From Above the Forest

Sneaking, Wanted, and Mysteries

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Chapter 5

Luna woke up first that morning. They were surrounded by thick woods, and the sun peekinng through the trees was shining through every leaf and branch, making a kaleidoscope of yellows and oranges shine across the soft forest floor.

She sat up, enjoying the silence of the early morning for a few minutes, then the previous night's events came rushing back. She knew Hakan and his men would come soon.

Misty was still sound asleep next to the smoldering campfire, the wood now reduced to ashes and its flame long extinguished.

"Misty! Wake up!" Luna whispered in her ear.

"Na, le'me alone! Jus' five more minutes." Her best friend murmured.

"Alright, you leave me no choice!" Luna grinned.

"Adurna Reisa!" She shouted.

Glistening water rose from the moss covered ground, and gently glided over to Misty.

"Adurna Thrista!" She finished.

The freezing water was about to drop onto the sleeping human when it suddenly turned around. What the- But she never got a chance to finish, as the water slammed into her at full speed. She flew back several feet, landing on a pile of rotting leaves and branches.

"How?" She stammered.

Misty was now sitting up, her light brown hair in a tangled mess with leaves and twigs sticking out of it. "I may be a human, but I'm still better than the cocky elf when it comes to magic!" She grinned.

Luna laughed to herself, standing up shakily.

"We needn't linger here. We need to get some more supplies at Abilio, which is 7 or so miles from here. I'm sure Hakan is already searching for us."

Misty bobbed her head in agreement.

"What will we need at Abilio?" She asked while she rolled her bedroll into her pack.

"Information, maps, and weapons. Not to mention food." At that mention, her stomach growled.

Misty laughed, "Yeah, I don't think I will live long on leaves and twigs."

"You have you own buffet in your hair!" Luna retorted.

"Like you don't!" Misty scoffed.

"Ah. You're right. We can try to comb out our hair on the way,. Let's head out!"

Misty nodded, and they headed off.

Hakan stood waiting at the gate.

He heard the whispers of the townspeople, who had been shocked at the damage caused by the two mysterious thieves. A whole guard shack had been obliterated, its remains still lying in the street.

Silas' angry shouts could be heard from across the town when he first opened the doors to his grand library. Its glory and splendor now reduced to a mass tangle of books, papers, and fallen shelves. One could not even take a step inside the library, for fear of getting lost in its maze and facing Silas' wrath.

Hakan sighed. What I will do to those two...He thought. He had already ordered Luna's apartment to be searched, and to check for anyone missing.

He appeared to be deep in thought when a messenger came running.

"Sir, the human Misty is missing. Her father, Medwin, told us she was wasn't home just a few moments ago. He assumed-" But it was too late, as Hakan had brushed him aside, and walked toward the asylum.

He grinned manically, his black eyes shining sadistically. It's time.

Luna stopped for a breath for what seemed like the 10th time. Misty panted beside her.

"We need horses. At least until we can get to the southern city." Misty said between breaths.

Luna nodded in agreement.

They had been running for more than half the day by now, and both were tired. Misty lifted her head, looking around, then pointed. "Look! Over there! I think I can see a tower." Luna pursed her lips, then walked over to where Misty was pointing.

"You're right. I can see it from here. It's an informant tower. Cities can carry important messages overnight, because they use magic communicators. Hopefully they haven't messaged this one yet. If they have, we won't be able to get into any cities at that rate!" Luna exclaimed.

They made their way to the outlook post, hiding behind a patch of yellow-brown bushes. They could see Abilio in the distance, smoke rising from the chimneys. Luna crept toward the post. Her breath caught in her throat. On the post were two pictures.

The first one was of an elf with short black hair. The second was of what Luna assumed to be half elf-half human. He had silver short hair and blue eyes.

At least they aren't us. She read on to what they were wanted for.

The list was long. Thievery, conspiracy, disturbing the peace...

Wow... She thought as the list went on.

Then, she looked down. Her picture had been printed by magic on a parched piece of paper.

It went on to say that she had been convicted of thievery, and could be working with an accomplice.

She raced back to their hiding spot, where Misty was waiting.

"Okay, do you want the good news for bad news?" Luna asked.

"Bad news first. Good news will make me feel better." She answered, then tensed.

"Feel better? You're sick? Why didn't you tell me?" Luna as

She shrugged. "It wasn't that noticeable in the morning, but it got worse during the day. I had hoped to stop in Abilio to get some medicine and food. Is that open to us?"

Luna looked away for a moment. She knew her friend was sick, and needed medicine. If it got any worse, she would need a healer.

"Well, my face is on the wanted board." Luna saw Misty's face fall.

"So we will have to wait?" She asked, desperation in her voice.

Luna thought for a moment.

"What if...What if I snuck into town. You could wait in camp and I can run in, get our things, and run out. It could work." Luna asked, her hazel eyes hopeful beneath her black hair.

Misty shook her head. "It's too dangerous!" She answered.

Suddenly, she turned to the side, throwing up.

"Alright, that's it. I'm going into town. We can only hope that they won't recognize me. Besides, I've got a cloak, so if I hide my face they won't see me."

Misty stared at her for a moment, contemplating.

"Please Misty, you're sick and are in no condition to go anywhere. If I run in, get our things, and get out then we can leave." Luna pleaded. Misty thought for a moment.

