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His Personal Assistant ( On Request Story)


One girl wearing a blue short dress touching her mid thighs with a low V -cut neck and backless walking toward the entrance of a 50th floor glass building in the street of California.

She has long hairs reaching till her butts and a clutch in her left hand . Her heels are clicking against the marble floor of the building as she pass the huge gate of the entrance.

" Good morning ma'am" greets the guard who's standing there with a security light and a gun in his hand .

She simply nods and pass the huge reception desk where a girl around late 20s glare at her but she just smirk in return and walks towards the elevator when her phone beeps in her clutch .

" Oops , I'm 5 minutes late" she mumbles to herself and gets inside the golden elevator which is simply designed for the boss . As, she is the personal assistant, she can use it too . A benefit of being someone's personal assistant that too a billionaire.

She sighs cause it comes with some duties too . She walks out of the elevator when it hits 49th floor . Then , takes her right to the cafeteria area which is specially organised for the C.E.O himself .

She grabs the silver coloured mug of his and pour some filtered coffee in it and takes two extra sugar cube and stir it to mix .

" Done" she mumbles and checks her phone to see the time . It's 8.09 am in the morning .

She takes a deep breath knowing what will going to happen now . She takes fast strides toward her destination and knock at huge golden metallic door before entering into the room .

This room states and fragrance of money and luxury .

When , she turns to close the door behind her someone snatch the tray from her hand and it hits the floor in mere second of time . Ouch , poor tray , mug and the floor . More importantly, her clutch and phone .

She rolls her eyes and turns around just to meet one pair of lips against hers .

Soon, her back is being pressed against the door and her front is pressed with a body covered in a blue shirt , black waistcoat and black pants with a black tie around his neck .

She moans when he bites her bottom lip for access but she declines, in return he groans and grabs her butt with his both hands and deepen the kiss again .

She wraps her hands around his neck as he push her up and press her more against the door . Kissing her mercilessly , dominating her. Punishing her lips from coming 9 minutes late in her work .

She moans and pulls his hairs which makes him groan against her mouth and she gets a spank on her bare ass .

"'Mhmh" she moans and slowly pull away to break the kiss cause she is breathless . But, he declines and keeps sucking her lips and spank her ass again . To which she gasps and open her mouth and he gets his access into her mouth .

He starts sucking her tongue, licking around her mouth to taste the pastry she ate before coming here .

Once he gets enough of swapping their salivas , he pulls away but rest his head against hers and gives a slow peck on her lips .

" Why are you late , Ms . Kumar ?” He pants against her and press his crotch to hers .

Slowly grinding her vagina with his dick through the cloth they’re wearing .

She is wearing a thin piece of gstring so she can feel his crotch without any barrier cause the cloth is not helping her .

“ Mhm .. M.. Mr .. malho.. Malhotra.. I .. I .. had to walk ... oh god” she moans loud when she feels two fingers into her pussy .

“ Yeah.. talk , don’t stop . I want to hear why you’re late” he says and bends his head down to suck on her neck .

“ Talk , Ms Kumar” he mumbles and bites her collarbone .

“ Mr Malhotra..” she moans again and close her eyes to enjoy the sensation he is giving by moving his fingers in and out of her and tickling her some times .

“ Mr...Ma.. Sir” she moans loud as she meets her climax in no time and wets the front of his pants with her white cum.

“ Bad girl , very bad girl” he chuckles and kiss her again before pulling his fingers out of her .

She collapse on the floor when he let her go cause of her shaky legs and he keeps staring at her with lust and hunger in his black eyes .

She gets up and glares at him for not helping her . He just shrugs his shoulder and sucks his finger clean.

“ So sweet and yummy” he moans and walks away to sit on the leather chair behind his huge black marble desk .

“ I want another cup of coffee” she keeps staring at him and trying to control her needs from jumping on top of him right then and right there .

“ Okay” she mumbles and walks out of his cabin to her . Which is next to his and he can see her cabin cause of the glass wall between two rooms . About which she is unknown of cause he hides the wall with a folding painting on it .

She goes to the washroom first and clean her up before going to make another cup of coffee .

While she is cleaning up , he too goes to washroom to clean his pants which is covered with her cum .

Both of them are smiling thinking about the incident happen and how can not control themselves from touching each other .

Continued ...

Author’s note -

First part of “ His personal assistant” . I hope you’ll like it .

But, let me warn you again , this book will content lots of sexual stuff and things like 50 shades of grey . If you’re uncomfortable then I suggest you to leave right now .

This book is not for you .

But, if you continue then you’re than welcome.

Thank you for reading the first part .

Do vote and comment.

See you in the upcoming parts .

Bye .

23 . 08. 2020

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