From Above the Forest

Spells, Answers, and Tattoos

AAAAANND some edits were made. I made Luna bit less anger explosive prone and once again, Xen less creepy.

Luna's eyes felt like lead.

She took a breath, her ribs receiving a sharp pain. 'At least one is broken..'

Luna groaned as she tried sitting up, testing her arms. Her brow furrowed, as her arms were held down by metal cuffs. She appeared to be lying on a cold, metal table. Her eyes still felt like weights, but she could see a small sliver of light.

"Sir, she's awake." a voice sounded to her left. She heard something metallic clink, like a metal tool against glass.

She turned her head, managing to get a blurry glimpse of her surroundings. Everything was dark, the walls of the room a deep brown. She noticed a silver blob, she assumed to be medical tools.

"Good. Let's start." She caught her breath. 'Hakan!' Her mind frantically began to wake up.

The world was still fuzzy, but she knew of the danger.

She heard footsteps, the other man moving to her side.

He raised his hand over her, chanting words.

"Apla leta nita ka." He droned. He repeated the words, Luna feeling a pressure in her head.

She gritted her teeth, the pain getting worse.

"S-stop!" She gasped out. She clenched her fists, trying to break free.

"Maeltha, alfa." Hakan ordered. She found her voice gone, unable to speak.

The pounding in her head was unbearable. "Ilumeo!" He hissed to no one in particular.

Her vision faded to white, as she blacked out once again.


Xen slipped past a pillar. He looked behind him, nodding to Rhys.

He gripped his dagger, the blood still dripping from its blade. They had killed most of the guards, but were on a close look out for the creature that had stolen Luna in the first place.

It had been 4 days since her capture, and they had been planning every moment since then.

Misty had been in anxious state, constantly pacing back and forth. Tarack had tried to calm her down, but it only ended up with glares and gruesome death threats to whoever took her.

Xen's lips turned up grimly, hoping this would be pulled off quickly. The faster they could get Luna out of there, the better chance they had of escaping. He moved from his hiding space, shoving the next guard against a wall, slipping his dagger between the man's ribs.

He hid the body behind another pillar, fluttering between the shadows.

'Rhys.' He called with his mind. 'I think I found the door. I can feel Luna's presence inside. But we have to be careful...I can feel others in there too.'

Rhys nodded to Xen as he returned it, moving toward the door. 'Ready?' he asked. Rhys nodded in silent agreement.

Xen kicked the door in, startling both Hakan and his assistant. Luna was lying shackled on the table, strange markings covering her arms.

Xen held up his dagger. "Hand her over now, and I won't have to kill you." He growled.

Hakan shrugged. "Of course. She's of no use to us now." Xen blinked. The men were gone, obviously by magic.

He raced to where Luna was. He grabbed the key from the side table, ignoring the medical scalpels and chemicals. Xen unlocked the shackles while Rhys kept watch at the door.

"You got her? Is she hurt?" Rhys questioned urgently. Xen picked her up, holding her in his arms.

"She doesn't appear to be bleeding. Let's get out of here already!"

"To the ship then." Xen saluted.

Xen and Rhys hurried the gates. After all the tracking, they'd discovered that the creature had brought Luna to Buto, across the Tero river to the East.

Rhys picked the lock to the gate, while Xen held Luna close. She was breathing, but her breath was irregular. She has swirls lining her arms, like tattoos, but they were in her skin, not needled in.

"Alright, we're rea-" "THERE!" a voice sounded. They whipped around, seeing a whole sentry of soldiers heading for them, swords drawn.

"Go!" Rhys shouted. Xen gripped Luna tighter, taking off. He rushed through gate, quickly saddling up the horse. He lifted Luna, securing his arms around her waist. He looked back, grinning as Rhys saddled up his. "Well..that was quick." He remarked. Ignoring the smug look on his face, Xen set off.


Teirno, Hakan's new apprentice, ran up to the Hakan, his heels clicking on the marble floor. The hall was large with swooping ceilings, deep arches, and long, thin glass stained windows. The torches illuminated the walls, leaving ominous shadows.

"Sir...why did we let them escape?" He asked, bewildered. Hakan sighed, amused at the young man's curiosity. "Luna was born on a full moon. Elven children born on that day are...extremely gifted. It's very rare when they are born, or even if they survive their first year. Luna's powers were incredibly strong, stronger than that of practicing for a hundred years by the time she was three. The council and I discussed the possibilities. Her magic could fix our broken world. Unfortunately, it would take some amount of years before she could master her abilities, for if they were used too soon, her power would wipe us all out."

Teirno stood in shock.

