The Greengrass Contract

Part Two: Chapter Four

-△⃒⃘- The Greengrass Contract -△⃒⃘-by ncronan

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Part IIChapter Four: Christmas and Fleur

Christmas Day did not quite summon the joy Harry had felt during his date with Daphne. It was not that the day was bad, but it did not make Harry feel that sense of absolute bliss that he'd felt in Diagon Alley. This was because he and Daphne's relationship had sort of grinded to a slowing halt; a limbo, if you will. It had started at the end of that wonderful date.

Harry closed his eyes and hit his head against his bedpost lightly, reprimanding himself mentally. He had completely rejected the kiss at the end, and to that day, in retrospect, he completely regretted it, knowing it was that moment that had caused his relationship with Daphne to stop. He glared down at the unwrapped present in his hand. Surrounded in ripped wrapping paper was a small pendant and a rather emotionless note from his fiancee.

All of his other presents had been excellent and made him happy. He received a book from Hermione, a pound of rock-cakes from Hagrid, and many sweets from his dorm-mates. Unfortunately, this year, there was no sweater from Mrs. Weasley, but Harry did not mind, as he appreciated the rest of his holiday haul. Viktor had gotten him a training-Quaffle, Angelina gifted a pair of brand new Quidditch gloves specifically designed for chasers, and Fleur had given him a small potion. He had yet to open the French woman's note.

Harry studied the piece of paper from Daphne he'd been given along with the necklace. The letter read:

"To Mr. Harry Potter,

On behalf of House Greengrass, we gift to you an ancient pendant to signify our families' strong bonds.

Sincerely, Damien, Apolline, Astoria and Daphne Greengrass."

Although he tried to push the feeling out of the way, he could not help but feel disappointment. He had hoped for a more personal thing as well as the pendant from Daphne, but all she'd gotten him was the pendant. He also felt sort of awkward, for he'd written her a thought-out card and paired that along with some expensive earrings he'd bought in the Alley. But he shook off those feelings and decided that they'd confront it later, since they hadn't seen much of each other since the date.

After setting down the pendant, Harry picked up the final gift. It was the small vial from Fleur, along with her accompanying note. He ripped open the letter and read it out, having a little trouble recognizing the elegant handwriting.


Happy Christmas! My present to you is a potion to allow you to learn French: all you must do is drink, and in a few minutes you will be able to fluently speak my native tongue, and understand it as well. I brewed it myself, although Madame Maxine did assist me; for the potion is one of the more difficult ones to create.

I wanted to thank you for being so gracious in your interactions with me. It is most enjoyable be able to talk to a man without worrying about my allure affecting his mind. Again, I thank you very much: you are an amazing person. If you ever need anything, I will do my best to help you out.

Love, Fleur."

Harry's ears steadily were turning pink as he went through the letter, and when he saw how she signed it, blood rushed into his cheeks, and his body tingled at the thought of the beautiful French woman appreciating him. But as soon as those thoughts entered his mind, others invaded as well. He found himself thinking about Fleur in a number of compromising ways, and he found it rather hard to keep them out. He hit his head against the bedpost once again, reminding himself of his current situation. Whether she was intentionally flirting with him or not, Harry told himself that he would have to do his best to stay loyal to Daphne. He knew she deserved that much.

With his presents taken care of, he decided to down the potion right then and there before heading down to breakfast. Only a fifth of the students remained in the castle, including all of Durmstrang and Beauxbatons. Hermione sat at the table alongside Viktor and Fleur, but Harry remembered that Angelina was still stuck in the hospital wing for a few more days, and was unable to go home. Across the room, Daphne sat with her friend, Tracey Davis, and did not react to Harry's entrance.

Despite this, Harry sat next to Fleur in Angelina's usual spot, across from Hermione and Viktor, who were acting slightly closer than they had before the ball. No relationship had yet developed between them since then, but they definitely seemed closer in their friendship. Meanwhile, Fleur never spoke to Diggory again after the Ball, for he'd done some things because of his allure that Harry decided not to figure out. As he sat, Fleur smiled widely at him and touched his arm. "Good morning and happy Christmas, Harry."

Viktor and Hermione smiled and said their own greetings, and Harry grinned and nodded before turning to Fleur. In that moment, he felt a surge of confidence and decided to decipher what Fleur was feeling, especially because of her touching his arm. "Joyeux Noël, Fleur. Tu es très belle aujourd'hui, comme d'habitude."

Fleur, for the first time since Harry had befriended her, blushed a bright red while Hermione was impressed. "I didn't know you spoke French, Harry!"

