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Star Trek Generations 02: Diplomatic Orders

By Rylan Sato


Star Trek Generations 02: Diplomatic Orders

Captain's Log: Stardate: 86200.8: We are en route to Vulcan to pick up an Ambassador Sokketh and take him to P'Jem. I have never met the ambassador but I have heard he has quite the temper; a Vulcan with a temper should be an interesting experience.

Captain Kyou Zofchak sat in her quarters with her sister sitting on the other side of the table. Ryou was in her standard uniform while Kyou had yet to change clothes. The two had always met up for breakfast everyday during their days at the academy and thought that it should be no different on a starship.

Kyou had a worried look on her face as she set down the PADD on the table and slid it over to Ryou. She had just read the latest news that had occurred in the quadrant.

"Reports are saying some unknown force attacked and abducted many Romulan citizens from Virinat. The planet is completely deserted," Kyou said as she watched her sister pick up the PADD.

"Could it be the Tal Shiar agents?" Ryou asked. "They have had tendencies of abducting others and creating sleeper cells. Or what about the Borg?"

"No, it's no one from the Romulan Star Empire nor is it the Borg. It would sound like the Borg considering the methods used but it's no one we've ever ran into before, at least I don't think" Kyou said. "Survivors report a giant ships and machines used to abduct people. Some were taken from the hands of others while others were just beamed away."

"Kinda sounds like the Borg but they at least make it known that it's them and survivors would know right off the bat that it was the Borg."

"Right," Kyou said. "There's a new player in the game and they have me worried. The Virinat System is in the Japori Sector and that's on the Federation/Romulan border. It's not like it's on the other side of Romulan space. I'm curious if we've run into these guys before at some point but right now we don't have any information."

"What happened to the survivors?" Ryou asked.

"They're scattered all throughout the area," Kyou said. Many have gone to neutral worlds to continue living peaceful lives and some have even come to the Federation for assistance. There is a new Romulan faction that calls itself the Romulan Republic that wants peace and wishes to ally itself with the Federation and not be so hostile and secretive like the Romulan Star Empire. They have a flotilla in the Azure Sector."

"I'm sure Empress Sela is thrilled about a separate Romulan faction. Nothing has been the same for them since the loss of Romulus."

"She isn't. She has declared any splinter group that isn't aligned with the Romulan Star Empire to be terrorists. There is a conference on Khitomer with the Romulan Republic, the Klingons and the Federation to discuss a new Romulan homeworld for the Republic. They have their eyes on Dewa Three which is very close Klingon territory but the Klingons have not formally claimed the planet. The Republic wants it to create a new homeworld for themselves. The USS Crossfire has been assigned as part of the Federation delegate."

Ryou looked a little surprised. "Oh? Kennedy will be there to help with the talks?"

"It looks that way. I just received a message from her and that's how I know all of this information. Her ship was one of the starships that assisted some of the survivors from Virinat. She mentioned she has been working alongside a Romulan commander by the name of Tiaru Jarok."

"Jarok," Ryou said while looking away. "That name sounds familiar. Is that the name of a Romulan defector?"

Kyou nodded. "Yeah, it's his daughter. It's good to know she is somewhat following her father's footsteps and not joining Sela's group."

The intercom chimed that was followed by a male's voice. It was Commander Ryan Grandon, the only male senior officer.

"Bridge to Captain Zofchak," he said.

"Go ahead."

"We are in orbit above Vulcan, sir."

"Excellent. Is the ambassador ready to be beamed aboard?"


"Let me guess, he doesn't like transporters?"

"Right," Grandon said. "He flatly refused to use the transporters and demanded to be brought on board by shuttlecraft."

Kyou sighed. "Okay, have Lieutenant Dowey take a shuttlecraft down." She heard more hesitation. "What?"

"He also wants you to be present when summoning him from Vulcan, his words not mine."

Kyou sighed again and shook her head. "Understood. Have Lieutenant Dowey meet me in Shuttlebay One in five minutes. Zofchak out." She looked over at her twin who had a slight smile on her face. "Are all diplomats this troublesome?" She spoke the last word in Japanese and Ryou chuckled.

