The Greengrass Contract

Part Two: Chapter Five

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Part IIChapter Five: Rumors

Harry's first Ancient Runes class went by extremely easily and quickly. Having gone over and mastered the basic material, he was well on his way to completing the current course despite joining halfway through the year; he would've been put in the class earlier, but students found it easier to switch over from different classes at the beginning of the semesters rather than at the middle. He and Hermione found this class to be incredibly simple.

Because this first class was just a review period for the students to go over what they learned, Harry found his mind once again wonder as it always did in class. And, once his gaze settled on Daphne Greengrass in the other corner of the room, Harry's mind filled with the same emotion.

Guilt overtook him as we once again recalled what he and Fleur had done the day before, and for the hundredth time he felt horrible. He mentally berated himself, trying to figure why he had done what he'd done.

He had never considered trying to be with Fleur in that way; but something had changed after the Yule Ball on Fleur's part. She acted as less of a friend to Harry, instead acting more as a significant other. At the time, Harry hadn't seen this, but in retrospect it was abundantly clear. So, something had happened to Fleur to make her force herself on Harry in that way.

But she wasn't just to blame, Harry knew. He had also participated in their session. And now he was back to his original question; why had he gone along with it in the first place? He remembered, he first tried 'flirting' back to Fleur as a way of testing what she wanted from him and help him become a better friend. But apparently, the situation quickly grew out of hand.

He hit his head with his palms. He knew he was betrothed to Daphne. He knew that in doing what he did with Fleur, he was a horrible person. But he genuinely did not remember anything at the time. When he and Fleur entered the Lake, only one thing was on Harry's mind, and apparently on Fleur's as well.

But why? Harry had never been affected by Fleur's allure before, why had he suddenly succumbed to it now? He had many theories; for as he looked back, he now understood that he wasn't making a 'sober', responsible decision. He decided that some other source, other than himself, had encouraged him to become sexual with Fleur while still being betrothed to Daphne.

What could it have been? Harry was in two minds, now. He realized that accusing an external source for causing his actions could just be himself justifying the fact that he was a cheater; a terrible person. But at the same time, as he looked back on what had happened, his mind had gone completely blank. The only thing he'd been thinking about at the time was how close Fleur and he were. Frankly, that scared him; he knew he had anger issues to work out already. But now with strange sexual desires coming on too, he knew that he needed help; that his mind was in disarray.

Daphne caught his gaze before Harry'd gone into deep thought, and she saw what he was feeling; for a split-second, guilt had overcome his expression, and as she watched him think she knew something was very wrong. She began to get extremely worried. The fact that Harry looked guilty, refused to kiss her and was flirting with Fleur all pointed to one thing. She forced her gaze away and glared down at her textbook. If Harry didn't speak up soon, she would be a force to be reckoned with.


Harry quickly left Ancient Runes to go to lunch, almost dreading when he'd have to face Fleur again. At breakfast and during their morning run, Fleur and Harry were determined to avoid each other as much as possible while not being rude. There were no words exchanged during breakfast, but Hermione and Viktor could feel the tension in the air. Now, as he entered the Great Hall and sat down across from Viktor, his dread grew as the French woman, with newfound determination, sat down next to him.

"Hello, Harry." She said casually, beginning to serve herself food. Not looking at her, Harry just nodded.

Hermione sat down next to Viktor. "Hello, guys. Harry, did you enjoy your first Ancient Runes class?"

Harry shrugged slightly. "Yeah. Pretty basic stuff."

"Yeah, pretty much. But Professor Babbling will kick it up a notch very soon." Hermione explained. Harry nodded.

"I hope so. It was a boring class today." Harry said. Hermione nodded in agreement.

"I could tell you were bored. You zoned out have the time and had this weird look on your face." Hermione said.

"Why did you spend your time watching me?" Harry asked, slightly uncomfortable. "I'm not about to do anything weird at random times."

Hermione watched him carefully before her gaze flicked over to Fleur. Harry noticed and his face grew a bit red. "You know, from the way you've been acting this year, that's sort of what I'm expecting."

Silence reigned as they processed Hermione's sudden accusation. Harry put down his drink and leaned in slightly. "What do you mean by that, Hermione?"

