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𝘯𝘶𝘮𝘣𝘦𝘳 + 𝘬𝘢𝘨𝘦𝘩𝘪𝘯𝘢


best friends it seems, close to one another. but love is like a gun, one shot and you could get hurt. just like what hinata’s pretty little mind thinks about kageyama.

Other / Romance
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𝘯 𝘶 𝘮 𝘣 𝘦 𝘳

ahh, the sweet melody of birds chirping, singing their favorite hymns as the sun rises at its peak slowly. and for what it’s worth, it’s a perfect day to get up, run around, and play volleyball with his friends—“ACHOO”

at least that was hinata’s normal routine. and his raspy voice only called out something was wrong. a fever that had came to him like a train hitting him fast.

now, hinata was always healthy. eating the right amount of meat to his standard diet. but these were one of the days that he just didn’t feel at his best, and those days are rare.

especially when he expects a message from his boyfriend. ‘talk about boyfriend-material’, he thought to himself. hating each millisecond of him getting up to look at his notifications, only to see an cobwebs and a tumbleweed on his notifications.

ok—maybe there were messages from his sister and his mother, along with yachi.

“it’s the same old, same old.” the redhead only huffed, seeing no notifications and eyeing his phone as if it was his enemy. two thing hinata’s always hated was getting sick, and being ignored by his boyfriend.

he lies back in his bed, disappointed and sick. of course, with a mix of sniffing harshly, you could hardly tell if he was crying.

he was too weak to get up and start his day with a simple smile. and so, he only daydreamed at how lovely the memory was when kageyama got jealous when yachi asked for hinata’s number (which was for another day of tutoring), only ringing dominance in brunette’s brain.

‘hehe, jelly’, he thought to himself, smirking like a fool. victory was always unsure on the court but he knew he won when kageyama confessed, right after when hinata gave his number to yachi.

and take note, this all had happened yesterday.

: *.☽ .*

it was another club meeting. nishinoya and asahi being oblivious love birds, yamaguchi and tsukishima adorably looking at each other, and sugawara and daichi was giving off ‘everyday married couple’—at least that was what hinata’s head was like.

at this point, he felt single. hell, he felt out of place for sitting there like an idiot. and then there was kageyama, who stole glances at him.

of course, there were other club members, but he couldn’t seem to stop staring and envy the sweet couples. and somehow, he looked at his strikingly handsome crush, who had looked at him the entire time.

‘was he staring at me the whole time?’ his brain convinced him to look away, to avoid the awkward situation but luckily for him, kageyama was the first to look away. his irises noticed a bright pink tint in his cheeks, and that’s something that he’s never seen in kageyama before.

‘he totally was, and maybe, your ass if you were looking carefully.’ as much as he wanted to argue with his inner self, the club meeting just ended.

un-subconsciously, he stood up and stared at himself. the couples went there way to clean up the court, and kageyama took his towel to wipe off the sweat that has been bothering him—but he somehow did it sexily.

‘ok, no point in lying but did you see how his sweat makes him look 200% hawter?!’ he picked up his water bottle, and blushed at the mere thought.

200 is a big number—‘ ‘yeah, well, guess what? i’m you, you’re me, so we can’t really fix that problem. plus, i said no lying, so he’s THAT HOT.’ again, his inner brain was totally right when kageyama started wiping off the sweat under his shirt.

make that infinity.’ mental high five for that one.’ if the redhead was given a chance to drool, he’d do it now. he imagines himself, wiping off kageyama’s sweat off.

blame him but not only did he want to wipe his sweat off, but he would peck kisses and hug him sweetly—and maybe more.

something within the redhead told himself that he was being watched, but he didn’t care. it’s a once in a lifetime where you watch your crush, which he just needed to see badly.

and just like that, he stopped staring and walked subconsciously to the door like it was nothing. ‘and only if you took a picture.’ ‘ew no, that’s what would a stalker would do.’

