From Above the Forest

Escape, Bombs, and Hatchlings

EDIT: 12/10/12 I made a few aesthetic changes, and refined it a bit more :)

Suddenly, her eyes fell to the middle of the room, to something lying on a large stone podium. She gasped. Misty was standing next to it, marveling at its beauty. There, lying on a white silk pillow, was a beautiful ivory egg. It was absolutely resplendent. She walked over quickly to the podium, opening her Aunt's hand made pull over bag. She carefully placed the egg in it, among the cushion of her clothes.

"Come on Misty. We need to leave before someone gets here." Misty nodded, and walked over to open the door. Suddenly, the door burst open and a blast of light filled the room.

They'd been caught.

Luna and Misty froze. A tall man stepped out from the light. Luna immediately recognized Hakan.

Her heart pounded in her chest. He wielded a large silver sword, glinting in the blinding lights the elvish guards had made from magic. With all the new light in the room, Misty looked around. Her breath caught in her throat. A beautiful purple egg was hidden off to the side. She reached her mind out to Luna, who was occupied by staring at the blinding lights.

LUNA! A voice shouted in her head.

What? Who are you? She asked. It's me, Misty! There is another egg! You make a distraction, I'll run for the egg, grab it, then we make a break for it! Luna nodded to herself in agreement.

"Who are you thieves?" Boomed Hakan's voice.

She reached into her pocket for the smoke bombs she had prepared earlier, and threw them to the ground. Instantly, smoke filled the room. The soldiers cursed and coughed, blindly wandering around in the smoke while Hakan yelled orders.

Misty darted to the side, sliding to the pillow holding the egg. She placed it hurriedly in her own bag, and rushed to Luna's side. She grinned. It was almost a success. Suddenly, she heard a few words being spoken, and the smoke instantly disappeared. Hakan stood up from among the chaos, his face twisted with anger. "I will ask one more time, who are you?" He shouted with rage.

Then, his face paled as he laid eyes on the empty podium. "NOW!" Shouted Luna as they ran past the guards. "Get them!" Luna dashed into the street.

She knew the guards ordered to catch them were elvish, so they had to run fast. She grabbed Misty's hand as they sped toward the gates. The duo stopped dead in their tracks as they almost ran into another set of guards. "This way!" Misty whispered into Luna's ear.

She ran after her, climbing up several boxes leading to a rooftop. She gasped at the sight she saw. The entire city was calling their troops to the main gate. A shout interrupted her thoughts, as one of the guards had spotted them on the rooftops. "Come on!" Shouted Misty. They jumped from house to house, dodging arrows fired by the guards.

Luna jumped from a brown wooden house's roof onto the red brick of the library window, and hoisted herself onto the roof ledge. Misty stood beside her on the roof as a look of concern spread across her face. "This is all glass, can it hold us?" She asked. Luna looked down, seeing the mass assortment of books and shelving. "I don't kno-" A loud crack resounded through the air.

They screamed as they fell, landing on top of a wooden table, roofing falling around them.

"Ugh..." Misty moaned painfully. Luna sat up rubbing the back of her neck, which was now throbbing, along with the rest of her body. "Come on. We can't afford to wait here. If Silas come in-" She stopped to the sound of guards banging on the door. Silas...She thought.

He was the library's keeper. He was also one of the older elves in Kunon along with being Luna's friend. He was around 700 years old, but still acted like a child around Luna. He always claimed it was her mischievous spirit, but she knew it had been a long time since he had had a friend.

"Let's go!" Misty shouted to her friend desperately, as the guards pounded harder on the door. The door burst open, swinging off the hinges. Misty and Luna jumped off the table, and ran toward the back door. They stopped dead in their tracks, seeing that it too had been blockaded. They whirled around to see the leader of the guards, Hakan, step forward.

"I gave you your chance to give up." He said, hatred in his voice. "How dare you steal the Sacred Stones?" He hissed, noticing the bags they clutched at their sides.

"You mean eggs?" Luna taunted.

She gasped, for she knew she had just given them away. Why can't I just keep my mouth shut?!

"Luna?! You little-" But it was too late. Luna had grabbed Misty hand and pulled them up onto a stack of books and chairs leading to the top of a bookshelf.

"Get them!" Hakan shouted angrily. Luna and Misty leaped from shelf to shelf, until she noticed something. Luna turned her head to see a flurry of papers and books flying. Oh no... The library was falling down, literally.

