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From Above the Forest


Luna and Misty, an elf and a human from a land called Obili, are trying to get to Alageasia. They are carrying something very important, as their own future quickly becomes entangled with that of all

Fantasy / Action
Age Rating:

Magic, Book, and the Council

A/N I don't own the Inheritance Cycle, or any of its characters,places, or plot. The only things I own are Luna, Misty, Medwin, the council, Kunon, Obili, the other stuff I attempt to create. XD

Plz don't sue! XD BTW, this is my first fan fiction, so please don't flame me!

EDIT: 9/19/10

Gonna edit some stuff L:D

Edit: 11/22/2012

I'm completely re-writing the story (I'm not changing any major plot details, don't worry :P

Luna sped through the streets of Kunon, a small elven city, as her small figure, barely noticeable in the evening crowd, fled past. She glanced up at the town clock, its shadow looming over her, just another sign of the late hour.

She put on an extra burst of speed,practically flying through the small street. Luna zipped past a group of people, them casting her strange looks. Come on! Go faster! She shouted in her mind.

She caught a fleeting glance at the council building, her destination. Its crystal windows casting glittering diamonds all over the street as the orange sun melted into the horizon. Finally! She thought. I'm here! She whirled around, her black hair obscuring her vision.

Suddenly, she slammed into a black figure. She was airborne for only a moments, before slamming into the ground, as the other victim crashed into the pavement a few yards away from her. She lay on the brick ground a moment before regaining her breath. Luna stood up shakily, then stumbled over to the man sprawled on the ground.

She caught her breath as she realized who he was. He was one of the members in the council meeting she was on her way to. She quickly brushed herself off, then helped the man up.

She immedietly recognized the middle aged man as Medwin, the father of Luna's best friend, Misty. He was wearing a black suit with brown stripes, the usual outfit for a council meeting.

"Luna." He greeted her agrivatedly, his voice strained from the lack of air. She sighed. This was not going to be a good day.

"I'm sorry Med-" She began, but was stopped short. "Luna, why are you coming to the monthly conference? Wait, don't tell me-" He trailed off. She rolled her eyes and sighed. Here comes the lecture and scolding. She could remember it from last time, when she had first found out about the secret.

A little girl of 6 or 7 was standing in the doorway. She wore a purple dress, lined with black lace, intricately woven with designs.

She walked further into the room. Tears were sliding down her face. She had failed the magic test once again. All elven children in the city were trained in magic, then took a test, and if passed, were appointed to various jobs in the city. Most children passed the test on their first try. But Luna was different. She couldn't even complete the simplest of spells. The teachers had tried everything, but her magic, or lack of it, was useless.

In her sulking, she tripped over a knot in the wood. She cursed as she stood up. She heard a voice in the next room. "LUNA! Watch your language!" She recognized the voice of Medwin, Misty's father.

She scowled, then bent down to examine the spot where she had fallen. She then noticed that a small hole was located above the bump. Puzzled, she stuck her finger in the eyelet. She then tried to pull it out, only to find it stuck. Curious, she pulled harder. Suddenly, the floorboard burst open, the wood flying across the room. "What is this?" She wondered.

Lying on the soft dirt beneath the floor, was a leather, cloth bound book. She picked it up gently, dreaming of what could be written inside. Luna noticed a red ribbon tying the book together. It was old and worn, its edges frayed and torn, and its once brilliant color now faded to a dull scarlet. With trembling fingers, she lifted the cover from the first page. Here eyes widened with curiosity, not recognizing the small, faded script. Parts of it were in another language, and others in Dwarvish and the common tongue. At that moment, she heard footsteps coming from the other room. She stood up and ran to the far corner of the empty room, where here tan leather bag was sitting. It had been made by her Aunt, who was a seamstress. She had made the bag for Luna's 5th birthday. It was a pale tan color, and had aquamarine stitching, which her aunt had charmed with magic to glow whenever Luna touched it.

She quickly stuffed the old book in the bag, then turned to the doorway. She was surprised to see Misty, her best friend, standing there. Her blue eyes were sparkling with curiosity under her pale brown hair. "Father says we gotta leave now. Did you find anything?" Misty asked, a slight demand in her voice. "No." Luna answered quickly. Too quickly.

Misty narrowed her eyes for a brief second, and cocked her head to the side suspiciously. "Well, alright..." She trailed off. She gave Luna a suspicious glance, then crossed her arms, meeting Luna's eyes directly.

What? Thought Luna. Misty ran up straight to her. "I know you found something Luna! I can see it in your eyes!" Luna sighed inwardly.

She looked at Misty for a moment, then a thought came to her mind. 'What if it is just an unused history book or record? In that case, it's nothing.' "Yep. I'm sure. All I did was trip over some knot in the wood. So, are we ready to go?"

After what felt like five minutes, she finally sighed, then looked away in defeat. "Alright, I see you won't spill your secrets now. But tell me when you do!" A grin was clear on her face. Luna smiled back. That was Misty. Alert, yet oblivious. Her friend's voice snapped her back to attention. "Come on. We need to go if we are going to grab dinner!" Luna smiled. She hadn't noticed her hunger, as she had been consumed by her curiosity.

Later that evening, Luna climbed into her bed. She pulled her pack from the side of the nightstand, and gently pulled the old book from it's case.

