From Above the Forest

Libraries, Fights, and Trust

Aaaand long time no see! Sorry for the hiatus :c Anyways, the ENTIRE story has been revised and edited (no huge major story/plot changing stuff was changed) but lots of little facts and emotional things were added along with aesthetic stuff! C: Anyways, I hope you enjoy the new chapter! :D

Luna sat atop the balcony overlooking the vast courtyard.

Various clangs and shouts rang through the air as Xen and Cahir clashed. They had been sparring for the past hour, and had invited them all to watch. She noticed Xen was fighting more fiercely then he had ever fought with her. His black hair was plastered to his face as he swung his guarded blade.

Cahir was fighting back, but it seemed effortless. While Xen's fighting style was rough as it had always been, unrefined and raw, Cahir's was uniform and graceful.

Xen growled as Cahir nicked his ribs, then kicked his feet out from under him, landing flat on the ground. Cahir placed his foot on his chest, smiling.

"You lose again, my dear nephew. Another try, or do you want to embarrass yourself even more in front of your lady friend over there." He said, gesturing to Luna as she quickly covered her mouth to hide her smile.

She saw Xen frown as he struggled to sit back up.

Cahir smirked, and then lifted his foot.

"Take a break. Meet me back here in the evening. I expect to see you win this time." He said, walking out of the courtyard.

Luna hopped down from balcony, walking over to Xen. While she has lost her magic ability, she still had basic advantages, such as speed, better vision, and endurance. It wasn't as good as an elf's, but was still far better than a human's. She brought a towel over, tossing it as he caught it.

She crossed her arms while he wiped his face.

"So you're not as good a fighter as you've led me to believe..." She mused, looking at her nails.

Xen shot her a glance. "That's funny, since I still beat you every time we spar." He retorted.

She opened her mouth to reply, was cut off. "Let's go inside. I'll change. Meet me outside my room in ten minutes." He held the towel around his neck.

'More like an order..'


Luna wandered around the mansion, trying to find Xen's door.

'I forgot to ask him where his room is!' She realized. The serving girl from earlier was sweeping up dust, dumping it into a bag.

"Excuse me," Luna walked over, taking care to avoid the spots that she had just cleaned.

"Do you know where Xen's room is?" She asked.

The girl looked up. "Down the hall. To the right." She said quickly. She kept her eyes to the ground, not meeting Luna's.

Luna nodded. "Thank you."

Luna knocked on his door. She took a few steps back. Her eyes widened as she heard footsteps behind her. She whirled around, seeing Xen.

"I...I was looking for you." She stuttered. He smiled, holding out his hand.

"Come with me. There's a place I want to take you."

Misty took another book off of the shelf in the grand library. She remembered when we had firstly seen the library, her jaw dropping. There were hundreds, even thousands of books, all in immaculate condition. She'd had nothing else to do, since Luna had been with Xen, and Tarack was no where to be found. She sneezed, wiping the dust from the cover.

She had been exploring the library, one shelf at a time. The subject ranged from magical enchantments to how to make custard. She had noticed this book in particular, it's golden writing and green cloth cover almost calling out to her.

There was no title, as the flowery designs moved around the book. She pulled it off the shelf, noticing the designs still moving around the books, avoiding her hands.

She opened it, and frowned. The book's pages were blank! She held it up to the light, spotting some small, light grey script.

"What language is this?" She wondered out loud.

"Dwarvish. I wouldn't expect you to be able understand it. It's a book from the south." She heard a voice from behind her.

She jumped, nearly falling off the ladder. She turned her head, seeing Xen's uncle.

"I apologize for startling you. Barely anyone comes here anymore." He sighed sadly.

Misty raised an eyebrow. "Xen doesn't come home to visit at least once a year? Or something?"

He shook his head. "No. He still holds anger over things that happened in the past." He mused, as if he was lost in his thoughts.

Misty set the book on the table, near a burning candle. "Anger? About what?" She asked.

Cahir sighed. "Oh, many things. He blames me for a lot." He sat down.

Misty was suddenly aware of how tired he seemed. He seemed to be young, but as all elves are, their faces betrayed their true age.