‘correction, it’s what you would do if you were his boyfrie—‘ “hinata?”

a piece of reality brightened his eyes to see yachi, and he could tell she was confused. ‘man, was i staring there all day?’ ‘i don’t blame her, you look dumb standing at the door.’

“y-yes!” his voice, squeaking as if it was a mouse. he heard someone giggle from the back. and to his misfortune, it was kageyama, heartily laughing at him.

‘back up, you can’t fight me on this but you should make him laugh more. hAw—‘ “what a dumbass!” the brunette laughed, and hinata could only say a few words.

“oh sHuT uP!” there he goes again, cracking in between his voice. yachi giggles too, with a slight blush. ‘i always get interrupted even if i’m your thoughts and conscious. goodness gracious, great balls of fi—‘

“anyways, hinata,” the blonde catches the ginger head’s attention. kageyama walks out the door, and it was only yachi and hinata standing in the bright courtroom.

“so you need tutoring on the english exam, right?” she twiddled with her phone, giving it to the now confused hinata. “i need your number.”

‘ooOOoOoH! forget about charcoal hair dude, type your number!!’ “sure.” and there he was, tapping the numbers on her phone.

‘you think we can get a date? ‘it’s just a number, get over it.’ typing out the numbers, a sudden bang from behind the walls, scared yachi. and hinata? still typing the number he forgot for a minute.

ahh, so you’ve forgotten. when you get a number, it means you’ve got a chance with her.’ his subconscious told him, giving the phone to yachi

“thanks hinata!” she smiled, feeling a sense of rejoice. he smiled back, with a slight tinted blush. yachi heads out of the door, leaving hinata all alone.

and he was stuck with his noisy brain that he couldn’t shut up.

he didn’t walk out the courtroom like what everybody else did, feeling a little off. he sat there, as his legs hit the coldness of the floor. he sighs only for a second, ‘ok, so do you think you can face him again when you’ve given your number to yachi?’

those were his doubts that somehow come as right. he always listened to his intuition, but right now, it was the first time he listened to his brain as if it was a stranger telling him his opinions.

‘it’s just a number, really. there’s nothing more to that.’ or maybe you’re wrong? you know how most of the time that you listen to me when you make a move.’

that he couldn’t argue. he knows he doesn’t think when he makes a move, but when he does, the point is theirs.

sighing like an idiot, he hugs his knees. he considered himself as confused. his head felt like the room spun in confusing spirals, and to his discomfort, the lights were off—and he didn’t turn off the lights.

he was scared, confused, and considered himself—a word he hated, sick. sick is a word he would never use on himself.

for a word used commonly for a typical human, this word would be cursed.

seconds go by, he started lying on the floor. and for a normality of a human, he cried. he hated it. life was already confusing. he wanted to shut this feelings off and smile it off, trying to remove his little infatuation for the ravenette.

the ravenette, of course. he was the start of this headache. but was the end of a teenage crush? it wouldn’t be easy for the redhead to forget all the sweetness of their memories.

memories. ‘cursed memories’. those were the start that engraved memory of the charcoal haired male. those malevolent eyes that somehow were the calm, and it made his heart either tear up or sew them together.

it was cold, if you asked hinata. the atmosphere of no one at your side. he had no hope of getting him. just like all thoughts of a person of same sex would think.

‘i’d be lucky enough to get him.’ the darkness was slowly consuming him, and so it did. no glimmer in his eyes, he closes his beautiful eyelashes. and the world, all around him closed to his demise.

