From Above the Forest

Denial, Plans, and Dragon Eggs

Edit: 11/22/2012 I made it a bit better, fixed some grammar + spelling etc

Luna stood before the council. She rung her hand nervously through each other.

She took a look around. Come on..You've done this a hundred times before!

Then, her eyes fell upon several people sitting in the council seats. She recognized Medwin, then she turned to the main elder. Her spirits sank. Every month the elders would switch around their positions. The main elder was like a judge, he got the final say after the other members voted. Unfortunately for Luna, the man now occupying the main elder seat was none other than Hakan, the man who opposed Luna in everything. He smirked at her from the seat, as she returned a glare.

Hakan was a large man with dark brown hair, and cruel brown eyes. He was the son of one of the powerful merchants who lived in Kunon. He was in his 50's, which was rather young to be on the council, him and Medwin being the youngest. When Luna had first been old enough to put a case to the council, she was 14. It was now 3 years later. She had tried every time to convince the council to grant her one of the eggs and let one the merchants take it to the south. There was one city some the traders actually dared enter, called Ceunon. She noticed Medwin nod to her to begin.

"I came here today for a request. I'm sure you have heard of the land to the South, and its crisis."

At that moment, Hakan stood up.

"Luna. We have been through this before. We are unsure if this land even exists. You wish to leave the city, and take a dragon egg with you. It is the same thing every month, and every time we deny you. Why do you keep fighting?" He asked her, his tone grown angry by the end of his sentence.

She racked her mind for answers. He's right. She thought. If they deny me, then why do I keep fighting. She was about to reply, when Hakan's voice cut through the tense air like a knife.

"We shall discuss your case. Thank you Luna. You may leave now." His came direct and blunt.

She shot a glance at Medwin, who appeared to be deep in thought.

I wonder what he's thinking about... A guard walked up in the usual red and black uniform and escorted her out of the council room. As she passed the large, white doors, she heard the murmurs of the council. She's insane! What's she thinking?! I say we lock her up in... Panic rushed through her veins. Were they thinking about sending her to the asylum? She blocked out the dark thought of the horrors that happened there. Luna looked over to the now shut white-washed doors. She could only imagine what was going on. If only I knew what they were thinking... She snapped awake. Of course...She thought. Luna remembered one of her lessons from magic class. It was something about expanding your mind. If only I hadn't fallen asleep during class...She thought, cursing herself. She closed her eyes and began to concentrate.

She could feel the minds of the guards around her, even the ones that were standing just behind the door. She pushed her mind further.

Finally, she felt something familiar. More like someone. It was Medwin's mind. Joy radiated from her being. Maybe I can talk to him! She thought. Luna had never been reached her mind out before. Unfortunately, she had no knowledge of mental shields, either.

She stretched her mind out to his. Suddenly, she was met with an iron shield. She made a pained face as her mind returned to her. She opened her eyes to see several guards staring at her strangely. Luna then noticed a sudden drain of energy. I need to re-read my magic books...

5 minutes passed...

Then 20...

Then 30...

Now it had been an hour. Occasionally she could hear angry shouts come from the council room, then things would quiet down again.

She sighed. Without warning, the large doors flew open. She stood up, waiting for an order.

Then, a loud voice came from the room.

"Luna, Enter." Came the commanding voice of the Head Elder. Ha. Like he deserves the title. She thought with a scowl as she entered. She studied the faces of the members. Some were blank, others were kind, but most were angry scowls. She felt her spirits sink even lower.

Hakan stood up.

"After much consideration, we, the council, have decided to deny your request. We also agree that if you come to us again for this matter, we will have no choice but to take safety measures." He finished. She tried to suppress a shudder, failing. She nodded timidly.

"Thank you Luna. You are dismissed." He said, with a wave of his hand.

She looked over at Medwin, who gave her a sympathetic glance before returning to his conversation with a man next to him. She sighed, defeated, and walked out.

She looked into the waiting room, noticing the deep black the moonless night had settled into.

She reached for the door out, but not before hearing an "Ahem" come from behind.

There, stood Misty. She had grown up over the years. She was tall for a human, almost as tall as Luna. She had decided to cut her pale brown hair to shoulder length, and instead of dresses she wore a light blue tunic with brown pants.

"So how'd it go?" She asked cheerfully. Luna lowered her eyes and looked away.

"Oh...I'm sorry Luna." Her friend put an arm around her in an effort to comfort. The elven girl forced a smile. "It's ok Misty. I'm fine. I should have expected it." Her friend looked at her for a moment.

"Do you want to get some food? We could go to the diner!" She exclaimed, wrapping an arm around Luna's shoulders. Luna smiled lightly, the nodded in agreement.

She walked down the dark street with Misty, as their only light coming from the lanterns set up around the city. They were a beautiful white, with silky red threads making elegant designs wrapped around the lights. Luna smiled again.

"What's got you so happy? I thought you just got denied by the council again?" Her best friend asked, confused.

