The youngest headmaster (harry potter fanfiction)

Chapter 3

Young headmaster

" Brother we are going to be late if you are trying to pack the whole school in a bag." Jack ignored me and took down the boxes from one of the towers that have been close for years. " And why do we have to take with us those boxes?."

He looked inside the box. " We are going to be there for a year and you need to feel at home when we are there."

A laughs were heard from the door, turned around I saw two people shake their heads. It's was one woman and one man. The women had dark brown hair that almost come down to her hips and her eyes were ocean blue. And the man was like a copy of her but as a man, both of them had a black coat with a special design of a golden dragon on the bottom.

" Jack, she has to see something new. " The women wrap her arms around my shoulders. " Stop over packing."

Jack threw the box at her, but she only lift up her hand and it flew back at him and hit him in the face. The man laughs, " Good one sis."

I shook my head and watched my brother mumbled to himself. " He has already over packing." I looked at the man and the women. " Why are you here Hanna and Henry?."

Henry took out a paper and handed it to me. " It's about this students."

I read the names and understood what the problem was. " I go talk to them." I said and walk to the door.

" Is it really wise?. I mean the daily prophet maybe will find out."

"Even so," I looked at the paper. " I think Rose, Terisa and Delta Potter already know why they have to be careful when we are at Hogwarts."

"And you too!," scream Jack.

Harry pov

" How do you think the Raxora school will get here?." I asked Ron and watched the students from Beauxbatons, and Durmstrang walks up the hill to escape the rain.

He shrugged. " I don't know."

Hermione sat beside me with the book she found about Raxora and tried to find any history about the school or where it is. " Its weird that this school have an amazing history but nobody knows where the school is."

Rested my head on her shoulder I looked down on the pages she was on. " maybe because they wanted to protect the school from harm."

" That's possible but the schools history is amazing, listen."

Pages 134

Raxora school was one of the first school that every built for wizard and witches. It's even older than Hogwarts. The school was only for the special born wizard and witches, muggler born was never born with that sort of power so its was only a school for pureblood and half-blood wizards. But a few hundred years after the school was built a young muggler boy was born with a very special power and was the reason the school have to hide.

"What happened?". asked Ron.

Hermione put up her hand to show him to shut up.

The boys name was Richard Digger he was the first and last muggler boy that ever attend the Raxora school. Rumors say that he had the power to control the shadow of any living things, its says that Richard practises this power on the other students to know how to control a living things body and mind from the shadow. On Richard's second year he tried to kill the headmaster Veltar Raxora and make it look like it was a suicide. But he couldn't kill the headmaster, even how much he tried he couldn't control the headmasters shadow. Because the headmaster didn't have any.

"What how can the headmaster not have a shadow?."

"SHHH!. Ron quiet."

Hermione turn to the next pages.

Why the headmaster didn't have any shadow was because a few years before Richard begin at Raxora school, the headmaster sold his soul to the first born dragon, the white dragon. He asked for a guardian, who could protect his school, students and his family. And the white dragon gave him a golden baby dragon and took his soul as a payment.

Richard was kick out from the school for trying to kill the headmaster. And few years later Richard come back with an army of wizards, they tried to take every student who was in the school and us them as weapons in the army. But they never even came into the school, because the golden baby dragon stopped them.

"Wait, wait." Ron rubbed his eyes. " How can a baby dragon stop a whole army?."

"Just listen and we will find out."

It turns out that the baby dragon can only turn into a dangerous grown up dragon when the castle, the students or the Raxora family was in danger. And that's why the school have a dragon as a symbol for the school. But even after the dragon defeated Richard and his army, it came more. More people who wanted to use the students and the power they had. After a few years Veltar Raxora had enough with bad people who tried to use his students, so he use a magic spell and moved the castle to a place there nobody could harm his school or everything in it so easily.

"Wow," I said and looked at the sketch that was beside the writing. It was a sketch of the dragon when it was big. " that was an amazing history."

Hermione closed the book. " Yeah, I wonder if they have the baby dragon with them. But it is against the law here to have a dragon."

"I don't think that school cares," said Ron and looked at the window with big eyes.

Hermione looked at him. " How do you know?."

He pointed at the window with a shaky hand. both Hermione and I looked at the window and I couldn't believe what I saw. A big, big grey dragon landed on the Hogwarts ground and roared. The roar was so powerful it made the whole ground and Hogwarts castle shake.

" Oh my god," said Hermione and tried to stand up on her feet.

After the dragon roared it laid down and turned into stone, and the next second doors appears on its chest and the Raxora students and teacher walk out.

" They are here."

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