The Tale of Many


A story to tell about the Multi-Verse theory in a unique way, my own spin on it. (Don't give me shit, it's for fun not for fame you ass hats)

Action / Adventure
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The Grey Saiyan

We take our story to planet earth, a world of beauty. We move further into the world to a continent named "North America". This continent is littered with homes and factories, the smoke and gas is ruining this world. We move even further to a special mountain range that was named "Sierra Nevada", these mountains are beautiful and isolated from most of the world. On one of these mountain's is a cabin, it has a beautiful view of the land below.

Inside this cabin lives a man with grey skin and snow white hair, his goatee is perfectly cut for the style he is after. His blood red eyes that pierce through your soul sends most people running away, he's always in this special kind of outfit. It's really just a gi that he always wear, he makes it distinctive from all the others by having neon green with white and a red scarf around his neck. He spends his life in isolation from the world because he's an isolater, his story begins in his home. He is just beginning to wake up from the noise of knocking, he gets out of his bed with a groan. "God darn it.. Who is knocking..?" He mumbles as he walks to the door, he opens the door to see a woman with a weird mask. "What do you wan't..?" He asks in a rapsy voice, she tries to put something over his mouth which she succeeds because of how tired he is. He wakes up feeling weak, like he's been asleep for a day or so. He looks around to find out if anything is near him, it's his living room but destroyed, torn apart. He breaks out of his binding with ease and getting up with anger, he walks through his cabin looking for the intruder. She walks out of his closet with his scarf, he sees the scarf and gasps. "Give that here!" He yelled, "No, this is mine" she says with a smirk. The thing about this scarf is that it's the "Scarf of the Gods" which is a scarf that amplifies the users attack, ki, and stamina. He lunges at the female intruder to take the scarf but she put's it on as soon as he's close, she grabs him by his throat and slams him onto the ground with the force to break the flooring. He looks up at her mask and growls as he grabs her wrist, he snaps her arm back so her elbow is going the wrong way causing her to scream in agony. "Just because you took the scarf.. Doesn't make you the strongest one here" he says with anger in his voice, he punches the mask breaking it a bit. "W-Who are you?!" She asks in a panicked tone as the grey man grabs her by the throat, starting to suffocate her. "I'm the man who's weakened by that scarf.." He claims about to snap her little neck with his tight grip, "Y-You don't mean-!" She is cut off by the snapping of her neck. "Yeah.. Venom Sayers" the grey being replies taking his scarf back, he puts up a ball of ki to her dead body; Evaporating her in mear seconds. He sighs in relief that it is over until he gets kicked in the chest into a portal, never to be seen again... Or will he?

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