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Night Run

Hermione's Pearle

"Professor, I can't just sit here and let Voldemort get away with this! He deserves to die for what he did to her and I am going to be the one that kills him for doing it!"

Hermione's eye flickered opened and she looked around. She was no longer in the dark alleyway, but in a brightly lit room and in a nice warm bed. She pushed herself into a sitting position and looked towards the source of the voice.

"Harry... is that you?"

Harry Potter's face appeared from around the corner of a curtained off area. He smiled.

"Ron, Hermione's awake."

A few seconds later a red headed boy with freckles appeared next to Harry. He looked as if he had been crying for his eyes were all puffy and nose all red. Ron said no words but immediately took Hermione into a huge embrace and started to cry again. Harry joined in and Hermione felt the warmth and comfort that she once knew before Voldemort's attack. She never wanted to leave this safe place ever again. Ron released his embrace, tears still streaming down his face.

"Oh Hermione...I thought we lost you there...You were unconscious for a week..."

He embraced her again. Hermione tried to comfort him. Another figure came from around the corner. Hermione looked up and saw the Headmaster staring over his half moon-shaped spectacles.

"Professor Dumbledore."

Ron released his embrace again and sat down in the bed side chair. Harry stood at the head of the bed.

Hermione pulled herself up more in her bed before she continued speaking, "Professor, how did I get here? Where is Voldemort? What hap..."

Dumbledore raised his hands to cut her off.

"Ms. Granger, all those questions will be answered in time."

He took a seat on the other side of Hermione. Hermione noticed a change in his voice...a change that scared and confused her... a change that let her know there was something wrong. Very wrong.

"Why does he sound worried?" she thought to herself.

"Professor, Ron, Harry...what is going on? Why are you guys looking so grave? I am fine...I am not dead (thank god)...What is going on? Tell me!"

Harry and Ron exchanged side way glances. Hermione turned to Dumbledore.


Dumbledore let out a low sigh then he took her hand and just gazed into her brownish eyes...

"Ms. Granger..." he paused with slight hesitation, "Ms. Granger I am sorry to inform you that...that you are pregnant...with Voldemort's child."

Hermione pulled her hand out of his and looked at Harry and Ron who both immediately looked away to avoid her gaze. Hermione sensed anger in Harry and grief in Ron but she couldn't bring herself to believe what Dumbledore just told her.

"No...NO! This can't be true, it can't! You're insane professor...I am not pregnant with Voldemort's child...I am not! Please say that you are joking...Please."

Dumbledore just stared at her...Hermione seeing no signs of him joking busted into tears. Harry walked over and tried to comfort her and Ron just started crying all over again. Dumbledore stood up to leave but Hermione cried out to him,

"WAIT! Don't you go...I can't have this baby, I cant! I want you to get rid of it sire...I know you know how."

Dumbledore turned and faced her, "I am sorry Ms. Granger but I have tried and nothing works. Voldemort has the child protected by an ancient curse that only he himself can break."

Hermione cried harder..."What am I going to do? I can't have this child, I am too young to have children...what about school? I will be the talk of the whole school...now wait, the whole town!"

She wailed into her hands, Harry placed his arms around her shoulders.

"It is ok Hermione...Voldemort won't get away with this." Her turned his glare towards Dumbledore.

Hermione stopped crying..

"Thank you Harry...But what am I supposed to do? I can't..."

But she was cut off yet again by Dumbledore.

"You will stay here in the hospital wing for a few more days then you will go back to your daily routine. But I must enforce that in your 6th month that you return to the hospital wing for the remainder of your pregnancy. May I also advice you not to leave the Hogwarts Grounds unless accompanied by both Ron and Harry. Voldemort may try to contact you towards the end of your pregnancy. If he does I want you to report it to me immediately. Once the baby is born we will figure out what to do with it, until then just follow my orders."

Hermione gave a deep sigh and fell back into her pillow..."I want to die...that sounds way better then having this demon child."

Ron grasped her arm, a stern look on his face, "Hermione don't say that...I would die without you."

Hermione shifted her eyes away for his but didn't respond.

"Mr. Weasley, she can say anything she wants to right now...she can attempt death but it will never secum to her. The curse that is protecting the child from death also protects the mother..So until the baby is born Hermione can not die," and with that he exited the hospital wing.

There were a few minutes of silence then Harry, in an angry voice, spoke out, "I can't believe that Voldemort did this to you Hermione. Why did you have to go off on your own like that!?"

Hermione's gaze was concentrated on the window in front of her as the skies went darker and darker with signs of dusk. It wasn't her fault that this happened to her and she didn't go off on her own she had someone with her when she went down that alley but they got separated...and why was he yelling at her? It was on his orders that she ended up in the dark alley way.

"Hermione, look at me and answer the question," Harry inquired.

"Harry give it a rest will yaw? Now is not a good time," Ron said.

Hermione turned and faced Harry, a slight twinge of hate in her eyes, "You sent me down that alley Harry! Don't you remember? We were running from the Death Eaters...Split up you said. You and Ron took the south way, Ginny and Luna took the north way and Neville and I took the east alley...But we got separated...So you are the reason that I was in the alleyway...You are the reason Voldemort came after me! OUCH!"

Her rage suddenly turned into a jolt of pain in her lower abdomen and she clutched at it. Ron called out for Madam Pomfrey who immediately came to Hermione's aide.

After she examined her over quickly she turned to Harry and Ron, "She'll be fine, and she just got over exasperated. She needs to rest, I think that it is time for you two to leave."

She closed the curtains around Hermione's bed and turned out the ward's lights with a flick of her wand. Ron went into the curtains to say goodnight to Hermione and then him and Harry left the ward.

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