"It's nice that he's found a person to take his stress away, though." He commented subtlety.

Misty smiled. "Yes, Luna seems to not be as anxious as well." Misty sat back.

"Do you know anything about Luna's origin?" Cahir asked casually. Misty raised an eyebrow.

"Kunon. As far as I know." She answered. Cahir folded his hands. "Now Misty, I know you know more than that! All I need to know is where she was born. I may have known her parents, or her father at least, if that helps."

Misty took a deep breath. "I'm not sure where she was born exactly..but her mother was rumored to be from one of the southern towns. Her father.." She paused. "Is not for me to discuss."

Misty picked up the book, opening it. "You can ask her yourself." She stood up, walking to the door.

"But, I'd advise taking a shield with you." She said over her shoulder.

Misty shut the door quietly. Cahir chuckled to himself. 'She's just like her mother..'


Luna walked next to Xen, jumping on various rocks.

"So where are we going?" She asked. Xen looked to her. "Somewhere." He smiled.

She jumped from rock to rock, as Xen led, hands in his pockets.

Luna skipped to a grey, moss covered rock. Her eyes widened as she wobbled, then fell.

She heard Xen laugh as he caught her, pulling her back into his arms. He pulled her along.

"We're almost here." He smiled.

Luna gasped as she saw the sight before her. They were on the edge of a cliff, overlooking the entire city. She could see where they still had the festival decorations scattered about, and the evening lights were beginning to be lit.

She sighed, enjoying the light wind. Luna felt Xen grasp her hand, leading her to a small rocky plateau.

"My mother and father used to come here." He told her, leaning back against the sunbathed, warm rocks.

"When they were children, they'd come put here to play. This town is where most of my family is from."

Luna crossed her arms loosely across her chest.

"So why'd you leave? What happened?" She asked.

He looked over the city, thinking. "Disease. The same one that nearly wiped out half of Obili's population 18 years ago. Some people died in a few weeks, for some, it took years." He paused, closing his eyes. "That's what happened to my mother and father." He looked to her. "And your mother, from what I can gather." Luna looked down.


She felt him pull her hand to his shoulder, as his hand gripped her waist.

"We never did get to finish our dance the other night." He smiled lightly.

Luna returned his gaze, noticing something different in his eyes.

"There's no music.." She said. He shrugged

"Do we need any?" he asked.

She blushed at the slow silence that they danced, her steps sloppily falling into time.

Luna looked into his eyes, then reached up.

"Something's wrong. Tell me." She stopped, her voice laden with concern.

He slowed their dance, his mind seemed to be in a far off place. He locked his gaze with hers.

"I was reading in my uncle's library last night after I walked you to your room, and I found some information about your condition with magic, and what that creature might have been." He stated cautiously. She felt his hand tighten around hers, giving her a reassuring squeeze.

"The spell Hakan used was one that required Heart Magic. It's a special kind of magic that's only found in what was called a 'heart of hearts' in dragons, and in occasion, elven children. Unlike dragons, the Heart Magic is held in the essence of an elf, not in the heart. That's why most elven children are born 'glowing'. They're literally seeping in magic. As we age however, it fades away."

He took her chin in his fingers. "Yours on the other hand, didn't. I suspect something involving your mother's past work in magic might have something to do with it, but we can't know for sure. Elven children have incredibly strong bonds with their parents, so it's entirely possible your mother could have cast a spell on you when you were in the womb." Luna stopped in shock. The revelation of the possibility of her mother causing all of this was a stunning theory, and not one she wanted to believe.

Xen held her shoulders comfortingly. "Luna, the only way for someone to drain your magic is if they're a blood relative, and a very close one. Your brother was with us and your mother is gone. That's leaves only one option." He asked her.

Luna's breath stopped in her throat as she took a step back. She quickly sat down on the rock, holding her knees to her chest, trying to calm her nerves. Xen saw her starting to panic, and quickly met her side, holding her with the most concern she'd ever seen.

"Luna, do you think it could be a possibility?" He asked quietly, trying his best to startle her.

She felt the tears well in her eyes and her heart speed up. Her palms felt clammy as the heat rushed from her hands.

She nodded dismally. "Yes. It's him. It's my father,"

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