The youngest headmaster (harry potter fanfiction)

chapter 4

Young headmaster

I looked out from the window when my students and the teachers walked out. I didn't walk with them because I needed to do a few things before the welcome feast begin. My brother stayed with me to be sure that nobody tried to hurt me, even how much I tell him that I can take care of myself.

" Are you really sure that we need to be here?".

I nodded and walked over to my desk. " I told you more than once why we are here."

He shooked his head while tried to put on his black jacket with a golden dragon on the side. His clothes reminded me of a tuxedo, but the jacket was much longer and with a belt around his waist.

" It looks a little to small for you." And it was true the belt couldn't go around his waist and he couldn't move his arms so much because the material looked like it was going to rip. Jack was a big guy, he is not fat. He is just a little bit bigger than 6 years ago.

Jack took a deep breath and tried to pull the belt around his waist. " I can't go without the family jacket."

" Jack you are a little bit bigger than dad, grandpa and everybody else in our family who had that jacket." I smiled. " You got that from uncle Tom, he was 2 head taller than dad."

" Don't compare me with uncle Tom." He tried on more time to pull the belt around his waist but he pulled so hard that the belt broke in two pieces. Jack stared at the broken belt in his hand.

" Oh no."

I sighed and went to him. "You broke it." I took the broken belt from his hand and looked at the end it broke. " Ummm, it will be easy to fix. But I think you should take another jacket."

" Why can't we use magic to make it bigger?."

"Because our great great great know put a spell on it so nobody can make it bigger with magic, so that jacket can stay the same size forever. " I held up the belt. "But the only magic we can use is to fix this broken belt." Handed back the broken belt to him, I walked to the door.

" Where are you going?."

" To my room, so I can change too, and am also going to get little Goldy."

He shook his head. " Why do you still call that dragon Goldy?. It's sound like a goldfish name."

" Well he is gold and it was the first thing I called him."

Harry potter pov

Me, Ron and Hermione ran down the stairs so we could meet the Raxora students. Are they nice?. Are they mean?. Are they like Malfoy?. Probably not, but it was a thought. When we come to the great hall we saw a sea mix with Beauxbatons, Durmstrang and Raxora students. Well mostly Beauxbatons, Durmstrang, all the Raxora students was near the walls and tried to ignore all the students that asked questions about their school.

" Wow, Raxora don't like to answer questions. " Said Ron and looked at the sea of students.

" Because we love our school." We all turned around and three Raxora students beside. One was a tall guy with short black hair, brown eyes and a some sort of metal mask over his left eyes. The two girl have the same hair color as the guy but one of them had shorter hair than the other, and the one with longer hair had one brown and one green eye. And the shorter hair had green eyes.

The guy walked up to us. " My name is Delta and this two is my sisters. " He pointed at the short haired girl. " This is Rose and the one with two eye color is Terisa."

They both nodded. " Hi."

"Um, nice to meet you. Am Harry potter and this is my friends, Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger."

The guy Delta smiled. " Nice to meet you all, it's nice to see your fantastic school."

"Well," begin Ron. " Your school must be better, you have a statue dragon who took you here."

" We are not allowed to talk about our school." Said Rose and looked at her nails.

Hermione looked at her ." Why?."

Rose looked up at her. " Because the ministry has tried for years to get the information about our school and where it is. Our headmaster and teachers are very strict about it."

" is your headmaster nice?." They all looked at me. " Am just asking."

Delta, Rose and Terisa smiled at eath other and back to us. " Our headmaster is very nice, she is like a family, a little sister."

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