last part is still undone, which is our own experience and thoughts about the plants.”

" Your own experience with the dangerous magical plants?.” Said Ron with one raised eyebrow. ” Isn’t it safer to just read what they write in the books?.”

" Like you had ever read any of the books for your essay.” Mumbled Hermione. Ron glared at her for a short second but didn’t respond to her commend.

“Books indeed have a lot of information, but our teacher wants us to get real-life experience and write down our own thoughts, even if it is dangerous.” Answered the boy.

Delta nodded.” Books do tell a lot of good things, but it doesn’t show us the real experience. For example, if I told you a daisy was one of the most poisonous flowers in the world, would you believe my words?.”

" A daisy?.” Ron laughed. ” Of course not a daisy is just a small, pretty flower. It wouldn’t hurt a fly.”

" Even the smallest can be dangerous, but you get the point. Even if you hear or read about it, you won’t take it seriously.” Said Delta.

" But by seeing it in real life and study it with your eyes, you would understand its dangerous side more seriously.” The boy pulled out a small, brown box from his pocket. ” But of course, a ‘normal’ daisy is not poisonous, but there is one magical plant in Europe that looks similar to a daisy.”

He opened the box, and inside was a dry white flower. That looked similar to a ‘normal’ daisy that anybody would have seen grown somewhere in the ground of Hogwarts. But this one was different. Instead of having light green roots, this one had dark gray with multiple yellow dots.

" W..What is that?.” Hermione moved closer to examine the mysterious flower.

“It’s a ‘The Devil’s Breath.’ A rare, magical plant that is only grown in the European ground. It’s also one of the most dangerous plants out there. But this one is harmless when it’s dry to the core.” The boy picked it up gently between his finger.

" Why is it call ′ The Devil’s Breath’?.” Harry asked, curious.

" Because, when it grows to its maximum size, it will let out a cloud of spoors, and if anybody gets in contact with it, they will suffer for days before they die. ” The boy stared at the flower, looking like his mind was somewhere far away before he put back the flower in the box and back in his pocket.” But there aren’t many left in the world, and they won’t grow anywhere here, so you three don’t have to worry....”

" Alright!.” A familiar, clear voice ran out in the giant hall, catching everybody’s attention. “It good to see that so many whats to do the ‘Wizard’s puzzle and treasure hunt.’ ”

Henry looked around with a satisfied smile on his lips. Beside him stood a tall, dark-skinned, slender woman with a long braided black hair, decorated with what looked like silvers spiders, while dressed in a long dark red cloak and a matching hat with yellow feathers.

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