: *.☽ .*

the calming sound of nothing. the honey sweet wind caressed his cheek. it was a dark, starry, but beautiful night sky when he opened his eyes. and along with that, his eyes widened to see a view he so long hated, but somehow—liked.

too weak to speak, he only voiced out a small name that made his heart go even weaker “k-kageyama?”.

oh so vulnerable, the ravenette only kissed his forehead and whispered in his ear lobe “it’s gonna be ok, i’m here.”

if it was one thing the orange-head didn’t regret, he would never regret this single moment.

this isn’t wrong. he could never call this little infatuation wrong. and did he have the guts to? somehow, he was to weak to even register the kiss that the brunette pressed against his forehead, to calm his squirming down.

it was so clear to him, that only this man could make him fall on his knees and beg for mercy. he would normally get up and run home, but no—he couldn’t.

noises in the background that the latter couldn’t hear didn’t even bother him. his thought were louder than the crack of the bell. but when he opened those very same eyes that he used to look at beautiful eyes, he saw a light coming from a room. a room that he’s never been in before.

and to his comfort, he felt his head rest in a head. it swallowed his pretty little mind with softness. his sniffed the pillow, and it smelled wonderful to him. it smelled just like kageyama.

he memorized it all in his head. that smell calmed his head down, being aware of his surroundings. he now notices the room. it wasn’t like his, or could he even recognize his own room.

or maybe it wasn’t his room.

the door opened, revealing a man with the a tray of food, and a glass of water. hinata could only tell the man was kageyama, and the tray of food was only a blur to him. the only think that stuck into hinata’s head was he was sick, he was in kageyama’s room, and kageyama is right in front of him.

and just when kageyama stood up to get a chair, hinata persuaded himself to sit up. “lie down, you need this.” the soft voice said, and hinata complied with the orders.

laying the tray beside him, with hinata’s phone, antibiotics, food that he couldn’t identify, and water, hinata’s little brain told him ‘he is soooo boyfriend material’.

the chair was right beside the nightstand with the tray. kageyama sat down on the chair, to look down at the redhead. the redhead only smiled weakly, making the ravenette blush at the gorgeous sight. if only you knew what was going on inside kageyama’s head.

“hey,” kageyama said with a smile that was comforting. “hi.” responding back with a red blush, kageyama could only pat his head.

“how’s your head?” worried, he instantly picked up the medicine and water. “never the better? i honestly don’t know.” and with that, kageyama understood the little words he spoke with.

“here, drink this only after you’ve ate the food right beside you.” he gave hinata the antibiotics and laid the water on the tray. hinata’s heart felt loved, but why did he feel that when he was only a friend to him but hinata felt more than that?

kageyama’s gentleman side came to him like magic and gave him the tray of food, just like breakfast in bed—but for dinner. “sorry, this is all i had.” miso soup and rice balls. this was little food but enough to keep someone full.

food sometimes can be a sign of love. the latter just didn’t see that.

“it’s fine.” his raspy voice showed, grabbing the rice balls and drinking the water. in just one go, he finished the water. kageyama stood up and said “wait here, i’ll grab a pitcher of water.”

indeed, this was kageyama’s sign of showing care.

: *.☽ .*

minutes and a few scenes later, kageyama only watched the tangerine eat his food. it was a moviesque to him, and to an impulse, he patted his fluffy hair.

hinata’s onyx irises meets with dark obsidian ones. it wasn’t obvious to them but they were an inches away from kissing sweetly. but fate teased the latter, by a ringing phone. feeling a sense of awkwardness, hinata drank his medicine, gulping the water down along with his sense of awkwardness.

kageyama only eyed hinata. “aren’t you gonna answer it?” those words were like an implant in his mind, telling him that he shouldn’t answer it. “no, i don’t really want to.” he finished his food and declined the call without checking who was calling. part of kageyama was relieved—or maybe a whole lot of him was relieved.

“here, give me the tray.” kageyama’s hands rushed over to the tray and laid it on the nightstand. little actions mean a lot of meaning, and that was simply beautiful for hinata’s simple mind.

“thanks,” his voice was cute “but where are you going to sleep?” and finally, his phone stopped ringing. it annoyed the two but their conversation was louder than the ringing.

“beside you, duh.” he simply said, as hinata felt a sense of his cheeks heat up. “wait—why??” it wasn’t that loud of a shout, due to his raspy voice. but you could tell kageyama knew he was flustered. “because it’s my bed.” he stood up and walked at the left side of the bed.

