From Above the Forest

Thief, Guards, and a Scheme

Misty's head was reeling. WHAT? What is she thinking?! If this is some sort of prank I swear I am not going through with it!

Luna looked up. "Misty, please. The land to the South needs our help. Do you know why our magic has been diminishing for the last century? It's because the dragons have disappeared. If we can take this to the Southern Lands, maybe it will hatch."

Misty was quiet for a moment. Luna could only wonder what was going through her head.

"You said only one egg." Misty said, almost to herself. "Yes. The council-" She said distastefully,"-managed to loose the other two during an earthquake 10 years ago."

"Ah. Yes, I remember that." Misty thought some more. "Well?" Luna asked, her eyes showing her desperation."I don't know." She answered. "Let me think for a little while. Give me one night."

Luna was silent for a moment, the cool night air giving a breeze every now and then. "Alright. One night. Then, give me your answer." Misty nodded. "And one more thing, I need you to swear not to tell anyone." Luna pleaded. Misty looked up, and promised her not to tell anyone in the village about their plan. Luna grinned, almost lighting up the small tree house.

"Now come on, we really need to get home now. It's late and Father is going to be angry at both of us for being late!" Misty urged. She smiled back at Luna.

Together, they headed down the path home.

The next morning came early for Luna. The sun had just cast its yellow rays over the town. The village itself was just rubbing its eyes from a long night of rest. Luna got up from her bed, got dressed, and went for breakfast. Her black hair was in a mess, and she still had dirt smeared on her face from the falling yesterday. Just as she was pouring her milk, a knock came to the door. It was her and Misty's secret knock. She grinned and walked over to the door. She opened it to find Misty's distraught face. Shocked, she pulled her inside. "Misty, what's wrong?" Her concern showing in her voice.

"I don't know. I felt sick this morning. I think it's that decision. It's taking a toll on my mind and body." Luna's hazel eyes widened. This must be intense for her. She thought. She knew that she would do anything for the land of the south, after all, her parents had fought for it, but as for Misty, who was doing it on faith, she wasn't so sure. She put an arm around her best friend, trying to comfort her.

"I'll do it." Came Misty's voice through the silence that had elapsed. Luna looked up. "Are you sure? You don't have to do it." Her friend nodded. "I thought about what you said. Besides, how would I live if you weren't here? It would be boring without watching you get yourself in trouble, pulling pranks, and-" Misty was cut short by Luna pulling her into a hug. "Thank you so much Misty!" She smiled.

"So. What's our game plan?

We can't just walk in. They probably have guards posted everywhere."

Luna stopped to think. Suddenly an idea came to mind. "What if you put them to sleep using magic?" Misty stared at her for a second. "Why can't you? You're an elf so it should be easy."

Luna looked down. It had been 10 years of continuous magic training, and she was still only capable of small spells that only lasted a few seconds.

Suddenly, Misty caught on. "Oh...sorry. I guess you are right. The disappearance of the dragons has affected our magic. Even mine is weaker."

Luna nodded, thankful for her friend's comfort. "I think we need to use today for gathering supplies. Will you meet me at our hideout tonight, after dark?

Misty agreed, and left to pack. Luna got up and looked out her window. She knew she would leave Kunon some day, but never this soon. She sighed and started packing her things.

10 hours later:

Luna had just finished packing her clothes, supplies, and had gone around to the various shops collecting maps and other traveling necessities. Stop looking over your shoulder. No one is following you! She told herself. Her paranoia was growing with every hour. Finally, she stopped in front of her apartment, only to see Misty waiting with her own pack.

"Hey." Misty greeted. The sun was beginning to set into the horizon, lined with pine trees.

Luna grinned. Tonight was the night. "Ok. Let's go."

Luna and Misty snuck through the dark streets, dodging guards and people closing up their shops to head home. A cold breeze swept through the village, giving it almost an ominous feeling. Luna shuddered. If they were caught tonight, it would be the end of both of them. A sudden wave of guilt hit her. She had dragged Misty into all of this. She could only imagine Medwin's reaction when he found out. She continued to sneak along the streets next to Misty, who like luna, was dressed in all black, along with a black cloak hiding their faces. Even if they were seen stealing the eggs but got away, then no one know who stole them. Of course, soon someone would realize Misty and Luna's disappearance, but by then it would be too late. They would have left Kunon and hopefully have reached the city that lay 15 miles to the South, Abilio.

"We're here," Misty whispered, nodding her head to the council building. Attached to the large building was the town treasury, where the last dragon egg was held. She remembered when she had first seen then, all three of them, when she was 3. White, orange, and black. Unfortunately 10 years ago the orange and black ones had fallen and cracked. Only the white one remained.

Luna crept toward the door. Her head snapped up as Misty pulled her behind a large woven bushel. A guard had just walked around the corner. "Slytha." Luna heard Misty murmur. A pang of hurt came through her mind, but disappeared as quickly as it came. Instantly the guard fell asleep. Stepping over the sleeping body, they opened the door and snuck inside. They both gasped instantaneously. The room was beautiful. It was covered in gold pieces and jewelry, lined with glittering rubies, sparkling sapphires, and dazzling emeralds. Luna was disgusted. The council had complained that the city's economy was failing. They said there wasn't enough revenue. Here, they were obviously wrong. Suddenly, her eyes fell to the middle of the room, to something lying on a large stone podium. She gasped. Misty was standing next to it, marveling at its beauty. There, lying on a white silk pillow, was a beautiful ivory egg. It was absolutely resplendent. She walked over quickly to the podium, opening her Aunt's hand made pull over bag. She carefully placed the egg in it, among the cushion of her clothes.

"Come on Misty. We need to leave before someone gets here." Misty nodded, and walked over to open the door. Suddenly, the door burst open and a blast of light filled the room.

They'd been caught.

OOOO Cliffie! hehe! This is chapter 3! It is 10:00 pm, so I'm sorry if they're are any mistakes... BTW, I will post the map of Obili as soon as I have it finished! XD

Will post chapter 4 ASAP!

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