The Greengrass Contract

Part Two: Chapter Three

-△⃒⃘- The Greengrass Contract -△⃒⃘-by ncronan

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Part IIChapter Three: Feasts and Balls

"We have made a grave mistake, Daphne." Harry announced loudly. She rolled her eyes, plucking at her own dress. Almost a month had passed since the First Task, during which Harry and Daphne (while not going on any official dates) met up and talked more and more. Unfortunately for the both of them, the 10th of December came by far faster than they would've liked.

"Too bad. You have to go." Daphne said sternly. She looked Harry up and down. He was in a black muggle suit with a dark green tie, and the girl had to admit he looked dashing and classier than she'd seen him dress before.

"Why, though?" Harry whined, fidgeting with his tie, feeling as though it were trying to choke him. "We're already in a magical contract. It doesn't matter if your parents approve of me, they have to deal with it as much as us."

Daphne winced internally. Despite becoming closer and closer throughout the year, it was evident in the way Harry spoke and acted that he was upset about having to marry her. While that was understandable, she couldn't help but feel a bit offended: after all, there were worse people to be forced to marry, and (though she would never admit it), Daphne had caught romantic feeling towards the Gryffindor boy. When they spoke, he caused her to relax and open up mentally, and she found herself making more mistakes and being more . . . human with him. The fact that she thought these feelings weren't reciprocated frustrated her.

"It matters to me. This isn't just about my parents approving of you. There is business to go over, rules to be set." She said firmly.

Harry groaned, exasperated. "Well, I'll do my best to not look like an idiot." Within, his nerves were running wild; this was far more terrifying than facing a Hungarian Horntail.

Daphne rolled her eyes. "Good luck, doofus." She then checked her watch. It was almost nine o'clock.

"Come on. We're going to be using the Floo Network in Professor Snape's office." With that, she took off at a swift walking pace towards the potions lab. Harry followed as fast as he could in his stiff clothing. While he did not like the way the suit felt on him, he had to admit he felt taller and older, which is something he did like.

Walking swiftly into the classroom, Snape merely glanced up and nodded when they entered. He stood and strode to the corner of the classroom before speaking, Harry noticing that he too was wearing very formal Muggle clothes.

"Mr. Potter, Damien is a most serious man. You will speak in the most formal manner you know of and will try and act as smart as you can." Snape said, grabbing a small pot of ashes from his desk. Harry opened his mouth in surprise.

"You're coming, sir?" Harry asked, and Snape rolled his eyes.

"Of course. Damien invites his close friends and business partners to his Yuletide feast. It is a rather big occasion." Harry's professor said knowledgeably.

"Many others will be there. Hopefully, we won't have to discuss the contract in front of the other guests." Daphne added. Harry shivered but nodded his understanding. Daphne touched his arm.

"You'll be fine, Harry. Like Professor Snape said: just act as smart as you can manage." She said, and Harry sighed.

"Let's just get it over with." Harry said sorrowfully. Snape pinched a little ash between his fingers before passing it around and stepping into the fireplace. He looked back at his students.

"Potter, don't mess this up." He said seriously. "The people here today are some of the most powerful men and women in the magical community. Not to mention that two of them will be your father- and mother-in-law. Good luck. Greengrass Estate."

With that, the green flames enveloped the professor and he disappeared. Daphne went next. "Greengrass Estate!"

Harry closed his eyes and took a very deep breath, going over his vocabulary and picking out a few long words that he could use. Stepping into the fireplace, he threw the ashes downward. "Greengrass Estate!"

After the familiar push and pull of Floo travel, he was dumped heavily on his feet in the cold night air. Looking around, he found himself on a stone path under the dark and starry night sky, the path leading them directly to a massive manor some two-hundred meters away. Around him, the estate was covered with perfectly managed grass and trees, with flowers lining the path. Ahead, wizards and witches in groups of two, three or four walked their way to the impressive home.

Snape signaled for them to follow him as he strode confidently down the stone and began to issue instructions to the frightened Potter.

"Always keep eye contact to whom you are speaking. Use the term Lord and Lady when addressing Mrs and Mr Greengrass. When you meet Damien, shake his hand and bow down slightly. When you meet him, say something that indicates you are honored to meet someone of high wealth and class. Compliment the Lady's beauty." Snape said quietly as the neared the manor.