“plus, it’s a king sized bed.” sitting down, and adjusting himself to look at hinata’s eyes. “it’s big enough for the two of us.”

the redhead subconsciously turned around to see those same charcoal eyes, darker than the starry night sky. their faces was an inch away from meeting lips, and their hands were unknowingly holding each other’s.

“hey.” hinata only said, as he softens his gaze at kageyama. “hi.”

and his brain was quieter, because it was this bolder side of himself, wanting to see how his destiny unfolds.

“is it weird, when i look into your eyes, it’s like seeing the sun gaze on me? and somehow, i like it.” there were something in his words that felt like electricity, something he’s felt when he is to fight in a tournament.

“no, it’s the same with me. except your eyes are the beautiful dark pearls i’ve ever seen in my life.” no necessary thinking, just honest words spitting right out of their mouths. because they knew this was right.

“sometimes i wonder if you even look at me the same way as i do.” the ravenette only voiced with sadness. he blond left confused, felt the need to ask, “what do you mean?”.

“i’m saying that i like you.”

and another tease of fate, the phone rang again. another part of hinata felt like he needed to throw that phone away.

just when he was about to reach the phone, veiny hands stopped him. ‘wow, all i just wanted was to stop that cock block of an object.’ once he was stopped, he met eyes again with his beloved crush.

“look at me, and tell me how you really feel about what i said.” boldness strikes into the aforementioned, and it was hot. if hinata could melt right now, he’d never see the light of day—or his dark eyes.

“i—i.” ‘tell him. you wanted this.’

he gulped, feeling a sense of security but also a sense of scare. kageyama liked him back, that was all he needed.

he could tell in those pitch black irises, there was something about him that felt true. but all his mouth spat was a silent breath. and so, disappointment shun in the ravenette’s eyes.

“it’s fine...i knew you you didn’t like me back, and i just forced myself to tell you.” he turned around to his side of the bed. with his other nightstand that had a nightshade, he turned off the lights.

“and, by the way, i was the one who smacked the wall when you and yachi were talking about your number.” the truth had been set free from kageyama’s lips. ‘what the hell? you’re making it seem you don’t like him back! tell him!!’

“because i was jealous.” and widened eyes looked at the black-haired king. “i guess i was jealous because even i didn’t have your number and she had.”

“I guess even king of the court can’t be king of someone’s heart.” his words pricked hinata’s heart. ‘that’s it. i’ve got to do something.’

his arms surrounded him like a snake, capturing kageyama’s small waist. and he wishes he could take a picture of this sweet moment. this only surprised the taller figure, and only felt shivers.

“i like you too, kageyama.” electricity both rung in their hearts, and in a snap of a fingers, kageyama’s arms stood on top of hinata with fire in his eyes. “really?!” he shouted, and the latter softened. smilling, he nodded.

kageyama instantly smoothered hinata with kisses of sweetness, and no mix of bitterness. hinata could only giggle and hugged kageyama’s sweet figure. he could see kageyama’s eyes tear up, and he had never seen the aforementioned cry.

he could only caresses that black flakes of hair as he lies on hinata’s shoulders, being able to cry a slight bit. “you don’t know how glad i am.” it was audible enough for hinata to hear. and kageyama kissed his forehead, and blushed while looking away.

he muffled something in between his words, “what?” the redhead said.

“s-so...” a basic tsundere move for him, but more bolder. “a-are we a thing?” he said more louder, still looking at hinata. hinata only chuckled at the flustered ravenette, and once again confirmed with a little nod.

and just like that, kageyama’s heart was doing dances and fireworks and hinata’s stomach felt like they were doing summersaults—all because they locked lips, connecting their tongue. hinata’s sickness all of a sudden felt like it had disappeared.

dancing their tongues to a rhythm only they could dance to, once running out of air, they looked at each other with that same fire in their eyes. they were only an inch away from kissing once again.

