The Greengrass Contract

Part Three: Chapter Two

-△⃒⃘- The Greengrass Contract -△⃒⃘-by ncronan

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Part IIIChapter Two: The Public Eye

The thing that scared Harry the most about he and Fleur having sex was the fact that they acted so casual towards each other afterwards.

It was as though it had never happened; in fact, it was as though they'd never even touched each other in the Lake in the first place while they were figuring out the golden egg's clue. After it had happened, Harry had returned to a sober state and rushed out, feeling very guilty. Not to say he didn't feel guilty now; but as of now, he knew what was causing his bouts of anger and sexual desire, and now that Snape had given him a schedule to start regularly training him in Occlumency, he was sure that he could prevent further 'accidents' from happening, and eventually forget his bouts with Fleur completely.

But he knew he'd never forget. They had spent hours in that classroom, exploring each other and themselves. It was something neither of them would easily let go of. The reason they both seemed so calm about it was because, as mentioned earlier, they knew it just wasn't them. The thing neither of them addressed, though, was why Fleur experienced the same strange feeling Harry did. There was no way she could be influenced by the strange plague in Harry's mind.

Harry would ask her about that later. He heard some snaps in front of his face and blinked, realizing that Angelina was clicking her fingers at his nose. "What – what?" Harry said strangely, as though he'd just woken up.

"What's up with you?" Angelina asked, returning back to her breakfast. "And where's Fleur?"

Harry blushed, despite the fact that he knew what they'd would have to totally top-secret. "Why should I know?"

Angelina eyed him warily. "Er – right, you wouldn't know. Anyways, when is that conference thing, and where?"

"My agent has spoken to Dumbledore, and they've agreed to do it here, in the Great Hall. The students are allowed to come as well." Viktor spoke up. "It'll be just before lunch, so in two hours. Harry and I will be on the panel, and if you'd like, you can be as well, Angelina."

Angelina blinked. "What – me? No, no. I'm not ready to be in the public eye."

"Too late. You are. And so am I." Hermione said, anger evident in her voice. She handed her friend the Daily Prophet, and on the front page, the headline said, "Harry Potter's Circle of Girls". Harry looked over her shoulder at the newspaper. On it were four large pictures; one in which Harry had kissed Angelina after the tryouts, another where he was dancing with Daphne at the Yule Ball, the third of Harry and Hermione hugging after they'd become friends again, and lastly a photo of Harry helping Fleur into the Lake, the day he'd figured out the clue along with his friends; however, Viktor and Hermione were not shown. In the last picture, they were both in their swimsuits; around the Great Hall, both boys and girls were drooling and studying that picture, looking at one of two people pictured. The article read:

As it turns out, young England international Quidditch star Harry Potter does not only score on the pitch as a Chaser but off it as well! Only in the last school year, young Harry was seen with the following four young witches. Angelina Johnson, a talented chaser as well, depicted kissing the Quidditch star after the tryouts for the Hogwarts School Team. Daphne Greengrass, oldest child of the rumored dark family attended the Yule Ball with him. Hermione Granger, muggle-born and smartest witch in her class, hugging Harry as she professed her undying love for him. Lastly, and most controversially, Fleur Delacour, French witch and Veela who, according to his classmates, has on many occasions flirted with the poor boy and rendered him useless with her Veela charm. We can only hope that she stops seducing the young man and gives him a chance to find real love.

To add to the drama, Hermione Granger attended the Yule Ball with none other than Viktor Krum, Bulgarian superstar and fierce rival of Harry's. It seems to my readers that she is playing the field, and those around her say she is a very selfish and manipulating girl who is smart enough to brew a love potion and use it on either of the famous Quidditch players.

Although Harry did date Angelina Johnson officially at the beginning of the year, their housemates have said that they had a fierce break up resulting in a fight between many in their dorm! Indeed, they broke up only days after the Chudley Cannons approached her to play as a substitute for their team next season. It is speculated that she used Harry's fame to boost her own reputation, and subsequently dumped him after the deed was done.

Daphne Greengrass's family is rumored to be on the side of the dark and their history is shady at best; descended from an almost spotless pureblood line, I and my readers wonder if perhaps she used her father's power as Ambassador to France and a holder of a seat on the Wizengamot to blackmail poor Harry into attending the Yule Ball with her; after all, their appearance together did come out of the blue, and they haven't been seen together since.