Harry nodded and gulped after Snape had finished. When they reached the front of the mansion, the door was open, and a servant or butler of some sort stood next to it. Said wizard studied them and didn't say a word, letting them in without question.

Inside, a massive glass chandelier hung over a marble floor. One either side of the massive room, a set of staircases led up to the second floor, and directly ahead was a large set of open double doors that led into what looked like a ballroom, with a long table set up down the middle. Harry's mouth dropped open at the magnificence of the place before it snapped shut after being elbowed by Daphne.

Snape led them past several groups of conversing, important-looking folk and into the dining hall. At the head of the table, there stood a tall, slim, blonde-haired man. His whole body seemed strong and stiff, and he seemed intimidating even from far away. Next to him was a gorgeous woman who looked to be in her late 30s, at most. She was brown-haired and gave off a confident air. Harry shivered as the mother looked their way.

"Daphne! Hello, my dear!" She said, rushing forward to embrace her daughter, who smiled and hugged her back. Snape stepped forward and shook hands with Damien Greengrass, who exchanged pleasantries with the potions professor before making eye contact with Harry.

"Harry Potter. It is pleasant to finally meet you. I am Damien Greengrass." Damien said, his voice deeper than expected. The man was a good three inches taller than Harry, who was hoping that his hands weren't sweating. He grabbed the man's extended hand.

"And it is an honor to meet you, Lord Greengrass." Harry said honestly. He then turned to the woman, who smiled pleasantly at him. He took her hand and kissed the top of it.

"And it is a pleasure to meet you as well, Lady Greengrass. I now see where your daughter got her looks." Harry said, smiling back at her. Apolline beamed.

"Thank you, my dear. You are far more collected than I presumed." She said with a knowing look in her eye. Harry chuckled.

"I do tend to be reckless at times, but most of my life I am like this. Again, it is an honor to meet you both." Harry confessed, earning an even wider smile from the Lady, who looked at her husband. Damien nodded with a look of content on his face.

"Now that you are here, we will begin the feast. The seating arrangements have already been made; you may take your seats while we address the other guest. If you would excuse us -" Damien nodded at them before walking off with his wife. Snape began to walk towards the table.

"Well played, Potter." Snape said. "But I would disagree. You are reckless 100% of the time."

Harry snorted, and Daphne squeezed his arm to remind him of where he was. She was incredibly tense, and she looked around somewhat suspiciously. They looked down at small cards at each of the seats, and Harry found that he was to sit at the end of the table next to Snape, with Damien at the head, Daphne across from him and her sister next to her. Apolline would sit beside her husband.

"Are you alright, Daphne?" Harry asked quietly as they took their seats. Daphne nodded hesitantly, and she took a breath.

"I just get uncomfortable when there are my father's business partners around. They're sketchy, at best." She confessed quietly. Harry nodded as Snape took his seat, and Harry noticed that there were a few other seats already taken at the opposite end. They were looking at him somewhat spitefully.

"When Damien comes back, you will stand back up and allow him to sit first. The reason the others are glaring at you is that they do not understand why you have been granted a seat so close to the hosts. They are jealous and afraid." Snape explained in a low tone. Harry nodded and breathed out as guests began to pile in through the door. Every wizard and witch had formal wear, and expensive jewelry all over. Most of them eyed the three people from Hogwarts with calculating expressions, and Harry began to feel very uncomfortable until he heard a somewhat familiar voice call out for him.

"Harry Potter! Fancy seeing you!" George Harde walked from one end of the table to the other in a flash, clasping his forearm against his. "What are you doing here?"

Recognition dawned on the faces of the other guests as they realized who he was, and quiet murmurings broke out from around the table as they found their seats. Harry smiled at the scout.

"That's classified, but when I can tell you I will. But, what are you doing here?" Harry asked. Harde grinned widely and slapped him on the back.

"Damien and I go way back. We were on the same Quidditch team back at Hogwarts, if you'd believe it. Now, he's hired me to be his connection with the International Quidditch Association. Anyways, it's good to see you here. I'll talk to you after the feast."

Harry nodded and said a temporary good-bye as Damien and Apolline took their position at the head table. Suddenly, a young girl of indiscernible age rushed by them and stood next to Daphne, who had begun to stand. Harry realized that that must be Daphne's little sister, Astoria. The girl had blonde hair and a cute face, with bright blue eyes.

