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Leo Valdez x Reader/Supernatural Fan Fiction


Dive into your very own romance with Leo Valdez while hunting demons!

Adventure / Mystery
CJ Dinneen
Age Rating:

Chapter 1

You peel you're (E/C) eyes open and wince at the harsh sunlight flooding through your windows. You try to sit up but a pair of strong arms are holding you down. You turn over to face the one and only Leo Valdez, fast asleep, holding you in his arms. You smirk, remembering that last night Leo had asked to sleep with you due to a nightmare. You lean down and kiss his forehead. His eyes snap open as he lunges at you at gives you a long kiss on the lips. He pulls away with a goofy smile on his face.

"Morning Darlin'" He says sleepily.
You caress his cheek lovingly. "Good morning, any more nightmares?"
He frowns at the mention of his nightmare, which he still hasn't told you about. "No." He smiles "How could I possibly have a nightmare when I'm sleeping with you?" He wiggles his eyebrows.
You scoff. "If you weren't so damn cute I would slap you."
He smirks and kisses you on the cheek.
"Will you tell me about your nightmare now?" I ask, concern lacing my words. Leo, like any demigod, has awful nightmares. But I've never seen him so rattled about one.
He bites his bottom lip. "It was the most terrifying dream I've ever had...(Y/N) I'm really scared."
You pull him into a hug, rubbing small circles on his back. "Don't worry, whatever it is we'll face it together. I promise."
He pulls away. "But that's the thing...what I dreamt about was a creature that I've never seen before. It's not from any mythology that I know."
I frown. "I'm sure we'll figure it out. More accurately, Annabeth will."
He chuckles, "Your right. We can stop by the Athena cabin afte-"
He's cut off by a horn that signals a new demigod just came through the camp borders. Both Leo and you jump out of bed, not wanting to miss the new arrival. You quickly change into a camp T-shirt, gray jean shorts complete with a belt, Converse high tops the sacred color of (Godly Parent), your godly parent, and Leo's grease smudged army jacket. You hurriedly brush your hair and teeth and make sure that your two secret weapons are hidden safely. Then you a Leo bound out of the cabin and follow the gathering crowd to the border of Camp Half-Blood. You and Leo shove your way to the front of the crowd to see Chiron, the centaur, talking to a boy with bright red hair and blue eyes. Chiron notices us standing there and beckons us to join him. Leo slings an arm around your shoulder and leads you to Chiron and the new kid. As soon as you get close to the timid red head a cold wave washes over you, making you freeze in your tracks. Your mind immediately goes to the worst. It's a hot day out and suddenly a new kid shows up at camp and he happens to be a walking cold spot. You can't help but be suspicious. If he was a son of Hades that would make sense, but he can't be. Nico would know by now. Leo looks down at me with a worried expression.
"Are you alright?" He asks.
You nod despite the warning sirens going off in your ears. "Yeah...fine."
He raises an eyebrow at you but you ignore him, your mind going a mile a minute. You allow yourself to be lead forward.
"(Y/N), Leo, this is our newest camper, Osmond." Chiron announces.
"Hello!" Osmond says, looking at both of you, his eyes lingering on you longer. Leo holds you tighter protectively. As soon as Osmond looks at you the Knife and the Blade strapped to your side under your shirt grows heavier.
You think to yourself
This can't be happening, not here
Then you stop to think rationally
I have no real proof, and the odds are so slim. We'll have to see about Osmond
"Hello." I say, forcing a smile.
"Can you show him to the Hermes cabin?" Chiron asks.
"Oh, a child of Hermes!" Leo exclaims. "Those guys are crafty I tell you, this one ti-"
"Actually, he has not yet been claimed, which is odd after the gods agreement to Percy. He shall stay in the Hermes cabin for the time being." Chiron states, cutting Leo off.
"Oh." Leo says. "Well, follow us!" He exclaims, turning on his heel, not looking to see if Osmond is following us.
"You got the schedule nailed down?" you ask Osmond, who is currently unpacking a duffel bag and setting his belongings on the bunk.
"Yeah, I think I do. Thank you guys again, for everything." Osmond stares at you intently. "What is your name again?"
Leo, picking up on Osmond staring at you, steps closer to you. "This is my girlfriend (Y/N) and I'm Leo."
Osmond looks at you thoughtfully. "(Y/N)...That name sounds familiar. What's your last name?"
You clench your fists, almost positive that you know what 'Osmond' is. "Winchester." You say proudly.
Osmond smirks. "No can't say it rings any bells..."
You glare at him and spit. "Have a nice day." You then storm out, Leo on your heels.
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