"Oh, just the lights." But secretly, a plan was brewing in her mind.

Her thoughts turned towards food as they approached the diner.

They quickly chose a table in the far back of the restaurant.

The place brought back more of Luna's memories.

Luna was around 12. She had certainly grown in those years. Medwin and Misty had decided to take her to the new restaurant in town. Luna sat down and ordered a simple salad.

Medwin looked at her for a moment, and she saw remorse in his eyes, but only for a second.

"Luna, there is something we need to talk about."

She looked up, her hazel eyes flashing curiosity.

"Hmm?" he sighed.

"It's about your uncle." Her eyes widened. He had been sick for a week now, after her aunt's death. "He's passed." Suddenly, something inside of her broke. She could feel tears coming from deep insider her. "There is an apartment right next to us that needs some fixing up, but it will do. You need to pack your things and be there by tomorrow morning." She looked up, shock in her eyes. She turned to Misty, who looked down in remorse. "You knew?" Luna asked her, bewildered as to why her best friend would keep a secret from her. "Yes. I'm sorry. He made me swear in the Ancie-" She was cut off by Medwin. "I made her promise me not to tell you until everything was final on the apartment. " Luna stared at them for a moment. Her mind was still in shock. She closed her eyes, trying to block it out. Medwin sighed sadly. "Let's head back. It's getting close to noon, and Luna needs to pack." She nodded.

A waitress walked up, in the normal uniform for the theme of the food shop. Her blond hair was topped on the tip of her head, making it look like an ice cream cone had been thrown on her head, without the cone.

"Are you awake in that head of yours?"

Luna snapped awake again.

"Yes...I just..My mind's been a fog all day." Misty giggled. They ordered their dinner and waited in silence. Luna began to think. She had read the entire book that she had found under the floorboards that day. For some reason, she was determined to help the Southern Land, as she had named it.

The more Luna thought of her plan, the more crazy it sounded, yet at the same time she became more comfortable with it. Her mind raced at incredible speeds, conjuring up a plot.

She grinned, earning a confused look from Misty.

"Normally I don't want to know what is happening inside that twisted mind of yours, but I'm curious this time.." Misty sighed.

Luna lowered her head and leaned closer.

"I have an idea!" Misty groaned. Luna had brilliant plans..sometimes. However, the usually ended up with a stern talking to and a warning to never do it again." She nodded for Luna to continue. "Now Misty, if I asked you to do something for me, would you do it?"

Misty did not like the grin on Luna's face. It was growing wider with every second. She knew something devious was afoot. "Of course." She answered, playing along. Suddenly, Luna grew serious. "Really?" She asked. Misty nodded. She would do anything for her best friend. As long as it didn't mean getting arrested, as they had almost done the summer back. It involved Hakan's wife, two snakes, and a very large bowl of red pudding.

She remembered Luna's smile that day when they were planning it.

It was the same smile that graced her face at that very moment.

"OK. Spill it Luna. What do you have planned?" Luna smiled.

"You have to keep it a secret." Misty smiled. Misty liked secrets.

"Ok I promise! Now spill!" Misty urged excitedly, curiosity taking the better of her.. "Not here. To many people." She said, eying the elves and humans around them.

Misty sighed. "Fine. We go to our hideout. But keep in mind we need to get home soon. My father is going to be expecting us back within the hour, and it's getting-" "Just come on!" Luna whisper-yelled." Misty rolled her crystal blue eyes and followed Luna out the door.

They followed the secret path they had made when they were kids. Several times they fell through the thick branches and tangled grass and thorns littering the path, but quickly hurried on. Finally they came to it. It was the place Luna's mother was to have sung a house from a tree. It was also the same place Luna had found the book.

People used to sing from plants all the time. But in the last 100 years, everyone's magic had been drastically cut short. Luna had read in the book that the dragons, the original users of magic, had all but a few perished. Something she heard the traders call "The Fall".

Luna and Misty climbed the steps. The tree house was huge, as it grew straight from the tree itself. It had a roof that consisted of leave woven from the monstrous plant. Misty was the first to reach the first floor. Luna quickly followed.

They walked to the middle of the room, where Misty plopped down on the floor. Luna sat down next to her. Misty wondered what Luna had planned. Luna wondered if Misty would go along with it.

"Alright. We're here. Now spill, before I tell Caroline that you were the one who dumped egg salad on her from the bridge 2 years ago." Luna sighed.

"Ok. Here's my plan." Her friend leaned closer, straining to hear better.

"We are..." Misty's eyes bulged. I love tormenting her sometimes! Luna thought, her nerves going crazy. She took a deep breath.

"We are going to steal the last dragon eggs."

Misty felt her heart stop.

YAY! Second chapter finished! I made a cameo reference to the Pink Warthog in here AKA Caroline! She's my first reviewer! YAY!

I will try to get the third chapter posted as soon as possible!


BTW, I did an illustration of Luna at the council member's place, so I will post that on deviant art soon too! I am coloring it right now..and it's 8:45 in the evening...

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