The youngest headmaster (harry potter fanfiction)

Chapter 2

Harry pov

I thought what Ron told us at the great hall, but it didn't sound possible. Can really a 4-year-old be a headmaster?. Hermione wasn't so convinced either about that news, so she asked McGonagall if she could just go to the library before we walked into the Gryffindor common room, and Ron was in a bad mood because we didn't believe him at all.

" If you ask my parents they will say am right about this."

"Ron," I rested my back against the wall. " Sorry if I say this but that sound not true, I mean a 4-year-old become headmaster over a school."

" You forgot she is headmaster over the Raxora school. They only take in talented and special wizard and witches there."

I opened my mouth to say something, but how could I when I didn't know a single thing about this school or the headmaster. Hermione knew more than me as usual, but even she wasn't convinced about the headmaster. With a sigh of the defeat, I walk up to the portrait and said the password. The fat lady gave a small nod and opened the door so we could walk in, and when the door was going to close Hermione ran and scream hold it open. In the last second, Ron put his foot so the door couldn't close.

Hermione walk in and nod at Ron."Thanks, Ron."

" You welcome."

"So".I sat down on a chair. " Did you find anything?."

"Yep, " and she bite her bottom lip. " And Ron was right, she become a headmaster when she was 4."

Ron pointed at us while jumping up and down in victory. " I told you!. I told you!."

"But how?. Hermione, please help me understand."

She took up a book and opened the last pages. " It was hard to know if I read about the same person we talk about because her name is not in the book. But it says here that the youngest headmaster at Raxora school has a very special gift that must keep in secret at any cost and that's why she have never left the school. Also, anther thing that I have not figured out yet."

I looked at Ron and back at her. " And that is?."

" Its says here that she have a power that against any magical rules, the question is which rules." She closed the book.

" Well, they are coming tomorrow maybe we can ask her."

"No," said Ron and shook his head. " That won't work."


"Harry, we talking about a school that have been hidden for many, many years. With a headmaster that never left the school with a big secret. I don't think she or her students will let you get answers. We can't put our noses in everything."

Both me and Hermione slowly turned our head and stared at him. " Ron, we always put our noses in everything."

"I know but this time, the whole school will put their noses in this, I mean who wouldn't want the biggest secret out. Can't we just respect her privacy?."

I thought for a second and realise that I try to do what everybody else do to me, who try to know every little bit about me, my every secret.

" Yeah, you right. I think I just come with the flow with this news about the school. But I must say I really wonder how that headmaster is."

Young headmaster

"Brother, you know it's not going to be the end of the world because we leave the school."

" Well, it's the first time you leave your home. And I don't want anything bad happening to you."

I laugh against my hand and watched him packing almost everything in my room and more.

" I can pack myself and I don't need all that." I said and pointed at all the big pile of portraits on the floor. " And I think they want to get back to their places."

"That would be nice," said an old man who tried to stand up in his portrait.

My brother shook his head. " No, they coming with us."


"Because I need to keep an eye or eyes on you when we are there."

" But the poor portraits want to stay here, and if you want somebody to keep eyes on me ask our teachers or students."

He opened his mouth and growl. " Am your big brother I know best."

"And am your headmaster, I know better."

He crossed his arms. " Would you listen to me if I say please?."

"I would, but no."I took up the portrait of the old man and held it up so he could stand up again.

" Thanks, headmaster, even if am a portrait I still don't have the strength in my legs like a had in my younger days."

I smiled at him."You welcome, Mr Conate."

My Brother shook his head and use his magic to push down my bed in one of the bags.

" I still don't like this idea. Why couldn't you have said no?."

My smile died and I looked at him with a serious face. " Because if we are not there." Put down the portrait gently. " Something bad will happen, and we need to make it right."

"But that boy can take care of himself."

I shook my head. " Not this time, Jack. Something has gone wrong in the future and time, and we need to make it go in the right track again." Walked up to the big window I watched the birds fly over the school. " I just wonder who changed the future into the wrong track. " A bird stop flying after his family and turned its head at my direction. With narrow eyes, i stared back at it and put my hand under my chin. 'Something is definitely not right.'

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