Harry did not answer, instead opting to maintain eye contact with Fleur, whose face was still a strange shade of red at his compliment of her beauty. She smiled weakly back at him. "Merci beaucoup. Vous regardez incroyable, aussi."

Harry smiled widely at her, before speaking in English. And putting his arm around her shoulder."Thank you so much for the present, Fleur. I understand that it must have taken you ages to brew that potion."

Fleur shook her head, her face still red. "It iz not a problem. Anything for you." She gushed, before turning more red and beginning to eat her breakfast. Harry released his hold on her.

He grinned and turned back to his own plate, temporarily forgetting about his responsibilities with Daphne and instead enjoying the fact that he could make such a beautiful girl embarrassed. At the same time, Viktor and Hermione noted Fleur's once in a lifetime behavior. They, like Harry, had never seen Fleur so flustered before.

"Anyways, I was thinking we could spend some time outside, by the lake and try and figure out the golden-egg-clue." Harry suggested. The others agreed, knowing that the Second Task would come quickly. As they discussed that, Harry made up his mind to go and ask Daphne to go to the lake with him, and perhaps heal their damaged relationship.

Meanwhile, Daphne and Tracey were having a quiet conversation at the almost empty Slytherin table.

"Why didn't you tell me that earlier?" Tracey asked. "You just said your date was perfect and nothing else."

Daphne shrugged helplessly. "I was embarrassed. Do you think I did something wrong?"

Tracey shook her head firmly. "No way. Potter just decided to reject a kiss with you for some – what is he doing?" She suddenly hissed. Daphne whipped her head around. Harry was speaking with a massive grin to the French part-Veela, and had his arm around her shoulders. Anger rose within the female Greengrass before a sickening feeling formed in her stomach when she realized the worst part of the situation. The Veela girl's face was as red as a cherry; something Harry had said had made her embarrassed. That was the thing that made her nervous and angry and jealous.

"I don't know what he's doing, but it sure looks like he's outright flirting with that girl." Tracey said scathingly. Daphne opened her mouth to disagree, but she looked again to see the two share a small, shy smile, and she growled.

"It does, doesn't it?" Daphne said lowly. Tracey glanced at her.

"I know you don't want to hear this, but the fact that he rejected your kiss and is now acting like this to the French girl . . ." Daphne then cut her off.

"I know what it looks like." Daphne snarled. Tracey forged ahead despite her friend's tone.

"Are you sure he said he'd stop dating other girls? You said he'd date you until you two were married." Tracey said obliviously.

Daphne turned on her. "Shut up, Tracey! It's bad enough that he's flirting with the most beautiful girl in Britain. I don't need you to tell me the implications of the situation!"

Tracey nodded, taking a sip. "Just saying. You and him really need to talk – oh, would you look at that."

As she said that, Harry had stood up and begun walking to the Slytherin table before McGonagall approached him. From their position, they could hear what she said.

"Mr. Potter, Professor would like to see you in his office in a few minutes." The woman had said, and Harry nodded. The boy turned to leave but cast a glance at Daphne that said, "I need to talk to you."

What scared him was the look of bitterness in his fiancé's eyes.


"Mr. Potter. Please have a seat." Albus Dumbledore said, gesturing to a large comfy chair in front of his desk. Harry breathed slowly out through his nose before obeying.

"Happy Christmas, Professor." Harry said politely. Albus smiled back at him, but the glare in his glasses blocked what the man truly felt.

"And to you, Mr. Potter. I believe you are now wondering why I have called you in here today." Dumbledore replied. Harry nodded, and his professor continued.

"I understand now that a confession and apology are in order. I deeply regret leaving you with your relatives that night, and I promise that I was not aware that you were being mistreated in their household until you pointed it out during our – conversation the night the champions were selected. I misjudged the situation. Again, I apologize first for that initial mistake."

"I apologize as well, Professor." Harry cut in suddenly. "I should not have handled the situation in such a way, and apologize for grabbing you and insulting you."

"You are forgiven, Harry. I understand your feelings. And now, I must sincerely apologize for the events that have occurred during your education at Hogwarts. I swear on my magic that I have not knowingly put you in dangerous situations. I used all of my power and influence but I was unable to overturn the Goblet's magic; if I could have prevented you from participating in the tournament, I would have."

"Thank you, Professor, for being honest with me." Harry said. Albus nodded, before sighing and leaning forward on his hands. Suddenly, his age became very apparent to the young man across the table.

