From Above the Forest

Interrogation, Dinner, and Rest

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Xen's opened his mouth as it to say something as the stranger came closer, pulling him into a hug.

"My dear nephew," the elf began, pulling back. "Where have you been? It's been so long! Who are these people? Is this your mate?" He bombarded Xen with a flurry of curious questions.

"Uncle, perhaps we should talk elsewhere. This is a little to crowded for my taste." Xen stated stiffly.

Luna blinked, noticing his change in demeanor, becoming much more controlled, with a taut posture.

His uncle nodded, then motioned them to follow. Luna skipped after Xen, trying to keep up with his long strides.

They walked down a few streets, passing through the upper class district. She saw a rather large manor, assuming it to be where his uncle lived.

The stone stairs lead to an immaculately carved wooden door, the columns of the mansion were weathered and old, but still had their splendor.

They walked in and Luna caught her breath. Straight ahead was the grand staircase covered in hundres intricate designs of dragons and flowers . To the right there was a hallway leading to what looked like a large room with many books, a library, or a study, and directly to the left there was the dining room, it's deep mahogany wood glistening. She saw a few servants scurry back to the kitchens. She looked up, seeing various hallways go away from the staircase.

'This place is huge!' She thought excitedly.

"Well, this is my home. The night is still young, so I have already ordered a feast! I assume the four of you haven't enjoyed very much luxury the past few months...or years, if the rumors prove true." He mumbled the last words, his face flashing a quick hint of guilt, but was quickly covered.

He led them to the study, pulling the doors closed. The room was covered in old, leather-bound books, the light of the fire reflecting off the gold, worn titles.

"Now that we're in private, we can discuss what has been on all our minds." He said, sitting down in a chair behind his desk. It was littered with various papers, books, and trinkets.

They sat down cautiously. The air was so thick with intensity, they were relieved when the elf spoke up.

The elf locked his fingers together, staring at them.

"Well, I have quite a few questions for you four." He focused his gaze to Xen. He sighed, leaning back in his chair. "Start at the beginning. What happened after you ran away?" He asked Xen pointedly. Luna cast a quick look to Misty, curious as to Xen's newly uncovered life.

Xen looked down, as if he were thinking.

"I met Tarack a few months after I ran. We have been...retrieving items since then."

His uncle raised an eyebrow. "And these two.." He waved a hand, gesturing to Luna and Misty.

"We met Luna and Misty two months ago while in Abilio. We decided to follow them after we discovered that they had-" He stopped suddenly, his eyes widening as he'd realized he'd almost given away their most precious secret.. "Had what?" His uncle's eyes narrowed in interest.

Xen opened his mouth, but nothing came out. He looked over to Luna, silently asking for approval.

She frowned, not liking the idea of sharing the dragon eggs with a person she didn't know.

"Is there a problem?" His uncle asked, his voice amused. "If it's about those dragon eggs that were stolen a few months ago from Kunon..." He hinted, leaning back in his chair as if he already knew the answer . All four of them froze.

" It is old news, however. They never did catch those thieves, though." His intense gaze swept over the group. "Pardon my interruption. Continue." He waved her on, taking a sip from a gold goblet of wine.

Luna spoke up. "After Xen and Tarack discovered we were heading for Ellesmera-" "What?!" His eyebrows shot up as he interrupted her again.

"You were heading for the forbidden forest? Why in the world would you ever want to go there?" He asked in disbelief.

Luna's eyes widened. "Well..we...have some business there. Family business." She affirmed.

The elf sighed dramatically, resting his hands on the table. His eyes darted to the side, as if he was thinking about something.

"Don't even try lying to me. My men have just informed me of what they found in your rooms."

He stated firmly.

Luna bit her lip in nervousness, glimpsing at Xen for help.

Xen stood up. "Uncle, we've been working for the better of things for the past few months." He declared with all the confidence one could have.

"Better things?" His uncle asked doubtfully.

"We're going to fix this world. We're bringing the dragons back." Xen said.

The dark haired elf tapped his fingers on the desk.

"I'll have to think this over." His face blanketed in scrutiny.

A soft knock amplified by the room's tense atmosphere sounded through the oak door.

A young woman in simple clothes and an apron stepped through the door.

"The dinner is ready, my lord." She affirmed, curtsying.

"Ah...thank you Bretta." She nodded, closing the door quietly.

The elf stood up, walking around the table. "If you'd like to discuss lighter things, along with some food..."

Luna tried not to gape at the elaborate food. She noticed the lack of meat and the overwhelming amount of exotic fruits, the same kinds that had been on the table of the festival outside.

She sat down, smoothing out the folds in her skirt. The large room was beautiful, having floral wallpaper, with intricate crown molding. She suddenly felt very small and very alone, like the world was caving down on her. After months staying in makeshift shelters and caves, with nothing but the cold, biting wind and scraps of meat to comfort them, the new, elegant surroundings sent an unfamiliar vibe through her mind.

Luna looked up, biting her lip. Xen and his uncle chatted about trivial things, recent political uprisings, and weather. Things had seemed to lighten up as soon as Xen caught his eye on the large plate of hot, steaming carrots.

'His name is Cahir.' She heard Misty's voice in her mind. She tried some of the small, orange colored fruits, expecting a sweet taste. She blinked, surprised that it was spicy. She noticed Xen smirking at her reaction, trying to keep a snicker quiet.