“my boyfriend,” ‘this is so cheesy,’ “you’re mine.” ‘called it.’

and little arms that were used on volleyball, also swarmed his arms around kageyama’s shoulders. and thus, the two who were best friends became lovers.

: *.☽ .*

the hours passed and still no notifications from his beloved boyfriend. he could only stay in kageyama’s room, not wanting to look weak and crawl all the way to the kitchen. luckily for him, the brunette prepared food and water, right beside him.

‘something tells me he’s 50% boyfriend material, 20% tsundere, and 30% a meanie.’ ‘that we can fully agree on.’ he forgot he had a phone, still reminding himself that the phone still had messages that were unanswered.

he only answered yachi, saying he was sorry and couldn’t come to her house cause he was ‘curse this stupid word’, sick.

and so, the sun sat down in peace and tranquil. but only his heart remained with energy and that same electrifying feeling when he feels the ravenette’s skin.

i miss him.’ ‘hA, yOu tHinK i dOn’T?’

he turned around to lay at the pillow and inhaled the intoxicating scent of the pillow. ‘he smells so good.’ ‘hell yeah, he does. you should move in with him and ask him what shampoo he uses.’ ‘isn’t that too fast?’ mMMm, yeah.’

his legs were swinging like a teenage girl. he for sure missed kageyama and needed a message—but he remembered that one phrase he said..

“i was the one who smacked the wall when you and yachi were talking about your number”—

his thoughts then slowly shut down when a tall figure, kingly like man stood at the door with again—food. “hey,” and it was just like that, their soft voices made each other melt.

“hi.” hinata said back as he sat front from the door, pouting a little back. the little things can mean big things, and so kageyama crouched down to hinata’s head level.

“what’s wrong?” he caressed his soft cheeks, and made his way to his red locks of hair. “it’s that you didn’t text me...” mumbling in between his words, kageyama only smirks.

“remember i told you? i don’t have your number yet?” he points out to the orange-hair’s phone, only nervously laughing. “o-oh yeah...that!” he scratches his head.

kageyama took the hinata’s phone and typed in the number fastly, and when finished, he flashed a big bright smile for him—trying to not look one bit intimidating. “here, my number. you can call me here and i’ll know your number.” he smiled, with a prince like aura.

‘was he trying to smile?’ ‘dunno, but can’t complain but it was hawt.’ and there, the brunette only stood up and hugged hinata down to the bed. “i missed you.” the ravenette’s words only implored the sunlike hair.

“i missed you too, and maybe even more.” he told kageyama, where as a sweet comeback, they kissed sweetly on the lips. “can we cuddle?” pure innocent eyes, meet hinata’s. he’s never seen this side of kageyama, but he reminded himself that this was his boyfriend. he has the authority to kiss him and tell him all the things he wanted to say.

“i’d love to.” filled with compassion and kindness, he brushed his the black bangs away from kageyama’s eyes. “only if you take a bath though.” he sat up from the king bed, and so did kageyama.

“really? a bath just for a cuddle?” he stood up, walking to his cabinet to find a towel. “yup, and then we can cuddle and have a game plan to find my way out of your room.” he said proudly, as kageyama looked into hinata’s eyes with sadness.

“but it’s saturday tomorrow, can’t you stay one more day?” he pleaded with puppy eyes. so vulnerable and no line of defense in his heart, he only sighed in agreement. “ok, fine...”

flashes of white came to the obisidian eyes, and rushed to peck hinata all over. “but you have to promise me, that i am not escaping by your window.” and a promise he made, by just a pinky promise.

hinata couldn’t help but peck the aforementioned in the forehead, but he went back to pointing at the door. “go take a shower or consider the consequences.” he commanded with force, and their the king marched his to the great resting place—also known as his bathroom.

you’re whipped aren’t you?’ ‘yes, i am.’ ‘and so am i.’


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