And of course, there is Fleur Delacour. She is of wealthy French ancestry, with her grandmother being the first Veela in the family; thus giving her that Veela charm she has ensnared Harry with. I only hope that she sets her eyes on someone other than our beloved savior and instead seduce a vampire or some other beast to bed with.

With Harry caught in the middle of this whirlwind of women, we can only hope that he can resist all of their advances.

-Rita Skeeter

"This is the first time I've read something more stupid than the Divination textbook." Harry observed lightly as his female friends fumed in rage.

"How could she even have that picture?" Hermione cried, pointing at the one of her and Harry. "It was in between classes, and there was no one around us! Plus, we didn't even mention the word love!"

"I can't believe that bitch is accusing me of using you for your fame." Angelina said in disbelief. "The scout approached me; Harry, you didn't have to convince him for me or anything!"

"I know, I know." Harry sighed. "It's just a stupid article. I don't even know why it's not on Teen Witches Weekly instead. Besides, who reads the Daily Prophet?"

The group glanced around. All across the Great Hall, most of the students (and almost all of the female students) had their eyes glued to the newspaper in front of them. Harry sighed and took back his statement until he realized Fleur was crying.

"Woah, woah. Fleur. Stop crying." Harry said softly, putting his arm around her shoulders and hugging her closer. At his touch, she leaned into him and buried her face in his chest. Harry just took this into his stride and patted her back as students glanced at them.

"Hey, Fleur. It's alright. None of that is true." Harry murmured. Fleur shook in his arms.

"But it kind of is." Fleur whispered. She looked up at him tearfully. "It's my fault that we had sex. My allure pulled you in. I am sorry you could not save yourself for the woman you really wanted. I'm sorry."

Harry looked around. Many students were listening in, but by their expressions they hadn't heard anything important. Harry glared. "Haven't you got something better to do? Leave it alone."

One of the girls at another table whispered loudly to her friends. "I agree with Skeeter. The Veela bitch has been stealing Harry's attention all year. I wouldn't be surprised if she raped him yet."

Harry's blood boiled but he ignored everything that was said. Instead, he stood up, taking his French friend with him. He gave her another hug before gesturing to Angelina.

"Anne, bring Fleur up to the common room. I'm going to have a chat with Dumbledore." Harry said. Angelina did, leading the crying woman out of the Great Hall, eyes following them all the way. Harry then strode up to the front table and addressed Dumbledore.

"Professor, I'd like to know who this Rita Skeeter woman is and I want her arrested, or fined for slander." Harry stated firmly. Dumbledore smiled sadly, showing that he (as well as most of the professors) had read the article.

"I am very sorry that she attacked you friends in that way, m'boy, but we cannot do that. There are no laws against slander in the wizarding world." He explained.

Harry sighed angrily. "Well, then let's get her arrested for being on school grounds without your permission! There's not way she could have gotten these photos without sneaking around school during school time."

"M'boy, we can't just -"

Harry leaned in and spoke quietly, cutting him off. "Listen, Dumbledore. You asked me how you could make it up to me. This won't make me forgive you, but it's a damn good place to start."

Albus looked up at the young man before him. Harry really had grown up; the fact that he was giving the old man a chance displayed his maturity. He simply nodded and Harry nodded back.

"I'd like you to know that I'm contacting the Department of Magical Law Enforcement and am accusing her of invading my privacy and being on Hogwarts grounds during school time without any staff's permission. Good day, professors."

With that, he left the front of the room, aware of all the eyes on him. As he left, Hermione and Viktor joined him, and he looked at Daphne and jerked his head. She quickly got up and followed them out.

When they were out, Harry turned and spoke to Daphne, who looked at least a little pissed. "I hugged Daphne a few months ago because we both apologized for ruining our friendship. You can ask her for confirmation. You saw Angelina and I kiss all those months ago. And Fleur -"

"Let me guess – one of those 'training sessions' you have?" Daphne asked bitterly. Harry sighed.

"That picture was taken out of context. If she hadn't cropped the photo, you would see Hermione and Viktor in the Lake as well. You can ask them yourself; all we did was figure out the egg clue."

There was silence as Daphne looked up expectantly at Viktor and Hermione. Viktor nodded gruffly saying, "We were there. We figured out the egg clue."

Daphne turned back to Harry. "Fine. We'll talk more tonight. Slytherin common room. Eight o'clock."

Harry nodded and hugged her. "Sorry, Daphne. I'll see you there."