Seeing the hosts at the end of the table, everyone stood quickly, and once the two were seated, everyone else sat back down again. Damien clapped his hands. "Let us commence the Yuletide feast!"

Just like at Hogwarts, all kinds of delicious and expensive foods appeared before them on the table. Immediately, the guests entered into polite conversation and ate quietly. In all, there must have been 50 people in all in that dining hall. Harry himself took lettuce from the salad bowl and decorated it with all kinds of delicacies before beginning to eat at a slow pace. There was a somewhat awkward lull in conversation where they sat, before Harry suddenly tried to break the ice.

"Lord Greengrass, Mr. Harde mentioned that you used to play Quidditch back at Hogwarts. Is this true?" Harry asked. Damien opened his mouth to answer but Apolline beat him to it with a laugh.

"It's very true! Little Damien was a Quidditch star back at school. Best Chaser in Slytherin house." She said proudly. Damien smiled slightly.

"I would brag about my former abilities but it seems you've already found success as a chaser." Damien said, looking at Harry. "Tell me, how has the Quidditch industry been treating you so far?"

Harry tilted his head. "It's been alright, as of now. I'm not a big fan of the conferences or of the news outlets in general, but I do enjoy training with the squad and playing other teams. It's a dream of mine."

Damien nodded. "Do you plan on following that career path for the rest of your life?"

Harry shook his head. "It's great fun, but I know that Quidditch players retire just after 30 and bankroll for the rest of their life. That isn't for me. I am thinking about becoming an Auror or gaining a high position at the Ministry."

"That is a good plan." Damien admitted. "Although I warn you that life as an Auror is not quite the fantasy that you might envision."

"I understand, sir. I know it's a lot of hard work and dedication, but if I really want to do it once I've graduated, then I will." Harry said firmly. "Sir, this is wonderful idle chatter, but I do believe that there are important matters to discuss other than career paths and schoolwork."

Damien just nodded. "Those things will be addressed after the feast. Until then, I'd like to hear a little bit about you. I've heard some stories from Hogwarts that I think may be tall tales, but from what Daphne has told us, that might not be the case."

With that, Harry entered into telling the long story of his adventures at Hogwarts, leading up to the fight agains the dragon. Apolline acted with anger towards the Ministry for allowing an underage wizard in the competition, but Harry spoke up.

"Actually, Lady Greengrass, if I survive the tournament it will definitely work to my advantage. Because I have been forced to enter in this competition for adults, over the winter break I am going to Gringotts to hopefully be emancipated, which will help me better control my estate and financial situation." Harry explained.

Damien cackled on the inside, but on the outside he just smiled. "That is brilliant, Mr. Potter. You have a sharp mind, and if you are able to be emancipated, I'd say your plan is one worthy of a Slytherin."

The feast went on with more useless chatter about their classes. Soon, however, Damien stood and addressed everyone, telling them that the feast was over and mingling was allowed in the lounge next door. They all got up and moved to the lounge as their dirty plates vanished.

However, Damien and Apolline ushered Harry and Daphne into a separate room and sat down on the couch. Harry and Daphne sat awkwardly next to one another, and little Astoria left to retire to her room.

"Mr. Potter, you are a respectable young man with a good work ethic, healthy ambition and sturdy intelligence. I am sorry for the contract being created in the first place: my father was in danger of having our family's title being revoked for our rumored involvement with dark wizardry. He and your grandfather arranged a marriage contract between our families, and we were unable to do anything about it."

"You do not need to apologize, Lord Greengrass." Harry said quickly. "I understand that this was out of our control. I am just angry that Dumbledore did not tell me sooner."

Damien sighed and leaned back, emotion beginning to enter his features. "Albus Dumbledore is a very powerful and wise man. He is to be respected as the wizard who defeated Grindelwald and contributed countless discoveries in magical research. However, it seems that he has taken it into his own hands to play a god, and has meddling in your life since before you were born. He pushed for the contract to be signed for reasons unknown. Apolline and I do wish that you two were not forced to marry, of course. But we also recognize that it was a strategic partnership, and we hope that you two can eventually learn to love each other." He said simply as the two children blushed heavily.

"Er – thank you, Lord Greengrass." Harry said. "That is most kind of you to say."

Apolline beamed at him once again. He had taken a significant liking to her, and vice versa. "You may call us Damien and Apolline, Mr. Potter."