"I am deeply sorry, Harry. If there is anything I can do for you to make up for how I have wronged you, please share it." The old man said. There was a long, thoughtful silence as Harry formulated an answer.

"Dumbledore, you are lucky that I am not the same Harry I was a year ago. I have shed off my boyhood angst and recklessness, and because of that, I accept your apology. Unfortunately, though I would like to, I am unable to forgive at this moment in time. While I am glad to know that you regret how you have wronged me, that does not change the fact that I was abused for the first twelve or so years of my life. No, I cannot quite forgive you yet. Thank you for recognizing the errors in your ways; but thank you especially, sir, for not using Legilimency during this conversation. It is gratifying to know that you are not always in my head. Good day, and happy Christmas, sir." With that, Harry got up and left the office, leaving Dumbledore speechless in his chair. How the boy knew he'd used Legilimency on previous occasions was beyond the old man; but he knew, for sure, than from now on, he would have to be more careful with the boy if he were to earn his trust and right his previous wrongs.


Harry wrapped himself in a thick sweater and sturdy jeans over his swimsuit before going out to meet his friends by the lake, bringing along his golden egg as well.

Upon seeing his friends, Harry smiled and set his egg next to a tree. They were in a nice, grassy spot next to the lake, where they had cleared the snow and thawed the ice in an eight foot by eight foot are, proceeding to heat up the water to hot-tub temperature. Hermione and Viktor were already in the water, while Fleur was busy finishing the spells that warmed the water.

"Whose idea was it, again, to heat the water up?" Harry asked smugly. Viktor and Hermione rolled their eyes.

"Oh, shut up and get in." Hermione said. In the some-what clear water, Harry could see her in a modest one-piece while Viktor wore the usual trunks. Harry smirked at the scene.

"Wow, Hermione. I didn't know you even owned such an immodest bit of clothing." Harry said, stripping off his sweater as Fleur stretched.

Hermione blushed. "Whatever, Harry. I do still happen to be a girl, and as a girl I enjoy wearing a swimsuit when I swim."

"Yes, did you expect her to be nude?" Fleur asked. As she said that line, she took off her Beauxbatons uniform to reveal the sight that would make any boy faint. Harry and Viktor were absolutely dumbfounded at the half-naked Veela before them, and Hermione seemed to have a jealous expression for reasons that were evident.

Fleur smirked at Harry in particular before dipping in the water. Her confidence boosted, knowing that she had Harry and Viktor wrapped around her thumb for the time being. "This is your punishment for making me blush this morning, Harry."

Harry shook his head out of the daze before grinning back. "I don't see how this is much of a punishment, Fleur. This is more of a reward, to me."

Fleur blushed slightly but refused to let the situation out of her control. She smiled back at him, knowing that to get the conversation back in her own hands she would have to embarrass Harry using her allure, which she did. "If you think this is a reward, just wait. If you ever get me to reward you, you'll be lucky."

Harry smiled, but blush crept into his cheeks and he knew it was his turn to play. He stripped off his shirt and pants, revealing his physique in all of its glory. His body had the same affect on Fleur as hers did him. Her eyes widened, and she forgot all of the good banter she'd been thinking up. Harry slowly crept into the lake, before letting his hand down to the French-girl's bare waist and pulling her slightly towards him. Viktor and Hermione averted their eyes as Fleur's breath hitched and Harry murmured into her ear.

"I give rewards too, Fleur. Who knows? With the way you're acting, you're on the right path to getting one." Harry said, and she melted in his arms. Fleur knew she was completely under Harry's control.

"You win this game, Harry." Fleur murmured back. "So, what do you want as your reward?"

Harry smiled slightly and breathed in as Fleur fell more entranced with him. "I think it'd be better if you took your pick."

Fleur breathed out slightly. She could not describe the way she was feeling; it had never happened before. Her whole body was on fire with desire and adrenaline. The way Harry was playing with her made her feel so . . . excited and stimulated. She wondered what it was about Harry that was making her feel this way, and the only thing she could think about was getting closer and closer to him.

At the same time, Harry's mind had gone blank. He was feeling the same things as the part-Veela, and the feelings forced out any other thoughts, including those of Daphne and the contract and how much older she was. The only thing he could think of in that moment was of the beautiful girl in his arms, and now of the small hand that rested on his thigh.

Meanwhile, Viktor and Hermione were stuck in a very awkward situation. The way the other two were speaking were putting Hermione in a mood she was seldom in – a romantic one. She glanced over at Viktor, who seemed to be having the same struggle; not to mention the fact that they knew Harry was forced to marry Daphne. Viktor made eye contact with her, and slowly began to leave the lake and dry off. Hermione followed suit. When she glanced at Harry and Fleur, they were still softly talking to each other, and though the lake was just a bit to murky to see what was going on, she could guess that they were caressing one another.