Hermione ignored his deadly tone and forged on, deciding what needed to be said must be said. "Well, other than the fits of anger, your complete 180 in schoolwork, your general personality and your cheating on Daphne with Fleur, I'd say we can expect more unexpected things from you."

Harry flexed his fingers and Viktor tensed up while Fleur's face turned red with embarrassment. She glanced around to make sure no one was near them while Harry held a cool gaze with Hermione.

"You're making the same mistake as before right now, Hermione." He said dangerously. "I'm not going to forgive you this time if you keep stepping out of line."

Viktor started to cut in to defend his female friend. "Harry, she doesn't have to listen to you -"

"I don't think I'm stepping out of line." Hermione said firmly, keeping her cool very well. "I think this is what friends do. Look out for each other and set them on the right path. What you did was wrong and you must own up to it."

"Fuck off." Harry growled. "It doesn't matter what I do."

Hermione raised an eyebrow, her own savage nature surprising even herself. "Oh? Then I guess I can just go let Daphne know what you've been up to -"

As she theatrically got up out of her seat and turned towards the Slytherin table, Harry felt another angry fit approach and decided to let it come. He grabbed Hermione's wrist and wrenched her towards him. She jerked in his direction, fear suddenly evident on her face. Before Harry could do anything, Snape set a hand on Harry's shoulder from behind.

Everyone froze. Viktor had just begun to jump out of his seat to assist Hermione, and Snape said quietly, "It's time we talked again, Mr. Potter."

Harry breathed out heavily and reluctantly let go of Hermione wrist. The part he'd grabbed was a cherry red with white finger-marks, and Hermione's eyes slightly brimmed with tears. Without another word, Harry got up and followed Snape, still seething.

Fleur turned to Hermione. "Why were you provoking him? You know he has anger issues!"

Viktor fixed Fleur with a glare. "Those things had to be said. I think there is something wrong with Harry, mentally. Really. He needs to get help."

Hermione sniffed pitifully, and Fleur's expression softened at the sight of the sad girl. Hermione wiped her nose.

"I fell so bad for doing that b-but someone had to." Hermione said tearfully. Viktor took her into a comforting embrace, and Fleur sighed.

"Fine. But you should not have scolded him in a public place -" The French woman reasoned but Viktor stopped her with another glare.

"No one saw. And don't think you've been let off the hook either, Fleur. You approached Harry knowing that he was already bound to someone else." Viktor accused.

"I was not in my right mind!" Fleur argued. "I did not mean to -"

"You're the one with the allure, Fleur. If anything, Harry's the victim of you."

Hermione suddenly jumped in despite her tears. "But Harry's always been immune to her allure. Why is he all of a sudden being affected by it?"

There was silence as they pondered what she'd said before Viktor spoke up. "The evidence points to Harry deciding to be sexual with Fleur while in full knowledge that he would be cheating on Daphne. But at the same time, I know that Harry has a good heart and cares for Daphne – I think something influenced him to make him do what he did."

Fleur was shocked. "Are you accusing me of -"

"Not at all." Viktor said. "I think you're a good person too. You said you weren't in your right mind, and I believe you. Now we just have to figure out what's wrong with Harry, in particular."

"I am telling the truth." Fleur confirmed. "It was as though Harry had his own allure."

There was a long pause as Viktor spoke. "Do you think Harry could be a Veela?"

Suddenly, Hermione giggled as Fleur snorted. Viktor knit his eyebrows together and glared at them. "What?"

"Veela charm is passed down through the females of the family. The only thing Harry could get from having a Veela ancestor is her good looks." Hermione explained. Fleur nodded.

"Unless you're suggesting that Harry is a female, then that idea may not be credible." Fleur said with a small smile. The tension around the table was slightly lifted as they shared a moment of amusement.

"What do you think Snape is going to do with Harry?" Hermione asked, feeling a little guilty.

"Probably just to scold him for grabbing you. He may get a detention, but hopefully he'll just cool off his anger by the time he gets here." Viktor reasoned.


"What do you want, Snivellus?" Harry snarled as he was forced into Snape's office. "Are you going to give me a detention? I'm so frightened."

"Quiet, you silly boy." Snape said, pushing him into a chair. "You are not in your right mind. I believe it is time we start our Occlumency lessons. If you want to be helped, you will calm down immediately before I make you."

