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Star Trek: Generations 01: Graduation

By Rylan Sato


Chapter 1

The weather was perfect at Starfleet Academy in San Francisco. The actual ceremony had just ended and graduates were roamed around the courtyard as they mingled with friends, former classmates and family members. Cadet Kyou Zofchak stepped onto the courtyard, no longer a student but now a full Ensign. She spotted her twin sister, Ryou, standing with their parents, Dustin and Hoshi Zofchak, near one of the fountains. The two sisters were identical with the exception of their hair. Kyou had longer hair while Ryou cut hers short. Kyou also had a purple streak in her hair that went to the right while Ryou's purple streak went to the left.

"It's finally over," Ryou said.

Kyou nodded. "Yeah, I can't believe it. No more warp theories, no more classes on nano-technology."

"No more temporal mechanics," Ryou said.

"I actually liked temporal mechanics."

"The class was fun," her father said. "But trying to wrap your head around it in real situations can be give you a major headache. Your mother and I had our fair share of them when we were on the Alexandria."

"You two were actually brought up often in my temporal mechanics class," Kyou said.

"We were?" Dustin asked.

"Well specifically Mom."

"Oh?" Hoshi said.

"My professor liked to use your situation being from an alternate timeline of the past but yet still able to exist. He found it so fascinating."

"Your mother has always been the star of the family," Dustin said with a grin. "Have you two received your assignments yet?"

The twins shook their head in unison. Kyou felt her comm badge vibrate then chirp.

"Captain Sijael to Cadet Zofchak."

"Go ahead, Sir."

"Please report to my office. And bring your sister."

"On our way, Sir." Kyou looked at her sister then to her parents. "I wonder what this could be about."

Ryou shrugged. "I don't know. I guess we'll find out."

"It's best not to keep the captain waiting," Dustin said. 

"Especially one like Captain Sijael. I see Alex and Christine over there by the Dominion War Memorial, we'll go talk to them while you're at your meeting."

The twins hurried off as their parents walked over to greet their friends.

They reached the office of Captain Sijael. Kyou pressed the door chime and then heard Sijael's voice allowing them to enter. They felt a little nervous being summoned like this. Neither one of them knew why. Sijael was an imposing man with challenging eyes but there were rumors that he was one of the more gentler officers around.

"Ah, Cadets Kyou Zofchak and Ryou Zofchak. I've been going over your records. You two had quite the reputation here at the academy." His calm voice contradicted his appearance.

"Um...yes, Sir," they said in unison.

"Although, I do see a mark here on your record, Kyou. It seems there was an incident last year involving a professor."

Kyou sighed. "Sir, it really wasn't an incident. It was a matter of opinion of the quantum mechanics professor and I didn't agree with it."

"Oh?" Sijael said. "People have a right to their opinions, Cadet. Care to explain the situation?"

"The differing opinions were about an incident that occurred on stardate five eight one five two point four. The Alexandria encountered derelicts of Federation starships from another universe. In that particular universe, the Borg had destroyed the Federation and a chronometric distortion had caused that universe to merge into ours. The difference of opinion came about when I stated that universe was the original timeline."

"Oh?" Sijael said as he leaned forward with his elbows resting on his desk and his hands clasped. He was now intrigued by this statement.

"By the Q known as Amanda Rogers' own statement, she had to alter the timeline because she couldn't sit by and watch the Borg destroy the Federation. Altering the timeline to a better one means that our timeline is the alternate. The professor didn't believe in the idea that our timeline is the alternate and not the original."

"I see. So you stood up for what you believed in the face of an authority figure?"

"Yes, sir. I won't hesitate to do so."

"Fantastic," Sijael said. His choice of word caught the twins off guard. They glanced at each other as Sijael stood up. "Those are the types of traits I like in an officer, specifically my new first officer."

"First officer?" the twins said in unison

"Yes. At eighteen hundred hours you both will report to me on board the newly christened Enterprise. Kyou, you will be my new first officer and Ryou will be reporting as chief medical officer."

A sense of excitement rose up within the twins. However, they felt it to be odd to be on an Enterprise that wasn't commanded by their father. Captain Zofchak retired when the Enterprise-E was decommissioned. The Enterprise-F, a Vesta class, was built and was ready for its maiden voyage.

"First officer?"

"That's right. Judging by your record and by talking to you now, I can tell you have what it takes. And you aren't afraid to stand up to authority if you feel your position is right. I need that in my first officer. And Ryou, you have exemplary work in the medical field. And I see that you've worked under the head of Starfleet Medical, Doctor Crusher. She has high praises for you all around and you've shown calm under tense situations when treating wounded. You also have a keen ability to accurately assess a triage situation before even looking at a tricorder. The academy is losing some fine cadets but I'm gaining great officers."

The twins looked at each other and then back to Captain Sijael. "We won't let you down, Sir," they said in unison.

"Great. Dismissed."

The twins walked out of the office and once the doors closed behind them, they acted almost giddy. They hurried out of the building, looking for their parents.

"Mom and Dad will be thrilled to know we've been assigned to the Enterprise," Ryou said.

"And even more thrilled that we'll be part of the senior officers," Kyou said. "I wonder who else will be on the senior staff and which other cadets will be assigned to the Enterprise."

"I will be," a voice said behind them. The twins turned around to see Cadet Zoe Merriell leaning against the wall of the building they just walked out. "You are looking at the Operations officer of the Enterprise."

"All three of us are assigned to the Enterprise? That's fantastic." Ryou said.

"It's like we're the next generation," Kyou said. "All of our parents served together and now so are we. If only Ava was here then it would be complete."

"Yeah," Zoe said. "But she skipped out on graduation and went straight to her assignment over at the Vega Colony."

"How did she do that?" Ryou asked. "I thought it was mandatory to attend graduation."

"Normally it is, but she convinced the higher ups that she was needed to get to her assignment as soon as possible. During normal times, that wouldn't work but with a war with the Klingons going on right now, it seemed to work. She hitched a ride with the Khitomer over to Vega."

"I think she feels left out of the loop with us," Kyou said. "All of us have our parents but she only has her mother."

"Well, if you want to get really technical," Zoe said. "I don't have my real father either."

"Yes, but your father and real father are the same person but just from different universe. Your real father was not exactly a good guy," Ryou said.

"Don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining. Just pointing out a technicality."

"It's all semantics," Kyou said. "Come on. Let's go tell our parents the news."

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