The Greengrass Contract

Author's Note

Author's Note

Hello, all.

First and foremost, I apologize for my two or three week absence (I'm honestly not sure how long I've been gone). I have been feverishly preparing for my first day of high school, which comes in a week or so. Yes, this means I will not be writing as frequently as before. However, there will be some good coming from it.

Because I am 14, I haven't taken any writing classes other than the basic English and Literature that they taught us in 8thgrade. But now that I've transferred from the crappy Catholic middle school and am going to go to the awesome public high school, I will finally be attending a class named, "Creative Writing". I can only hope that this class will aid me on my journey to become an adequate writer.

I understand your frustration at the immaturity of the plot towards the beginning and middle of this story, especially of how I wrote of Angelina and Harry's relationship. I realize now that came forth from a purely adolescent mentality, and I promise that I will try and prevent such offensive, misogynistic ideas such as that to make their way into my stories.

I also apologize about how rushed the story seemed in the last five to ten chapters. As I stated earlier, once I'd come back from hiatus I was eager to just finish this god awful story. Now, you probably wonder why I'd finish a story that I definitely don't wish to finish. My answer to that is my own pride. Out of the ten or so stories that I've started across multiple fandoms, I have never finished a single one until The Greengrass Contract. I took it upon myself to finish this one because it told me that I really could finish something if I commit myself to it.

Surprisingly, those two aspects of this story (the stupid plot bit in the beginning and the rushed way I finished it) were the two main things you readers complained about. I am glad that many of you think my writing skills are okay.

Anyway, I've written this to let you know that I am currently writing the sequel. I'm just finishing chapter one. I will upload that chapter as soon as I am finished with it, BUT I will NOT upload ANY other chapters until I am DONE with the ENTIRE story. This is because I've been told that's the best way to do things. So that's how I will do it.

My other story about Blaise Zabini (Privilege) will be updated sporadically. Take a look at that while you wait for the first chapter of the sequel to come out.

SO, keep an eye out for the sequel, which will be called (rather unimaginatively):

The Greengrass Contract: Book Two

I know it's against some sort of rule to upload a chapter only containing an author's note, but this is the only way I can get word out to all of you; so I'll delete this chapter in a week or two.

Thanks a lot for sticking by me as I grow as a reader and a person. I look forward to creating content for you to help relieve the evident stress of my freshman year.- ncronan

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