The youngest headmaster (harry potter fanfiction)

chapter 7

Young headmaster pov

All the staring was still on me when I and the other from my school stood on the side and waited for Dumbledore to speak and begin the feast. But Dumbledore waited for the students to look at him to know that they were listening and it took a while for everybody to turn their attention to him.

“ Now before we eat let’s sing the Hogwarts song for our guests.”

All the Hogwarts students stood up and were ready to sing.

Dumbledore moved his hands. “ One, two, three”.

Hogwarts Hogwarts Hoggy Wortty Hogwarts

Teach us something please-

weather we be old and bald

or young with scabby knees-

“ Wow,” Whisper my brother and rubbed his eyes. “ I don’t know what worse they singing or the lyrics.”

I hit his arm. “ Be nice.”

Our heads could do with filling

with some interesting stuff

for now there bear and full

of air dead flies and bits of fluff

He narrows his eyes at me. “ Well, sorry. But this song is really bad.”

I shook my head and looked at the other headmasters. They looked at the walls and the floor everything besides the Hogwarts students singing, it was like they wanted the song to end so they could stop hearing it.

So teach us things worth knowing

bring back what we forgot

just do your best we’ll do the rest

and learn untill our brains all rot.

The students sat down again when the song was done.

“ Now lets our guests sit down so we can begin the feast.” Said Dumbledore and walked to his seat at the teacher table.

Harry potter pov

After our singing, the students from Durmstrang walked over to the Slytherin table and Viktor Krum sat right beside Malfoy, who looked at me with a smirk on his lips. The Beauxbatons students sat at the Ravenclaw table and sat up with their back straight like they were elegant ladies. But the Raxora students didn’t move, they just stood there on the side and talked with each other. Their young headmaster watched them a few step from them and waited for them to take a seat. After a few minutes of talking, Delta and his sisters walked down to our table and sat right beside me. The other follow them and sat down. This time, it was me who had a smirk on my lips and Malfoy stared at the Raxora student with shock.

Delta put his arm on my shoulders. “ Nice to see you again, Harry.”

“ Nice to see you too,” I smiled and looked at him. “ Why didn’t you mention that girl was your headmaster?.”

He shrugged. “ I didn’t see that as the right time to tell.”

“ Right time to tell what?,” asked Hermione and looked at us with question eyes.

“Well…” I begin.

“ Now,” Said Dumbledore with a high voice. “ Lets the feast begin,” he clapped his hand together two times and the food was magical appeared on the table. The first year stared at the food with big eyes, but the old and the other students from the other school just stared at the magical appearance with boring eyes. Ron was ready to take so much food as possible but stopped himself when he saw food that looked really weird.

“ What the hell is this? ” he held a bowl with purple and black fruit mixed together.

Hermione stared at the bowl and shook her head. “ I have never seen that before.”

Rose took the bowl.” This is Matunda nyama.”

Hermione tried to say it.“ Matud...What?.”

“ Matunda nyama,” corrected Rose and eat the black fruit. “ Its mean the meat fruit, they growing in our school garden every 5 months.”

Ron grabs a purple fruit and staring at it. “ It doesn’t look like its made of meat.”

“ No, no. “ Terisa shook her head. “ This fruit isn’t made of meat, it tastes like meat.”

Ron looked like a question mark. “ We do you have fruit taste like meat when you kan have chicken and real meat.”

Delta nodded his head at few of the Raxora students that had covered their head by their hood that was attached to the vest. “ They are a little crazy when they eat real meat.”

“ Crazy?,” I looked at him.

He shook his head. “ You don’t want to know.”

Hermione and Ron tasted the fruit, they didn’t spit it out or made a face when something tastes bad. Instead, Ron made a ‘Mmm’ sound and eat some more of the fruit.

“ This taste really good.”

Hermione nodded as a sign of agreeing with Ron. “ They really are good. “ She took one more before she looked at me. “ So what were you talking about before?.”