She pulled Misty along, clutching her hand tightly.

She saw the end of the last shelf, and made a jump for it.

Just barely! She thought as they landed safely on the ground. With that, the smiling elf and human raced out the back door, leaving Hakan and his guards to sort their own way out.

Which won't take long. Luna considered as they rushed through the street.

They were almost to the main gate. Misty pulled Luna aside into a dark alleyway. They both stopped, panting and leaning on their knees. How are we going to get past those guards?!

"Maybe we can sneak past?" Misty asked, mostly to herself.

"Alright," Luna breathed heavily. "If we can sneak past those guards, then it will be a clear break for it!" Misty nodded, then said, "So we will need a distraction..." She trailed off.

Luna grinned. She hadn't spent 10 hours packing just clothes and supplies.

She huddled into a corner, staying in the shadows as she carefully lifted a small brown paper bag.

Luna held out a handful of the small marble shaped mini bombs. Misty threw her a warning look. "Don't do anything that would blow us up too, Luna." She grinned, knowing what her best friend was planning. That was Luna. Thoughtful, yet impulsive.

"You throw these smoke bombs, and we make a run for it!" Misty whispered while Luna handed her some bombs. "Alright, got it." Luna watched the guard on the other side of the street, he turned his head, facing the mob of soldiers, as the she sped to the other side of the street, her form nothing more than a blur.

She looked down at the small onion shaped bombs in her hand. They were small, but they were capable of incredible damage. She took a deep breath, then chucked the mini grenade toward the uninhabited guard shack on the opposite side. She covered her ears as the loud, fiery explosion blasted through the night. She took a deep breath, calming her pounding heart, happy the distraction has worked.

A multitude of armored men and elves rushed to the scene. She nodded to Misty, who was still concealed in the shadows of the alley, and they took off. Luna pulled her cloak closer around shaking arms. It might have been spring, but it was still freezing, and the occasional breeze certainly didn't help. The duo dodged several passing guards, their silver armor clanking with every step. "Now!" Misty whispered. With that, they ran past the large wooden gates. Luna cracked a victorious smile. Success! But then, a voice rang out.

"There! There they go!" A guard shouted. The mob of guards were about to head off, until Hakan came running up with his own men, some of them having paper stuck in their armor.

"No. They are going into the woods. We will never find them there. Wait until morning." He finished, the scorn in his voice apparent. But there was one thing that they were wrong about. They wouldn't find them in the morning. Oh no, certainly not them. They would find something much worse.

Misty and Luna ran as fast as their legs could carry them. They had traveled for almost two hours by now. Luna slowed to a stop in front of Misty, her legs burning from running and stumbling around in the thick brush for hours.

"I think we can stop here for now." Misty said in between breaths as she started their campfire.

"Definitely. I'm exhausted!" She exclaimed as she set her bag on the ground, pulling out the bedroll. Luna reached in to grab her canteen, only to feel something smooth. She sat down on her bedroll, and pulled it out. It was the white dragon egg. It was beautiful, its surface lined with sparkling gray veins. The reflections of the firelight bounced across it's exterior. She held it up to the light and gasped.

Through the egg she could see a small dragon hatchling. It's form was clearly visible through the translucent egg. Misty looked up from her spot across the fire, and smiled.

"It's beautiful! I wonder if one will hatch?" She asked.

"I don't know. A dragon will only hatch if its true rider is present." Misty looked down at the purple egg laying amidst the heap of blankets. Luna smiled through her exhaustion.

"Let's rest. We need our strength for tomorrow. I doubt Hakan will stop chasing us."

"Indeed." With that, sleep came quickly.

A loud growl came from behind the rusty metal door. It was at the end of a long, dark hallway, inside the asylum. More menacing growls emanated from the hulking metal door. Hakan and an old, wrinkly old man stood not but a few feet from it. Hakan's eyes widened as the old man explained to him what lay behind the barrier.

"This will work perfectly!" He exclaimed.

"Well then, when do you wish to release it?" The elderly keeper asked. A loud roar broke out, and the walls shuddered.

Hakan cackled.


Yay! Sorry for the wait, but with school starting I am going to have to take longer to update...

Anyhooz, I will start on chapter 5 soon! Can't wait! Please tell me if there are any grammar or spelling problems...(I was up at 10:00 while writing this XD)

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