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His Surrogate ( On Request Story)


In the busy street of Mumbai city , a girl is walking home from her work with a bag and file in her hand . She is feeling so pissed off cause today she got fired from her job .

The job which helps her to feed her mother and sister three times a day . Now , she has no hope cause she has lost everything. The job .

Taking a deep defeating sigh , she keeps walking back to her apartment in the Andheri West . She shares the apartment with two of her roommates. They pays the 2/3 of the rent and she pays 1/3 of the rent . By sharing her apartment she could save few rupees and can send them to her mother in Nasik.

Her mother and younger sister lives in Nasik , in their ancestors house with her uncle and aunties from father's side .

Her father was a driver and got killed in an accident few years ago .

Her mother works hard to help her but she can barely earn 100 rupees in 2 days . As, nowadays people buy ready- made clothes from the malls and don't go to tailors more often .

After walking 30 minutes, thinking about what to do with the life , she finally reach her home. Her house mates or roommates greets her enthusiastically but she replies in a low tone .

" Hey" she mumbles and walk into her room and sit on the head .

She doesn't have any hope from the life anymore. What will she tell her mother that she got fired from the job cause her boss wanted to sleep with her and she declined .

She knows , she won't get a new job easily cause of the poor educational certificates of her . She is only HSC/ A level's pass . No big company will take her in . She used to work in a private company as a receptionist. But , now she doesn't have the job but in addition, she has the fired certificate in her list .

She sighs again and rubs her face with both hands without caring about the makeup on her face .

" Can I come in?" Asks one of her house mates and peeks in through the half ajar door .

" yeah" she says and sits straights .

" Are you okay?" She asks sitting by her in the bed .

" Yes I'm fine , purvi , don't worry" she sighs then shakes her " Actually I got fired from the job" .

" What? Fired but why?" Purvi asks shockingly cause no one will want to fired a hard working girl like her .

" The oldie wanted to sleep with me so I declined and rest is here" she gets up and takes out her nightwear from the cupboard.

" Aww poor you , I'm so sorry ." Purvi gets up and hugs her from behind . They are not only house mate but best friends too .

" You're not at fault so don't say sorry" She pulls away and goes to the washroom to take a shower and forget about this long night.

All she wants to do is sleep right now .

She takes a cold shower to relive all the stress of the day and comes to the bed to lay down when her phone rings in the bag .

Thinking who could call her at 10 pm at night , she unzips the bag and takes out her phone to see her mother is calling her .

" Hello mom, how are you ?" She asks once receiving the call and waits for the answer .

" Mom are you okay ? Why aren't you saying anything ?" She asks worried about what happened to her mother when she hears a sob from the other side .

" A .. Avni .. ayesha got fainted and .. and we .." her mother starts crying .

" Ayesha what?" She yells .

" hello Avni, I'm your aunt Harleen , dear , ayesha got fainted at dinner so we take her here in the hospital, now the doctor is saying .. dear , Ayesha has a brain tumour. And it needs to cure before it gets too late to .. save her" Harleen is their neighbor in Nasik .

" A.. aunt .. Ayesha .. will be okay nah?" She asks collapsing on the floor next to the bed .

" Come here in Nasik as fast as possible dear" saying that Harleen cuts off the call .

This gives her the answer of her question . That her sister won't be okay . What will she do now ? She doesn't even get the payment of this month .

What will she do now ?

Can Avni Mehta a jobless girl save her 11 years old sister ?

To be continued...

Author’s note -

First part of the story is here . I didn’t watch this series so everything is my imagination only .

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22 August 2020 .

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