Daphne quickly hugged him back before she joined Tracey and they went up the stairs. Viktor touched Harry on the shoulder and steered him down the hall.

"Listen, Harry. That was close. I am not going to lie to your fiancé; consider yourself lucky that all I had to do was stretch the truth." He said lowly to Harry, who nodded apologetically.

"I know, and I'm sorry. I'm going to confront Daphne about what happened between us as soon as I get my head checked out; I know what's causing my personality to be so out of whack, and I'm working with Snape to fix it. Alright?"

Viktor reluctantly nodded as Hermione knit her eyebrows together. "Harry, did something happened between you and Fleur last night?"

Harry whipped his head around but tried to remain calm. "What do you mean?"

"I mean that you guys seemed way less awkward today. Did you talk it out yesterday?" Hermione asked. Harry cursed her curiosity before nodding and stretching the truth even more.

"Yeah, we met last night before curfew and we figured it out. It's fine now." Harry said vaguely. Hermione wasn't a fan of the obscurity of his answer, but reluctantly accepted it.

"Anyways, come one, Viktor. Let's talk to Fleur and then get ready for that conference thing. We have a lot to settle with the public." Harry said, heading up to the common room.


Two hours later, Harry entered the Great Hall with Viktor and Angelina in his casual wear; slim black jeans and a big hoodie; the only hoodie he had left, since he'd given his green one to Daphne. This one sported a large Arsenal badge on the front; the only muggle sports team he knew and liked.

Viktor wore a similar outfit, and Angelina wore her own jeans and a Chudley Cannons t-shirt. Inside the Great Hall, all the reporters had already arrived, and the students who wished to watch had come to; around three quarters of the school's population. They all turned at once and began shouting questions at him. Thankfully, two men came bustling through the crowd. Harry recognized Joseph Goode, but not the other man, although he was evidently Viktor's agent.

"Let's get to the table." Joseph said before turning and shoving his way through the reporters. The other man helped, and eventually they made it to the head table. Harry took a seat in the middle with Angelina on his right and Viktor on his left. Joseph smiled at him and shook his hand.

"I'm glad you accepted my request, Harry. It'll be an honor to work with you."

"Don't mention it, Joe." Harry said, shortening the man's first name. "I hope we can work well together in the future."

Joseph nodded in agreement before standing next to Angelina and raising his hands. "If you'd all stop yelling like a bunch of useless monkeys, we can finally start the conference." He called out. Immediately, all the reporters went silent and filed into their seat, though camera still flashed. There were around two dozen in all, with all of the student section in the back and some teachers stationed at the doors in case things got out of hand. On the table, each of the three on the panel got their own water bottle.

"Introducing the panel: I am Joseph Goode, Mr. Potter's agent. To my right is Angelina Johnson, Gryffindor chaser recently scouted by the Chudley Cannons. On the opposite end of the table is Vladimir Ivanova, Mr. Krum's agent. Next to him is Viktor Krum, Bulgarian seeker for the Vratsa Vultures. And in the middle is Harry Potter, currently having not signed a contract with any club, but has featured for England's U-17 side. The three on the panel have agreed that your questions can pertain to any topic that you deem necessary; if they can't say anything, they won't. Extremely personal questions will result in no answer at all. You may begin with the questions."

"Mr. Potter and Mr. Krum, how will the transfer scandal affect your moves to Puddlemere United?"

Harry nodded to Viktor, who said, "Because of the investigation, neither Harry or I will be moving to Puddlemere this summer."

"Mr. Krum. Will you stay with the Vrasta Vultures for another season."

"No, I won't. I am looking to be transferred."

"Ms. Johnson, how do you feel about being signed by the Chudley Cannons at such a young age?"

Angelina smiled widely. "It's amazing. I never thought i'd ever be good enough to go pro. It's a dream."

"Mr. Potter and Mr. Krum, is it true that you are rivals?"

"Viktor and I are actually very close friends." Harry affirmed.

"Mr. Potter, what are your thoughts on Rita Skeeter's most recent article in The Daily Prophet?"

"The article is the single most unreliable rag I'd ever read. The photos are real, but most of the content of the article are either taken out of context or is just not true at all."

"Mr. Potter, then what is your relationship with all of those girls?"

