The Vampire I Love β€’ MJ {1}


It's like a mixture of True Blood and Twilight but more kooler; also it's Michael Jackson soo..yeah. Kool right?

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Julianna’s POV

I grab the food off the counter and serve to table 5, "Here you guys go." I place their food on the table, "Anything else you guys need?" I ask.

"A cup of you." One of the guys said, winking at me. I giggle. Then I heard glasses fall in the kitchen, "Be right back boys."

When I was about to leave to the kitchen, the other guy grabbed my hand, making me jump and turn back to them. "C'mon, can you stay a little longer?"

"No, I'm sorry." I pull away and then go to the kitchen, "What happened, Jeff?" I asked at Jeffrey.

"Oh," He pointed at the broken glasses, "Those glasses are broken. Maybe someone dropped them," I started to pick them up as he continues talking. Once I was finished, I walked back to the counter and someone walked in.

He was slender and this caramel color. Black curls on his face, dark chocolate brown eyes, some muscle but not too much. I grab my notepad and walk over to his table, "Do you want anything, sir?" I asked nicely.

"Yes, can I get a glass of water?" He asks.

"Yeah, no food?" I write down "water" on my notepad.

"Not today. I have dinner plans."

"Ok," I look back at him, "I'll be back with your water, sir." I turn around and go to the bar, get some water, and walk back over to his table again.

"Here you go, sir."

"Please call me Michael."

"Ok Michael." I smile.

I look at him, "You sure you don't want anything else with your water?"

"No, but thank you."

"Ok, well just call my name and I'll be there." Michael nods and I walk back over to the bar.

I look at the clock, it's 8:00, almost time for closing. I look around and everyone starts packing up. Once everyone was out, I stayed and started to clean the place but Michael was still sitting there.

I walk to his table, "Excuse me, Michael?"

"Hmm, oh yes?"

"Um... you have to go, it's 8."

"Ok then." He gets up and pays for the drink, I put the glass in the sink and grab my purse on the counter. I walk out and lock the diner, I started to walk home. I look behind me from the voices I hear around me, I look forward and see the same two guys from the diner, I jumped and stopped walking.

"You two almost gave me a heart attack," I say, putting my hand on my chest.

"Oh sorry about that sweetheart." One of them walks toward me, I slowly back away.

"What are you guys doing?" I say, as my heart began to quicken.

"We're just trying to have some fun." One of them said.

"I guess I should be going," I say, turning around and walking away. I felt one of their hands on my shoulder, I stop and get chills down my spine.

"Oh, you're not going anywhere sweetheart." I hear one say.

I face them again and start backing away, "Come on, guys. You guys are... are-are good guys."

One of them grabbed my arms and had a knife to my throat, "Man, I can't wait to sink my teeth into you." He shows his teeth, my eyes widen. I quickly elbow one in the stomach and try to run.


They grab my arms and one of them covers my mouth, "Shut up! We're not going to hurt you, we're just going to eat you. It won't hurt a bit." They said.

"Guys! What are you doing here?!" I heard another voice say.

They both hide me behind them, "Oh nothing Michael, just trying to eat someone."

"Oh. Then why do you have a knife in your hand, Tito?"

I hear footsteps walking towards all us, "Again?"

I elbow both of them in the back. They both jerk forward, they both turn around to me and slap me. I cry quietly, then I hear two heads pounding together then drop. I feel a hand on my shoulder, I turn around and look who is behind me.

"What the fuck?" I say.

"You're welcome," Michael says. He smirks and shows a fang, I slowly back away.

"C'mon, you too?"

"'You too' what?"

"I have to bump right into vampires? This is a bad day." I put my hands on my face and groan.

"I can tell."

I take my hands off my face and cross my arms, "Why you even here? Should you be killing people right now?"

He chuckles, "No, I'm not that hungry." I keep staring at his teeth, he looks at what I'm looking at.

"Do they scare you?" He smirks.

I nod slowly, "Because I don't-- I-I don't want to die."

"Hey, you're not going to die. I'll control myself." I blush and then remembered I gotta get home, "Oh," I put my hand on my head, "I have to go. Nice to meet you," I pat him on the chest, "I'll be going."

I turn around and start to walk away, "Do you want a lift?" Michael asked, smirking.

"Sure, why not?" I say, walking back to him.

"Hop on." I hopped on his back and he took me to... *My house?*

I hopped off and went to my front door, "Thanks, Michael. You're not that bad." I say and he bows. I giggle then walk into my house.

Well, time to fall asleep.

I go to my room and take a quick shower and get into bed, I slowly start to fall asleep.

Michael’s POV

I walk back to my house and go downstairs to my bedroom, I like living in the basement. I lay on my bed and look through my mind, then I see her again, that girl. I don't know her name, I look back in today's things and see her name tag. Her name is Julianna, such a beautiful name.

She's so beautiful too, her eyes, lips, hips, her hair, just everything about her is just... incredible. But I can't read her mind, I have two powers, mind reader, and visionary. I can see something in her life but I can't read her mind, I don't know what she's thinking right now.

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