Hakan continued. "So, on her third birthday, we drained half of her powers. Her father helped, of course. He was the one who gave her to us."

Tierno stopped, this time appalled. "Her own father?" He asked, jaw dropping.

Hakan nodded. "Yes, he saw her potential." Hakan moved on. "What we drained today was the other half. She can keep her immortality...but her ability to use magic is so little it is that of a human's capabilities. Even less than that, if she can use it at all."

"Now, let's get to him. I'm sure he wants to know what we've accomplished today."


Misty waited by the bed, with Xen, Tarack, and Rhys. The rest of his men were manning the ship, keeping watch for pirates and Hakan's men. A few days before the plan took place, they had comm odored a ship from a few merchants traveling along the river.

Luna had been sleeping for nearly an entire day now. She was exhausted after the whole ideal.

Slowly, her eyes began to open. Expecting the same room, she blinked in surprise at the feeling of soft sheets. She wrinkled her nose as she sat up.

'My ribs...someone must have healed them..' she noticed.

"Good morning, sleepyhead." She heard a voice tease her. Luna smiled as Xen squeezed her hand.

Misty exhaled in relief, and Rhys and Tarack sat back, watching the whole scene.

"Are...are the eggs ok?" She asked, concerned. Misty laughed, holding them up.

"Yes, they're fine. Luckily no damage was done when you fell!" Misty hugged her tightly.

Luna rested back onto her pillow, finally noticing the swaying. "Are we on a ship?"

Rhys nodded, confirming it. "We...borrowed a ship from some merchants. I'm sure they won't mind it missing for a while." He grinned.

"Oh...and Xen, I think Luna's awake now. You can stop 'checking her pulse'."

Everyone laughed, even Tarack managing a small chuckle.


Luna had just woken up, walking over to the breakfast table.

They had spent a week sailing down the river until they reached Funa, in which they were now staying at the local inn. She spent most of it asleep, trying to get her strength back.

Everyone else had already eaten, except for Xen, still waiting for her.

'How strangely sweet of him..' She though, suspicious.

Luna sat down, staring at the food. "Is it poisoned?" She asked raising an eyebrow.

Xen faked hurt, putting his hand against his heart. "Me? Why, I could never!" He fake gasped.

She laughed softly, drinking some milk. After eating her first full meal in a week, she sighed.

She was still curious as to what had happened while she was unconscious, but nothing seemed to be affecting her yet.

"Well, we'd better get leaving. Rhys and his crew leave in about an hour, and so do we."

The two groups had decided to go their separate ways, determining that staying in smaller bands would be safer.

Xen stood up, walking over. He kissed her cheek, then walked to the door, leaving her in her surprise. Luna gaped, following him out the door of the inn. Her feet crunched in the gravel as she was greeting by a cool wind and Rhys' group of mercenaries.

Luna ran over, hugging Rhys tightly. He laughed into her hair as he hugged her back.

"Take care of yourself, would you?" She told him, looking up. He nodded affectionately, then turned and picked up his pack.

He smiled at her. "The same to you, sister."


She stood, watching the ship sail, as they had agreed to meet again some day, she couldn't help but feel a little sad.

Luna turned around, he lips quirking into a small smile as she saw Xen waiting behind her.

He let his arm catch her middle, pushing her back. Luna narrowed her eyes.

Xen laughed, pulling her into a hug. "I'm glad you're ok." He said breathed. Luna sighed in defeat, wrapping her arms around him. "Do I get a congratulations kiss?" He asked.

Xen looked down, seeing an unhealthy glint in her eyes.


Tarack came out of the inn, noticing Luna and Xen walking back from the Dock. The town was a fairly large one, certainly larger than the last trader town they had stopped by. He saw Xen holding is side, as if he'd been punched.

He chortled as he noticed Luna storming off to the inn.

Tarack shook his head with a smile on his face.


Misty sat on her bed, staring at the pearly egg. "When are you ever gonna hatch, little one?" She whispered to it, running a finger along the dainty grey veigns.


She sighed, covering it once again. She had read about talking to dragon eggs in Luna's book while they were traveling. She had hoped it would be a wild dragon, or by a crazy stroke of luck, that she would be a rider.

She laughed to herself. "What a silly idea." She set the egg in its bag, securing it safely.

She gathered her things, then went downstairs, meeting the others.

"Ready?" She asked. She met Misty's eyes, and they nodded in agreement.

She held onto her bag tightly, then took the first step into the wild.


Translations: Maelfa Alfa = Quiet, Elf

Ilumeo = Truth

I promise, the story will progress faster now! A lot of fun stuff is about to happen! And we'll get to see the cannon cast soon, or at least hear of them!

See y'all later! :D

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