Harry went silent as he sat in the chair, processing his professor's words. The anger slowly left him, and he was left with a slight headache. "Fine. I'm ready. Just so you know, we covered some Occlumency in -"

"I know, I know. I mentioned the idea to Moody and he loved it. But that was the most basic form of the art possible. With me, you will learn to control your mind, not distract an intruder who's looking for information. Voldemort will not use Legilimency to look for your memories; he will use it to tear your mind apart, bit by bit until you go insane."

"He can't. He's dead." Harry said shortly, and Snape shook his head.

"There have been whispers, rumors. I think he will return shortly." Snape said.

"You were a death eater, weren't you?" Harry asked, not accusingly; just stating a fact. Snape tensed but nodded.

"Then what're you going to do when he comes back? Surely he'll want to gather his followers again, including you." Harry said.

"I will act as a double agent, but you can stay rest assured that I am completely loyal to Dumbledore." Snape said firmly.

"But why? You don't trust him." Harry countered. Snape sighed as scribbled something down on a parchment.

"I don't, but I know that everything he does will eventually lead to the greater good of the world. He is a very wise man and will save as many people as possible. There are a few more reasons, but I will share them at a later date.

"I have just written an exemption for you for the rest of your classes today. We will begin with the harder part; the act of throwing someone from your mind. Traditionally, to do this, you will use the same technique as in Moody's class; distract the intruder with a memory of your choosing. Then, you will attempt to force him from your mind. It is extremely hard to explain, but from what I heard from Moody, is that you're a natural. I will now attempt to view the last conversation you had with your friends at lunch. Legilimens!"

All of this happened very quickly, and when Snape began to probe his mind Harry reacted on instinct. He focused on looking out at Black Lake, with calm waters and beautiful skies. Then, without warning, he sort of shoved Snape's consciousness away. His professor physically stumbled back and nodded his approval.

"You are already proficient at that, which is good. If the Dark Lord returns, that skill will be necessary." He said, but Harry frowned.

"Professor, recently, I think there's something wrong in my mind. I've been having fits of anger, as you saw earlier, and have unusual desires to do unusual things."

Snape pondered for a moment before smiling sadistically. "Mr. Potter, that is called puberty. At this age, your body -"

"This isn't a joke, Professor. I think there's really something wrong. When I get angry, I get angry. I can't control myself. And afterwards, I get a nasty headache. I don't know what's wrong but something is off."

Snape shut his mouth and studied the boy in front of him, who was emanating a feeling of worry. "Mr. Potter, if you're truly worried, you can allow me to inspect your mind for the source of this anger."

Harry visibly hesitated. Snape sighed impatiently. "I swear that I will not see anything unrelated to your unnatural anger. I do not wish to see anything else that you do."

Harry eyed him suspiciously but conceded and nodded. "Do it." he said, closing his eyes and leaning back in his chair. Snape readied himself before saying, "Legilimens."

As he entered his mind, Snape only had to search for two minutes before he found what he was looking for. In his mind, it appeared to be a black veil of pure evil; it was like a living creature, a parasite. Snape got as close as he could to the thing, and noticed that it seemed to have similar effects as a dementor; it resided in the middle Harry's mind, leeching off positive emotions and poisoning the rest with dark emotions. Snape got out as quickly as he could. Harry opened his eyes and looked at him expectantly.

"Potter, there is something extremely dark in your mind. It is unlike anything I've seen before; it is feeding off you positive feelings and inserting bad ones in their place. I will have to speak to Albus about this immediately. Until we figure out the identity of the thing, you must spend some time very day to practice searching through your own mind; simply clear your head of any other thoughts and retreat into yourself. Investigate what the thing is, but do not let it get to close. It could be very dangerous. You are dismissed."

With that, Snape left the office and Harry eventually did as well, puzzled and scared from what had occurred.


"Hello, students. I hope you are enjoying your dinner. As many of you know, the Inter-School Quidditch Tournament will be held in two months, just after the Second Task. I believe your teams have already been arranged; it is now up to your captains to begin organizing practices. Those are all the announcements tonight."

Dumbledore sat down and continued his meal as the students excitedly began talking to each other. Harry only now sat down next to Fleur and across from Viktor and Hermione, the latter looking guilty when Harry didn't utter a word of greeting.

"Harry I'm sorry about earlier." Hermione said quickly. Harry didn't react for a minute before he replied.