Hermione shivered before quickly drying off. Viktor did as well, and he looked worriedly at her.

"Do you really know what's happening?" Viktor asked quietly. Hermione shook her head.

"No. I can't believe they're starting to do – those things!" The brunette blushed. "He's 14, and she's 17! Plus, Harry is betrothed!"

"Yes, but we don't know what Harry and Daphne's arrangement is yet." Viktor said. "This could be normal. Plus, that is not such a big age gap. And really, do you think Harry acts like your average 14-year-old?"

Hermione had to accept those solid points, but she glanced back at Fleur and Harry for a split second. They were not kissing, fortunately, but they were still speaking softly to each other, and both were getting rather red in the face and had desire written all over.

"Let's just ignore them and try to figure out this clue." Viktor stated. Hermione nodded, but the couple did seem to distract her. She shook her head and turned her back to them, deciding to let them continue. She had no right to interfere anyways.

"Harry – how are you doing this?" Fleur almost moaned. His hand was currently gently massaging her thigh, while hers was doing the same. Both had worked each other up to the point of complete lust. "I've never felt this way before."

Harry had no answer. "I don't know. I know for certain that your allure is at least somewhat affecting me right now, but I don't know why it is now and not before." He said, turning his head to look directly at the beautiful woman next to him.

Fleur gasped as Harry's hand traveled farther than usual, and she turned her head towards him. As their foreheads touched, there was a moment that they were frozen before they both passionately went for the kiss.

Just as their lips connected, something large and metal connected with the side of Harry's head, and he and Fleur were knocked from the side of their 'hot-tub' as Viktor's golden egg sank to the bottom. Whipping his head up fiercely at the Bulgarian, Harry glared daggers at him, accusing him of ruining him and Fleur's sensual moment with his eyes. Complete innocence filled the Seeker's face before he looked down in awe. Below, a golden-white light was emanating off of the egg, and Hermione pretended that Fleur and Harry's moment hadn't happened.

"Would you look at that? Seems that we've cracked it open. Do you two want to go and check it out, or . . .?" Hermione said. Harry blinked and tried to shake the lustful thoughts out of his head, but they remained there for some odd reason. He glanced at Fleur and noticed she seemed to be having the same internal struggle. Harry nodded before diving down, submerging his head to get a closer look at the egg.

Fleur submerged her head as well, just as the egg began to sing its clue to them. They both listened intently, memorizing the lines before Fleur snuck a glance at Harry's water through the water. What she saw was the same body she'd enjoyed when he first got in, but with an addition that made Fleur blush harder than she ever had before. Following her gaze, Harry looked down, realized what she was looking at, and tried to cover himself as he broke to the surface.

Once they surfaced, Viktor and Hermione were rather confused about why both of their faces were so red, and so Hermione asked, "What happened? Did you get the clue?"

Harry recited the lines back to Hermione and Viktor as Fleur stayed silent, still embarrassed about seeing Harry's 'situation'. Hermione reflected on it and nodded, saying that she guessed the champions would have to recover something from Black Lake, with a time limit of an hour. The others agreed, but Harry's and Fleur's minds were still sidetracked. Hermione announced that she would hike back up to the castle and visit the library to research anything that would allow them to breathe underwater, and Viktor hurriedly followed after having Harry grab his egg, leaving Fleur and Harry in the lake with their minds slightly sobered.

Fleur swam up to Harry and looked into his eyes. "Harry, I don't know what's happening between us, and I don't know if I like it or not."

In truth, she loved every second of it. Although she was now thinking more rationally, she could not get the feeling of Harry against her out of her head, and Harry felt the same way, but his hormones raged once again despite his embarrassment.

"Same with me. Sorry that you had to see my – erm – issue." Harry said, his face turning red again. His hands still covered that area of his body, and Fleur was once again reminded of what she'd seen. But this time, it filled her again with desire. As result, almost against her will, she moved forward and put his hands around his waist before pressing his mouth against his.

Harry's mind blanked again, and all he could think about was Fleur in his arms. As they deepened the kiss, Fleur suddenly pulled away and murmured, "Don't be embarrassed about that, Harry. Consider this as a reward."

With that, her hands began to wander, and when they reached their destination their minds filled with nothing but lust once more.


"I can't believe you did that." Viktor said simply. Harry shivered, and not from the cold.