"And you can call me Harry, if you wish." Harry said in turn. "I thank you for your understanding in this matter. But while I know there will be a lot of legalities involved with inheritance and fortune, I respectfully ask you to rather than talk to me about it, arrange it all with a goblin named Griphook. I trust him with all of my funds."

Damien nodded to him. "As you wish. It was a pleasure meeting you. I hope we can talk again soon, Harry."


"I can't believe that I have to dress up so soon after that feast." Harry complained. He and Daphne were talking quietly in a private section of the library, days after the Yuletide feast and a week before the Yule Ball.

"Quit your whining, Harry. It'll be fun! We get to dance, you get to be assassinated for dating a Slytherin." Daphne said brightly. "How's that?"

"Doesn't seem too fun, to be honest." Harry confessed, setting down his book. Daphne rolled her eyes.

"Well, just so you know, you haven't even asked me yet. What if I say no?" Daphne said, attempting to act aloof. Harry eyed her balefully. He did not enjoy the light banter they sometimes shared.

"Then I guess I'll have to ask Hermione." Harry said dryly. Daphne froze for a moment, jealousy kicking in and she glared at him.

"I was joking, Harry. If you don't ask me, my father will kill you." She said simply. Harry chuckled.

"I knew you cared, Daph. Will you go to the Yule Ball with me?" He asked, closing his eyes and leaning back. She let out a sharp breath of air.

"Of course I - did you just call me Daph?" She asked, shocked. Harry chuckled once again.

"Just a nickname, Daph. Don't worry about it." He said easily. His eyes snapped open when she smacked him in the shoulder with a book. Before he could retort, there was a string of incoherent words from around the bookcases. Sneaking around, Daphne and Harry watched in amusement as Ron was dragged out of the library by several Gryffindors; he had a lost look on his face, and was babbling nonsense. Looking for the source, at a table some distance away, Fleur was giggling with some of her friends.

"I can not believe he asked you! And in such a rude way." One of them said to her. Fleur just shrugged.

"Honestly, I was hoping for another boy to ask, but I believe he iz taken." At this, the other girls began to interrogate her in rapid French, but she remained silent as Harry and Daphne laughed quietly at the redheaded fool.


"Yes, Ms Granger and Mr Krum first. Ms Johnson and Mr Weasley second. Ms Delacour and Mr Diggory third. And – where is Mr. Potter?" McGonagall asked, lining up the champions outside of the Great Hall. Everyone else had already been led inside and was awaiting the champions.

As she said that, two figures descended down the set of stairs in front of the Great Hall. The first was Harry, who (unlike most of the other boys at the Ball), wore a Muggle suit and a forest green tie. His inner shirt was a diluted silver, and his hair was styled up above his head in an impressive bit of gel-architecture. The suit fit him perfectly, making him look tall and classy, and he grinned at the girls in front of the Great Hall who were looking at him quite appreciatively.

Behind him was Daphne. Her brown hair was done up in an intricate bun, and her dress was a sparkling, emerald green. She wore no make-up at all, but her features were so striking that even Fleur did a mental check-up of her own looks out of insecurity. The dress fit to her body, emphasizing her curves, and on her pale collarbone was a silver necklace. They descended the stairs in front of a speechless group.

"Mr. Potter and Ms – Greengrass, is it?" McGonagall said, absolutely shocked at the pairing. They nodded simultaneously when Viktor began laughing while Fleur looked dejected.

"What's so funny?" Harry asked his friend as they lined up behind the other champions. Viktor held out a hand, and Fleur sullenly dropped a few coins into his hand.

"I won the pot. Fleur figured it would be a girl from Ravenclaw, but I totally guessed that it was a Slytherin." Viktor said triumphantly. The kids laughed, and Daphne beamed at the other girls, who were mentally comparing themselves to her while also noting her beauty. They smiled and nodded back before McGonagall cleared her throat. "Right, time to go in. Off you trot."

With that, the champions filed into the Great Hall, not even marveling at the way they'd decorated the place. The students all began to clap and cheer when the champions entered, but they faltered when Harry and Daphne entered. To say that they were shocked was an understatement. There was a very awkward silence until Tracey Davis began to cheer again, and soon everyone else joined in. Most of the Gryffindors and Slytherins looked betrayed by their respective housemates, but Harry and Daphne were greatly amused by their reactions, and they easily danced the night away. When a Ravenclaw boy asked to cut in, Harry reluctantly agreed and went to sit down for a break.