"Whatever. Doesn't matter." He said emotionlessly. Hermione wished she could press the issue, but knew she would only make the situation worse. Viktor changed the subject quickly.

"So, the tournament is coming up, eh? I'm excited to finally play you, Harry." Viktor said, genuine excitement in his voice. Harry nodded in agreement, but said nothing else. Fleur touched his shoulder gently, worried about his reaction.

"What's wrong, Harry? What happened with Snape, and why did he keep you from your other classes?" Fleur asked. Harry looked down at her hand, reminding him of many other things. Fleur quickly took her hand off, embarrassed.

"Just had a chat about my potions grade. He gave me another essay to work on and let me have the day to do it." He lied easily. His friends were suspicious but didn't argue. Harry continued, "And Fleur, it's fine if you touch me. I don't care."

Fleur blushed and looked down at her plate. "I just – I'm sorry."

Harry shook his head. "Don't be. It's my fault. I'll face the consequences when they come. Don't worry about it."

An awkward silence filled the rest of their dinner, until Hermione suddenly spoke up. "Oh, good news. Angelina is released from the Hospital Wing tomorrow. Why haven't you visited her at all, Harry?"

He shrugged. "Guess I forgot. I'll talk to her later tonight, before bed."

With that, yet another hand rested on his shoulder, but this time it was Moody, who asked him to follow him out of the Great Hall. Harry obliged, not bothering to question why another teacher wanted his presence as his friends looked on in curiosity.

Once they were out of earshot, Moody turned to Harry and handed him a small glass container containing something looked like seaweed. "This is Gillyweed. You can use it during the Second Task to breath under water for the 60 minutes you have."

Harry took it suspiciously and put it in his pocket before asking, "Why are you helping me, Moody? Isn't that not allowed?"

Moody laughed gruffly. "I like you and don't want to see you die during this tournament, Potter. And to hell with it if it's not allowed. You're not allowed to be in the tournament in the first place, and yet here you are."

Harry nodded in agreement before raising another question. "Professor, did we ever figure out who entered my name in the Goblet?"

For some reason, Moody's magical eye seemed to twitch and whirl. "No, not yet."

"Well, they wrote it on the basilisk hide from my second year. So if you haven't yet, I would check the chamber of secrets. Maybe that has a clue." Harry suggested. Moody nodded jerkily.

"I'll get on that, Potter. Thanks for the suggestion. You can return to dinner" He said. But as Harry walked away, he stole a quick glance back to witness his professor hurriedly downing a drink from his strange hip flask.


Harry was greeted by Angelina by a slap to the face and "You're an asshole, you know that?"

Harry sighed and rubbed his face. "Hey, Anne."

"Don't 'Hey, Anne.' me, Potter." She said sternly, laying back down in her hospital bed. "I can't believe you thought it was a good idea have that with Fleur!"

Harry sat down heavily. "I'm sorry. I don't know what I was thinking."

There was a long pause. "I have half a mind to go tell Daphne right now." She said. Harry sighed again.

"You could, but it wouldn't help anything. What's done is done. I feel bad about it. I'll address it with Daphne very soon. Happy?" Harry said. Angelina shook her head.

"I'm still not happy with you. Honestly, I don't care that you cheated on Daphne. Sure, it means you're a dickhead, but if you really did it while you weren't in your right mind, I'll wait to judge you. Honestly, I'm pissed that you decided to break up with me because of the contract and then go and let Fleur do that with you despite it." Angelina confessed. Harry blinked.

"You're – what?" Harry asked, confused. Angelina sighed and shrugged.

"I don't know. I'm just jealous, I guess. I can see why you'd want to cheat on Daphne with her rather than me." She said. Harry now understood, and shook his head.

"It's not that. I promise I really wasn't in my right mind when Fleur and I did those things. I also promise that if I really was a man-whore, I would have been a man-whore with you." Harry assured her. There was complete silence until Angelina suddenly began to laugh.

"I can't believe we're talking about this. You just made me feel better by saying you'd cheat on someone with me. I guess we're both terrible people." She laughed. Harry smirked a bit.

"Yeah, pretty much. But honestly, I wasn't in my right mind. I swear, it was like Fleur's allure suddenly started working on me. If I could go back, I'd decide not to do it." Harry promised.

Angelina chuckled. "You'd rather not have gotten that from the prettiest witch in Britain right now?"