"Alright. You can go, but like I said before, you have one hour. If you aren't back by then, I'm going to come in after you!"

Luna nodded, understanding.

"I'll leave the egg here with you. That's where it will be safest." Luna sighed as she handed over the egg.

Misty took the white egg cautiously, then slipped it in her over the shoulder pack. She patted the bag carefully, then returned her attention to Luna.

Luna slipped the black cloak over her brown tunic and black pants. The cloak fell just above her black boots.

Misty giggled. "What?!" She asked, bewildered.

"You look just like rangers from the stories! A mysterious traveler who knows more than they are telling!" Misty smiled.

Luna smiled fondly. Misty always knew how to lighten a mood.

"I'll be back in an hour. I promise." She waved goodbye as Luna walked toward the gates that they'd been headed for.


Luna fought the nagging feeling of guilt as she dredged through the mud. If Hakan attacked while she was gone, Misty would be wide open.

She looked up past two tired guards guarding a poorly secured gate. One was leaning against the wood of the post while the other suddenly stood alert.

They stared at her warily, not used to strangers.

"What is your business here?" The first one asked. He appeared to be human, but she couldn't tell from beneath his helmet.

"I just need to get supplies for a journey. I am traveling to meet my brother in Kunon." she stated, keeping her voice calm.

" I hope they believe this.." Shethought.

The guards looked at each other, deciding what to do. "Well are you going to stand there all day or let me pass?" She asked, her impatience breaking through.

The first one sighed in defeat, then gestured with his hand, allowing her to pass. She walked slowly past them, feeling their suspicious gaze bore into her back.

She looked up at the small town, and her eyes widened. She'd never really been out of Kunon except for a few time when she'd snuck past the guards as a child.

Kunon was a well established town, with tall brick fortresses and plenty of well armed soldiers, but Abilio was different. The houses were small and shoddy, accompanied by the people in simple homespun clothes that had clearly had better days. The town had dilapidated wood spikes as a makeshift wall to protect from wolves and outsiders. Even the very air felt heavy compared to Kunon. The mud was beginning to soak into her boots, so her pace quickened.

She racked her mind for the list of supplies Misty had told her to get.

What was it? Oh, yeah. Medicine, food, swords, and map. She noticed a group of people talking by a corner by the food stand.

She walked over, greeting them with a short nod.

"Pardon me, do you know where I can find a healer's shop?" She asked politely. A small thin woman holding a baby looked up to her, than back to the man beside her. She shook her head, keeping her eyes down. She picked up her bag of fruit and quickly, left, nearly knocking Luna down in the process.

'I guess I'm on my own then..' She thought.

She walked down what appeared to be the main street, if you could call a collection of mud and hay a road, and spotted a sign hanging next to what appeared to be an abandoned tailor's shop. She held her coin purse tighter, then stepped in the doorway.

Hundreds of herbs and trinkets lined the shelves. Her breath caught in her throat, as she resisted the urge to gag. The scent was overwhelming, making her senses fuzz.

Bags hung from the ceiling, containing rosemary, mint, and various healing roots. She cautiously walked over to the table, where an old man was seated, appearing to be asleep. His skin was as wrinkled as an old scroll. His gray hair was falling off his head, making him look like an old rag doll used too many times. "Ah!" He exclaimed, his head popping up. "You're here! I figured this would happen soon..." Luna frowned, confused. She shook her head, then asked, "Do you have any herbs to heal a fever or stomach ache?" The man stood up and looked her in the eyes. "You look just like her..." The man whispered, almost to himself. Luna took a step back. She slowly reached for her dagger hidden against her side.

"Oh well!" The man waved it off, as if nothing had happened.

"Here, Here!" The old man beckoned. Luna eyed him warily.

"Oh, it's all right Luna. There's nothing to fear!"

"How do you know my name?" She asked, beginning to panic. She wondered who this man was. He opened a a drawer in the desk and pulled out a bag. It was brown and dirty, with holes and dust covering its side. Something long was in the bag, but she couldn't tell. "Take this. It has everything you need. Learn the sword, and advise your friend to learn the bow."

"Wait, how do you know me?" She asked, crossing her arms. He smiled mischievously. He sat back down in his chair, resting his hands on his knees. "There are people that know of you, and the goals your mother had. We keep very close tabs on your actions, no matter how covert you think you seem."

She opened her mouth to speak, but was cut off by loud shouts coming from outside the shop. "She's in here!" one of them cried.

The old man thrust the bag into her hands. He led her to a door in the back part of the hut.

"Go! Finish what your mother started!" He pushed her out the door.

Luna breathed a breath of fresh air. Her mind was still dazed by the scent of the herbs.

Her ears perked up at the sound of footsteps. She clutched the mysterious bag closer, and ran between two huts, hiding between three large straw baskets, as a group of guards passed, sword and bows drawn. She waited for them to pass, then snuck out from her hiding place. She looked both ways before turning around.

Her breath caught in her throat. A straggler! She panicked. The lone man froze, then his voice rang out. "They're he-" But it was cut short, as two arrows protruded from his neck.

Luna whirled around. On the rooftop behind her were two figures. One holding a bag over his shoulder, and the other holding a bow. He drew another arrow, aiming it at Luna. "Wait!" She called. He stopped, then he and his companion jumped down from the rooftop. She focused her eyes, then gasped. She recognized their faces.

"Oh No."

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