The youngest headmaster (harry potter fanfiction)

Chapter 5

Delta pov

Harry and his friends looked at each other when we told them that our headmaster is like a sister. It is true, she is only fourteen years old not forty.

“ Delta,” I turned around and stood face to face with our twin teacher Henry and Hanna, who had their eyes narrow down at me and my sister.

“Is something wrong?,” asked Rose.

Hanna looked at Harry and his friends with a smile and back to us. “ We need to talk.”

Rose and Terisa looked at me, and we all knew what they wanted to talk about. Harrys red-haired friend, Ron, walked up to Henry with big eyes, like he just saw his big idol. Henry looked down at him with question eyes. “ Can I help you?.”

“ You are one of the Raxora teachers.”

Henry raised an eyebrow. “ Yes.”

Ron grabs his hand and shook it. “ Its so nice to meet you, sir, how long have you work at the Raxora school?. Was the Raxora school the school you learned your magic?.” It was like he was asking thousand of questions at the same time. I don't think Henry remember every question Ron asked because he glanced at Hanna for help. But she looked shocked as her brother.

“ Ron! ” Hermione walked up to him and dragged him back. “ I thought you said we should respect their privacy. “

Ron rubbed his head. “ I couldn't hold back, it's not every day I meet and shake hand with a Raxora teacher.”

“ Move aside gryffinscum,” a boy with blond hair pushed Harry and his friend aside and walked up to me and my sisters. Just behind him was two guys who looked like they were acting like they where the blond boy guards. The blond boy bowed at us and again but for our teachers. “ Its so nice to finally have pure wizards here in our school.” Terisa looked annoyed when he said that but didn't say anything. “ Am sorry that you have to shake hand with a blood traitor.” Henry looked like he was taken back when the boy said that and narrow his eyes at him. Hanna wasn't happy with that talk ever, so she walked around the boy like he was an insect. “ Hmm… you are a Malfoy, aren't you?.” The blond boy smiled and nod. “Yes, miss.” She put her hand on his shoulder and without anybody knowing she put something in his hood and backed away. “ I heard a teacher was looking for you.” The Malfoy boy smile was gone and he walked away with a frown.

“ What a pain he is,” said Rose and rested against the wall.

Hanna smiled. “ Just wait, this is going to be fun.”

“What will?.” Asked Harry and stared at Hanna in confusion.

Terisa walked up to him. “ You see,” she looked after the boy and 3 seconds later his clothes exploded and he was now in pink clothes. Everybody in the hall begins to laughs and it made the boy ran away with his guard beside him.

“ Did you do that?.” asked Ron while Henry high five with Hanna.

“ Henry and Hanna are our pranksters in our school, so this is just normal for us,” I said with a smile.

Hermione looked surprised. “ But they are teachers.”

“ So?,” said Henry.” It doesn't mean we can't prank.”

Hermione shook her head. “ Not another Fred and George.”

Henry glanced at her. “ Who is Fred and George?.”

“ My brothers, they are twins too and the love to prank.”

With snap with her fingers, Hanna pointed at Ron. “ We need to meet them.”

“ Yeah, but we do that later sis, we were going to talk to them.” Said henry and nodded his head and me and my sister.

“ Right, maybe next time.” She smiled at Harry and his friends and walked away with Henry beside her and me and my sisters behind them. We walked into an empty hall and Hanna turned around and looked at us with a hard face.

“ Didn't the headmaster talk to you?.”

“ She did but…” Hanna interrupted Rose.

“ When why were you talking to him?.”

I opened my mouth. “ Headmaster only told us to not let anybody know who we are.”

“ But you did.”

“ No, we only told our first name. Like all our other classmate, we never told our last name.”

Hanna rubbed her face and walked around. “ The daily prophet, will put their nose in everything. And if they know who you are, the headmaster..”

“ What about me?.” We all turned around and saw the young headmaster in a black coat

“ Headmaster you are here?.” Asked Henry while she walked up to us.

She shrugged. “ I was lucky to sneak out without my brother knowing.” She glanced at Rose. “ I borrow your other coat to get out, you will get it back later.”

Rose smiled. “ So you were acting like you were a student?.”

The headmaster pulled down the hood to let out her hair. “ Its hard to not be noticed when I have the white headmaster coat. It like screaming am the headmaster.”

“ I thought you liked that white headmaster coat with the golden dragon on.” Said Hanna and looked sad.

“ Hanna, I love it. But if I want to go somewhere without my brother knowing I had to put on a student coat to sneak out. And hide this dress I have on.” She pulled the coat and showed a beautiful golden dress she had on.

Terisa gasped. “ I love that dress.”

The headmaster rolled her eyes and giggled. “ Of course, you do. So what did you talk about before?.” She looked at Hanna when she asked.

“ They talked to Harry.”


“Yes, and I thought it was not a good idea them to be near him.”

The headmaster laughs. “ Hanna, you sound like my brother.”

“ No am not,” Hanna crossed her arms.

“ Yes, he said that too. but you over reacting. As long they haven't told their full name nothing will happen.” She looked at us.

I raised up my arms. “ We only said our first name.”

“ Then nothing will happen.” She walked to the window. “ Something will happen, I don't know exactly. But you three need to be there for him when he need it.”

Rose looked at me and back to the headmaster. “ Need what?.”

The headmaster turned around and out from her hood flew the little golden dragon that has been in our school since the beginning, and wrapped itself around the headmasters neck and the tail was was around her chest.

“ You will see,” she caressed the dragons head while the dragon stared at us with its black eyes. “ Sooner than you think.”

I looked at my sisters and they looked back at me with the same confusion face I had. Terisa was going, to say something, but a loud angry scream was heard all over the Hogwarts castle, and we all know who that belonged to.


Headmaster pulled the hood back over her head. “ I better go, before my brother catches me.” And she ran.

“ Good luck,” scream Henry after her before she was out of sight. “ Her brother will kill her.”

We all nodded in agreement, and wonder how this will end before the feast.

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