Viktor and Harry were sitting in the stands of the Quidditch stadium, preparing to practice, the day after they'd figured out the clue. Harry dropped his head into his hands as Viktor repeated himself.

"I can't believe you did that. You're 14. And she's part-Veela. What you did is, like, illegal." Viktor said, almost in awe. Harry's head snapped up.

"Woah, woah! We didn't go that far and do – that!" Harry said, his face reddening.

"Then what did you do?" Viktor asked. Harry shifted in unrest as he slipped on his gloves.

"We didn't have sex, that's for sure. Let's just say I'm glad we were in the cover of the forest." Harry said. Viktor was silent for a little while before he suddenly began to laugh.

Harry grew confused. "You aren't going to lecture me about being too young and being unfaithful?"

Viktor shook his head, his laughter subsiding. "No, no. That's your decision, whether it's the right or wrong one is up to you. I was just going to ask – how was it?"

Harry's face turned even redder, but he answered. "It was amazing. She's very talented."

Viktor hooted again. Harry glared at him.

"Don't laugh at me when I heard from several people you and Hermione weren't just studying in the library after you left."

Viktor shut up and grew serious. "Let's agree not to talk about either of our situations again. Deal?"

"Deal." Although guilt overwhelmed him at the memory of how far he and Fleur had gone.


"You and Harry did what?" Angelina hissed from her seated position in the hospital wing. Fleur covered her face in her hands.

Angelina shook her head in disbelief. "I can't believe it. You both know that Harry's stuck in a contract and is dating Greengrass right now."

"I know, I know." Fleur moaned. "But in the moment, nothing else mattered. We forgot about everything."

Angelina sighed and shook her head, despite her bandaged side. Then she looked Fleur in the eyes.

"You can do what you want, Fleur. I'm glad that you and Harry didn't have sex, but I'm mad that you went so far with a 14 year old. You'll have to choose between keeping this a secret or spilling to Greengrass."

Fleur shivered at the thought of telling Harry's fiancé, who was known for being remorseless. "I just don't know, Angelina. I don't know why we decided to do that, but it was -"

Angelina now looked up at her curiously. "Yes, how was it? This was your first time, wasn't it? How did you do?"

Fleur blushed. "I think I did pretty well. We both enjoyed it. That's all I'm going to say."

Angelina rolled her eyes. "Fleur, Greengrass may kill you for this, but you're lucky you go to do that with someone like Harry before you died. You can die in peace."


Harry was just finishing his Potions essay in the dorm when a sickening feeling really began to pool in his stomach. The familiar feeling of guilt.

He put down his pen and sighed, rubbing his face. His mind against went back to the thing between him and Fleur, trying to justify what had happened. When he had seen her in such an immodest bit of clothing, he knew that her allure was at full power. Looking back on it now, he definitely knew that the allure was affecting him, at least a little, but probably a lot. The hour following that had been the most pleasurable in his life, but as of right now he was still filled with guilt.

At the time, he couldn't stop himself. It was like his body was working against him, or rather his mind just stopped working for him. He'd completely forgotten about everything except for the fact that Fleur was next to him and feeling the same way he was. And their relationship had escalated so . . . quickly. Something had definitely changed in Fleur after the Yule Ball. He did not know what, but something had caused her to do the things she did with him. It was like they were using allures on each other; rather, that's what it felt like.

Before even registering the guilt about Daphne, he reflected on what that meant for him, personally. Before the school year started, he hadn't even kissed a girl, much less gotten a sexual favor from one. And yet, here he was, a few months, later, going farther with a part-Veela than any other 17 year old boy had gone with a normal witch.

Only now did thoughts of Daphne kick in. What was he going to do about this? He felt so guilty about what had happened, but at the same time the pleasure he'd felt seemed to force that feeling away. He knew it couldn't go on any longer; he would have to talk to both Daphne and Fleur in a long conversation; but not in any way at the same time.

What would Daphne think of him now? She'd be disgusted, for sure. Harry was even disgusted with himself, although at the time he had no control over the situation. Most of him wanted to eventually discuss what had happened with Daphne in an honest conversation, but a small part of him – a powerful part of him – wanted to keep going with Fleur and never tell Daphne about it, ever. He could continue to do whatever he and Fleur wanted, and Daphne would never have to know.

Harry groaned and leaned back from his essay, feeling a headache coming on. If Daphne had seen or heard anything about him and Fleur, he was a dead man, courtesy of House Greengrass. He couldn't let that happen, but he still didn't know what to do.

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