The youngest headmaster (harry potter fanfiction)

Chapter 6

Harry Potter pov

“ We have to be in the great hall in a few minutes.” Said Hermione while looked at her watch.

I looked at my watch too and she was right as usual. But I must go back to the Gryffindor common room so I could leave all the books I had to the lesson today. “ You two can go ahead, I must leave my books.”

“ Oh take mine too.” said Ron and gave me his books.

“ Ron, why can’t you go yourself?.”

“ Because,” said Ron while he jumped up and down in excitement. “ I need to get a good seat when the feast begin. Maybe the Raxora student will sit at our table.” And he ran to the great hall. Hermione sighed and turned her gaze to me. “ Are you okay with this?.” I used my leg to get a better grip on the books. “ Yes, I can take this. Go and leave a good seat for me.” She stared at me with an unsure face, but after few second she nodded and ran to the great hall. I tried to walk up the stairs without dropping any of the books, but it was hard when the stairs were moving and made it harder to get to the common room.

“ What is it with the stairs today?.” I thought to myself and finally come up to the common room to leave the books. When I looked at the clock I saw I only had five minutes to run down the stairs, to the great hall before the feast will begin. But the stairs again was moving faster than normal so it was hard to not fall down. I stopped at the second floor and looked down to see all the other was walking in the great hall and the three school stood outside and waited for something. Looking at the stair I needed to get down, I saw it just stopped in the air and didn’t seem to move at all.

“ Just great,” I said to myself and crossed my arms. But then I felt something bump into me and the next second I was falling down.

“ What the hell!!!,” I scream and tried to take out my wand from my pocket.

“ Sorry for that,” said a voice near my left ear and when I turned my face to see who it was I stared into a pair of beautiful glowing golden eyes. I don’t know what happened but when I stared into those eyes it was like everything around us was gone and it was only me and that person in front of me. I could stare into those eyes forever and not caring if I was falling down to my death. But it ended when the person blinked and instead of golden eyes I stared now into a pair of beautiful emerald green eyes.

“ You can stop staring now Harry,” said Delta beside me. Wait what?.

I stared at him in confusion and saw that I know stood beside the door to the great hall.

“ How the hell did I get here?. I was falling a few seconds ago.”

Delta pointed behind me. “ You was too busy staring into her eyes that you didn’t realise that you weren’t falling anymore.” I turned around to the person I stared into its eyes, and I think I was busy staring at them before I didn’t realise it was a girl. She stood there with the Raxora student coat covered her body and the hood covered her hair so the only thing I could see was her soft face smiling at me with the green emerald eyes.

“ Am really sorry for bumping into you, I didn’t see where I was running,” She said while looking at me with an apologise face.

I opened my mouth to speak, but I didn’t say a word before McGonagall’s voice and another was shouting through the school.

“ All students in Hogwarts must be in the great hall now.”

“ SISTER!!!!.”

The one that shouted out sister sounded like a guy who was soon going to explode in anger at any second.

Delta giggled and looked at the girl. “ Your brother doesn’t sound happy.”

She narrows her eyes at him. “ Did he sound happy when I told him about this tournament?”

Delta shook his head no and looked at me. “ You better go now, before you are the last one. “ And he was right, the last of the students from Hogwarts was on their way in and I was one of the few left outside the great hall.

“ I must hurry,” I looked at Delta and the girl.” See you two later. “ And I ran to the door and got a fast glance at the other students from Raxora, who talked to each other and seem to have fun while the other two school had very serious faces.

Delta pov

After harry walked into the great hall I turned my glance at the young headmaster while she put on the white headmaster coat. “ You didn’t bump into him by accident, did you.” I know she never runs into anybody by accident, and I have known her for many years. She scratched behind her head before she spoke. “ I didn’t mean to make him fall down from the second floor, but I needed to check something.”

“And that was?.”

“ Not going to tell you yet,” she said and the baby dragon peeked out its head under her hair and made a funny noise at me.

“ Hey,” I pointed my finger at the baby dragon. “ Don’t laugh at me.”

The headmaster giggled while the baby dragon tried to bite my finger. But the smile on her lips died when her brother jumped down from the stairs on the other said and made big cracks on the stone floor from his boots. He stared at her with very angry eyes that looked like he was going to kill her with his stare. “ Sister”, he said with grinding teeth and walked up to her. The headmaster smiled a big smile at him, but me and all the other students from Raxora know that when she smile that big she is scared.

“ Hi, brother.” He put his hands on her shoulder to make sure she was not running anywhere.

“ Don’t ‘Hi’ me, why….”

“Stop it, Jack.” Her brother turned around and Hannah and Henry stood there with their arms crossed. “ There is not the time to scold her now, do it after the feast.” Said the twins at the same time.

Jack growled loudly like an animal, which made the other two schools students glanced at him.

“ Alright,” he said and let go of the headmasters shoulders and walked to the other teachers in our school. The headmaster looked a little surprised that her brother let her go so easily after running after her the whole school, but the surprise quickly changed to a serious face.

“ He needs to relax sometimes.”

“ You know he has never relaxed seen your were born.”

The dragon bites her ear playfully which made her smile a little. “ Just wish I wasn’t the reason he is like this.”

“It’s not your fault, he is just protective of you.”

A girl with pink hair joined our talk. “ Just wait till she gets a boyfriend.”

“ Oh god,” The headmaster cover her face with her hands when the girl said that. I just giggled and smiled at the girl. “ Nice one, Roosa.” She smiled back at me and walked over to the headmaster. “ See it as a good thing, headmaster. “

“ How?. He almost through the last one in the lava, and that guy only joked around.”