Delta moved his arm from my shoulders and waited for me to talk.

“ Well, you see I was waiting for the stairs that somehow stopped and their headmaster.” I pointed at Delta and his sisters. “ Accidentally bumped into me and we fell down.”

Hermione coughed. “ The young headmaster made you fall down?.”

“ Don’t worry Hermione she saved me and apologised for bumping into me, so nothing happened.” Hermione didn’t look happy, she turned her attention to the young headmaster that sat on the teacher table beside Dumbledore. The Beauxbatons headmaster tried to talk to the young headmaster, but the young headmaster wasn’t so interested what the tall lady had to say.

After a few minutes, Hermione looked at Delta. “ What is your headmasters real name?.”

“ I don’t know,” he said directly and took a big bite of a red apple.

Hermione raised her eyebrows. “ You don’t know or you don’t want to tell?.”

Delta stops eating and was in deep thought. “ I maybe did know many years ago, but after calling her young headmaster for so long, I don’t remember what her real name is.”

Hermione didn’t give up that easy. “ But you know what special power she hav..”

“ Stop,” Delta looked a bit mad. “ I want to eat and relax, not be bombed with questions that am not allow to answer. Besides, if her big brother catches me telling anybody, he will kill me.”

Ron stopped eating. “ Her brother?.”

Terisa nodded. “ Yes, he is the big guy with the scar.”

“ But,” begin Hermione. “ Why is he not the headmaster instead of her?.”

All students from Raxora stop talking and stared at Hermione like she just killed somebody. Rose bit her lips and whisper. “ Its a little complicated.”

Hermione narrow her eyes. “ How complicated?.”

Rose looked at the young headmaster with sad eyes and turned back to Hermione.

“ Just don’t ask that again.”

Young headmaster pov

I could feel something was wrong at the Gryffindor table my students was sitting. Before they were laughing and talked to the Gryffindor students like they had known each other for years, but somehow all of my students stopped and stared at a girl in front of Harry potter who before looked at me with mad eyes. Maybe Harry told her about the accident that happened before, that’s maybe it. Goldy was still hiding under my hair and I could feel him growl loudly. I was on my way to call my brother over and ask him what was going on, but the tall lady headmaster grabbed my hand and looked at my finger.

“ Oh, you really have the hand for a lady and your beauty.” She caressed my cheek.

” Merlin, I wish you were one of my students.

I pulled back my hand and forced a smile on my lips. “ That was very kind of you, but my duty is to take care of my school and all my students. “

I looked at the Gryffindor table again and saw everybody was talking and laughing again. I know I didn’t imagine it, so something was wrong before. I maybe have to talk to my students before they go to bed. I felt something nibble on my ear and turned my attention to Goldy who showed with his head that he was hungry. With a smile and gave him some fruit and berries from my plate. He happily eat it with his tongue and later hide again under my hair. Silly dragon.

Dumbledore put his hand on my shoulder. “ Ist really an honour to have you here in my school, and surprise that you said yes to this,” he pulled up his glasses when he said that and looked at me.

I peeked at the side to see if my brother still was talking to the teacher on the other side of the table and turned back to Dumbledore. “ There is a reason why I said yes to this, and I think it’s good to tell you too. But not here.”

Dumbledore raised an eyebrow and caressed his beard. “ Does it have anything to do with Harry potter?.” I gave him a small node. “ Let’s meet at my office at midnight and tell me then.” He grabbed his big goblet and drank a yellow drink, and next second he coughed out smoke from his mouth. “ Merlin, this was hot to the throat.”

I couldn’t help to giggle. “ That’s because its lemon fire, we drink that all the time in ours school. And sometimes somebody breath fire because of it.” Dumbledore laughs and drank it again, and coughed out smoke again. Few students from the other school coughed out smoke from their mouth too and quickly drank some water to make the burn stop. But all of my students just drank all up without coughed out smoke or showing that it was hot.

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