Night Run

By Alexandria N. Rodgers

Fantasy / Drama

A New Beginning

"Harry! Harry! Harry, wake up!"

Harry rolled over sleepily and rubbed his eyes to get them to focus.

"What is it Ginny?" He asked grumpily.

"Madame Pomfrey sent me to fetch you and Ron…Hermione's in labor! Come on get up!" Ginny replied hopping on one foot and shaking him some more.

Harry jumped out of bed and with a wave of his wand got dressed and nudged Ron awake.

"She is early!" Ron said as they ran to the Hospital wing.

"Yeah, hopefully we haven't missed much," Harry replied as he pushed open the door and ran over to the far end bed that Hermione was occupying.

Madame Pomfrey was there, of course, checking vital signs and talking calmly to Hermione was in a sort of sleeping daze.

Madame Pomfrey turning to Harry, Ginny and Ron, "About time you two showed up! Another minute later and the baby would have been born and going on one years old! Now take your positions as we practiced. I have already sedated her and given her the contraction potion. Ron on my signal you will slowly remove the sedation spell off of her like I thought you and Harry you will be waiting for the baby so you can clean it out and start the neonatal procedures I thought you… Ginny I just want you to keep Hermione as calm as you can, talk to her and stuff. Now this won't be painful as to magic is doing all the work but she will feel some discomfort as the head and shoulders emerge. Ok lets get started," and with that she took her position at the foot of the bed with Harry and Ginny and Ron took their positions at the top.

"Ok, Ron, start removing the sedation charm so that the contraction process can begin," Madame Pomfrey instructed.

Ron took his wand and started to slowly wave it over Hermione's eyes. With every pass Hermione's gaze soften as her alertness came back to her. Ginny grabbed Hermione's hand and started small, soft conversation with her in her attempt to keep Hermione as calm as possible.

"Ok, I see the head emerging, Harry hand me those warm towels from that bucket."

Harry reached into the white nursing bucket and pulled out three warm towels and handed them to Madame Pomfrey. Hermione let out a little gasp as the head fully emerged.

"You are doing great Hermione…She looks wonderful, just a little bit more and the shoulders will be out and everything will be easy breezy from there…," Harry remarked.

Hermione felt a few more jolts in her lower abdomen as the shoulders and the rest of the baby came out… Madame Pomfrey handed the baby to Harry who took her over to the nursery table and began cleaning her off. Hermione let out a sigh and just stared up at the ceiling as she waited for that one sound she has been longing to hear for nine months. Harry cleaned the baby fast making sure to rub the heart area a little harder then normal to start the breathing process. Once the baby was fully clean he took his wand and murmured something and a little red spark ignited from the end of his wand and hit the baby's chest causing it to let out a cry as the lungs and heart started to fully function. Hermione sighed heavy and rolled her head over in Harry's direction as he took his wand and conjured a pink blanket and pink beanie hat for the baby.

Harry turned around with the now wrapped up and warm baby in his arms and smiled at Hermione.

"Hermione she is absolutely perfect," he said as he walked over to Hermione's bedside and handed her the baby.

"She is so beautiful Moine," Ron said as he stroked the top of the baby's head.

"Lily Marie Potter… she looks like a Potter don't you think Harry?" Hermione said in an awed type voice.

Harry took a good look at the baby Lily in her mother's arms, "yeah she does have some Potter features…but she is all Hermione hehe."

"She has those eyes that your mother and you have and her hair is dark like yours…" She sighed, "How can something so precious be the child of Voldemort?"

No one answered that question for no one really knew the answer. The trio stayed in the hospital wing until day break when Madame Pomfrey shooed them away to breakfast and class. Hermione placed Lily in the bassinet by her bed after she had fed her and turned to get some rest.

"Hermione…Hermione darling wake up dearest…"

Hermione's eyes fluttered open as someone touched her cheek. She rolled over to see who it was that was touching her but the face that she saw froze her from speaking, for sitting on the edge of her bed was Draco Malfoy.

"What are you doing here Draco?" She asked bewildered.

Draco didn't reply but stood up and looked into the bassinet were Lily laid down sleeping.

"So this is the heir of Voldemort…" he hissed.

Hermione noticing the change in his voice screamed, "VOLDEMORT!"

The fake Draco turned around but it wasn't Draco no more for the polyjuice potion time limit had expired and everything was turning back to what it normally was. Voldemort took out his wand and pointed it at Hermione's mouth to keep her from screaming. He then turned back to the bassinet and picked up the sleeping baby and held her in his arms. A look of awe and for once love was on his face. Hermione, unable to talk, tried to get he baby away from him but he was out of reach… Then from out of know where someone yelled, "RIDDLE!"

Voldemort and Hermione turned towards the source of the voice to find Dumbledore, Harry and Ron standing in the doorway to the hospital wing. Voldemort placed the baby down and with one swift wave of his wand created a fog that was impossible to see through.

"You may have stopped me this time Dumbledore, but one day I will come back for what is rightfully mine…ONE DAY!"

The fog cleared and Voldemort was gone. Ron ran to Hermione's bedside and released the silencing curse.

"Are you ok Hermione? Did he hurt you?" Ron asked looking her over.

"I am fine Ron…Lily? How is Lily?" She asked looking around towards the bassinet to which Harry had approached.

"She is fine Hermione," Harry replied as he picked up the gurgling baby.

"Oh thank Merlin! I thought he was going to take us both," Hermione said as she reached out her arms for her baby.

"How did he get in here! I thought this place was supposed to be protected!" Harry said in an angry voice turning to Professor Dumbledore.

"Calm down Harry… I have known for some time that Voldemort was on this premises but I didn't want any confrontation at this school so I kept it quiet until he approached Ms. Granger..." Dumbledore replied kindly.

"I swear Professor if he even lays a finger on them I will kill him!" and with that Harry stormed out of the hospital wing.

"He will be fine Ms. Granger just give him some time," Dumbledore said in a reassuring voice, "I suggest that Mr. Weasley stays with you tonight and once Harry calms down I will send him here in the morning….until then you two get some rest."

Two days later Madame Pomfrey released Hermione and Lily from the Hospital Wing. Hermione, Ron and Harry were in the Common Room talking…Lily was laying on her back with some toys laughing as Harry tickled her tummy.

"You are so good with her Harry," Hermione comment. "She absolutely adores you."

"Yeah, I am surprised at how well she is developing. Not even three days old and she can already do magic…She is indeed the most powerful Witchling in centuries. Aren't you Lily? Yes you are," he replied as he made funny faces and tickled Lily's belly some more.

"Hey I am good with her too you know! Who fed her and changed her diapers today?" Ron replied in a semi hurt voice.

"Oh yeah lets not forget RONALD! The diaper and bottle man! Nah Ron just kidding you is a good father too," Harry joked.

Hermione gave Ron a kiss and got on the floor next to Harry and Lily who had just made one of her teddy bears float to her.

"Now, Lily you don't want to loose your friend Mrs. Bear now do you? Keep on the ground missy, ok?" Hermione told her daughter as she kissed her on the cheek.

"We know what must be done to end Voldemort you guys…the point is when and how do we do it?" Harry said in a serious tone.

Hermione looked at Ron who looked at Harry then all of three of them looked at Lily who smiled her innocent smile back up at them...

"The sooner we get this over with the sooner you, me, Lily and Ron can live happily ever after as a family," Hermione said.

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