Roosa gulped. “ Ok, you have a bigger problem than I thought.” She was going to walk away but stopped to whisper something to the headmaster. “ How many years ago was that?.”

“ 8 years ago.”

“ How old was that guy?.”

“One year older than me.”

Roosa’s face was pale. “ Your brother is a monster.”

“ You think, “ said the headmaster with a hard voice.

“Hey, hey. Don’t think like that,” I said and walked over. “ He is your brother and he love you.”

She narrows her eyes at me. “ Why are you on his side?.”

“Am not, I just know what he is going through. Am a brother too you know.”

She stared at me for a few seconds before she relaxed with a smile. “ Yeah, you right.”

Roosa just shook her head. “ Well am glad I don’t have a brother.”

Harry potter pov

“ Harry what the bloody hell took you so long?.” Asked Ron when I sat down beside him.

“ Something happened on the way.”

Hermione looked at me with a little interest. “ What happened?.”

Ron put his hand on my shoulder. “ He can tell later, right now Dumbledore is going to speak.”

“Huh, what happened to you today Ron?.” She crossed her arms, but she didn’t get an answer. Because Dumbledores voice was heard all over the great hall which made everybody turned their gaze to him.

“ Attention everybody. Before I tell you about the new rules that the ministry have decided for the Tri-Wizard tournament. We are going to welcome our guests after their long journey to come here and be with us for this year. please join me in welcoming the lovely ladies of the Beauxbatons Academy of magic and their headmistress Madam Maxime.”

The doors opened and a group of beautiful girls dressed in blue dance their way up the aisle and all the guys was staring after them, and I would lie if I said I didn’t. Something about them made me drawn to them, and I could see that Ron was too while he was mumbling ‘bloody hell’ and stared at their back. When they danced up the stairs to the teachers table, the girls release butterflies into the air and bowed. Everybody was clapping mostly all the guys, all the girls just stared with jealously at the Beauxbatons students.

“ That’s one big woman,” said somebody and that person was right. A tall women walked down with a smile on her face and a girl who looked more like she was a little baby beside that tall women, walked beside her up till the teacher table.

“ And now our friends from the north, please greet the proud sons of Durmstrang and the high master Igor Karkaroff.”

The doors opened again and A series of older boys walk up the aisle brandishing bo staffs,

twirling them around and periodically stabbing them into the ground with a spark effect.

After them, walked the headmaster and another guy I know looked familiar from somewhere.

“Blimey,” I heard Ron said. ” it’s him, Viktor Krum!.”

The Viktor Krum, the seeker?

The boys breathe some fire that flying through the air.

Dumbledore walked won the stair with open arms to the Durmstrang headmaster. “Igor!.”

“ Dumbledore!.”

They embrace each other, like old friends that haven’t each other for a very long time. After that Dumbledore walked back up the stairs and looked both left and right, and had a serious face and somehow looked excited.

“ For the first time for many years will we be joined by a very special school, that have many secret but also very powerful. I hope that you all will feel special for this moment, this maybe will be the only time you will meet and learn to know these special students, teachers and their headmaster. Join me to give a big welcome to the Raxora school.”

The doors opened and everybody was excited for what was going to happen, and what happened was a big surprise for me. Instead of seeing the students walking in, there was a big cloud that had yellow/golden lightning showing through the cloud. And the next second the cloud exploded and all the students were jumping on the table. But it was like they were made of the cloud and shadow.

Hermione stared at them with her mouth open. “ They can do the shadow dance.”

The cloud made students danced and ran down the table jumped up in the air.

“ Shadow dance?.” I asked more for myself.

“ The shadow dance,” begin Hermione while watching the show. “ Is a dangerous dance that is really hard to do. The dance can only be done if you make your body and mind only a shadow. It’s so hard that many have died to come back to their real body...HA!!!.” One was going right through Hermione and danced on the table.

“ Amazing,” the person bowed to me when I said that. Then jumped down and stood with the other in two long lines in the middle of the room. Their shadow body glowed white and when they stop glowing, all the student stood there with their real bodies with their school clothes. The boys had long black pants with a black vest with the school symbol on the side and under the vest was a long sleeve white shirt. The girl was almost the same as the guy but had black shorts with long black socks that almost cover the whole legs. There was long quiet in the great hall but then everybody even the two other school stood up and clapped their hands and few was whistling. the Raxora student walked up and after them, come their young headmaster with the teacher after her. It was almost I was going to jump off the seat, the headmaster was the young girl that bumped into me. But instead of the black coat, she had before she had a long white coat with a golden dragon on the back and she had a beautiful golden dress. What I saw now that I didn’t see before was her red hair, it was not red like Ron, no. Her hair was like fire red that was going down over her chest in waves. I couldn’t look away from her, she was so beautiful, just seeing her made the Beauxbatons students looking at her with jealous. When she walked near me she smiled down at me and when she was so near I could see that little baby dragon under her hair that had its tail wrapped around her body tightly. It stared down at me with its small eyes but fast hide under her hair. After the headmaster walked a tall man with a scar over his right eye. he didn’t look the happy guy wanted to meet in a dark night, maybe he was in a bad mood because his jacket was a little to small for him. and after him come the twins Hanna and Henry and the other teachers that had the same black coat with the golden dragon as Hanna and Henry, but they cover their head and mouth like they didn’t want to be seen. When the young headmaster come up to Dumbledore she bowed and smiled. “ Thanks for having us here headmaster Dumbledore.”

Dumbledore smiled. “ It’s me who should thank you for coming.”

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