As he sat there and sipped at some water, there was a small voice behind him. "So, Potter. You and Greengrass."

Harry turned to see Draco Malfoy sitting with his back to him. He turned back and sighed. "What do you want, Malfoy?"

Draco was silent for a little while. "Honestly? Nothing. I just wanted to get away from Pansy."

Harry was also silent for a while before he said, "What's up with you this year, Malfoy? You haven't been picking fights at all this year. What happened?"

Draco sighed out of his nose really slowly before he confessed. "You bore me this year, Potter. This year, you've changed. You've gone and matured on me."

"Seems like you have too." Harry responded. "The Malfoy I knew would have still be going at me all year."

"Yeah, well . . . don't get me wrong, Potter. I don't like you. I don't like how you've been famous your whole life and get the easy life from the teachers. But I don't hate you anymore. I guess I sympathize with you."


"Don't take me for a fool, Potter. I know you and Greengrass are in a marriage contract. It's only to be expected, since both of your families have pure-blood backgrounds. As I said, I sympathize with you."

Harry processed this information. "Oh. You and Pansy?"

Draco sighed taking another long sip of his drink. "Yeah. Found out just a few weeks ago."

"That's no so bad. It could have been Millicent." Harry said, and they both shared a laugh before Harry realized what he was doing. He couldn't believe he was joking around with his former nemesis.

"That's true. But still, you got Greengrass, and I got Parkinson. Now I have another reason to dislike you." Malfoy sighed. "But I guess that's how it's going to be."

Harry nodded in agreement as he watched Daphne dance with the Ravenclaw, and he once again felt grateful for being so lucky. "I never hated you, Malfoy. You just always seemed to pick fights with me."

"I know, I know. If it makes you feel better, I really did hate you. Everything about you pissed me off. But now that I'm stuck with Pansy for the rest of my life, I've kind of seen the bigger picture, you know?" Draco took another drink. "Don't get me wrong. I'm still a pure-blood supremacist and would you like you to not exist. But if this is how it's going to be, I figured it'd be easier for us to sort of work together on this."

Harry nodded in agreement before standing and turning. He extended his hand. "You've changed, Malfoy. Congratulations."

Malfoy rolled his eyes and stood, taking his hand. "Whatever. Let's just stay at a truce and deal with our contracts."

"Deal." Harry grinned before taking the dance floor and butting back in with Daphne. Once the Ravenclaw had left, she breathed out a sigh of relief.

"Thank Merlin. I thought you'd never come back." She said, resting her head on his shoulder despite the high-energy song now playing.

Harry chuckled. "Was he really that bad?"

Daphne groaned. "No, he wasn't. At dancing, that is. He just acted as though I was Fleur and had some kind of allure."

Harry leaned in close. "Oh, but you do, Daphne. And it's working on me as we speak."

Daphne's breath hitched and her face turned red. "Shut it, Harry. Now is not the time for foreplay."

"It always has to start somewhere." Harry withdrew and smirked when she smacked him on the shoulder playfully.

"Whatever. What were you and Malfoy talking about back there, anyway?" Daphne asked. Harry shrugged.

"Malfoy and I have matured, and we talked about the depression involved with being in a marriage contract."

Understanding dawned in Daphne's beautiful eyes. "Ah. Him and Pansy. She's probably happy, but I can't imagine that he is. But I'm glad to see you aren't the same git from the years before."

"Oh, whatever. You know you like this git." Harry said, now trying to be aloof as Daphne often did. Said girl rolled her eyes.

"In your dreams, Potter." She said, resting her head against his shoulder again as a slow song came on.


"Come on, guys. Cut me some slack. I need to wake up early tomorrow, I've got business things to do in Diagon Alley."

"Not until you answer our questions." Seamus said, pushing him playfully into the couch in the fourth year boy's dorm. "You could have any choice of any girl in this school, and you choose the Ice Queen?"

"Bugger off, Seamus." Neville came to Harry's defense. "He can do what he wants. Plus, have you seen Greengrass?"

Harry blushed a bright red as the other boys took a moment to remember how Daphne had looked that night. They all began to strip off their dress clothes while Dean finally put the pieces together.

"So . . . a while back, when you got drugged, you weren't just rambling when you called Greengrass your fiancee?" The dark-skinned boy asked. Ron perked up in his bed when he heard this.