Harry closed his eyes and sighed through his nose. "Angelina and I dated for a short while, but we broke up and are now close friends. Hermione Granger is a friend of mine, that picture was taken after we repaired our previously broken friendship. Daphne Greengrass and I are currently dating, and Fleur Delacour and I are very close friends. I am immune to Veela allure. Also, I plan on taking legal action against Rita Skeeter for publishing such a privacy-invading and stupid article."

There was a murmur of surprise throughout the reporters. "Mr. Potter and Mr. Krum, are you planning on moving to the same team?"

Viktor spoke. "As Harry stated, we are close friends. If there is a team with enough money to sign both of us, we will definitely take the chance." There it was; the invitation for teams to spend all the money they had on the two most promising young Quidditch players in Europe.

"Mr. Potter, when you last did a conference, you asserted that you would not enter in the Tri-Wizard Tournament. What made you change your mind, and how were you able to enter at your age?"

"I never changed my mind; someone put my name in to put me in danger. Rest assured, whoever did so will be caught and I will press charges. However, because of this event, I was able to successfully emancipate myself as a full adult over the winter hols. I guess it was a blessing in disguise."

Then a pretty blonde-girl's voice rose above the crowd. She had a very annoying-looking face, and her notebook said, 'Teen Witches Weekly'. "How can you be sure that the French Veela isn't using her allure secretly to seduce you?"

Harry rolled his eyes. "As I said, I am immune to her Veela allure for an unknown reason. And if you are trying to imply something, no, she has not tried to seduce me. First and foremost, she is a person who happens to have Veela bloodlines. I find it unsurprising that popular media outlets immediately associate her friendship with me as being a product of her allure; our friendship is based on how well we get along. It has nothing to do with being Veela. If anything, she's affected by my allure." He attempted to joke, only to be reminded of how true that was.

The crowd laughed, and Harry made eye contact with Fleur, who was sitting next to Hermione in the audience. She had gotten over her crying fit, but had refused to share why she'd suffered such sadness over Skeeter's article. When he said that, she blushed a fiery red and she looked as guilty as Harry felt, and yet Harry knew she'd be proud at the way he made a public statement about Veela's.

"Mr. Krum, what is your relationship with Hermione Granger, and how do you feel about Harry's close friendship with him?"

Viktor chuckled deeply. "If you think that I'm jealous of their friendship, you'd be wrong. Hermione and I are very close friends as well."

"For all of you: this Tri-Wizard Tournament, you have all been working together. What made you decide to enter in this way, and what is your response to those that feel it is ruining the entertainment of the tournament?"

The three glanced at each other before Angelina said, "When we found out that Harry would be forced into the tournament against his will, we decided that his safety and the safety of each other is far more important than winning the tournament. We made a pact that no matter what, we would get through the competition without the smallest amount of injury and/or death as possible. Sort of to boycott the fact that Harry was forced into it."

Harry and Viktor nodded in agreement. Another question came, "Why wasn't Fleur Delacour included on the panel?"

"Fleur spoke to me and personally told me that she would rather not be included on the panel for two reasons. a) this conference was held firstly to address the recent developments in Quidditch and b) she didn't want to have to deal with your somewhat vile, stupid questions." Harry admitted as the reporters seemed taken aback. "I mean, honestly. The only reason you want her up here is to accuse her of using her allure on me and seducing me or whatever. I, for one, am glad she declined to come up here."

There was an awkward silence before a pretty young girl (even younger than Harry) from Teen Witches Weekly called, "Mr. Potter, are you still a virgin?"

Joseph spoke into the mic. "That is an extremely personal question. Harry will not -"

"Joseph, it's fine." Harry said quietly. He leaned forward to look at the girl. "Excuse me, miss, but how is that relevant to anything?"

The girl seemed surprised that he addressed her directly and flipped her hair, showing off her cleavage in the process. "My readers are very interested in knowing, Mr. Potter."

Harry rolled his eyes. "That's a bit funny, as I'm sure that more of half your readers are pre-teen girls, but in response to your question . . ."

The reporters leaned in in anticipation. Harry visibly hesitated before saying quietly, "That's classified information."

Some of the crowd laughed and some groaned in disappointment at being trolled. Harry chuckled as the next question came. "If you're not going to answer that, then what's the farthest you've ever gone with a girl?"

Harry made a visible attempt to think back and sighed, shrugging his shoulders theatrically; frankly, the girl was starting to piss him off. "I don't quite remember. Perhaps you should ask your mum."