Harry sighed, embarrassed. "Yeah, it's really weird, I know."

There was silence before Harry finally stood. "I'm going to go. I'll see you tomorrow when you're finally back on your feet."

"Sure, Potter. But if you don't talk to Daphne soon, I'm going to tell her. That's a promise."


"Daphne, we need to talk."

Harry surprised even himself when he went straight from the Hospital Wing to the entrance of the Great Hall, where Daphne and her friend Tracey were just leaving. Daphne opened her mouth to reply but Tracey beat her to it.

"Oh, finally want to talk, Potter? Took you long enough. Looks like you've been having fun with Fleur while we've waited."

Harry flushed red and panicked internally. They couldn't know about what he and Fleur had done, could they?

"Yeah, that's right. We know about how you've been flirting with Fleur for a long time. Everyone's seen it." Tracey continued. Harry almost breathed out a sigh of relief.

"Tracey, I can handle this." Daphne told her friend. Tracey rolled her eyes.

"Whatever. I'm coming to help. Let's go somewhere private." She said, before walking down the hall to the next abandoned classroom. Daphne and Harry followed in a line, before entering one. Harry sat on top of a desk casually while Tracey stood a few feet away with her arms crossed. Daphne sat in a chair across from Harry.

"So, Potter. Spill. Why didn't you kiss Daphne?" Tracey asked. Harry reddened in embarrassment and glared at Daphne.

"You told her?" He accused, and Daphne snorted.

"I did. She's my friend. Answer the question." She said firmly. Harry was silent for a little while.

"I don't want us to move too quickly in our relationship."

"Bullshit!" Tracey cried triumphantly. "How can you say that when you and Angelina snogged the day you began dating?"

"I said our relationship." Harry defended himself. "Angelina and I were different. It was an experiment."

"What about you and Fleur? Are you just experimenting as well?" Tracey asked. Harry's ears turned pink.

"She and I are just friends. We haven't done anything." Harry winced internally as he flat-out lied to them. Guilt again began to fill him, but he kept it at bay, deciding that he'd wait to reveal that on a later date when he figured out why it had happened.

"Actually, it looks like you've done quite a bit. You've touched her in the past few weeks more than you've touched me in the time we've known each other." Daphne said, and Harry felt sick to the stomach. What she'd said was way more true than she even realized.

"That's not my fault, Daphne." Harry replied, but Daphne glared at him.

"It is your fault! I offered to move our relationship on to the next step when I tried to kiss you, but you knocked us down a peg when you rejected it for some stupid reason."

Harry used every ounce of will he had to not get angry. "My reasons are perfectly valid."

"What are they? Am I not pretty enough? Would you rather have Fleur?" Daphne asked, tears beginning to form. Harry growled.

"You're beautiful! I'm just not ready to do that with you!" Harry retorted.

"Why not?" Daphne cried. "I've done my best with you!"

"I don't want to fuck up!" Harry yelled. "Because if I fuck up now, we're stuck with each other for the rest of our lives anyway! I want to take it slow. I want to hold off for our first kiss because we are forced to live the rest of our lives together, and it doesn't make sense for us to rush into it now!"

"We're not rushing into it! It's just a kiss! Oh my god, why do you have to over think this whole thing?!"

"Just shut up! How about you keep in mind that I hate this contract, I hate this situation, and I hate how you are forcing me to do this. If we're going to get married, you can't force me to do things with you that I don't want to do!"

"Then why do you want to do those things with Angelina and Fleur?!"

"I don't! You're not listening! I want to fall in love with you, but it's hard! I've never experienced real love before in my life! You have to be more considerate and understanding when it comes to me because that's just how I am!"

"It's just a bloody kiss! Are you some kind of prude?" Daphne screamed. Tracey now wisely stayed out of the conversation.

"No, I'm not! I'm a fucking pervert, who has wet dreams and fantasizes about you and Fleur and Angelina and wants what every teenage boy wants!"

"Oh, whatever -"

"Just shut the fuck up now, Daphne. Please. I'm prepared to continue this relationship as it was; you're the one holding us back. I'm ready to move on. Talk to me when you're ready too."

Harry stormed out the door, leaving tears on both their faces. Tracey watched Daphne with wide eyes before she said the first thing that came to her mind. "You are both so blind."

End of Part II

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