Harry sighed. "Correct. She and I are stuck in a marriage contract." He confessed. Neville patted his shoulder comfortingly while Dean and Seamus stared at him, open mouthed.

"I didn't know they still had those." Seamus said. He sighed. "Sorry, mate. That really sucks. But it could be worse."

"No, it couldn't." Ron said from his bed. The whole school year, he had somewhat withdrawn from most of is friends and instead become bitter and sullen towards everyone, especially Harry. "He's gonna get married to a snake. Can't get much worse than that."

Harry sighed. After he had made up with Hermione earlier, he had made it his quest to right any wrongs he'd done over the past year. But in the case of Ron, all he could see was that the redhead was being a git for no apparent reason. "Actually, Ron, it could. Daphne is actually very smart and very nice. It's your own fault that you can't see past your own prejudices."

"Shut up." Ron snarled, suddenly very angry. "Why do you have to pick a fight with me every time we talk?"

There was silence before Neville said, "Actually, Ron, you're the one that picks the fights. Harry's been pretty nice to you. Honestly, we've all been pretty nice to you. Something's wrong with you. What happened?"

Ron just huffed and slammed the curtains close around his bed, and the other boys were left to talk about nothing, so they all went to bed, as Seamus and Dean were content with the answers they'd been given.


It was snowing on the first day of the winter holidays, and Harry and Daphne were able to spend it in Diagon Alley.

It was a pleasant temperature, and large snowflakes fell down the bustling marketplace. Harry rushed ahead of Daphne, whose face was bright red from the cold and the running.

"Wait up, Harry! Why are we rushing?" Daphne said, but her glee stopped her from being angry. Harry grinned at her before grabbing her hand. On that day, he was just so inexplicably happy that he could spend so long with his fiancee.

"I'm excited! We get a whole day to ourselves. A real date." Harry said spinning her around. Daphne let out an 'eek!' at his actions, before he once again began to pull her along, towards Gringotts.

"Oh! Are we going to see if you got emancipated?" Daphne said, now understanding. Harry nodded.

"Yep. Then we can spend the rest of the day doing whatever we want." Harry said, tugging her along. Daphne's face grew even more red, but this time from excitement.

The two rushed into the bank, eager to get this part of the date over with so they could move on. Griphook was the one manning the desk, and upon seeing Harry he smiled, baring his teeth.

"Welcome back, Mr. Potter. It seems your negotiations over the contract are going well. In other news, you are a fully emancipated adult as of now." He said quietly. Harry grinned and Daphne latched onto his arm joyfully.

"Griphook, if you could, I'd like you to manage all of the Potter funds and estates from now on, since I don't know how it all works." Harry said firmly. Griphook blinked.

"I'd be honored, Mr. Potter. I'll get to it right away." The goblin said. Harry grinned.

"Thank you, sir. But I have one more request. Remember? It's Harry, to you." With that, Harry and Daphne practically skipped out of the bank, drawing strange stares from the other creatures.

The next five hours was spent with joy. Harry and Daphne visited practically every shop, saying hello to fellow classmates and shop owners and getting sweets from a variety of different places. Going unnoticed by either of them, they would realize later that they held hands the entire time. The couple forgot about their worries for that day, and it was a complete success.

At nearly eight o'clock, they stopped, exhausted, at the Leaky Cauldron where they would Floo back to Hogwarts. They stopped to get hot beverages, and sat at a table, laughing with one another and sipping at their drink. Because Daphne's parents were away on a business trip in France, Daphne would be spending the winter holidays in Hogwarts, with Harry, which she found as totally fine. Now that their relationship had gone public, there was no reason to have to sneak around anymore. And it was for that reason that Daphne went in for the kiss.

It was from instinct. Daphne felt another burst of euphoria, and when they both stood to walk to the fireplace, she wrapped her arms around his neck and leaned her head in, to her own surprise. But what surprised and confused and disappointed her was the fact that Harry stopped her with a finger. She opened her eyes to see sad ones staring back at her, and Harry sighed before tenderly kissing her on the cheek.

"Sorry, Daph. Not yet." He murmured, before he Flooed back into Hogwarts.

Daphne stopped and froze in her spot for another couple of minutes, processing what was happening. Eventually, she Flooed back to Hogwarts, her eyes welling up with a few confused tears and above all, confusion.

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