"I hope not because they seem to do a number on your mood," Ryou said. The two stood up and kissed each other on the cheek.

"I'll see you later," Kyou said as she headed for the other room while her sister headed out into the corridor.

"Sure thing. And don't kill the ambassador," she said with a grin. The door shut before Kyou could muster any reply.

She walked into the other room as she pulled off her top. Once the shirt was off and it no longer covered her eyes due to her pulling it over her head, she saw a human female standing before her wearing a Starfleet uniform.


"Don't bother," the girl said. "I disabled comms just after your conversation with Commander Grandon."

Kyou tossed the shirt at the woman as a distraction as she dashed to the desk that held a phaser in the drawer.

"Don't bother with that either," the girl said as she tossed the shirt to the side. "I set up a dampening field so that weapons won't work while I'm here. I know how you are and I didn't want you to put a hole through my head before I was able to tell you why I'm here."

Kyou recognized the voice and actually looked at the woman's face as she stepped into the light and was startled to see that it was her.

"Who are you? Are you a changeling? Are you from the Mirror Universe?" Kyou asked with a demanding tone.

"I'm you," the woman said. "Only a more modest you."

Kyou looked down and realized she was topless but just shrugged as she returned her attention to the other Kyou.

"If you're me then we have the same body so you've seen these before," she said putting her hands on her hips.

"Fair enough," the other Kyou said. "I know you're suspicious but hear me out. I am you...well the future you. I've come back in time to give you information you're going to need in the future. I don't quite understand everything myself but I remember talking to...well me...when I was standing in your shoes."

"Even though time travel is not unheard of, why should I believe you?"

"Scan me. You will see that I'm coated with Chroniton particles."

"You said there's a dampening field in place. I wouldn't be able to use a tricorder."

"I lied," the other Kyou said. "I just said that so you would shoot me. Okay, think of a number. It will be the same number I thought of when I was in your place."

Kyou decided to humor her at least and thought of something. She saw her future self give her a look similar to that of a Vulcan's raised eyebrow, only this look had annoyance added to it.

"I also thought I'd be clever and think of the word 'green' instead of a number. Now can we get to why I'm actually here?"

"You're either me from the future or a Betazoid that was altered to look like me. If that's the case, I must congratulate the craftsman because he does really good work."

The future Kyou sighed. "Fine. Once you're done with your mission with Ambassador Sokketh then you can contact an Agent at Temporal Investigations. You will speak to a Phillip Crey and he will confirm the entire thing."

"Fine. What is it that you want to tell me?"

"There is a war coming. An ancient race known as the Iconians once ruled huge areas of space, including this one. They had power of gods, technology far beyond what anyone else had. It took all of the Iconians' enemies rising up against them as one to defeat them. We thought they were exticnt. Now, we know we were wrong. And they've returned to take back everything that was once theirs. That's where you come in."

"Why me? What makes me special?" Kyou asked.

"Most of Starfleet's officers had no opportunity to gather intelligence on this race, their capabilities, and their possible plans, but I did. Throughout your career, you...we...will benefit from the knowledge I'll give you today. When the war with the Iconians comes, the galaxy will have a fighting chance, thanks to what you've learned. That's why I've come I will know what to do."

"Tell me what I need to know."

"I can't just drop everything on you at once. That would cause a paradox. You'll still need to locate all this information yourself. I'll help guide you."

"How will you do that?"

The future Kyou pulled held out a small circular device that was no bigger than a Starfleet communicator. "Take this. It's a Tesseract Communication Device. It allows me one-way communication from the future to you. There will be updates through that device as you progress through your career. Check it often. I've take up as much of your time as I can. Lieutenant Dowey is waiting for you."

The future Kyou was whisked away in a transporter beam, leaving the present day Kyou still slightly confused. She quickly changed into her duty uniform and attached the device to her belt before walking out the door to the shuttlebay.

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