Her eyes strained to make out the letters, when she realized the only light in the house after sundown would be from a small magic lantern kept in the kitchen. She crawled out of her bed, tip toeing lightly. She opened her door cautiously, clutching the book with one hand.

Luna crept down the staircase, using the pale moonlight and the dilapidated handrail as her only guide. She hissed as several splinters embedded themselves in her hand. She sucked on her free hand, now only relying on the moonlight.

Then, she noticed a faint light coming from the kitchen door. She snuck closer, and pressed her ear against the door.

She could hear a conversation coming from inside.

That...That sounds like uncle and Merwin! She realized. She leaned against the door harder, trying to hear what they were saying. She wondered what he was doing in her house so late at night.

" We...help...land...lies South...over...mountains...forest...egg...dragons."

Wait a moment..She thought. DRAGONS? She had heard rumors of dragons when she was VERY little, but other than that, nobody ever talked about them.

She was so caught up in her thoughts, that she failed to notice the door open. With a cry of alarm, she fell through, the book flying out of her arms and across the room. She looked up slowly into the face of her Uncle and Medwin. One word ran through her mind: Busted.

Medwin's voice had snapped Luna back into reality. "Luna. You know they are going to throw you out again. Remember what we talked about that night?" She remembered. It hadn't been pleasant, getting yelled at by two exhausted men that happened to find their niece and daughter's best friend skulking around at night. After she had been caught, they sat down and talked while her uncle bandaged her hand. "Yes Medwin, I remember." she replied.


"But I'm still going." She stated with a nod.

He stared at her disbelieving at her answer. He sighed. "I guess there is no way of stopping you. But it has been four years. You know that they might even through you into the..." He didn't need to continue. She shuddered inwardly.

When some people came to the council repeatedly for things, and were relentless, like Luna, they would deem them insane and the person would be thrown into the town keep. The council would announce that the person was now a danger to the town, and they'd make a promise to 'keep the people safe'.

She looked away. Suddenly, six mournful, booming chimes rang out. She looked up hurriedly.

"Alright," began Medwin. "Come on Luna. Let's get to the council building before we get locked out." She nodded, then prodded after him.

They climbed up the stone steps, the brilliant crystal windows reflecting off the walls. Luna nodded her thanks to the doorman, then stepped inside. There was a relatively small line. It consisted mostly of people needing financial favors, or others wanting permission to leave Kunon to visit another town.

But Luna's favor was different.

Her thoughts returned to that fateful night.

Her uncle was bandaging her hand. She fidgeted under Medwin's penetrating gaze. Finally, he opened his mouth. He looked as if he was going to ask her a question, but stopped when his eyes fell upon the book Luna had picked up. "Where did you get that?"

She stared at him for a moment, then relayed what happened at her mother's old tree house. He listened intently, but his curiosity was clearly peaked when he heard about the dwarvish and elvish language. He asked her if he could see it, then reluctantly handed over the book.

He examined the cover, which was written in some other language.

After that, he handed it back .

"Go ahead. Read it." She looked up at Medwin and her uncle, now done bandaging her hand. She opened the first page. Then the second. Then the third.

The book told about some other land, called Alageasia. It had been at war for 100 years, between dragons and their riders. She thought it was merely a storybook, when her uncle interrupted her thoughts.

"It's real, Luna. That land actually exists." She looked up at him curiously. Medwin looked out the window, noticing the sun beginning to rise. "I need to head home before I'm caught. Good Day, Luna." He nodded at her uncle.

After Medwin let the door close, her uncle sat down on the chair across from her.

"Luna, there was something your mother was working on before she died." She gasped.

Nobody ever talked about her mother. Everyone knew she was crazy, for wanting to go to the lands of the South.

Before her mother came to Kunon, she had met another elf named Kenta. They traveled together for some time, then after a year, settled down in Kunon. Eventually Luna was born, and she seemingly stopped her search for whatever it was. After Luna turned 4, her mother died. She had been told it was because of illness, but she herself never saw. Her father had left when she was 3, leaving them alone.

"What do you mean?" She asked. Her curiosity was growing by the second, all weariness had been swept away.

"She wanted to send a dragon egg to the southern lands." She stared at him. Dragon...eggs?!

"Yes," he continued. "The council has 3 dragon eggs they are keeping safe. Because of the absence of the dragons, our magic has been diminishing. That's what your mother was working on."She stood there, shocked.

Her uncle sighed, his weary eyes looking into hers. She then noticed her own tiredness.

"Come on. Let's put you to bed before your aunt wakes up."

She nodded in agreement, but not before making a mental promise.

I'm going to help them.

Luna jolted awake from her short nap. Her name had been called. It must have been awhile, for she had fallen asleep on the booth. She was the only one in the previously filled waiting line. She stood up, nervous. This could be the last time she would be able to talk to the council again. Luna took another step towards the large, white wooden doors. Their brass handles cold to the touch.

She opened the doors, and stood before the whole council.

Finally! First chappie is done! Slight Cliffie there,...

Sorry for the long flashbacks.. XD

BTW, yes, Luna is an elf. Misty is a human, and her uncle and aunt are elves, too. Humans and elves live together in Kunon.

I might post the map I am drawing of Obili, which is the land north of Alegeasia.


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