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His Personal Assistant ( On Request Story)


After cleaning up , Ms Kumar walks out of the ladies washroom and walks to the cafeteria to make another cup of coffee for Mr Malhotra.

" Mhm , it looks nice" she mumbles to herself and starts walking towards His cabin but alas , in the mid way she bumps into someone .

Someone not as taller as Mr Malhotra and not build like him too but that someone is a guy .

She travels her eyes from his chest to his lips , nose and then eyes . Seeing her catching him looking at her too , he feels shy and rubs the back of his neck.

" Hey Nandini , I'm sorry" he says and forwards his hand to help her as she drops the mug of coffee on the floor .

Second time in a day .

' I think ,he is not getting any coffee this morning' she thinks and chuckles at her own thought.

" Nandini? Hello?" He waves his hand beige her face and she comes out of her own world .

" Oh sorry .. I was, ahm thank you?" She says and smiles at the man who's standing in front of her .

" Thank you? But I said sorry ? .. are you okay Nandu?" He asks showing concern in his voice .

" I ..

" Ms Kumar , I think you're getting late for your work!" Someone yells and both of them turn their head to look at the angry man standing by the door . He is fuming in anger .

" I'm .. im sorry Mr Malhotra" she bows her head and walk away from the man she was talking to.

" You , Mr Verdant.. don't show up into this floor again . It my personal floor so none of my employees are allowed here ."

" I'm sorry sir but I needed your sign in these papers so we can fax them to the Marc & co ." Mr verdant says staring at his feet cause he broke a rule of this building. He knows Mr Malhotra is being generous for not firing him right then and there .

Mr Malhotra knows Mr verdant is a hard working man in his company so he can't loose a gem for his assistant but he knows how to make it compensates.

He nods at Mr Verdant and goes back to his cabin .

The door slammed shut behind him cause he is still furious .

" Nandini !" He yells and sits down on the white couch .

" Yes .. sir ?" She gulps down in fear cause his jawline is clenching so hard that might fall down any time and she can hear his teeth chattering so hard that those can break down easily.

" Come here right now !" He shouts and points at his thighs .

She gulp down big time and taking baby steps she stands in front of his face .

He grabs her hand and pull him down his thighs and pulls up her short dress to reveal her juicy bouncy ass .

He groans and trace his finger tips on her soft skin .

" S.. sir" she moans and try to get up but he press his hand on he lower back to keep her down . While his other hand loosen the tie around his neck and slowly takes off his coat and unbutton few buttons of his shirt and cuff links .

" Dont move" he groans and pulls down her gstring .

Then, he rubs her ass cheeks and bang .

One smack on her right cheek .

" Sir!" She moans and he smirks hearing his achievements.

" Count down" he says and smack her left cheek .

" 1" she starts counting the number of smacking .











" 20" she gasps and tears rolling down her face of cause the pleasure . She is about to explode but he restricted her to do so .

" Please" hearing her begging he throws her on the empty seat of the couch and gets up . Opening the button of his pants and unzipping it .

" Please hurry" she begs and spreads her legs wide .

He smirks and push his big dick into her pussy . Both of them moan in pleasure .

He starts moving his hips back and forth and faster and harder as the couch starts moving along with them .

She screams in pleasure . It is been one day since they fucked .

They keep banging till they meet the pleasure rush over them .

" ahh god" she moans when he pulls away and sits next to her . She moves and sit on her bruised ass .

"You are on pills right ?" He asks pulling up his boxers .

" Yes" she replies shortly cause she is not in mood to talk with him after the bruised his caused on her butt .

" Good" he gets up and grab his coat .

She keeps watching him as he takes long strides to the washroom .

She rolls her eyes cause how nicely he can pretend like nothing ever happened between them .

It has been 3 years she is working for him and 2 and half years they started to sleep around .

Sometimes , she starts to think that he cares of her but his behaviour then proves how wrong she is .

He just wants to sleep with her as a side fling cause

He Has A Girl Friend!

To be continued..


Short update as my mood is off .

Tomorrow is boyfriend's death anniversary.

Pray for his soul .

Don't forget to vote and comment, I'll reply back when I can .

Ignore my mistakes!

Take care .

2nd September 2020.

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