"So," Cahir began. "You're Luna and Misty. From Kulon, by your accents, I'm guessing."

Luna nodded. "Yes." She answered him after swallowing the bite.

"My men are guarding the dragon eggs. I'm still deciding whether or not to tell the soldiers.." He warned.

Luna gulped, as the table grew quiet. . "But, if you tell me everything, from the beginning, maybe I won't." He sat back in his chair, tapping is fingers on the desk.

Luna looked down, taking a deep breath.

"About ten years ago I found a book, along with a map of Obili that contained part of another realm called 'Alagaesia'. I'd overheard my uncle and Misty's father discussing dragon eggs, and taking them there. Also, the fact that our magic is dying. With the return of the dragons, we could heal it."

She turned to Misty. "With the help of Misty, we stole two dragon eggs from Kunon's treasury. One of our high council members, Hakan, tried to stop us, but we escaped. The next day, we traveled to Abilio, where we met Xen and Tarack." She nodded to them.

Xen picked up for her. He told Cahir of everything that had happened past that point.

After they recounted their stories, Cahir questioned Luna about Hakan. His face, the way he talked, walked, various random subjects.

"Why? Do you know him?" She asked.

Cahir's brow furrowed. "He was an old acquaintance. We worked together on some old magic projects nearly twenty years ago, when he was a young man. There was one experiment...he never told me what it was truly about though. He only asked for some books and information."

Luna jumped as a deafening crash resounded from the foyer. Cahir stood up calmly, folding over the wrinkles in his tunic. "One moment. I'll take care of this."

Xen tried to hide a smile as his uncle walked out the door. Luna raised an eyebrow.

"I assume that's his mate." He chuckled.

Tarack let out a deep laugh, surprising Luna and Misty. "I thought she left a long time ago?"

"Apparently not." Xen snickered.

Another screech came from the next room, as another crash of breaking glass was heard.

Cahir slipped into the room, quickly shutting the door behind him.

"I apologize that I must end our meal so quickly, but an unexpected delay in my plans for tonight." He said quietly, keeping his eyes to the ground. "However, we have many things to discuss in the morning, so I've had rooms prepared for all of you." He looked to Xen. "I trust you know how to get around, still." He sighed, looking back behind him as another angry screech hit. He nodded, slipping back though the door.

Xen stood up. "I'll show you to your rooms." He went for the back door, signaling for them to follow.

Luna followed him through the hall quietly. She sighed, enjoying the beautiful art along the deep red walls of the hallway. She looked ahead to Xen, wondering what was troubling him. He had been uptight, cold, and indifferent the whole time since his uncle had whisked them away from the dance.

He stopped in front of a carved door, handing a gold skeleton key to Tarack.

"My uncle's men have more than likely brought our things to our rooms already. Breakfast is in the same room we had dinner in, and my uncle is an early riser, just to warn you." He stated, handing Misty her and Luna's room key.

"This is goodnight then. Xen, I trust we're safe here?" Tarack questioned. Xen nodded.

"No need to bar the door with half the furniture in the room. Cahir's got enough enough magic wards around this place I Hakan and half of Obili as his army couldn't enter." He said confidently. Tarack nodded assuredly, then left for his room.

Luna looked behind her, noticing Misty had already entered their room, leaving the door slightly ajar.

She looked back up to Xen, his green eyes meeting hers in question.

"Do you not like it? I could get another room.." He asked.

She shook her head. "No, it's perfect. It's certainly nicer than the bedroll and hard rock I've been sleeping on for the past few months, honestly." She smiled softly.

"Xen," she took a step closer, lowing her voice. "are you alright?" She asked, her voice hinting her concern.

He opened his mouth as if to say something, but stopped. He cupped her cheek in his hand.

"It's just been a long time since I've seen this place. That's all." He assured her.

He bent down and slowly pressed his lips on her forehead. She felt her heart speed up at his closeness. Her fingers played lightly with the buttons on his jacket while her eyes fluttered.

"Now, try and get some sleep. Tomorrow is going to busy. We've got quite a bit of planning to do!" He said softly. He let go of her, then handed her the extra key. She smiled as he walked down the hall, his feat echoing on the marble floor, completely unaware of her now pounding heart and the butterflies raging in her stomach.

"Hey."Luna looked up at Misty as she entered the room.. "Hm?" She questioned.

"It's been a crazy day, huh?" She smiled.

Luna laughed quietly. "Yes. I am just hoping for the eggs' safety." She leaned back against the wall.

Misty stared at her a moment. Luna raised an eyebrow.


Misty grinned, taking a step closer. "You're worried about him. And you care. And you like him!" She exclaimed.

Luna blushed, looking away.

"No I don't. He's just our partner!" She said quickly.

Misty laughed. "Whatever you say!" She walked back into her room smiling. Luna huffed, then entered her room connected to Misty's.

The room was gorgeous. Red velvet lining covered walls, following a trim of mahogany wood .

The four poster bed was covered in a deep red silk, with intricate gold embroidery.

She slipped her dress off, and pulled a shift over her head. She pulled the covers back, curling into the soft coolness.

Luna sighed, falling deep into sleep.


I promise, I will try to update faster now!

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