Everything In Its Right Place

Chapter 10

She didn't have to wait long. After a few minutes, she saw him coming down the corridor, his green robes swirling out behind him. He saw her too, and broke his stride momentarily. He resumed walking, at a much quicker pace.

"Did no one explain to you that it is customary to be invited before you just turn up?" he said, his eyes flashing with anger.

"You've been turning up at my flat for a year without invitation!"

He had reached the door, and stood before her. "Well? What exactly do you want, Granger?"

"What do you think?" she exclaimed, "I've come for an explanation!"

"An explanation for what exactly?" he drawled.

"For kissing me! For kissing me and then just walking out!"

He raised his eyebrows, taking a deep breath. "What do you want me to say, Granger? Ask Ogden's Old."

She wanted to strike him. She crossed her arms to refrain from doing so. "Rubbish! You don't kiss someone like that without…" She felt color flooding her face.

"Without what?" He looked amused. "Do tell Granger, I'm really quite interested."

"Oh, you are foul Draco Malfoy, you really are!" Her embarrassment had transitioned to anger, and she stomped off down the corridor. "And to think, I thought you had changed! I thought you felt something for me!"

"Granger….Hermione…wait!" No such luck, she thought, and continued her egress. She heard his staccato footfalls behind her, running to catch up with her.

"Wait, damn it, wait!" He caught her hand and spun her around.

She pulled her hand away, but he caught it again. "Please, please. Did you say that you…" He looked imploringly at her.

Angry tears spilled down her cheeks. "Haven't you humiliated me enough? Let me go!"

"Hermione, did you want me to kiss you?"

"Yes!" she cried, tears now streaming down her face.

"But you pulled away from me!"

"To catch my breath, you idiot!" She pulled her hand away again, and wiped her tears away.

Draco chuckled. This time, she did strike him, hitting every part of him she could reach.

"You are loathsome, loathsome!"

"Stop this, stop!" He caught her hands and pulled her close to him. "Hermione, listen to me. Listen!" She stopped struggling, but her tears still flowed.

"I thought that you pulled away because you were repulsed. I thought you hated me still. And why shouldn't you?" He let go of her hand, and stroked her face.

"I don't hate you, Draco," she said, hiccoughing. "Not at all…"

"I couldn't believe you took me home, that night, last Christmas," he said. "And when I came back, you were kind to me," he shook his head. "For me to have somewhere to go, someone to go to…I didn't dare try and make plans with you. I was afraid you'd say no."

"I wanted you to keep coming," she said. "Didn't you wonder why I was always at home, every Sunday for a year?"

He pulled her to him, wrapping his arms around her. She felt his body shake, and knew that he was crying too. After a moment, he pulled back and smiled at her. A real, genuine smile.

"You are everything to me," he said. He leaned in and kissed her forehead. "The more I know you, the more I love you." He kissed her again, properly this time, and she felt the familiar fire tear through her. This time, she didn't lose her breath, and held him close.

He broke their kiss, and smiled at her again. "Care to take a tour of my rooms? We can snog more, if you'd like," he said, with his trademark smirk. Hermione laughed. "Don't be cheeky."

He took her hand, and led her into his chambers. "You look beautiful, by the way," he said, eyeing her scarlet dress appreciatively. "But I think this would be better." He waved his wand, and changed her dress to a deep forest green. She looked down and grinned. "Fine," she said, "but I like you best this way." She waved her wand, and changed his emerald robes to ruby.

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