Angelina sprayed the water from her mouth and banged her head against the table as Viktor threw his head back and laughed for a long time before offering Harry a hand to high-five, which he accepted.

It took a good few minutes for the students in the back to stop laughing at the joke, and finally the meeting resumed. The same girl from Teen Witches Weekly spoke up. "Really, Mr. Potter. Please answer seriously. What's the farthest you've gone with a girl?"

"As I said before, that's classified information." Harry said, wiggling his eyebrows, implying everything the girl needed to know. She grinned.

"How long ago was that, Mr. Potter?" The girl asked excitedly. Harry shrugged.

"I'm honestly not sure. It must have been .. . How old are you?" He asked. It took several seconds for that joke to sink in before the Great Hall exploded in laughter as the students in the back hooted. The Weasley twins looked up at Harry in appreciation before getting on their knees and praying to him.

"I'd say that would adjourn this conference. Please leave via the Floo Network to the sides of the Great Hall. We thank you for your time." Joseph said into the mic amid the chaos. The reporters filed out as Angelina rested her head in her hands and her shoulders shook from laughing. Harry glanced at Viktor to see he was sprawled out on the table ahead of him, whole body shaking from his laughter. As they all stood and walked down the steps, McGonagall confronted him.

"Ten points from Gryffindor for your raunchy sense of humor, Mr. Potter." She said, but the amusement on her face betrayed her true intentions. Harry chuckled and kept walking, acknowledging all the praise from his fellow students. Fleur and Hermione stood when they approached. The latter crossed her arms at Harry.

"Really, Harry? This was a public conference and you pull out a few mum jokes." Hermione said, exasperated. Viktor was still recovering from his laughter and wrapped an arm around her shoulder.

"Loosen up, Hermione! That was the funniest stuff I've heard in a while." He said as Hermione blushed a beet red from the Bulgarian's strong arm wrapped around her. Harry smirked before Fleur suddenly hugged him. He hugged back before raising an eyebrow.

"Harry, thank you for defending me and my kind up there." She said quietly. Harry smiled.

"Don't mention it. It's just racism in a new form. I'd be against it anyways." He assured her. She smiled at him once again, and they all turned to leave when Harry excused himself.

Fleur watched over her shoulder as Harry went and began talking with Greengrass, and she sighed in sadness. She, of course, had feelings for Harry, especially now since they'd connected on a sexual level. But the fact that he was betrothed to the Slytherin girl made her heart sink.

"Fleur? Fleur, come on, we have to leave the Great Hall. They're setting up the tables for lunch." Hermione said as Viktor went to his dorm to change. She glanced back at where Fleur was looking.

"Er – Fleur?" She repeated uncertainly. Fleur whipped her head back and continued to walk.

"It's nothing, Hermione. I am fine." She said immediately, though on the inside she wasn't sure what was happening.


Later that night, Harry leaned casually on the wall next to the Slytherin common room, the need for secrecy no longer present. The portrait opened, and out stepped a Slytherin. But it wasn't Daphne.

Draco Malfoy turned and jumped in surprise at Harry Potter, and Harry Potter jumped in surprise at Draco Malfoy.

"Damn you, Potter! You nearly gave me a heart attack." Draco growled, clutching his chest and stepping away.

Harry rolled his eyes. "Likewise, Malfoy. What are you doing out here?"

He shrugged, putting his hands in his pockets. "Pansy."

"Ah." Harry said. "I'm out here for Daphne."

Draco nodded in understanding before he froze. "Wait – do you think they coordinated this?"

Harry knit his eyebrows together and peaked into the common room. "Erm – maybe. But why would they? They aren't friends, are they?"

"Not really, but they don't hate each other either. They just kind of don't talk." Draco replied, looking Harry up and down. The blonde boy noted his appearance. Harry had slim jeans and quarter-button down long sleeve t-shirt that fit his upper body well. Draco had to admit that the Gryffindor looked somewhat attractive.

"Er – Malfoy?" Harry asked uncertainly. The blonde boy whipped his head up and his cheeks tinged a barely noticeable pink as Harry looked down on himself. "What's wrong? Is there something on my clothes?"

"No, no. It's just – you look good, Potter." Draco blurted. His cheeks pinked even more and he mentally berated himself.

Harry was, above all, confused. "Well – um – thanks. You too."

