From Above the Forest

Caught, Fighting, and a Trade


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Chapter 6

Luna froze. Her green eyes widened in fear.

'It's those two!' She thought anxiously. The two thieves on the wanted boards were now staring down at her from the top of the building. The first one looked vaguely like the wanted picture. He had short, black, hair and green piercing eyes. His face was set in determination.

He took a step forward, and jumped off the ledge, safely landing below beside his comrade. He noticed Luna take a step back, and broke into a full grin.

"Oho, what have we here?" He eyed her bag, as Luna clutched it closer to he side. He walked towards her, but his partner grabbed his wrist. His eyes darted to the side, slightly curious.

"Why Tarak, what's gotten into you?" He asked, almost in a teasing manner.

Luna finally took notice of the companion. His description fit that of the wanted ad, more so than his friend. He had short, silver hair with bright blue eyes. He had elven features, such as pointed ears and a sharp face, but still had a touch of human.

'So he's a half-breed.' Luna thought to herself.

"Well if you won't answer, then I'll go ahead." The other elf's voice said.

He continued walking closer to Luna, as her eyes narrowed.

'I barely even know how to use a sword..' She thought. A mischievous glint came to eyes, 'Then again, I might not need it.'

"So what's in the bag?" The elf asked her, his grin still on his face.

' "Nothing of your concern." She answered stiffly.

"Well then, I'll just have to look? Won't I?" His hand went for the bag.

The next moment, her fist flew into his face, as he was knocked back several yards. Instantly Tarak, was on alert. He ran fast enough to catch his friend, who now held his bleeding jaw. His face was full of shock, then he looked up, agape.

"Well, looks like the little fairy can fight!" He said, laughing to himself.

"Xen, lets just go, the soldiers will find us." Tarak pulling on his shoulder.

"Not until I find out what's in that bag, and why she's protecting it so badly. It's got to valuable if someone's willing to risk death for it!"

'Crap! I think it's time for plan B..' Luna thought. 'Though I wish I could have punched him some more..'

Xen, now standing, crossed his arms over his chest. "Come on, all I did was ask you a simple question, and you punch me in the face?" He cocked his head to the side, a playful tone to his voice.

'This guy...' Luna thought.

"Hmmph. No answer. All right then." The teasing sound faded from his voice as the look in his eyes changed. Now, they were determined, a look that clearly meant trouble.

Luna gulped as he dropped his arms to his side, and walked over in her direction again.

'Alright, here we go.' With that she took off running toward the gate.

"What the-?" "LET'S GO!" Xen called, as they chased after her.

"Almost there!" she thought frantically. She could see the rotted out part of the wall ahead of her. Her hair whipped in her face as she ran, turning her head to see if her pursuers were still there.

Suddenly, she noticed vines grow from an alleyway. They reached out and grabbed her ankles.

She screeched as she was quickly pulled into the dark alley behind a large thatch house.

She frantically reached for the vines, attempting to peel them off her limbs, but they were to strong.

She grabbed a nearby rock, and began beating the vines in a state of panic.

She turned, only to be twisted around and pinned the the ground. She glanced over at her bag next to her, trying to see if the contents had spilled out.

"Get off!" She growled into the dirt. He grunted, the lifted her off the ground, only to be pinned against a wall.

"Now, you can hand over the bag." He said, her arms in his grasp. Xen took the bag from the ground, and reached in, only to be met with some herbs, a few medicinal tools, and old sword and bow and arrow, and a map.

"This, this is what you were protecting?" He asked her, slightly confused.

"Hm? Ah, yes that's it!" Luna affirmed, her expression matching his. The sword looked to be nearly a century old, and certainly not worth anything of value.

Xen took a sighed, and rolled his eyes. He handed the bag to Tarak. "It's better than nothing,"

He turned to walk away, but Luna grabbed his arm. He paused, waiting for her next reaction.

"What are you going to do? I have a weapon and a partner."

She paused. "I need that medicine. It's for a friend and she's in dire need of it." She growled at him.

She noticed his eyes widen for a moment, then a smirk.

"Oh, so you live around here?"

"No, she's sick, now hand it back!" She tried to reach for the back, only to be held back by one of his hands.

"Nuh uh. This is ours now. Go buy more." With that he turned to leave again.

She waited as he walked a few more steps.

"She'll die without it," She started slower. "And we're travelers, criminals, like you. If you give me the medicine I can give you money later when we get back to the camp. My friend has some more there. I have none on me now. Please! She needs this!" She sounded desperate.

He stopped. She bit her lower lip as he slowly turned around.


"You take us back to your camp...and give us money..." He said slowly, the gears turning in his head. "..And we might let you go. Understood?" She grinned. Plan C had worked.

"Of course!" She smiled gratefully.

"Let's get to your camp then. The sun is setting and security tightens at night."


The three set off to the camp. The walk was rather slow, due to having to avoid night patrol men.

When the safety of the forest was reached, they relaxed.

"So how long have you two been criminals?" Xen asked her.

"Uh..." she trailed off, unsure what to answer.

He snickered. "Probably only a few days, seeing as how you can barely defend yourself. You're practically a child."

She flinched, "I happen to be 17." She told him matter-of-factually.

"Jeez. A pathetic kid like you is only a year younger than me."

She turned her head, trying to keep her cool. 'Don't punch. Don't Punch. Don't punch...' She repeated in her head.

"Anyways, what did you two do? Steal a loaf of bread?'" He snickered again.

"No, and I can't tell you. Not like I would trust you anyways."

"Tch, Well then little miss, you shouldn't have told us you were criminals."

They walked along the forest, as an awkward silence fell.

Luna had noticed that his companion, Tarak never seemed to talk. 'I wonder why..' She asked herself.

Her eyes widened as she saw a light from ahead. 'Misty's campfire!' She thought anxiously.

"It's up ahead." She informed them, as Tarak nodded.

"It'd better be. I was beginning to think this was an ambush." Xen grumbled.

Misty, now spotting the three, instantly stood up at the sight of her two companions.

"Misty I can explain..."

"Give us your money and we'll let you go!" Xen smiled pleasantly at her. Misty froze, her mouth hanging wide open.

"Misty, I made them a deal, the medicine for the money." Luna's voice pleaded, attempting not to stutter.

"All our money? We need that!" She exclaimed, holding her stomach.

Luna looked down, trying to hide her guilt. "I'm sorry, I just-"

"Wait a second, you said your friend was dying!" Xen turned to her.

"Oh...right" She flashed a quick smile.

"You little-" "Xen, stop. We can stay with them for the night, then leave in the morning with the money." Tarak said calmly, resting his hand on his friend's shoulder again.

Xen looked at him, then at the ground, thinking.

"Fine. But in the morning we leave. With your money. Understood?" He said, eying Misty and Luna.

" Agreed."

And the chapter 6 re-write is one! I have VERY old art on my dA page, which is linked in my profile! I'll be making new art there soon! :D

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