Draco nodded gruffly as two girls walked out of the common room. One of which had a rather pleasant face, despite having a slightly upturned nose, giving her a somewhat piggish or dog-ish appearance. The other was Daphne, who Harry admitted had beautifully constructed features.

"Hullo, Harry." Daphne said cheerfully, linking her arm through his. "I hope you don't mind if we bring Pansy and Malfoy along."

Harry raised an eyebrow at her, and then at the other couple. Pansy had latched herself onto Malfoy, and while Malfoy didn't look like he hated the experience, he looked somewhat uncomfortable.

"No, it's fine. But what are we doing?" Harry asked. Daphne smirked.

"Just going for a walk, like last time." Daphne said innocently before walking quickly, tugging Harry along. Draco and Pansy followed behind them at a slower pace. Without turning her head, Daphne whispered to Harry as they walked down the hallway.

"Malfoy and Parkinson need help. Draco refused to go on a date with Parkinson unless another couple was there too because he didn't want it to be awkward. The plan is that we're going to go on a walk in Hogsmeade and lose them as soon as possible and force them to be alone together."

Harry grinned and said back in a similar sneaky fashion, "Excellent plan."

Daphne rolled her eyes. "Duh. I'm the brains. You're the braun."

Harry rolled his eyes as they rushed their way to Hogsmeade through the secret passageway.


Harry and Daphne returned to the castle, breathless, with their faces flushed from the exercise they'd gotten. As soon as they'd entered Hogsmeade, Daphne and Harry had made the excuse that they wanted to stop and shop somewhere, and the minute the other couple looked away they'd sped off to the Hog's Head, keeping an eye out for Pansy and Draco. For several hours, they just talked and laughed and joked, Harry for once forgetting about all his responsibilities and worries and just enjoyed his time.

When the clock struck ten o'clock, Harry and Daphne had left the Hog's Head and snuck by the sweets shop, where Draco and Pansy were talking while having an ice-cream. From there, they'd rushed back to the castle through the secret entrance once again.

Harry leaned against the brick of the castle for a moment, laughing and breathing heavily at the same time. He'd enjoyed himself immensely; as much as their date in Diagon Alley over the halls. Daphne too recovered from the escapade before she stood in front of him and grabbed his hands.

"So, Harry. You had fun?" Daphne asked shyly. Harry nodded quickly.

"Yes, loads. But next week, I'm organizing the date, and I'll one-up this one." Harry promised, and Daphne laughed.

"I don't know how you can one-up forcing Draco and Pansy to spend some quality time together." She said and Harry chuckled.

"Agreed." Harry sighed and looked into her eyes. "Thank you for giving me a good time, Daphne."

Daphne beamed up at him. "And thank you for being a good sport about it. Do I get a reward for organizing this date?"

Harry blinked and once again that guilty look crossed his face, but Daphne chose to ignore it again. Harry recovered and smiled.

"I guess we could try something mutually beneficial." He said, moving his face closer to hers. She extended up on her toes.

"I like that idea, Harry." Daphne murmured. Then, their lips connected and Daphne's mind exploded in happiness. Finally, she had kissed Harry; through all of the drama and sadness.

Meanwhile, in Harry's mind, he wasn't focusing on the kiss at all. All he could think about was building a mental wall around that dark influence in his mind, knowing that if he lost control there, he'd never forgive himself.

Thankfully, nothing happened. Daphne separated from their kiss and sighed, hugging Harry to her. Harry smiled and hugged her back, but his heart felt heavy with guilt on the inside. Suddenly, he felt an urge to do tell his fiancé everything. Including everything about Fleur.

"Daphne, I need to confess something." Harry said nervously. "You might not like me after I say it." Daphne backed up and smiled up at him.

"Anything, Harry." She said happily. She gazed into his eyes, and Harry suddenly felt very weak and a lump formed in his throat. He couldn't tell her now. She was so happy – so innocent. He couldn't ruin this night for her as he'd ruined their previous date.

"I – I think Draco has a crush on me." Harry blurted, his mind going to the first thing he could think of. Immediately, the guilt dropped into his stomach again and he cursed himself for being a coward.

Daphne laughed. "You think he's a poof? He might be. Stop joking around."

Harry laughed nervously and hugged her again. "Goodnight, Daphne."

She hugged him back. "Goodnight, Harry. Thank you for making my night and being honest with me."

Harry smile faltered and he turned to go, not uttering another word. Daphne turned and practically skipped down the hallway, happy that their relationship was finally chugging along.

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